Causes of premature ejaculation

Преждевременная эякуляция
Early ejaculation

Among the factors of premature ejaculation, the leading factor is the violation of psychological control over seedlings and the inadequacy of the tactile and deep sensitivity threshold of a sexual member.

This is a sufficiently broad view of the circumstances of the RE. More specifically, physiological, organic, psychological, behavioural, sociocultural and other factors can be attributed to premature ejaculation:

Availability of paracentric dole syndrome

This disease can be both congenital and acquired. According to G. S. Vasilchenko, crust disorders affect sexual organ and urine bubble violations. In addition to premature ejaculation, there are other irregularities: night nueroes, polylakiuria, anozocoria, asymmetrical increase and inversion of reflexogenic areas of achille reflexes. The evaporation of xxvpo is defined as the dominance of 3.8% of the surveyed.

Inflammatory processes in the seed bulb

In the process of sexual intercourse in the seed hill, where the inflammatory process has arisen, colliculitis are increasing, the uprisings, the annoying areas of the central nervous system responsible for the orgasm are increasing. With a pathological increase (hypertrophies) and inflammation, this impulse is increased, orgasm occurs earlier, usually with the loss of the quality of the orgasm itself.

Inflammatory dowry processes

Prostates and esicolites - inflammatory diseases of dowry sex - have a close connection to the seed hill. Therefore, when they are inflamed, the pathological reaction may involve the latter. However, the treatment of these diseases without exposure to the seed hill has no persistent effect.

Violation of sequencing in the spinal cord section

Sometimes, it is the result of primary damage to spinal sex centres, with an increase in the epaculation centre.

In spinal damages, in the damage to the lower thoracic and upper lumbar spinal cord (Goldmeier, Keane, Carter et al., 1997), in the fractures of the bones of the pelvis, insulation of the rear marshmallow and urine bubble fractures, and urine plugs.

However, with gross structural changes, there is usually an aberration or tardiaculation, premature ejaculation rarely occurs (Juneman, 1982; Aleshin, 1992).

Hotness of the head of a sexual member

Nervous ends in the head of a sexual penis are the main receptors in a nervous arc scrambling in the spinal cord. When the number of receptors is increased and their exposure is more susceptible, premature seedlings occur.

Short Leaving of Sex Member

The congenital anomaly of development, which is manifested by the absorption of the leather tension between the front (formerly surface) of the penis head and its extreme flesh, is called the Short Squad of the Sex Member.

Low threshold of elective reflexes as a consequence of the sex constitution

For this reason, ejaculation sometimes occurs under partial erection or unexpectedly without previous sexual initiation.

Impact of central vegetative structures

concentrated in the hypothalamus. But the specific weight of the PE due to the functional irregularities of the submarine nerve centres, according to Russian researchers, is insignificant in the total mass of sexual disturbances (Hait, 1993; Zuravel, 1990)

Smart nervous system injuries

In the case of the aneurysms of the aorta abdominal, atherosclerosis and arterial hypertension.

Chronic intoxication

Some poisons (alcohol, nicotin, narcotics and other substances) that alter the inclination of all nervous system departments.

Negative influence of various types of medication

(chemotherapy, hormonal and hypotensive therapy, antidepressants, etc.) on sexual activity and, in particular, on ejaculation.

Excessive sexuality

the high sexual activity of a man, which is manifested in the ability to produce frequent, non-extensive sexual acts at short intervals.

Lack of experience in seed control

When you have sex. Some sexologists believe that sexual intercourse in adolescence is caused by PEs in a hurry, nervous condition or fear of being caught outside.

Low frequency of sexual acts

which leads to increased sexual abuse (especially among young people).

Concern, anxiety, fear

during sexual intercourse involving external factors or interpersonal relationships.


Rapid ejaculation in masturbation or prior sexual experience.

Lessons learned

in situations that encourage short sexuality.

Targeted failure syndrome

(for the first time, such a failure makes it wait for it to happen next time).

