Sex simulators

  • An article made of any material before the first use or handing it over to another person should be treated with anti-septic (e.g., miristic, chlorogexide or lubricant containing these substances) and washed with warm water with soap, avoiding moisture into a battery nest.
  • The most hygienic use of a condom product. Before being used, it is necessary to process very extensively the product of any intimacy on the water or silicon basis, thus avoiding discomfort when used, and reducing the likelihood of injury (recovery of loss and microtraumatic sliding). Don't buy it. Fallos must be perfectly humid until the end.
  • Watch your head in the vagina. Slowly push him up a little bit. Stop, listen to your feelings. Then move the dildo a little bit longer... and carefully, not in a hurry, put it as far as possible. Don't try to put a penis inside yourself for all of his length, it could hurt your health.
  • Once the product is used, we need to process heat water with soap, avoiding moisture into a battery nest.
  • Don ' t use as grease (vazelin, vegetable oil, cream) and other substances not specifically designed for this substance, this may damage both the material from which the product is manufactured and your health. Any Intim store, as well as pharmacies, you'll find a wide range of intimate lubricants.
  • Don't screw up and don't screw up the product.
  • The product shall be stored in a dry, sun-protected place.

Artificial member Of course, he is the leader of all intim-magasine products.

There's a very competent explanation. Specialists call a number of reasons why, by entering an intimidated store, you should focus on the sex simulator in all his varieties.

Firstly, a sexual act involving an artificial sexist takes place in depth and, at the same time, a small mass of internal organs of a woman. This is due to the fact that the pressure of the fallotine is controlled by the hand, and its movement can be calculated accurately to a millimetre.

Secondly, a member ' s simulators ' intimacy is accompanied by very useful organisms (especially in the case of males ' massage of progeny) by blood tidal to small pelvis, which prevents stagnation and diseases caused by them.

Thirdly, the use of a sex simulator during intimacy causes a high concentration of blood garmons.

Fourthly, there is an improvement in the physical tone of muscles, including those that are not used in ordinary life. The general and local lympho and blood circulation are also improving.

Fifthly, fallotines cannot be pregnant or infected with any disease (naturally with hygiene).

Sixth, if you choose artificial member With the help of an experienced sexist consultant, the simulator will have the size of your vagina.

Seventh, a woman or a man during the intimacy have no worry about the absence or very rapid orgasm. When a man is not afraid to get inconvenience to his partner, he is able to relax completely and focus on his feelings.

Finally, intimacy toys allow for the highest physical and psychological pleasure that is not always possible in conventional sex.


The vibrants that can now be purchased in all sex shopping and who are purely sex-grunts used to be an official medical device.

Women suffering from nervous disorders, insomnia, nervousness, hysteria and healing respectively: wooden dildo, big cucumbers, or massage with their hands. It was then called uterus rabies. But it's still in the fifth century. In the Middle Ages, such women ' s disorders were referred to as witchcraft and treatment. Inquisition, I mean, sent women to the fire.

Until the 18th century, the introduction of any items in the vagina was categorically prohibited, masturbation was a terrible sin. Modern science has proved that sexual dissatisfaction is the cause of many mental and physical disorders. And the ladies of the 18th century had to ride a horse for hours or lose a chair. In Europe, hydrotherapy resorts have become very popular, where tight water was poured into a clitoris.

Dildo was widely distributed in Asia and India.

Copies of 12,000 years ago were found. They were then manufactured from bronze, gold, nephrita, ivory, or cheaper from wood or simple iron.

In the 19th century, medics were once again enthusiasmously treated with “women's hysteria”, but already using modern vibrators. In 1869, George Taylor patented his invention, which worked from a steam engine and vibrated women ' s treatment. In the 1880s, a British doctor invents an electromechanical vibrator, which is used as a medical tool.

The vibrant gradually evolved and changed not only its device but also its purpose. In 1902, for example, the first electric vibrator was patented, becoming the fifth household electric device, which was electrically electrically energized. Until the 1920s, the vibrants were sold completely free, but after they appeared in porn film, their attitude changed. Since then, they have been sold mainly by specialized adult shops.

Вибратор - самое популярное средство
Vibrator is the most popular tool.

