Psychotherapy to treat premature ejaculation

Поведенческая терапия
Behaviour therapy for rapid seed treatment

Conditional reflex therapy, as is also referred to as this treatment, is based on oppression of pathological and adequate conditional reflexes. It eliminates learned forms of conduct through the principle that any inadequate syndrome can be removed by following the same path.

This method is used in cases where the rapid extinguishment was created by the fear of a man to be caught outside the first experience of a coitus or a practiced masturbation, or if an accelerated seeding was created due to a sharp interruption of communication due to the unobligated relationship to the sex or illness of the wife (permanent partner).

The destruction of unwanted Accelerated Eyaculation Syndrome and the establishment of a normal, tailored to the specific situation of a behavioural sexuality programme is the aim of behavioural therapy. Different methods of foreign and Russian authors are usually individualized, targeting a certain patient.

However, the positive effect of treatment has been observed in many professionals who have used such methods as reciprocity braking, systematic desensitization, learning (aversive therapy) etc.

Reciprocal braking

A further half a century ago, in 1950, J. Wolpe (G. Wolpe) stated that the state of alarm was a behavioural stereotypical stereotype determined by a strong response to situations of concern. Where premature ejaculation The response to the anxieogenic stimulus and fear of the inevitable early sequestration, the link between the axiogenic stimulus and the reflector disturbance can be weakened if there is a disturbance factor at the same time, like xcviii, e.g. muscle relaxation, e.g. relaxation of berry, spin muscles, etc.

This anti-conditioning principle, as J called it. Volpe was the basis for his proposed method of systematic desensitization (reduction of sensitivity).

In the course of the therapy, a man has been introduced into a number of individual-type anxiogenic situations that have been ranked by their alarm.

Simultaneously, with tranquilizers, hypnosis or autogenic training, a muscle relaxation that reduces an alarming reaction is caused. A man moves to more complex situations as there is no usual alarm in the previous ones. As a result of this treatment, he has acquired skilled self-control over premature ejaculation in real life with his mouse relaxation technique.

Systematic desensitization

It's one of the first methods of acting psychotherapy.

As in the previous case, it can be used in the treatment of premature ejaculation only of a neurotic nature, in large part of the concern and the need to reduce it. This form of behavioural psychotherapy reduces emotional sensitivity to premature ejaculation.

The psychiatrists know that acts committed in imagination can be similar to those committed by a person in reality. Relax imagination is not an exception to this rule.

Fear, anxiety about premature ejaculation can be depressed if time-bound incentives and incentives, antagonistic fear.

There will be anti-conditioning, a non-threatening stimulus will extinguish the old reflex.

The logic behind this method is that a person has one of the effective incentives to counter fear is relacing. Therefore, if you teach a man a deep relativation and, in this state of mind, encourage him to imagin the incentives that give rise to an increasing degree of anxiety, there will be disensitization of the patient and real incentives or situations of fear.

The methodology itself is relatively simple: a man in a state of deep relativation has an idea of a sexual act with an accelerated seedling that causes fear.

Then, by deepening the relativation, he is relieved of the alarm. The imagination suggests different situations from the lungs - to the hardest, most frightening. The procedure ends when the strongest stimulus stops the patient's fear. In the most systematic desensitization procedure, three phases are identified: the introduction of a mouse relaxing technique; the development of a hierarchy of situations of fear; the dexencibilization of itself (consumption of perceptions of situations of fear with relativity).

Mouse relaxing training on the methodology of the progressive muscle relativation C. Jacobson takes place at an accelerated pace and takes place approximately 8 to 9 sessions

It is desirable that the hierarchy of situations of fear and their ranking in the degree of fear be carried out with therapist. The mandatory condition for this list is that a patient has real fear in such a situation, that is, it should not be imaginable.


Лечение страха ускоренного семяизвержения
Treatment of fast-track seed

There is a discussion of the method of feedback, which is to inform a man of therapist that he or she has no fear at the time of submission of the future end of the sexual act. For example, the absence of anxiety, he reports the raising of the point finger on his right hand, the presence of her, the raising of his finger on his left hand.

