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Penis plays a central role in every man's life. Regrettably, not everyone from nature is possessed by its grand size, which so much desire and adore women, respect and envy friends. The average size is between 8 and 12 centimetres, in some cases the size may be 5-7 cm. The ridicule, the impossibility of enjoying sex, the sense of stunning in swimming pools or beach, the constant sense of depression, the regular shedding is the main negative factors that are not encountered by us.

To date, modern advances in medicine have led to a number of surgical and medical methods which, in the implementation process, have highlighted their main advantages and disadvantages.

Увеличения пениса ВИГ-ЭрИкс ПлюсFor example, the increase in penis length by surgical methods is carried out by reviving the muscle structure of specially designed, silicone implants. After the operation, a man has long been unable to engage in sexual activity, as well as to allow even the slightest thought of the anti-pound field, since each erection is accompanied by very severe pain. In addition, the member is constantly in a state of tension even without extortion. A sense of discomfort and a high risk of inflammatory processes are constantly present during active sports. Increasing the length of penis using surgical methods, experienced women define literally at first glance or touching, which raises many questions that lead to loss of propensity.

Concerned about the size of the penis, its firmness or unstable erection?

If you're tired of shy about the size of your penis during love... If you need quality and long-term sex... If your partner's dissatisfied in bed... ♪ If you're tired of always worrying about whether it's going to be a success today when the girl comes to you... WIH-Erix Plus will help you forget all these questions forever as a terrible dream!

WIH-Erix Plus has all the power of nature from plants from different continents!

The natural composition of unique plants and extractions allows WIH-Erix Plus to maximise the bloodstreams of a member, increase the free testosterone content, increase sensitivity, increase spinal sex centres and hormonal systems, saturate the blood necessary for nutrient growth and achieve maximum sexual efficiency.

Buy a drug (measure) to improve the penetration and increase the sexual penis (penis) of WIH-Erix Plus.

It doesn't matter how much penis you have, little, medium or large, you now have the opportunity to increase it by 20 to 30 per cent without resorting to a dangerous operation or expensive stretchers requiring a permanent bearing. You just need to buy a VigRX and make sure it's effective. On our internet, the pharmacy is a very good price for a quality original drug. Beware forgery!

On the Internet, there is a large number of diverse resources that actively promote effective vacuum-operated lipsticks, which represent a glass or plastic lipstick with pears, causing more blood flow into the penetration system. Such an effect is short-term and can be used not just before sexual acts, systematic exercises have a negative impact on health. Since there may be a situation of rupture or rupture of blood vessels, with severe consequences in the form of hematoma and even lethality.

Existing methods of massage varied, including the payment of nothing but deception. By increasing penis, nothing but pleasure in a session is not possible even in the long term.

Globally, the focus is on various medical methods that contribute not only to the gradual expansion of the body, but also to the continuation of the results in lifelong life.

Under the age of 17, hormonal therapy is allowed using high-protection drugs and other substances to which the patient does not have an allergic response or general health deterioration. In the older age, there is a whole range of individualized medicine therapy, filled not only by hormones, but also by vitamins, and special chemically hazardous substances to other bodies that may lead to cancer and dermatological diseases, impotence and prolonged mental disorder.

Since 2000, pills have been put on the market to increase the membership of the permanent experiments in this field on the large, successful Albion Nutraceuticals pharmaceutical industry in the United States. Perfectly selected and tested animal components have produced the desired results without risk to the health of every man. The tablets to increase the penetration into the human body are completely dissolved and, in the first two minutes, the internal organs are fully insulated, allowing the process to be started at a certain time, with the production of missing cells, without which the member has kept its small size to date. The WIH-Erix Plus Preparate is now one of the best and most rewarded thanks to the instant effect of small money.

However, the composition of the WIH-Erix Plus, to increase the membership, may be useful in combination with exercises to increase the membership. Many men use WIH-Erix Plus, as an addition to exercises for a member, it really helps.

