Methods of increasing the penis.

Men ' s minds have long been involved in increasing the size of a sexual member. Manuel correlation, in the pre-conditional translation of work by hand, is one of the most ancient methods of increasing sex. Some would have associations with masturbation - but in that case, almost all men would have had huge membership (the largest member), and that question would not exist at all.

Because of the natural structure of the penis, it is possible to increase the penis. Using the manuscript, the increase in the size of the penis is due to the growth of new tissues, reaching an increase in the muscular mass in penis, as in cultural activities.

The growth of new tissues in a sex penis is taking place in the sex process, only slowly and slowly. That is why the size of a male sexual member increases by 0.5 cm in life and the manuscript can be achieved in two weeks.

A manuscript is the same culture, but it is directed to a specific part of the body - a sexual member. When we want to form an athletic figure, we're going to the gym and working hard under the leadership of the coach. With respect to a sexual member, we can have a sense of stretching and minus penis, but will we achieve the result in this way?

Ways known to increase membership

Sex penetration Such exercises consist mainly of the fact that, by carefully taking the member ' s fingers, it is elastic to stretch the penis between five and six times and repeat the operation several times a day. Such exercises can be performed when you feel the need to urinate.Extension of a member by Daosist method Based on Daosist metaphysics, this eastern philosophy is a combination of spiritual concentration and manipulation of sexual organs, in particular sex. In accordance with the requirements of Daosist sexuality, it's necessary to make sense of "ladon in the glove."
"Denice" method. It's a very simple method based on the principle of "doing," which is most effective to" reinforce tissue fibers and penile curtains. As strange as it may be, this woman claims that, "a man through this method can get an elongation from one centimeter to 2.5 in four to six weeks of exercise."Increase in sex with vacuum pumps When the erection occurs, the blood is striving to tissues of a sexual member - "corpora cavernosa" and "corpus spongeosum" that are filled with blood, suffocated like this, like when we pump a bicycle wheel and wrapped up.
Blackco's ring to increase male membership This ring was invented more than fifty years ago by Dr. Blako, and he had many very satisfied with his influence throughout Europe. The ring is made of a volcano rubber and is intended to cover the cock and eggs tightly.Increase in Sadhus Indians Their saints (Sudhus) believe that the spirit of God is found in a man's penis. They therefore resort to various ritual practices to change the form of a member in order to achieve spiritual unity with fallic divines.
Tibetan monk method I have learned from the reader who served in the navy in Viet Nam for the time being. He was captured by Vietkong and held captive for years.Retractive therapy to increase size This method involves retracting the base of the penis either by ring or ribbon. The ring may be metallic, rubber or plastic, and its main purpose is to keep the member in a flavoured state for a longer period of time.
Increase by Camp In the 1980s, a peripathetic self-proclaimed metaphysicist (or who else is there) Dr. C. Ralph Campo proposed his method of increasing penis to those who do not regret breaking up with their $25 dollars.Increase in Dr. R. Chartham's penis In the early 1970s, a writer and sex specialist, Robert Chartham, developed his own method of increasing the size of a male sexual member, which was immediately severely criticized and was adopted everywhere.
Polynesian method of retracting a sexual member One of the most important technicians in the study of ancient cultures, the anthropologist of Margaret Meade, the author of the Samoan Confinement, claims that Polynesian men are releasing their membership by specially adjusting the plumbone of plants, which is very similar to the " Chinese finger trap " .Increase of SE-101 member This method, also known as " 16 weeks of natural development of Dr. Taylor ' s penis ' plan " , includes patient imagination, massage and squeezing of certain points (shiatsu method).
Method - V. Imagine how you put a sex penis into a partner with a special smash. You're moving back, and she's slipping away. You're putting him back into the vagina again, but suddenly you're swinging and you're stunning the penis into her pelvic bone.Project to increase penis - P In early 1994, I received a letter from a gentleman from South Africa who informed me that op had developed a unique method of increasing the size of a male member. Over the years of my work in this field, I have heard many different methods and have not concealed... ♪

Мануальные методы увеличения членаThe appearance, size and function of a sex penis for most men have played and played a major role since the past, as a symbol of their courage, strength and power. Unlike women who have an attractive, yet secondary, erogen zone (grunt), men have only a beard other than the primary erogenic zone (semi-member and egghead). However, this secondary sexuality is not a sign for everyone, but for those who have it, it is not always so beautiful.