The man is imagining the situation 5-7 s, then by strengthening the relaxing removes the alarm.

And this period lasts about 20 seconds. The situation is repeated several times, and if a man does not have anxiety, he will move to the next, more difficult situation, for example, the containment of the epaculation on the pelo phase. In the event of an express concern which does not deteriorate when the situation is repeated, the situation will be returned to the previous situation.

These sessions may be between 4 and 5 and 12 or more. This method is less effective when anxiety is caused by a somatic disease or is accompanied by a disorderly sexual life. In this case, the systematic desensitization method will only be effective when combined with personal-oriented psychotherapy, aimed, inter alia, at understanding the patient ' s motives for their behaviour and at treating the primary disease. This methodology is effective only with good contact between therapist and the sick. They are the ones who draw up and rank a list of fear-prone situations, which include erection, steep sequestration, partner suspension, comrades ' obstruction, impossibility of having a full sexual act, difficulty with the child ' s conception, etc.

This method has the greatest effect when a man and a doctor have sufficiently defined the situation (partner ' s identity, the time of the soythium, the condition of the man at that moment, the degree of physical or mental stress or something) in which fear (or shame) has been observed for premature ejaculation.

Education (versive therapy)

Aversive therapy can be used to treat premature ejaculation. This methodology is based on a combination of attractive and desirable with painful, unpleasant, distorting incentives. A methodology based on the principle of prevention of the effects of the aversive stimulus can be developed with appropriate technical invention to treat premature ejaculation.

Most authors recognize the possibility and necessity of applying it, but some criticize the methodology for ethical reasons. The aversive stimulus should be applied immediately after the response to be removed. In our case, the point is that a man must be given a negative signal at the stage of the platoon for a certain time before he or she is seeded, which prevents the inducement or distracts him from direct coitus. Thus, it may be possible to learn from sexual dysfunctions by retaliation.

For example, Put the men on the head with the headphones and the penis on the penis voltage measurement device. - Pletism.

At a time of critical tension, when the induction becomes critical, a man in the headphone receives a signal that distracts him from the continuation of the frictional movements (threatening sound, strict therapy team, etc.). As a result, there could be a shift in the ejaculation or time-delaying. It depends on the individual characteristics of the man, the reaction of the therapist, the accuracy of the timing of the signal.

Specialists believe that, in the first phase, there is a need for a permanent remediation scheme, gradually shifting to the unregulated use of an aversive incentive (see The treatment must continue for some time after the symptom disappeared.

Adaptive behaviour is an adequate indicator for ending treatment. The use of this methodology involves the consent of the man himself, his partner and the time-bound premature ejaculation. The use in this methodology of electrical discharges, repugnant sexual expressions, unpleasant actions by partners that cause negative incentives is not welcome, that is, all of this may lead to an erection not only after being recorded at a controlled time but also for other situations. Don't treat this man! This methodology may therefore not be widely applied in therapy.

As an example of how other diseases are used (versive therapy)a case of sickness described on the Internet.

There's a woman suffering from an hysterical paralysis of her legs and losing her leg sensitivity.

The electrodes were placed on her legs and two fingers of her hands: on her fingers, electrodes, through which the patient could receive a painful electrical discharge, and on his feet electrodes, by means of which a weak electrolymulation was carried out, captured with a safety sensitivity and not painful. The patient's instructions are that if you have any feelings on your legs, press the switch, or 5 seconds later, a strong, painful electrical discharge into your fingers.

The patient had to face the challenge of distinguishing a weak incentive by not necessarily reducing the threshold of swamp sensitivity. During the first procedure, the patient had no escape reactions and received several painful electric shocks. During the second procedure, the expressed vegetative reactions and even vomits appeared after the first electrical discharge. During the third procedure, the patient pressed the switch ' s button twice in a row, warning the delivery of a painful electrical discharge in time, and noted that she had a sensitivity in her legs. At the same time, she had random leg movements, and the patient was able to go to the room on her own. There was no further recidivism of symptoms, and it was released in a few days.

