Increase in Sadhus Indians

At the top of the Indian River Gang, one of the strangest cults on earth remained. His supporters preach the denial and asketism manifested in different forms, including the changing shape of the body, some of them are so ridiculous that we will not even mention them here. Their saints (Sudhus) believe that the spirit of God is found in a man's penis. They therefore resort to various ritual practices to change the form of a member so as to achieve spiritual unity with fallic divines.

One executive director of a commercial firm in San Francisco and, in his own confession, a modern savage called Fakir Musafar (or Rolan Lumis), has been working on various changes in the human body over the years. He is well aware of the practices of the original cultures, which in his social ethnosis include changes in the genitals, including those that recommend Indian saints. In his rather controversial book, Modern Savages, he describes, for example, how Sadhus followers are able to extend their members to incredible sizes: "They choose very young men for this purpose... and gradually increase the weight of the cargo hanged by the end of their members, do so until their penis is stretched to an incredible length.

When they reach adulthood, they wear their cock as squeezed as a spring in a small basket. When the basket is finally taken, their penis, turning over the length, refers to the marking below the knee. But they can't do such experiments on a large number of men because men lose their ability to fertilize, which threatens their tribes to leave." The recent underground film "The Danes are sacred and unscrupulous" shows us how this esotteric clan conducts its my mysterious ritual with an increase in the penis.

"In our film, we show how some of the Sadhouse Indians practice the same way with weighting. They put a little weight on the penis of a boy who had not yet reached the puberty period and left it for a long time. Since, during this development period, hinged connections (which resist the extension of a member) have not yet been drilled, the member is easily stretched. Such practices should be started at an early age. By increasing the length to 20 to 22 cm, they can then bring it to incredible sizes. Adult members of the Sadhus tribe usually have a knot, but they still cover it with a winning band. By obeying their own label, they won't let him hang between his legs in all their paint."

Fakir Mustafar, in his book, also mentions a vegetative extract that buys a permanent erection (which may be very dangerous for life) and an increasing thickness of the penis: "In India, a special technique called "drinking." (Suka - in their language means awakening.) It's a way to let a member stom down like this, without falling down for hours, days, weeks and months! However, if the erection lasts for too long, it is very difficult to return the member to the initial state of calm, which is a very painful process.

With the "suka" training in India, men have been able to achieve the incredible size of a member, such members produce, they do! There are a number of very interesting methods for changing body parts, practical and efficient. As I said, in the film "Danish, sacred and unscrupulous," you'll see the footage of Sadhu, whose members are covered by winning bandages, but at least they're not less than 46 cm long."

Any condition of erection that lasts for more than a few hours - in medicine such a phenomenon is known as prapism - can be very dangerous to the organism and even lead to a gangrene.

Erection status for more than a few hours is very dangerous.

For this development of penis, the use of this method should start at an early age. A boy or a young man may begin with the wearing of a wooden triangle on a member with a hole for him. Then he puts extra weight on him every day. The goods are in suspended condition continuously and during the day and night for a long period of time.

They say that Nashnel Giogrefik's editorial has been researching this tribe, and they have a great collection of photographs documenting this incredible length of male members. But it goes without saying that the feelings of inconvenience and the general rejection by the general public of everything that has to do with the falsus make them hide their collection. In India, the Sadhus tribe is considered to be sectarian and some outgoing and abnormal, so the Government is trying to ensure that foreigners do not know anything about it. Here's a classic example of envy because of God's size of this gift.

The suspension of the cargo to a member appears to be a kind method of elongation of the male sexual organ on the African continent. Recently, my reader from San Francisco told me that when he was in South Egypt during the Second World War, he faced several Sudanese with stone-throwed stons attached to their grand members, it was part of a cult ritual that was perceived there for the elongation of a male member.

At the top of Neal's Caramoji's tribe in northern Uganda, "Members are coming to its end," they're telling us Alexander Parsons' Facta and Fallos magazine. Sometimes they reach that length that men put them in the knot."

Exclusion: From the long-overdue Peruvian tribe of Cholomek to the Sadhu tribe in India, the method of elongation of a male member was always followed by the suspension of a constantly increasing load. Both these ancient cultures are beginning their experiments on very small children - about six years old. By gradually increasing the cargo, then large stones are put to their members. Some natives wear them 12 hours a day, or more hours a day, and take them off for the night, so they don't interfere with night erection. Others (especially the Sadhu natives wear them all the time without taking them off). Ultimately, erectile caveal bodies are so stretched that their normal function is completely lost over time. Some men allegedly managed to extend their members to 46-92 cm. They've been wearing penis weights for life.

All this is absolutely unnecessary from both physical and functional terms. Such a useless sexual organ is transformed into a kind of thin, soft snake, completely lost power of erection. Because of the huge sizes, it has to be tied to the knot and in a special basket attached to the waist.

Recently, one popular magazine for men posted an advertisement for the sale of a special device to elongate a member consisting of a chain-chare. It argues that the permanent wearing of this device may over time result in the elongation of the member. But you can't let it out of your mind that this penis practice should take place for long, long months to make a marked change. Moreover, given the anatomy of the man ' s penis, it cannot be weighed or damaged or misconvenienced to the wearer.

Moreover, in modern life, such a design is very difficult to wear during the working day. You can't hide such a device under your pants. In short, the suspension of various Georgians to a male member is an effective method of elongation, but it takes a lot of time, uncomfortable, impractical and does not increase its thickness, but only damages the erectile caveal bodies. Such primitive methods of elongating a member would be better left to tribalistic societies.

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