When it comes to an increase in membership, there are four types of men who share the type of growth. The first type is those men who are easily added both in length and in thickness. These men reach their goal faster than the others. The next two types of men are either those who easily add in length or those who easily add to thickness.

Men who belong to one of these types tend to be easily targeted in one direction (increase in length/increasing in thickness) and then saturated to increase the other.

Well, the last type of man is someone who gets bigger than the rest. This type of man has to work most to achieve the goal.

Before you consider yourself to the last type of man, remember that an increase in the penis is such that it takes time.

Your biceps won't double in a month, no matter how much you train. The same thing happens to your dick. Many men are very hard to perform all exercises every day and not to obtain the desired result. This may be due to such things as: insufficient rest, small loads or too much pressure.

Even bad results can depend on your genes. Just as men who cannot recruit a muscle mass, no matter how well they try, men who exercise for a member cannot increase their membership for reasons beyond their control.

Nevertheless, whatever the reason for slowing the growth of your sexual penis is always one last resort that will help you increase your membership. This is your perseverance.

If you've already tried all the exercises to increase the penis and nothing has done anything, the council will stop and stop doing what you've done before. It doesn't work. Take a break for two to four months. It might be hard to convince yourself that a break would help you, but it is. Your member must return to a state in which he has not yet felt all the beauty and gravity of the exercise to increase his membership. After rest, when you resume your training, start with a small and radical change. Try different things: change the number of days you train, change the burden on your dick. Do whatever you want!

You can go further, change your way of life. Like, if you smoke, drop it! If you don't do sports, start sports. Eat a healthy food, which is even more important, try to use the biologically active supplements that have been written earlier. If you're still not doing anything, try to use an increase in membership. Also, you can be on the Internet to find out what other men did in such cases and what exactly helped them to influence the increase in the size of a sexual member.

  • The penis of WIH-Erix Plus offers a range of additional benefits, the main ones being:
  • pain of procedure
  • total absence of side effects, including nausea, headaches
  • stable and prolonged erection both in time and after treatment
  • increase to 5 centimetres irrespective of initial size
  • high price that is compensated for instantaneous effects
  • Availability and provision of quality and compliance certificates to State epidemiological norms
  • does not adversely affect the reproductive function of the human person

Every man has a unique opportunity to achieve the desired result at a relatively short time, without threatening his or her health. A uniquely developed formula contains a substance such as bioperin that allows stomach walls to instantly plant active health components from each pill. The immune system fails to obtain a signal of a foreign subject, as is the case with other similar products that are available on the market.

The tablets to increase the penis of WIH-Erix Plus for the next 24 hours after the reception give their results at an unspecified cellular level, and after the awakening, there is a surprisingly strong and prolonged erection that the manufacturer does not recommend to be eliminated, which would not disrupt the internal process in which the receptacles are filled and stretched with blood. After the first week of reception, you can attach a line to make sure that your first five millimetres of your small penis are actually increased. According to independent experts, VIG-Erix Plus is the only one to date that has its first impact in the first day of admission.

The manufacturer recommends that, for those who are in a hurry to achieve a result in a shorter period of time, the use of WIH-Erix Plus specially designed mechanical devices as an ecturer, which, when permanently wearing a day, will extend the penis long and completely unabated the walls of the receptacles.

It is not necessary to think about the need to use this drug to grow its own penis. Every day without treatment, you're worth a few millimetres in the growth of your own dick. Preparation to increase WIH-Erix Plus's penis will surprise not only your sex partner, but also the others. After treatment, you'll be able to catch the whims of women in your pants, and when you go to the beach or the pool, there's no need for anyone to know, as the practice shows, women themselves are in line with you. The manufacturer recommends that his drug be used for all men without age and size restrictions.

Composition of WIH-ERICS Plus

Gorny's blueГорянка стрелолистнаяThe multi-year planting of a barbaric family with small flowers of unusual shape, sometimes called the elf colours. Horanca, in traditional Chinese medicine, which is one of the most valuable plants, regulates sexual activity, corrects erectyl dysfunction and has a tonic effect, and has a vascular and hypotensive effect, improves hemorrhaging. Due to the high concentration of flavonoids (in particular, icarina), the horny is used as an immuno-opulator, an antidepressant and an antioxidant.

