Why do people choose a life satellite?

Why are we saying, "I love him or her, and I can't live without him or her?"

феромон соблазненияOn this issue, neurogenetics from Yale University explored hundreds of in love volunteers and found the gene responsible for reproducing molecules... pheromones. Without notice, we actually sniff our partner. The same is the case in the biolog of Victoria Gumilev of the Institute of Human Morphology of the RAM, which has proved that love is indeed a smelly nature.

What is the feromones?

In translation from the Greek word, "feromons" means "reinclined." Feromones are powerful chemicals that are produced by everyone. They send subconscious signals of sexual aromat to the opposite sex, and these signals, in turn, promote sexual desire, burn romantic feelings and increase your attractiveness.

But in hundreds of years, a man almost lost his ability to do it - to produce these chemicals naturally. The clothes cover 90% of our body's surface. In addition, the pheromones that produce human organisms are partially destroyed by deodorants. The main cause of different sexual disorders is considered to be the lack of pheromones. When we use the pheromone machine, we replace and reinforce the pheromones we've cleaned. By using nexus pheromone, we're back to nature, rehabilitating chemical (sexual) connections to people around us. The concentration of the pheromones is more than 10,000 times stronger than the pheromone you're making.

Feromones operate not only on the surroundings but also on their own emotions: you become more removable and open to communication, that the surroundings are feeling instantly, the mood is improving, depression and dissatisfaction.

Attention! These perfumes remove anger, anger, rage not only for those who use them, but also for those who are around and breathing with the spirits of the pheromone. This is particularly the relationship between the subordinate and the chief, husband and wife. Depression is also widespread.

We offer you the best pheromone in Europe and America for men: the pheromone concentration, Nexus Feromon.

In one moment, attract, wonder, and seduce the woman you would want to be with?
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  • To be sexually attractive
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  • Confidence in yourself and in your male sexuality

There's a NEXUS Feromon.

If you've ever been frustrated by a failed attempt to establish a relationship with an attractive woman, then it's time to end a failure lane and to use your chance, Feromon Nexus!

When you're attracting a woman to sexuality, this moment is just unforgettable! She's trying to get close to you, touch you, coke with you... and you're absolutely certain because you're the secret of your charm!

In life, as the experience of many men has shown, there are more frustrations from unsuccessful dating, behavioral errors, awkward passes in conversation...

Imagine you can avoid these failures! That you have complete control of the situation that you can " turn " into a mechanism of engagement at any time with any woman!

It's real! There's a NEXUS Feromon!

Only one pack can change your life! How does it work and why it's NEXUS Feromeon

NEXUS Feromon provides an opportunity for a woman to feel your men ' s natural beginning with essential chemical hormonal compounds of the body. Just put the NEXUS Feromon on the point of the pulse, you can go up the lotion after the razor.

The form of seduction is the result of years of scientific experience and laboratory research. NEXUS Feromon is the latest development in the area of sexual attractiveness and non-verbal communication.

Attention! The action on the opposite floor begins immediately after deployment, and is intensified as you have a positive effect, reinvigorating your confidence in yourself and in the expected outcome.

The survey of 100 men using NEXUS Feromon showed an increase in visual contact with women in 92 per cent of cases, an increase in the number of smiles in women ' s contacts in 89 per cent of cases, 76 per cent of unfamiliar women were talking with respondents, 81 per cent took the initiative during the meeting, and 68 per cent noted an increase in the number of visits and sexual contacts.

Just bring NEXUS Feromon and

  • You'll never be overlooked again.

  • You won't hear: "Let's stay friends."

  • You'll forget the waste of nerves.

  • You won't feel unnecessarily in women's society.

  • You will gain absolute confidence in your sexual attractiveness.

When NEXUS Feromon is used, everything is happening immediately and completely naturally - it's just gonna make it happen to you.

NEXUS Feromon does not contain anything other than the net concentration of male pheromones (as opposed to other means that are actually ordinary toilet water).

In addition, in NEXUS Feromon, VOICE CONCENTTRATION OF pheromones, not a weak solution that is often offered for sale.

NEXUS Feromon is supplied in flakons at 30 ml, as opposed to a 10 ml ' capacity for other funds.

If you're willing to make sure NEXUS Feromon is quick and effective in attracting women, you're going to make sure now!


6 years, 3 months


Smells of the family armpit Scholarly psychologists explain this kind of personal attraction, sympathies, similarities of characters, life positions, and all this is true. But this kind of interconnection occurs much later, when acquaintance has already taken place, people have talked about something. What's going on in the first second of two completely strangers who have a feeling of sympathy or obscene? At the subconscious level, we see the man of the opposite sex in the odour and the smell of the special substances - the pheromones. They are the ones who can cause instant love and even animal passion, as well as disgust. These substances are special irons in the underwear ranges, arable area and around the nose. It is true that the usual for most nazo-nasal primates (the nose to the nose) or nazo-anal (the point to which) contacts have been almost abandoned. Although many ethnos have a "nosing kiss" in many ethnic groups, but we don't have to sniff openly when we first know each other. Why not?
"Nos in the nose." Scientists around the world are doing research today. We have all the smells in our country known as the Senior Research Officer of the Human Development Laboratory, Victoria Igorevna GULIMOWA. Sex research has confirmed that sexual initiation has a smelly nature. With modern technology, in particular the electronic microscope, it has been proved that every man has a very specific structure that scientists call a voluntarism (WB). He's a little different from his "live" analog on the location, the construction of receptor cells, the smells, and even the brain structure that the information received. It's not a backup option in the event of the denial of the basic sense, but an autonomous system with its tasks. A human being does not simply exist - there are indications that it is active and can govern conduct other than our will. 'Cause the smells of his help don't usually come to light like the Gwanecki: "We don't feel anything..." Under the influence of invisible smells, a person may be more common to persons of his or her opposite sex, act aggressively or, on the contrary, enjoy friendship. The damage to this area, for example, in surgical surgeries on the nose, may affect the patient ' s sexuality and, according to some data, even result in impotence. Partners are selected by sensitive cells located in the area of nose partition (information goes straight to the brain). I wonder if this body only perceives sexual odours and hardly responds to sharp and spicy mints, basements, cinnamons. There's a suggestion that a volatilized organ, this mysterious area, is the body of the sixth sense or the intuition that helps us choose a decent partner, genetically.

6 years, 8 months


I'd like to get the spirits with the pheromones on the catalogue from the centre of unique goods. Does their operation really attract men as much as we're wearing advertising?

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