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Chinese silklops

The Chinese silcope is a traditional drug that has been used extensively in Chinese medicine for centuries. In ancient China, it was considered that these threads were a variety of worms, but after a long study it was found that it was actually a moulded Cordyseps sinensis forming in the body of a dead Hepilus fabricius.

Cordyseps sinensis spores develop in the body of the goose, filling it with fibers (Hyphae)

Some scientists believe that the effects of these threads are similar to that of another valuable Chinese ton of Geneva. At present, Chinese silk-type filaments are mainly used as a tone-blower to increase or recover from severe diseases. He also helps to cure a male erection disorder.

Deer panels

Pharmaceutical name: Cornu Cervi Pantocrichum

Zoological name: Cervus Nippon Temmick

Barhat, reindeer pants, is a very expensive, magnificent African-disiac.

Pants compete with the most valuable and rare kinds of brides as the " elixir of gods " . The reindeer panels are widely known throughout the world, and the most popular are in the East and Russia. It's not from a rock-covering layer, it's not from a clotting rogue, it's from the tissue that hasn't cut off the horns.

The reindeer panels have a very wide range of applications, but they have become the most popular as aphrodisiac. Men use this drug not only for sexual disturbances, but also to increase extinction. Women use them in menstrual pains and infertility. Of the known natural 22 amino acids, 18 are contained in reindeer patches. The predominant amino acid components are glicin, alanin, prolin, leucin, triptofan, cystin, lyzin, valin, hystidin, trionin.

The drug is predominant by a lipoid fraction with fat, phosphate, sulphate, cerroside, sterines and their derivatives. Lipoid fraction has steroids and, above all, cholesterol, which is the main natural substance from which biologically active substances such as glued acids, vitamins and hormones: estrogens (estradiol, estrol and estriol) and Androgen (tetosterone, Androseron).

The reindeer panels contain a variety of pharmacologically active substances, such as male and female hormones, a large number of electrolytes, active protein and nitrogen fractions. Pharmacodynamics are very diverse. This drug, which has a strong influence on the basic physiological systems, produces the necessary functional changes in the system, which explains its positive therapeutic effects on various diseases.

In the multilateral pharmacological activity mechanism, the main point of application is the nervous system, especially the vegetative nervous system through which it operates its multi-faceted treatment and prevention system. It is also a reliable and harmless alternative to synthetic steroids. Owing to their unique qualities in Western countries, reindeer pata are widely used as vitamins and diet supplements.

Berry fruit

Pharmaceutical title: Fructus Lycii (Lycium barbarum)

  • The berries contain:
  • - Polisaharides (amylose), detain, zeaxantin, physalin, acorbin acid, carotine, riboflavien, nikotin. Tiamine, betain, taurin, vitamins E, C, B1, B2 (vitamin C as in orange);
  • - 19 amino acids, potassium, sodium, calcium, magic, iron, copper, manganese, zinc;
  • 21 types of different minerals;
  • The concentration of beta-carothine in the berries is higher than in carrots;
  • - the concentration of protein is higher than in bee-clinic milk

100 grams of fresh berries contain: Untreated proteins 5.8 g; fats 1 g; calcium 155 mg; phosphorus 67 mg; iron 3.4 mg; carotine 3.96 mg; vitamin B1 10.23 mg; vitamin B2 20,33 mg; vitamin C 3 mg; betamin about 1 per cent.

The berries increase immunity, reduce acidity in blood, stimulate liver work, prevent the development of malignant tumours, improve sperms, increase moods, fatigue, prolong life, all of which makes the berries one of the best natural health products.

The berries collected in the province of Ninasia China are large fruits with bright taste, higher polysaharides content that increase immunity. The berries are known to have a protective effect on liver and kidneys, feeding and drowning them. The greatest effect can be achieved in the treatment of berries of pain in the back and legs, abdominal diseases, nickturia, disorders, depletion, impotence.

In today ' s China, there is an active study of the medical use of the dereas berries.

Scientists have been able to corroborate old prescriptions that support the health of the immune system, including specific and non-specialized immune reactions that improve vision, strengthen liver, stabilize blood pressure and sugar. In addition, the deres have expressed anti-oxidation and delay ageing.

Numerous studies show that the fruits of the cuts increase the level of leicocytes education, improve the function of macrophagus in animals. Raises antibodies in response to antigens (SRBC) of tumours cells, thus increasing the immune response.

Using dereasing berries, older people can improve their feelings, increase their blood oxygen. Without side effects, extraction helps older persons improve sleep, strengthens health. Clinical studies have also shown that the kernels of the cuts are lowering the cholesterol and increasing the phospholipid content, enriching proteins and strengthening cell shells, promoting cell growth and regeneration. Dereased betain helps to treat heart disease and old illnesses, reduces ipochondria.

The derelict elements, such as polysaharides, zeaksantin, physalin, ascorbine acid, carotine, riboflavines, vitamins E, C, etc., serve great natural anti-oxidants, have anti-communicable properties, improve blood circulation, strengthen patrons, increase hearts, increase hearts

The Chinese wisdom states that the berries are good for liver and kidneys, improve sperms, make the eyes clean, remove the pain in joints and lumbars, reduce the heat.

Semen Koixa (Busenic of ordinary)

Pharmaceutical name: Coix Lachryma jobi

It is used as an anti-inflammatory, diarrhoetic, general reinforcement, under-served gland function, anti-spazmatic tool for cancer prevention. There's an anti-histamine action, an allergic treatment. She has a painkiller. It's used as urea, obnoxious, tonic and anti-spatic. They're assigned to Papillams of the urine bubble and the urinating canal. Outside, inflammatory skin diseases.

At present, there is no evidence, side effects of coix seeds. However, a doctor should be consulted before taking coix seeds and other weeds.

Royal jelly

ROYAL JELLY (BP) royal jelly is a rich source of nutrients for energy and health. This is an important source of amino acids, vitamins A,C, D, E and vitamin B, minerals such as calcium, copper, iron, potassium, phosphorus, silicon, sulphur. It is also a natural source of fatic acid, sugar, sterina, acetylholin (near transmitter). The royal jelly contains natural antioxidants, which prevents ageing.

A biogenic stimulant.

Holds a general tone, stimulates cell metabolism and regenerative processes, improves tissue path.

For inward admission: hypotrophication and anorexia, chronic ethic disorders in infants and children up to 3 years of age, lacation and blood loss in the post-natal period; artery hypotension of various genetics, recalculation period, female climacteric period, male bias, non-resorption.

For external use: skin sebrane, silver and microbial ethermite, neurodermite, dermatosis, orchards.

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