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Can a woman rape a man? Stimulation of alcohol Activity or, on the contrary, suppressing it?

I don't know if to be sexy. In a sexual act with your husband?

Whether homosexuals differ Heterosexual on the physiology of their sexual reactions?

Such issues have always generated intense debates that have resulted in many replies; however, to date the replies received have been merely views - speculation whose correctness or erroneousness was not confirmed evidence. In recent decades, these and many other issues The sexuality of the human beings has become more scientific and is involved. professional sexologists.

The study of sexuality is surrounded by aura of something mysterious because it is affecting areas that are often considered to be prohibitive, deeply personal, conflicting and exciting. However, unlike what he thinks about it. Most people, human sexuality research different from any other scientific work. They're demanding a hard day. Multi-hour work, focus on details and careful analysis of the data.

Because of the large volume of literature on sex, it is difficult to distinguish. scientifically established fact from the individual ' s opinion or from a personal statement experience. Boundary between journalistic or artistic descriptions of any aspect sex and science on the same subject are often erased. Even when a certain fact can be ascertained as a result of a scientific study; it is not always possible To accept the truth. It is important to understand how scientific research is being conducted sex, take into account all their shortcomings and limitations so as to reasonably assess information received and used it in their own life.