Art penis

Machine growers who have recently shown the replacement of penis on animals have now added a significant missing component - nerve cells, New Scientist. "North cells are very important, they are responsible for all sensory functions," says Anthony Atal of the Boston Child Hospital, to complete the penis, we must be sure that all parts, including nerve cells, are on the spot."

In September 2002, Atal and his colleagues replaced parts of penis from living rabbits with tissues grown in laboratory conditions. But then, only the muscles and endotile cells installed near the active nerve cells were replaced. In their new work, for the first time, the nerve cells of penis tissue were regenerated.

"This gives them the opportunity to develop logically on several fronts," he thinks Hunter Vescells is doing rehab surgery at the Washington University Medical School in Seattle.

Scientists note that nerve regeneration is an important step towards creating penis substitutes for men who lost part of this body as a result of a prostate or accident cancer operation, as well as for children with congenital genital anomalies.

By embodying nature, the secret of growing nerve cells is the expression of nature, explains Atal. His team began with the creation of collagine channels, a millimeter wide. They reproduce membranes, which, like the hamster of the wire, surrounds the nerves in the system. The nerve cells of the living rats were then taken, and the collagine channels were sewn to nerve ends. Three months later, a functioning nervous cell length of one centimetre in collagine channels grew up.

Apparently, the physical support of the collagina was the only necessary to make the nerve cells grow. Cells supported by a collagine grew just like nerves that were included in the comparison experiment.

The next challenge will be to grow them up to longer without losing functionality, is Atal.

German medics have conducted research on the results of which have led to a new look at the problem of male tendencies. According to doctors, artificial penis is better than the real!

Dr. Edin von Rotenthaler interviewed 66 men with artificial sexual members. They went to an operation to implant a special eclipse into a child-born organ, penis, for various reasons, someone did it on medical grounds, and someone just wanted to "help their sex life" someone to increase their penis.

Although it has been found that this is not so important: for whatever reason, men have not decided on a painful operation to revive the mechanical basis into penis, most of them are fully satisfied with the result. About 70 per cent of the penis implantation confirms that the artificial penis satisfies them no worse than the actual sex penis, and the only problem with the "non-natural" body was that sexual life could only begin eight weeks after the operation.

The German doctor's message might be able to change the attitude. Transplantation of male genital organs♪ Of course, it is unlikely that after such information all men, like one, will be in line with the penis operation, but those who need such a procedure in medical terms will now be less afraid of their sexuality after medical intervention.

Art dick or real penis?

Структура искусственного члена
Artificial Member Structure

A well-known biological fact is that even a securely attached penis has very limited opportunities when it comes to giving a woman such sexual pleasure as an artificial member.

For example, a real penis cannot be turned upside down without the person to whom he is attached (or attached) avoiding the necessary travel to the nearest hospital in such cases. There's also an erection problem. The thing is, a real penis can't always be firm, even if a woman really wants it.

Erection doesn't depend on how much or long she wants. Penis is not a car that can be sold every couple of years, and then buy a new one. And therefore, even if her husband ' s penis is not the best or the best form that would fit her, both mentally and physically, a married woman still stands and will be drawn to him until death or divorce separates her.

Fortunately, a woman should not be disguised by a loved man just because she prefers a Chevy penis, and nature only rewarded him with a Ford penis or, breath deeper!

Instead, she can buy herself a good artificial dick.

Rings, boards and fallottes

It's no secret that many men suffer impotence.

Some suffer from temporary erectile dysfunctions, and some people can't have sex because they just don't have to. For example, by 55 years, every eighth man had problems with erection. The older the man becomes, the more the tendencies. For those suffering from this scourge, however, this does not mean the end of sexual life, but it has developed many effective, reliable and proven means that reinforce erection.

With the help of the ring, a small and weakly erected member in most cases increases in size and becomes so tense that it is possible not only to commit a healthy sexual act but also to satisfy both partners.

One simple solution is the use of special condoms.

For small members, there are special elongated condoms that create a magnificent fallo with a foam.Extensive condoms with built vibr-mechanism are also offered.

In more difficult cases, an ambush on a member or fan may be used. They shall be glued and simulated by an excellent body in a state of erection. Inside diameters are 35, 40 or 45 mm. Some of the balloss are on latex underwear.

The buyers of such artificial penis are not only men with erectile problems. They are also used by lesbians who simulate the present act and give true pleasure to their partner, and in part also by people of heterosexual orientation in relationships in which women play an active role. So it can be used by those who want a woman to play a man unhindered and a man can feel herself as a woman.

Cardinal ways to free a man from impotence.

It's an operating method. In this case, a member who is completely incapable of sexual activity is implanted with prosthesis. Prosthesis is two silicone cylindras that are quickly introduced into the cockroach body. This operation lasts only about one hour, it's very light and it takes one week to rest. After the surgery, you can't have sex for a month until everyone's alive. But after that, no problem! You'll be ready at any time, anywhere and any woman. There won't be any more stitches! All the above-mentioned fans are only some substitutes for artificial members. With the help of such a body, a woman can fill the absence of a man with a good sexual capacity or use this body without wishing to contact a living person. Some female representations may be using a falloimite because they have no partner. It may also be that some women prefer them because they try to avoid attaching to partner and health problems, such as sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS.

In fact, the most important thing for a man is a desire. Everything else is settled.

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