Endoscopic increase in sex

Kurbatov Dmitri Gennadievich, Moscow, IPC FM Medbikström, clinical hospital No. 6

  • Different methods are used to ease the penis with skin implantation, usually with extra tissue. These include:
  • Various synthetic materials (silicon, biogel etc.)
  • free occupier or free leather slopes which are removed from egg or smelly warehouses,
  • Fat or muscle salmon on the feeding knife from the front abdomen.
  • However, all of the ways in which the increasing falloplastics are indicated are not flawed and are accompanied by various complications:
  • Synthetic materials may be inscribed.
  • The sick often care about the rough post-operatives in the area of operation.
  • There may be a necrosis of a specified triangle of skin.
  • An implanted audible holder under the skin of a sexual member is absorbed over time (up to 50 to 70 per cent of the originally introduced), resulting in the formation of sheeps, conglomerates from implanted fat.
  • The implantation of skin elbows may result in a reduction in the length of the penis due to the sealing of the transplant.
  • After the distribution of leather slobs, long rubies remain at the location of transplants.

The relevance of the problem and clinical anatomy parallels.

The average anatomical size of a normal formed sex member in a state of erection ranges from 12.5 to 16.7 cm. With good functionality, the vast majority of men are quite fitting the size of their own genitals, even if they are small in a calm state or hidden under a frontal fat warehouse.

At the same time, about 80 per cent of men would not object to some increase in their own sexual organs, and some patients may suffer from severe psychogenic dysfunction (imputations).

In 1990, the Chinese surgeon Long Daochao, who developed a technique for the elongation of a sexual member, performed the most first penis extension operations. The methodology was subsequently widely disseminated worldwide and included in the standard list of plastic surgeon operations. The possibility of elongation of a sexual member by surgical intervention is laid down in the anatomical features of fixing carpet bodies to frontal bones. The corrosive bodies are attached to them by a supporting link, which defines the angle between a sexual member and abdominal wall with the maximum erection of the penis and is the main object of intervention in the increasing surgery of a sexual member.

Incidences to increase sex membership

Traditional plastic surgery standardized the testimony and operational equipment of the increasing falloplastics, making these operations routine not only abroad but also in many Russian and CIS clinics. There are the following groups of testimonies to increase sex:

  • Medical evidence (micropenis, hypospatia, Peyroni disease, hidden penis, etc.)
  • Functional inadequacy of penis size (single of penis in less than 10 cm erection and circumference less than 9 cm)
  • Esthetic testimony (inadequacy of men in size and form of their sexual member)

Basic methods for increasing the size of a sexual member, advantages and disadvantages.

Эндоскопическое увеличение полового членаIn order to increase the length of a sexual member, a typical and most frequently performed operation is the separation of a rotary and hinginginged sex member, combined with a leather plastic (V-Y plastic).

Endoscopic increase in sex

The rapid development of endoscopic surgery has contributed to the increasing introduction of low traumatic endoscopic techniques in the treatment of various diseases. The benefits of endoscopic intervention, compared to the traditional open-ended approach, are no longer doubtful. At the same time, both in our country and abroad, endoscopic equipment for the implementation of the increasing fallopastics is virtually non-existent.

It is known that in order to carry out endoscopic operations, not only a fully optical intervention method (review of the operational area only through the optical system) is used, but also a video-assisted one that combines optical increases with direct visual control of the operational zone.

Video-assisted operation differs from a standard laparoscopic or endourological operation because it does not require gas incuffation or liquid irrigation into the working space, no general drug is required. Under the regional anesthesia, an endoscopic with an optical increase is introduced through minimum surgical access to the wound, which ensures that all the wound depths are examined and that the required volume of the operation is met.

Sexual penetration

Operation technicians depend on the purpose of surgical intervention, elongation of penis, drowning or combination of elongation with drowning. The final method of raising a sexual member is chosen after the patient has been examined and co-discussed with the treatment options, depending on the anatomy characteristics of the sex structure and the desire of the man.

For elongation, a transverse cut, 1.5 to 2 cm length, over the lobe on the middle line. Through this access, a set of endoscopic instruments perform the phase-out of the original vertebral, then supporting links. After these phases, the gender member " moves " is approximately 2.5 to 3 cm. When the fat in the frontal area is expressed to achieve greater effect of the operation, the removal of part of the fat tissue is carried out simultaneously.

  • Expanding fragmentation through endoscopic equipment has a number of positive features:
  • A small post-operative shirt provides an excellent cosmetic result of the operation.
  • Significant decline in post-operative pain perceptions
  • There are no major complications from the traditional growing fallopastics (burning of post-operative shirts, penis in moshon, etc.).
  • The period of stay in the hospital, the period of disability and the rehabilitation of the patient is being reduced.

Sex penetration is carried out in different ways:

  • a brisket in the front abdominal wall of the bold slob on the vessel ' s stalk and the movement of the free end of the blade under the skin of a sexual member.
  • Liposation (gold disposal) from the precinct area, followed by implantation of purified fat depths under the skin of a sexual member.

In the case of a favourable post-operative period, the patient may be discharged from the hospital within 1 to 2 days (depending on the method of performing the increased fallopasticity operation).


After the operation, the length of the penis is generally increased by 2.5 to 6 cm in peace, and irrigated by 1.5 to 3 cm. The increase in the circumference of a sexual member is not a programmed criterion, but must meet the proportionality requirements.

In order to consolidate the impact of the extension of the sexual member, it is recommended that, in the coming days of the operation, various retractors should be started with a view to increasing the impact of the operation.

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