Increase in sex membership by Campo

In the 1980s, a peripathetic, an impounded metaphysicist (or who else he is) Dr. C. Ralph Campo proposed his method of increasing penis to those who do not regret breaking up with their $25.

What I got for my "blooded" was an unwise set of ceroscopic materials, which was not only difficult to understand, but even more difficult to understand. Dr. Campo claims that he is one of the top ten psychotherapists in the United States and, in addition, "the bright, median, the healer of the psychiatrist, as well as an adviser to the executive directors and the movie star."

What is really Dr. Campo's name-- it's just a guess. "Ecchuk" is an automatic masturbator with a control device measuring the power of the pump, the length and speed of the impact. The author is the owner of a stunning new Equiewdeck II device, with six hands for male members of different sizes.

  • The method is:
  • Isometric compression.
  • Pressure of points of contact (acupressur).
  • Respiratory exercises to enhance mental energy.
  • Magnetization of water.

The self-consciousness sessions are in the alpha state for the creation of subconscious samples.

The first phase of this method is "compression of berry fruits" (in essence, it's about "Kegel's exercises), i.e., the rhythmic compression of the lonon copper muscle, the one you use to stop urinating. The second phase provides for the pressation of certain points on the neck, legs, feet, on the front, in the intersection and on the chest. Respiratory exercises should ensure the concentration of energy. Water magnetization is a useless trick. In his instructions, it is said that "probable results are very easy to achieve." It's easier to understand the reaction of nuclear disintegration than that.

Brochure's abnormal, unwise, full of orthographical errors, so the reader has to often brush his head in a misunderstanding. The photos of men with well-developed sexual organs appear to have been cut out of various journals, and there is no picture of the person who completed the course.

Exclusion: This course is an inexorable, incorrect benefit from those frequently published in the annex of male magazines. However, it cannot be said that this method does not have its merits. In fact, visualization, penis manipulation, isometric compression of the elephant muscle, all these techniques are perfect. However, so-called " kissers " with a highly questionable reputation often resort to strange, space-based notions, such as water magnetization. In these cases, I have difficulty understanding myself.

Dr. Campo in his research calls several of his addresses - National, San Diego, Los Angeles, Yuma, Balhead City. Maybe he's hiding from someone. If he had presented all his material in the logical sequence on the paper of the usual format, citing information from his practice and conclusive photographs of patients before and after the experiment, it would certainly be more trusted by readers.

The word “homosexualism” appeared for the first time in 1809. Until then, the word " disgust " had been used to describe the phenomenon, and those who had dealt with it were simply " returnees " .

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