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Put one weight on your whole life, and another part of it that isn't thought without sex. All right. And make sure you keep reading or close, frictional. by the movement of the world.

Life without sex and life is sex.

What's gonna happen?

What's more important to you?

Have you ever thought about it?

Turning on TV, opening a magazine or a newspaper, even listening to a radio or looking out the window, it's certainly possible. See what's sexy, erotic, sexy and exciting.

That's if you want it. meetings. But you agree, it's not necessarily a collision if you think differently. Who's next to you? Those who smash the erotic film, tell the gray anecdotes, read out. I don't know what you're saying. It's popping in the ashes, passing by.

Or other people surround you whose interests don't come around. Preface fallic symbols and sexual passion?

Men of psychohydraulic sexuality, claim that Sex voltage is simulated as a ferry-boat, and seeks to discharge in different forms of sexual activity action. They believe that it is important to open a rod in time and discharge. If it's ours Life was full of sex, the explosion from the lately open quarries would be nuclear, at least. And as a maximum, an intergalactic disaster.

Representatives of the biological concept of sexuality believe that man by nature is an animal, his inducements are natural instincts, and the individual struggles for existence and food to ensure that Split up to keep the species. Remember how many children are in every family?

One or two tops? Three kids-- A family of many children! The mama heroes and dads will be booked soon. And how long are they in their lives? You're wasting on the precinct? The struggle for their existence and food is much greater. Time and strength.

Other theoretics, theology, suggest that human sexuality is given to an individual above, God. That one. in turn gives you as much as you need. So many disagree with the allegation. about the inclusive nature of sex and sexuality.

There are also adherents of socio-ethnic, magnetic, bio-psychic and other concepts. Among them, Of course, there will be someone who will support the idea of the power of sex. Especially sex doctors, psychiatrists and so on, who believe that only they can recognize congenital or acquired sexual problems treatment and correction of certain psychotherapeutic behaviours and medical supplies. Love paid work!

Less than People who are healthy, without problems and complexes, the more work.