Pathogenetic therapy

Pathogenetic therapy is a form of work to provide sex therapy to sex therapists (this is referred to as sex therapy in the United States). She is. based on patient and doctor interviewswhere psychogenic causes of disorder are detected, there are more or less clear links and motives, including those that have remained unaware. In doing so, a man ' s curriculum vitae is analysed with particular attention to the following:

  • - His relationship with partners and people around him during different periods of life;
  • - causes and conflicts that could lead to premature ejaculation;
  • - Survival of the circumstances of the seed;
  • - Life situations that preceded premature ejaculation and could affect sexual disorders.

The specialist ' s analysis is focused on both the current situation and the past.

Patogenetical psychotherapy is based on the understanding of the sexterapist of the individual and her relationship to her problems.

The main principle of such therapy is the correlation of the behaviour of the man (the partner) and the change in his/her attitudes and/or behaviour. Psychological work is not limited to pure information and guidance from therapist. He seeks a situation in which a man (and his partner, if necessary) comes to the truth through his own efforts, i.e. understands the reasons for the accelerated seedling, identifies the prolongation mechanism, understands the importance of monitoring, learns how to slow the response, based on his own findings based on the resolution of conflicts and reliances, and consequently learns to control the ejaculator process.

The main objective of pathogenic therapy is to clarify the life relationships that have played a pathogenic role, deprive the man and his partner of the ability to adequately address the situation and cause uncontrolled traffic. For the success of the work, the relationship between the doctor and the patient is essential, where the authority of the doctor, his social orientation, the breadth of the horticulture, knowledge of life, tact, the ability to listen to the patient, the compassionate attitude towards him, does not exclude, where necessary, the socially acceptable trends of the patient.

Explaining the experiences of sexual life, sexual scenarios, sexual relationships, specific intrusions with different outcomes of a man takes place in a skilled mental conversation. The doctor clarifies the details of what is a man ' s internal world and compares these data to the real conditions of his life in the present and past. The patient ' s attention is drawn not only to his PE and the consequences of such a situation, but also to the external circumstances with which they have come into conflict. It must itself catch the relationship between the history of his sex life, the interpersonal relationship that entails an inadequate response by the partner (or several partners) to the situation and the opportunity to resolve the problem.

Explaining them is a turning point in therapy, but it is not achieved immediately.

With a successful move in this direction, the patient becomes less tense, more frank, and is gradually beginning to critically rethink his old life positions, otherwise to assess his situation.

The final process of psychotherapy is a decisive moment, not just a change in his attitude to PE, which is not always possible in itself. The treatment begins when his life is changed and his sexual dysfunction is installed. Psychotherapy conducts its work on the basis of a man ' s consciousness (the ability to report on the events not only of the present but also of the past and future), sociology (the ability to subordinate their own interests to the needs of the partner), autonomy (the ability to control themselves in the coitus).

Psychotherapy interviews have different approaches, tools and techniques that facilitate medical contact with patients.

There is also a doctor ' s assistance in normalizing family-marriage and partnership relations and family-related situations. Medical treatment or surgical intervention may be possible as a result of prolonged treatment and lack of desired result. But these methods and methods will be considered below.

Autogenic training in early recovery

Аутогенная тренировка  для лечения преждевременной эякуляции
Autogenic training to treat premature ejaculation

The studies of the end of the past century have shown that the majority of men in young age have learned to suppress their erection in inadequate situations. Eyagulation control may also be developed in self-study or under the leadership of specialists. Self-regulation over erection and ejaculation affects the degree of sexual penetration and thus ensures the length of the sexual act.

Autogenic training is a method Braking and used by both a man of concern for premature ejaculation and a specialist. In the latter case, it is applied in combination with psychotherapeutic effects such as individual interviews and functional training.

Autogenic training usually lasts about five weeks. First, the general course, and then the special. Each special course session consists of autogenic immersion, self-regulation before a modelled soyium (self-consumption, self-approval), representative-synthesized training, modeling a successful sexual act, re-psychophysics reclamation, mental and physical activation.