Interpersonal problems of sexual partners

The most frequent and perceived interpersonal factors are: unsatisfactory family life, failures to resolve interpersonal conflicts, lack of partner confidence, fear of intimate and romantic relations, sexual-role conflicts.

Unconscious male demand

as his only way of escaping from an overwhelming, resembling wife. In this case, there is an insurmountable barrier in the coitus phase, from which it would be preferable to escape through an accelerated seedling. And without the intervention of a doctor capable of resolving the conflict, there will be no success.

Negative knowledge of sex

For example, situation as an exceptionally rapid process of transferring spermatodes to eggplant, from a man to a woman for the conception of a child.

Total depletion of the nervous system

As a result of unhealthy lifestyles, fatigues, fallout. In the category of nervous and disturbed men with heightened absorption, the sensitivity of nerve endings to external exposures is increasing. They function, as they sometimes say, on " higher traffic " . And breaks into the most sophisticated situations that balanced people don't cause any emotion.

There may be more, little, some researchers grouping them in different directions. For example, PE may be due to psychological, somatic, neurological reasons. But as long as candidate and doctoral dissertations are writing, I want to give practical assistance to those who need it.

What's a short sexual act?

Короткий половой акт
Short sexuality

Scientists, researchers, doctors, examining the phenomenon of sexual activity, found some variability and even the standardization of its manifestations. For example, all known figures from Alfred Kinsey ' s research, two to three sexual acts per week, have become the equivalent of " Normas " , which everyone speaks today. As in the past, writers, poets taught us to live rightly and beautifully, so now journalists have put this stereotypical sexual behaviour that has been distorted with no less pleasure by distorting the satirics of humor. Meanwhile, the famous work of American scholars involved only the average number of sexual acts committed by American citizens aged 20 to 30, who participated in a social study of the sexual behaviour of the forty-first century! About work

Uh. Masters and V. Johnson, followers A. Kinsey, 50-year-old men have sex once a week, prefer to silence.

But you can't all go under one ridge! Russia has not been subjected to such extensive research on sexual life at all. Representatives of other countries and peoples affirm their principles and lifestyles.

In ancient China, for example, a man aged 20 could have had sex once every four days, 30 years, once every eight days, 40 years, once every 10 days, 50 years, once every 20 days.

It is not possible to find a consensus on the definition of the normal length of the sexual act. Every couple has their time in each case. A relatively short time may be said when the sexual act continues, but with the majority of the situation, the duration is not sufficient to give women sexual satisfaction. Partner and partner time can be matched, but physiological and statistically for women is a little more time than for their partners. According to A. Fisher ' s data, the average length of the sexual act required to achieve the orgasm of women is 8 minutes. According to E. Schnabl, only 27 per cent of women reached orgasm during the duration of the act. And according to G. S. Vasilchenko, A. Kinzi, S. Martina, P. Gebharda, 3/4 of men who have forgiven ejaculation occurs in about 2-4 minutes.

So what?

The satisfaction of most women is virtually impossible?

Most of them (61 to 66 per cent of women) reached orgasm, with a much longer duration of the act, about 12 minutes.

No. In the case of 1 to 11 mines, about 50 per cent of women Orgasms were continuously tested, regardless of the length of the act of 1 to 2 mines or 8 to 11 mines. This is due to the fact that, in some cases, the short duration of the sexual act compensates a man for longer training, the so-called prelude. In others, a man lives with a woman rapidly reaching an orgasm, adjusts to her pace and does not seek to extend the sexual act. Thirdly, partners have consistently reached orgasms and are well suited.

All this suggests that the most important time to determine the duration of sexual acts is the time in which one partner can achieve orgasm and discharge. For example, when a woman knows what it is, she got an orgasm before, she can and wants to get it now and with that man. Or a man does not have sex for the first time and represents an estimated time for his sexual act, and suddenly he's rushed.