Gincgo two-way

Гинкго двулопастныйThe only representative of this kind, the gyncgo bi-human tree, reaches 40 metres high and belongs to the river. It's possible that it's his leaves, including feeding grassy dinosaurs. The tree was very popular in Japan and China, most of the food used in the past. Thereafter, the leaves became popular, thanks to the gynozidems, the list of useful properties is stiff: from the expansion of blood vessels and the improvement of blood circulation, to the anti-resistance and the neutralization of free radicals (antioxideant). Ginko ensures the flow of blood and the caveal bodies of the penis, ensuring a better filling capacity and thus increasing the size. As a pleasant bonus, improved brain bleed improves memory and mental activity.

Korean red wife

Корейский красный женьшеньThe value of the bride is well known, although perhaps not yet fully explored, and the plant is perhaps one of the most widely known in the world. The bride contains a number of useful saponin substances called Panaxodides (gynzenesides). Their roots range from plant type, but the Asian wife (in Korean) is considered to be more balanced and useful in composition. The Korean wife is a natural adaptogen with a general enabling effect on organisms that increase mental capacity, work capacity, stress resistance. The bride increases immunity, is an antioxidant, normalizes glucose levels in blood, and promotes sexual function and desire among men and women.

Sabal wheat

Сабаль пильчатыйFlorida ' s indigenous population has traditionally used the fruits of this resembling low-lying plant in food, and for the first settlers in this part of America, the plant has become an important part of the diet. Due to the high levels of peaceful totholene acid, sabal has certain anti-aircraft studies and, in particular, is being used effectively to increase the prostates of men (ferrous hyperplasia of prostate).

Moura Putama

Мура ПуамаMuira Poama is called the Amazonian Viagra. It is a small tree with a rosebone and a flower that resembles the smell of Jasmine in the tropical forests of South America, reaching only 5 metres high, but has a powerful healing potential that the indigenous peoples of Amazonia have valued a long time ago.


КатуабаKatuaba is also a small, fast growing tree with orange flowers and dark yellow fruit. Her vows are as great as the muira puam. Both plants (Muira and Katuaba) are used as Afro-disiac (means that increase sex and sexual activity among men and women), to treat erectile dysfunction, reduce libido, stress, stress, sleeplessness, etc. Muira Pama also increases male testing and increases the number of spermatodes, which is the main indicator of fertility.

Blood flow in the pelaz area

Normalization of sexual hormones

Both plants are common mainly in South America, where there are consistent traditions of their use, both in sexual disorders, inferior lybido, weak erection and as tonicating beverages (def) per day.

Increased sexual desire, improved erection


БоярышникThe large-scale warrior in North America and Eurasia is a tree or a bush whose life expectancy can be 300 years. The value of his curative properties is irreplaceable in the treatment of heart diseases, as well as the purification of blood. The warrior helps with the pain and discomfort in the heart and improves the bleeding. Also very effective in the prevention and treatment of the aerosols of receptacles. Pharmacological studies confirmed the improvement of the blood flow of coronary receptacles as well as the quality of heart muscle cuts


ДамианаA small artisanal who grows in South, Central and Southern North America is known for hundreds of years and has been widely used by the ancient Maya and Aztec Indian tribes as a means of raising libido and as aphrodisiac. Demeans ' remarkable properties to increase sexual activity were noted by both men and women. In addition, Damian leave stands were used to raise the general tonus of the organism, dizziness and respiratory diseases (asthma, lung disease, etc.).


Биоперин®The composition of 95 per cent of the black pepper provides the best skills of the remaining ingredients. According to the dietary traditions recorded in the Aurveda tractors, the focus is on the full development and refill of food, for which various medicinal mixtures, more than 60 per cent of which are black peppers, are used. Today's dietologists agree that what you eat is less important than what you learn.

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