The vibrator is the most popular tool. It is intended to be the same for both women and men and its scope is unlimited. With his help, all parts of the body are turned up. In some Western European countries, almost one third of couples use it. The vibrant is often used as an additional enabling tool. It is a truly universal tool that is happy to buy both young and mature and older persons. For each age group, it has its indispensable qualities. Evils are more likely to use additional stimulus (and not just vibrators). They need change, more diversity, and vibrators are meant for it. On the other hand, this relates to the experience of sexual life that has been acquired over the years. Young people are looking for something that might make a love game more exciting, exciting and red.

Vibrators are divided into two main categories: these are classic vibrators whose meaning is traffic (vibration, pulsation, rotating movements) and artificial fallos, which have the form (copulation of a member) as the main factor for its use. They're very similar. Most of the artificial fallos have a battery and are also moving like vibrators. All this is used as a penis and can be introduced into both the vagina and the anal opening. The range of vibrants and fans is very large. Long vibrators from smooth plastic can be supplemented by boarding. There are both small, about 10 to 12 centimetres and 30 to 35 centimeter monsters and more than 5 centimeters diameter. As they say, any taste. There are copies of natural members with veins and pubic hair. Because of the veins and the voluminous head, they look rebritistic, but they make the slightest sense through soft, skin-friendly latches. The shapes of vibrants and fans are also diverse, as are their dimensions: smooth, rhythle, nodule, vein propellers, and direct and curved. Some vibrators and fans have a mosh, other lobe vegetation. The forms vary widely: for G-zone women have specially interiorated and long and soft vibrators are available for cervical display. Anal sex includes particularly thin vibrators, and for the exterior initiation of the nipples and the prediction of the vagina with a large head. There are special vibrators with additional leaves (popals) to encourage the vagina, clitoris and back passage simultaneously, to encourage the sexual lips, vibrators with a broad base. Double copies are offered for lesbians.

There's a non-measurable amount for vibrators. It's possible to get a vibrate kit and an ambush. The kit also includes batteries and sometimes lubricants and additional items, such as balloon chains and vibrate balls.

The choice of technological developments is huge. The vibrant has become a high technology tool: microprocessor management, interval management, sound sensors, lighting and heating. The top-class vibrator can walk and vibrate, rot, move in and back as a prick. He can "register" and even "sperm." Beautiful helper or even a male deputy.

Special emotions are triggered by vibrators with additional clitoris incentives.

This stimulant looks like a teenager, he knocks on the clitoris, while the instrument itself is being introduced into the vagina and works in it. The vibrator's head is spinning. He's working in crowds with a concomitant, vibrant vibration. When the main rod is injected, the lateral retraction does not stop brushing the head of the clitoris. The feeling is doubled if the owner of the super vibrator turns it so that the lateral extraction - his finger - annoys the imagination of the back passage. There's a lot of nerve endings in this place that turn any touch into true pleasure. For such combined anal-vaginal games, optimum anatomically correct forms are provided, and for the additional incentive of the clitoris, a three-strapp model.

Some vibrators It can be secured by special straps so that it stays inside. Thus, hands are released and erotic literature can be permanently erased or simply do their homework. Mini vibrators can be used by a woman at any time for both vaginas and anus. She can introduce him to her partner.

For those who prefer old proven and low-cost funds, groups of mechanical fallotators are intended. They also have different sizes. In addition to the vast number of true masculine virtues of all possible sizes and varying degrees of elasticity, there are long, rotten doubles that can be used directly by two women, or that one woman can enter both the anus and the vagina. Vibrators from a tender elastan are the most popular customers, which simultaneously promote clitoris and lips.

All the above-mentioned fans are only some substitutes for artificial members. With the help of such a body, a woman can fill the absence of a man with a good sexual capacity or use this body without wishing to contact a living person. Some female representations may be using a falloimite because they have no partner. It may also be that some women prefer them because they try to avoid attaching to partner and health problems, such as sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS.

Women who masturbate themselves have different means. There are round plates or bases from the foam, which contain artificial fallos, as well as airbags from which a member grows up when suffocated. A woman can sit, lie down, act as a rider, while regulating the position and density of a member. There's even a man's inflatable dolls. As a female doll, the inflatable boys have holes - mouth and anus. Such dolls also have wide demand not only for homosexuals.

Vibration principle

Рекламное объявление вибратора
Vibrate declaration

It can vibrate with a frequency, inaccessible to either finger or language of any person. When the vibrants first appeared on sale, their manufacturers emphasized the imprecise fact that the product was capable of delivering uncomparable feelings, and they were certainly right.