So something's wrong. And that kind of sexual act is short. The desire to propagate a sexual act is natural, so in most cases, soya is for pleasure. And it's normal for a man and a woman to be willing to extend it freely or involuntarily for a reasonable time. A short sexual act is therefore a sexual act that requires an extension due to the dissatisfaction of one of the partners.

Контроль времени
Time control

Previous reflections have led us to the idea that the essence of premature sequencing is primarily the lack of male control over the ejaculation reflex and the high sensitivity of the head of a sexual member. But there are two questions. Should we control the natural sexual satisfaction process?

Time for premature ejaculation

If it's worthwhile, what are the timelines for premature ejaculation? These issues are legitimate because the word " premature " (or " accelerated " ) presupposes a clarification of the time that the ejaculation (removal) will not be considered early.

There are men who are too quick to reach an orgasm with one partner, but they have no problem with others. In addition, some men are quickly ejaculated only by sex, but they can masturbate for hours. Others complain that they reach orgasm too fast, but then they find out that it's a half-hour sexual act.

In answering these questions, it seems important to adopt temporary guidelines, i.e. definitions of sexual acts such as short, normal, prolonged, prolonged. Permit: 1 min, 5 min, 10 min, 1 h

What is that?

Call the number and question clear!

Who doesn't get into the time interval, he loses!

Who's got it?

How easy would it be if the problem was solved only in that way...

There was, however, a period when most people thought so. Standardized time spent on sexual acts. Male cases by severity of disease. Only in the mid-century of the past century were these figures collected to explain physiological processes rather than to define regulatory standards of conduct.

The average time between introduction and discharge and the number of frictions spent on this process, many scientists counted differently. Therefore, the digital range of the rules of the various researchers was sufficiently broad.

Scientific and artistic literature describes cases in which family couples or sexual partners have had sex with each other for only a few seconds, and no complaints have been made, no one has ever had discomfort. Some Russian sexologists believe that premature ejaculation can be said when a man ' s sexual act lasts not more than 1 min.

This minute appeared in the seventieth years, when the lowest sexual activity of the men examined by G. S. Vasilchenko was 1 min 14 s. It's about 68 friction movements.

English researchers considered that men with premature seeds had ejaculation on average up to 1.8 minutes of sexual initiation♪ American researchers, William Masters and Version Johnson, considered premature ejaculation in cases where a man in half of the sexual acts was unable to give sexual satisfaction to the partner. But they themselves stressed that this criterion depends to a large extent on women ' s sexual reactivity, which may vary significantly. They note only 10 per cent of cases with an extreme situation in which a man ejaculates during sexual games, fails to introduce a sexual member into a vagina or attempts to do so.

The average duration of the friction phase of the copulative cycle of a man is 2 min 2 s, or 62 frictions - movement there and back (G. Vasilchenko, 1990). On the Internet, figures show the length of the average sex act of a man: 5-10 minutes, 10-15 minutes. There's a higher profile. And watching erotic or pornographic films create the impression of the infinity of the process. If frankly, the higher the number of PE fighters and manufacturers of erections, the more money they can get, increasing the number of potential buyers and patients.

The answer is simple. If the gender responsiveness of a man is generally normal and he wants to extend the sexual act, the time is limited to achieving the sexual satisfaction of the partner.

Satisfaction, not necessarily orgasm

It must also be borne in mind that men have a sense of orgasm, regardless of the sexual satisfaction of their partner, when they are not accustomed, but are gradually growing in sexual initiation.

In both the West and the East, the view was expressed that the main factors behind premature ejaculation were the main factors. control of seeds and the ability to reduce sexual initiation at various stages of the copulative cycle prior to the male orgasm.

At the same time, the dissatisfaction of one partner with the time of the sexual act requires certain measures to extend the sexual act.

That's a lot of measures. In different countries and different peoples, sociocultural recommendations for the extension of sexual acts and the harmonization of sexual relations have been developed over the years of sexual practice, and modern medicine, using the rich experience of sex therapy, offers solutions to the problem of accelerated seedlings. Almost every couple or family can provide psychological guidance on this subject.

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