Extension project - P

In early 1994, I received a letter from a gentleman from South Africa who informed me that op had developed a unique method of increasing membership. In my years of work in the field of how to increase my membership, I've heard many different methods and kept my scepticism to the inventor. However, in his words, I felt some kind of special sincerity, and so, intrigued, I decided to join in his studies to increase penis.

For a few months, Vilhelm Letter and I have been conducting a pretty lively intercontinental correspondence by fax. Several hundred men took part in the experiments of raising a sex member under his programme (he called it Project P), and as a result, he received, without any compulsion, a letter from several very satisfactory results of penis sizes, men, who served as proof of the success of his method. The rumors of a unique penis expansion program spread across South Africa, and the cover of a few magazines showed his picture under the heading: "You can turn your baby into a real shit!"

Since then, his house has been ringing a phone all the time, and the mail is being delivered to him by bags. But I'm still a researcher, and I never take the word of others. So I asked him to do his own research on his method of increasing his penis. In the July issue of my Quarterly Man Qualities Quarter, I approached volunteers to participate in a three-month experiment to study Project P, a project to increase the membership required by man 12. To my surprise, I received over 200 applications. I've increased the number of applicants to 75 and included six doctors. The new method began in August 1994 and ended in November of the same year.

The course consisted of six exercises to be performed 15-20 minutes for three months. Mr. Lutter assured me that, as a result, a sexual penis could be elongated, an increase of 2.8 cm.

Exclusion. The preliminary results of my experiment were to increase penis, only frustration. Only a small number of men who participated in the experiment achieved some elongation of their member. When I reported on my results to Mr. Letter, he was surprised and reiterated that African men had made much more progress in increasing penis. He was suspicious that the pilot had mishandled the prescribed exercises, and he even sent me a video to familiarize me with the various phases of the expansion experiment. I invited my trustees to take this video from me and start over.

"When I brunched at the cafeteria, my attention suddenly caught the word "chur" in the table behind my back. Two, after breakfast, something was discussed alive. I must confess that I began to listen carefully to their conversation by harbouring the rumors, as I interrupted a lot of noise in the café. I heard an amazing story:

"The last year in Germany, scientists opened a growth factor, which increases the membership. This is the case for children in the period of puberty. When researchers tried to introduce this substance to adults, they saw that it had an impact on the size of the male sexual penetration. The nature of this "growth factory" remained unclear to me, but one of the interlocutors observed that, unfortunately, he had a side effect. Those who have been through this experiment have lost their interest in women and have shifted their attention to men. The director of the penis expansion project called on all the experimenters not to be particularly aware of it."

Now, I've put the most shameless rumour in the way of not passing a word in this amazing story: "I'm not stopping the researchers. Since this "growth factory" in the use of adult males has caused both an increase in membership and an increase in homosexual tendencies, researchers have concluded that the same can be observed, therefore, by boys. And if it is, there must be some consistency between the sexual orientation of a person and the final size of his sexual organ." (Remark for reader: As is well known, the Master and Johnson Institute ' s studies have confirmed that, on average, homosexuals have a longer sexual membership than heterosexuals, but they cannot explain this phenomenon.

For a while, I couldn't listen to noise in the room, but when he was poetry, the conversation was probably about continuing the experiment with a few dozen men. They haven't been introduced to "growth factory" this time. The doctor and the psychologist determined the size of the penis in advance and the sexual orientation of each subject. Turns out a member of homosexuals on average per centimetres longer than a member of heterosexuals. As an explanation of this phenomenon, the fact was that male homosexuals were more likely to have a growth factor than their heterosexual peers.

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