A well-attended and well-functioning penis helps a man to be confident, self-sufficient and successful. Sex operations aimed at improving its appearance, with the exception of circumcision, became accessible to most men only in the second half of the twentieth century and immediately took over the media ' s palm of primary interest among all plastic operations performed by men.

Sexual membership problems can be classified into several types.

∙ Closely short sexual penis. ∙ Excessively thin sexy. ∙ The congenital diseases of a sexual member, the most frequent of which are: (a) the reduction of extreme flesh (fimosis); (b) the sparking of a sexual member; and (c) the anomaly of the development of a sexual member. ● Acquired diseases of a sexual member: (a) infection of a sexual member; (b) injury and injury to a sexual member; and (c) alien bodies of a sexual member; ● Problems with erection. • Removal of extreme flesh at will, religious, ethnic or other testimony.

The desire to increase sex should be seen in the same way as the desire of women to increase their breasts. The rapid correction of a small amount and length of a penis is a desire that is now very demanding.

The size of a member has always been and will be important for a man, but there are not many effective ways to increase the natural method of membership. The fact that the roots of this problem lie in a man ' s psychological field does not diminish its severity.

That's why there's been a millennium of penis expansion.

We're offering Vig-Erix-- the drug is an unconditional leader in the preparations for an increase in sexual penis. A well-established person has also been a rise in erection and a rising trend. The use of Tangat Ali Platinum is also a comprehensive solution to increase the penetration and increase the sex membership. The Majik Staff booster programme is designed for the month of receipt. Also, a truly stunning effect is the drug of Santi's secrets of Chinese medicine.

At present, there are such concepts regarding the size of a sexual member:

1. Micropenis - if the length of the vegetated sexual member is not more than 2 cm 2. Sex penis is a sexual member of less than 9.5 cm length. Normal penis is a statistical average of 9.5 cm and above.

The length of the penis is closely linked to the anthropometric characteristics of the man - positive correlation has been detected with growth and negative - male weight.

Numerous world studies in this area have revealed no relationship between the sex penis in relaxed condition and erection.

The size of the penis must be measured according to 3 parameters:

* alone * at maximum length *

The measurement shall be carried out on the dorsal surface, from the foam angle (the angle formed by the base of the penis and the front abdomen) to the edge of the head. The Penopubic angle must be 90 degrees.

Esthetic surgery of a sexual member

Reasons for men wishing to increase sex:

* Increased self-esteem * increased sexual attractiveness * improved sexual life * removal of the " lock-up " , reduced sense of embarrassment in male companies

The main indication of an increase or change in its appearance is the patient ' s desire. The main purpose of the surgical urologists involved in this difficult jewelry is to improve the quality of life of the patient.

However, patients should bear in mind that all existing surgical methods lead to a marked elongation of the penis only in a calm state. The length of the penis in a state of erection is much smaller.

Methods of increasing sex

All methods can be divided into vacuum, traction and surgical.

1. The vacuum method is a non-surgery method consisting of the long-term gradual extension of the organ. This method is still called a vacuum pump method, hypermemorial.

Vacuum pumps are manual and computerized. In the latter case, a penis shall be placed in the tube and a negative pressure shall be created. The extension programme by vacuum pump is one year. The first 16 weeks of sessions are held daily. Then one time in three days. The session lasts an average of 30 minutes.

The results showed that patients who fully implemented the instructions and recommendations achieved an average of 3 cm per year. The quality of the erection has not changed.

To date, there is only one vacuum system that is easy to use and does not produce side effects. As a matter of quality, it exceeds all the others presented and marketed. Its details are tested and approved by medical experts.

2. Traditional method is non-invasive, based on the principle of " growing " tissues.

If certain parts of the body (hands and legs, ears, lips, necks, etc.) are permanently stretched, the cells of the area start to share, thus increasing the volume of the tissue.

There are special devices - Extenders made of plastic and silicone, which support the traction of 900-1800 g. They're lights in use, not visible under clothing. To achieve maximum impact, a daily practice of 8 hours per day, 12-20 weeks must be carried out.

Disadvantages of membership:

* There may be a feeling of pain at the beginning of the use of the ecender * the use of ecender is limited to patients with sugar diabetes, liver diseases and blood systems.

The maximum elongation that has been achieved to patients complying with all the rules is 2.5-3 cm. It should be borne in mind that the greatest and long-term effects of the extender occur after the surgical elongation of the penis, if applied in the post-operative period.

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