Vibrators use human skin sensitivity to mechanical fluctuation and manual massage does not provide such an opportunity.

When using a vibrator, a woman can feel touching and pain, with pressure and sometimes rising temperatures, so there's a whole cocktail of feeling. Sometimes stimulants are exposed only to skin and slim skin, although at times lower torso muscles and joints and internal organs are also affected. The physiotherapists use vibrators at all to relax the muscles, and for the oldest vibration type, it was their type of advertisement that built.

No one knows more about the vibrators than Rachel Maines, though she's done this by accident. In the book " Orgasm Technology " (1999), the researcher describes how it all began: she, a technician, collected materials on stitching and knitting, and was very disappointed by the complete lack of scientific literature on the subject. The most true reason she felt was simply that it was not written at all about the activities that were primarily carried out by women. Accordingly, it had decided to fill the gap and to write a very detailed report on the subject between 1880 and 1930. But when she collects material from countless women's magazines on matches and hooks, as well as on embroidery, she saw a lot of publicity announcements in them, so after she wrote the dissertation, she had a fat folder with slices - vibra advertisements.

As a result, this was the next subject of her research, which was also facilitated by the familiarity of Meins with the Baekken Library and the Museum of Electrical Equipment in Minneapolis. It was found that the museum had not only the most complete collection of electrical appliances that had ever been used in the household, but that museum had also been characterized by a laudable latitude and a lack of prejudice. In the 1980s, please, it was very rare.

The first article of Meines on vibrants in the magazine Technoloji and Sosayeti was first adopted without objection, but the editorial panel then delayed its publication because it suddenly felt that the article was satirical... Maines had to come to the annual meeting of the editorial board to convince them that it wasn't a prank she actually gathered original and curious material. The most cautious members of the seldom resisted publications without wishing to be perceived as a pioneering joke, but then they agreed to print it. Since the introduction of the article, a “bumerang effect” has emerged: Maines is proud that the attention that this article has drawn to the magazine has greatly increased the number of subscribers.

For us, the vibrator is a personal, intimate device, but it didn't start at all.

The first vibrants, which began to appear around 1880, were medical devices for use in the doctor ' s office, and they were very quick to gain popularity among health professionals.

"Why did they use them?" I missed Maines at first, but when she started studying special literature, she opened up a history of massage for medical purposes. The successful use of the vibrant should be seen in the light of centuries of medical practice, when doctors took responsibility for the treatment of certain women ' s diseases, in practice giving patients sexual pleasure.

It is clear that many of these patients needed such treatment on a regular basis, and many doctors, from time to time, complained about their articles and tractors for a large amount of time in the conduct of these uniform, exhaustive procedures, which were part of their professional activities. As a result, they were assigned to midwives, but in this case, unfortunately, we had no idea that they thought of this form of therapy themselves. The vibrator could have performed the required task much faster and more efficiently, and it was enough to buy it only once, so there was no need to pay midwives more for their work, and the doctor didn't have to suffer from shameful interference with the true nature of their activities...

The introduction of the vibrator in medical practice was not objected.

Although only twenty years earlier there had been rageous disputes about the invention of J. Marion Sims, a so-called extension or view mirror, which was considered dangerous because its use could lead to undesirable sexual stimulation. On the one hand, the doctors of the nineteenth century tried to heal the body with a wide variety of stimulants, they were treated with a powdered soul and an electric current, and naturally a dildo (fallomite).

At the end of 2000, Beth Bi, an American artist, presented at an exhibition entitled " Efficient bodies " , held in the London Gallery Hayward, an installation called " Isteria 2000 " , which consisted in part of the Sharko Belt to pressure on eggs, was a distinct leather crust with two small cushions that needed internal pressure.

Первые вибраторы
First vibrators

The massage ( manual, water or small hammers and ropes) has traditionally been part of the therapeutic armour; in this case, the news was a candid record on the lower torso. The invention of the vertical prince was also clearly intended for use in the same way, and the illustration of the procedure proposed by Flery in 1860 (in the figure in the previous chapter) also suggests a great deal. Some clinics were also equipped with vibration chairs with electric transmission, as well as devices that worked approximately the same way as today ' s vibration belts for deterioration.