In self-sustaining and outpatient training, 1 to 2 times per week, 20 to 30 mines, different " cash " formulas are used for each man, which reinforce the material used.

For example, the formulas for self-incrimination that C. S. Libich (B. Zdravoslov, I. Anishimov, S. Libikh, 1985) recommended in an autogenic training (AT) to correct the premature ejaculation of men:

"I am completely calm... Old failures don't bother me... The rise is slow and gradual... I'm distracted... It's still far away.

In the event of a weak erection due to a short sexual act, the formulas are somewhat different:

"I'm totally calm, there's no sexual insurance... The warmth, the pleasant is scattered all over the body... the muscles of the intersection are tightened... the penis rises, becomes heavy and warm... the blood is pulsing strong and often... " .

Autogenic training to treat premature ejaculation

" To take a position for outdated training. Hands on the hips, shoulders down, you're in the middle of a class.

I'm totally calm...

Nothing bothers me...

My hands are very relaxed...

My body is very relaxed...

My hands are very warm...

My feet are very warm...

My hands and feet are warm...

With every training, I get calmer, I'm more confident...

My will will will rise, my faith in its strength, and the mood and self-reliance improve...

I'm sure we're going to succeed...

A desire for a woman...

Her imagination makes her want, it's nice to care about me...

Her naked body, her shapes and loops bring pleasure and pleasure...

My solar gossip is warm...

It's warming up all over the stomach...

The heat grows up with waves...

The warmth extends to the frontal lobe, the intersection...

The heat builds, fills up and pushes the cock...

The membership is growing, it's becoming firm and warm...

Blood's running straight and often...

The closer the relationship, the more sure I am...

Her desire for me brings joy and comforts me...

I'm strong and desirable for her...

I'm the source of her admiration and pleasure...

The sexual act is going well...

The rise is slow and gradual...

I can own myself, I can regulate the level of sexual initiation...

Her body's warmth, her movements and her legs are enjoying, calming down...

I'm distracted...

It's a long way.

The act will be long and successful...

We're both happy...

The action was fine.

I'm totally calm...

Lectures are getting deeper and deeper...

Breathe straight, calm...

The heart works smoothly, calmly...

The muscles are smashing...

Relaxing face, relaxing limbs...

Nice warmth in the legs and the bottom of the stomach...

The stomach is warm and relaxed...

With every training, I get calmer and more confident...

It's growing beard...

My forehead is cold...

I'm filled with deep rest...

It's calming me down...

I'm totally calm...

Now take a deep breath, raise your hands and breathe, put your hands down.

You're confident and calm. The session is over! "

Having these formulas, either on their own or under the supervision of a doctor, men learn not only to suppress unpleasant feelings and their negative emotions, but also to make them feel comfortable.

The treatment has shown the consistent emergence of sedative (through 5-7 sessions), sedative-activating (at the end of the first month of the AT Basic Course), systemic-to-influencing (at the end of the basic treatment) effects. The sedative effect was expressed in the rejuvenation of nervousness, sleep improvement, reduction of hypochondria and agripnetic disorders, and the emergence of faith in recovery. The sedative effect was an increased physical and mental activity, often accompanied by light euphoria. The systemic effect has been the improvement of sexual parameters: in addition to the increase in the length of the sexual act, libido has been increased, erections have improved, the optimum rhythm of sexual intercourse has been established, the patients have acquired the ability to actively overcome the disturbance, uncertainty, fear.

Autogenic training in its practice argues that the improvement of sexual functions is the result of both the reproduction of leading psychopathological symptoms of neurosis, decompensated psychopathies and other border-crossing backgrounds and the final stages of the ability to selectively influence libido, erection, sexual intercourse. The AT ' s effectiveness in treatment has reached 46 per cent, and the improvement has varied among 32 per cent of patients. Regrettably, the figures on the impact of the treatment of patients with accelerated seeds had not been found.