Previants of modern vibrators were driven by a spirit spring, similar to the one that can be found in children's intake toys. Other sources of vibration were leg pedals (like those that triggered a power-driven carpet at dentists) as well as plumbing. These sources were mainly intended for use in the house; in large bathing establishments, the vapour energy was used.

The use of electromechanical transmissions as a source of energy in the use of vibration therapy began in 1878 in the famous Paris Psychiatric Hospital, Salpetrier, where Freud will be internship only a few years later.

A new physiotherapy method was tested on hysterics. His inventor, Joseph Mortimer Granville, wasn't happy, he thought it was hysteria if he wasn't pretending, then at least he was a ball. The power source for Grandville was a powerful battery, but not so much time has passed, and there is already electricity in urban areas.

As a result, vibrators were able to use domestic conditions, and at the end of the nineteenth century the demand for this medical facility increased significantly. From this time on, advertisements that advertised (more expensive) medical equipment have consistently emphasized that the machine is not only manufactured for medical purposes, but will also be an excellent addition to the receiving doctor through its form. At that time, there was no longer any doubt about the vibration of vibrators on a wide range of diseases; during a war in the Balkans, vibration devices were available in both British and French field hospitals.

In time of peace, the services began to be offered by new technicians.

But for vibrate manufacturers, the most interesting task force was certainly a wide audience.

The first announcement, which offers a vibrant " home, family " , with the name " Vibratail " , appeared in 1899. If an analysis of the announcements published at that time, the vibrant would be considered to be a device as important for family use as a sewing machine, a fan, an electric kettle and a toaster. Housewives have been waiting ten years for the first domestic models of the vacuum and the electric duck.

The first vibrator's advertisement lists diseases that were said to be capable of curing: neurligia, headaches and wrinkles... Health and beauty are mentioned together, while the possibility of using the instrument for other purposes is merely implied:

I give women my good weight of beauty and health.

A gentle, calming, energing and refreshing. Invented by a woman who knows exactly what women need. 'Cause all nature's heartbroken and vibrating with life.

The most perfect one is the one whose blood is pulsing into a tact with the natural law of substance.

Vibrator manufacturers did not explain the hidden sexual possibilities of their products, and that was not surprising. Indeed, as well as doctors who had treated them with sexual frustration (negative mental condition due to the impossibility of meeting some needs), women had never, for generations, mentioned the orgasmic nature of the massage they had made to their patients. The broad public couldn't help but guess what the key point is the vibrator; Roger Blake's book, "Sexy Toys," refers to a pornographic film "The Widow's Lady" that was filmed around 1920, where the lady refuses to even hug her boyfriend who took her to the house, and only if she's sensible in her stomach, she's in a hurry. Maines made this observation: from around 1930 until the sexual revolution of the 1960s, in magazines, the advertisement of vibrators and other similar massage devices has ceased, perhaps simply because everyone has become aware of the true nature of these devices. And since the 1960s, there has been no need to hide the true purpose of using vibrators (although the photos in the modern postal catalogue still portray a smiling woman who puts a vibrator to his... cheek).

The first vibrators were similar to a large handwritten mixer: a wire pen, a large part of the engine, and the side was a work head to which various accessories or boards could be connected.

Axial, long-lasting battery vibrator, which, since the beginning of the sexual revolution, has become dominated as the most frequently proposed product, in its design, suggests the possibility of penetration. This is a rather paradox, since as soon as it is deep inside the vagina, most women will be able to feel only a little vibration. If the vibrator is used to obtain an orgasm, then the vibrator ' s tip shall be located outside, and it shall be sent to the clitor. The principle of longitudinal vibrator is used in several different ways. By the end of the 1990s, it was possible to choose between small lateral vibrators (which are only for the clitoris), double vibrators (they allow for simultaneous penetration and vagina and anal openings) and rotary-head vibrators, thus making it much better felt inside the vagina. Most recently, a ring with small buddies was added under the surface, allowing a rolling movement at the entrance to the vagina. The vibrants produce a wide variety of forms, with a closed-circuit vibrant enabling the user to stimulate his " G " . Real knowledge doesn't change into petty things, so they don't use vibrators on batteries. The vibrator with power from the network is much more powerful, because of its impact, it's easier to control, it's noisy, and he doesn't have batteries at the right time...

The vibrators came into our lives and became one of the domestic appliances when sex therapy survived its prosperity.

In the 1970s, a large group of women, who have never experienced orgasm in their entire lives, accused the lack of knowledge. An American psychologist, Lonnie Barbah, advocated the establishment of an orgasm therapy group for women, and the group approach has become popular around the world. These groups were optimistic; the term " orgasmia " was replaced by " pre-argasmia " to emphasize the fact that there is nothing to suggest that one woman may experience her first orgasm later than another. The atmosphere in these groups has contributed not so much to the elimination of sexual illiteracy, but rather to therapeutic treatment: home assignments, and the training programme has been designed to strike a balance between psychological attention and learning of useful skills. In such groups, the vibrant had to be discussed, and it had often been possible that it had helped women obtain their first orgasm.

Subsequently, a psychologist from New York Betty Dodson became the true leader of an orgasm enrichment movement. It has also set up women ' s therapy groups to intensify erotic experience. General group sessions were said to be the best way to achieve this. In its groups, joint masturbation was the preferred way to overcome the sense of shame, with each participant using a separate vibrator (usually not a battery but a network version). Some critics of this approach objected to the exquisite element, but there was still a certain point of exemption, internal and external separation.

Betty Dodson made it clear that she did not welcome the use of vibrators on batteries - she was one of the very few who spoke directly and definitely about the vibrants. The progress of this consumer market sector has barely defined in-depth user preference studies, and critical observations to it only make it clear that industry is not too keen to modernize its range. In 1989, American sexologists Hartman and Fatyin made presentations at the Caracas World Congress of Sexualologists (Venezuela) on the difficulties they encountered in the study of vibrates. They contacted manufacturers only shortly before, because until 1970, " sex devices " were purchased exclusively by men (often for their sex partners, although not always at their request). And if the merchandise didn't meet their expectations, it was in the trash bucket. In terms of marketing, therefore, there was no requirement to produce high-quality products. Only when women themselves saw what they could offer, the quality of the goods was first demanded, and disgruntled women started asking for money to buy. Only after receiving complaints, the manufacturers applied for advice to sexologists.

There is a special task force, which has been ignored recently by even specialists, including people with a broken limb function, especially hand. They are physically able to experience sexual pleasure, including orgasm, but are unable to reach it without external assistance. The special circumstances of these people require special devices, and this inspired Dutchman Iop Stankamer for one of the few true new developments in the vibration area.

The Stancamer, who studied at the Faculty of Industrial Design at the Delpht Technical University, dedicated his diploma to the interests of the task force. He found that people with disabilities who require constant care are comfortable to masturbate when they take a bath or sit under the shower. Ideally, a nurse is needed here only to help prepare for masturbation, and during this process, a handicapped person may walk away on his own (for men it is particularly important to be able to take care of the consequences of their efforts themselves). Before the bath, a handicapped person needs to be helped to disintegrate, and when rehabilitating, it is necessary to explore how best self-reliance on personal hygiene is possible. There's a way to regulate the delivery of the pulse belt of water (from normal showers), but it's not effective, and therefore the Stancamer came up with a device in which the water builds vibration.

Many years ago, the Netherlands Council of Persons with Disabilities had already sought to establish a reliable masturbation support facility, even with a prototype of a " Koitron " device that Robert Trost had produced.

The device was not a vibration, but a direct electrical incentive for penis by electrodes (at the reservoir level) or by the extreme flesh of the clitoris. " Electricization " is an old method used in the rehabilitation of patients and in physiotherapy, and in recent years there has been an active market of electrical tone of bearding muscles to train muscles without effort. However, there was a need for a lot of research to determine the extent to which a person suffers not from pain but erotic stimulation of the genitals. Trost experiments confirmed that they were physically inclined, and some women thought they were close to orgasm. However, further research, which, since the publication of its article, Trost has sought funding, has remained only projects.

That's not how direct electric stimulus was applied. There was, indeed, one exception: men with spinal injury (parapy) and paralysis of all four limbs (quadriple). If the desire to be progeny prevents the failure to overthrow the seed, it is usually primarily an attempt to achieve reflexing through a powerful vibrator. If it doesn't help, drug addiction can stimulate the sliding of anus by electrocution. (Expressure is already detailed and widely used in veterinary.) The sperm thus obtained may be used for the artificial fertilization of the spouse.

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