Psychotrating to reduce the fear of an early seed

Psychotrating is a common form of psychological correction of personal behaviour. They are carried out in a group or in person and are generally concerned with a particular problem. Since we are exploring ways of extending the sexual act, such an event will be considered from the position of a specialist who is dealing with premature ejaculation personally with a patient.

The structure of such training may be as follows:

1. The notion of premature ejaculation and sexual harmony in sexual relations (uses 1 to 3)


- Introduction of the concepts of " premature ejaculation " , " erection " , " sexual harmony " , " comfort " , " couple " , " short sexual act " ;

- Discussing the manifestations of psycho-sexual activity in modern society and the temporal characteristics of the sexual act (depending on the social, national and religious affiliation of a man, the types and types of sexual activity, the characteristics of the sexual act and the possible ways of correcting it) should be considered.

2. Love, sympathy, sympatheticness, comfort, tolerance towards itself and partner (concepts 4 to 6).


  • - The development of their own hedonistic feelings and pleasure abilities, both individually and in a pair;
  • Awareness of the diversity of the sexual activity of the individual and the entire group (if several people participate in training);
  • - Developing self-analysis, self-awareness, other sexual behaviour and the skills of internal positive dialogue on its own and its sexual activity;
  • - A positive attitude towards a sexual partner (partner) and his sexual desires;
  • Enhancing self-assessment by obtaining positive support from the group.

3. Acceptance of acceptable sexual activity among partners, which is an extended time for their sexual acts (uses 7 to 10).


  • - Training in constructive ways to overcome conflict situations, express their feelings and experiences without conflict and frustration;
  • - The development of sexual fantasy, imagination, trust, listening to another person, ability to epiphany, compassion, empathy;
  • Development of communication skills and forms of sexual activity in the art of love;
  • - Training for adequate conduct in inter-sex relations, how to surrogate orgasm and how to obtain it in harmonious sexual behaviour (trust, locus, words, actions).

After such training, each of his participants can resolve their problem. If you want to be involved in new training. A man will at least increase his sexual awareness, gain new experience, expand his communication, and assess his sexuality and partner behaviour. Changes the view on how to achieve the orgasm and the time needed for its receipt.


Hypnotherapy is among the treatment of premature ejaculation. The evidence is that men and women have enough sexual disorders in their male and female fields as a result of neurosis, neurotic conditions and other depressive disorders, or, on the contrary, the existing sexual disorders do not reroute the sick.

Hypnos is a special psychological state that arises under the influence of a different person ' s mental exposure, a state such as a natural dream, when the censorship of consciousness is completely or partially functional. Hypnosis is usually due to special manipulation or effects of a hypnotist, and may also be achieved in a deliberate self-incrimination.

Hypnotization techniques are many. They are influenced by visual, hearing and skin analyzers. When using the sighting method, for example, hypnotized persons are invited to focus their views on a specific detail or point (hand finger, metal ball, etc.). The natural exhaustion of the eyes and the desire to close them contribute to sleep. In the patient's fascination method, a hypnotist is asked to look in the eye, not a flash, but a hypnotist is looking at the patient's vector. Some professionals use the absorption of monotonous sounds: drip water, metronomy, seabed, etc. In the pasta method (used, for example, Mesmer), the hypnotist conducts several times a pallet with wide-ranging fingers along the face and torso of the hypnotized, without touching it, from the head to the legs. In this way, it is alleged that it has an impact on the sick " magnetic fluids " .

It does not matter what method is used, but it is accompanied by inspired verbal language that describes the feelings of the fallen man: " Spread the muscles. Stay perfectly calm. Try not to think of anything. Listen carefully to what I'll tell you. You have a desire to sleep. Your eyes are heavy and slowly down. There's a feeling of warmth all over the body. The muscles of the hand, the legs, the body are increasingly relaxing. The muscles of the face, the muscles of the neck, the head goes deeper into the pillow. You want to sleep. Now I'm gonna start counting, and as I'm going to do this, getting close to ten, the desire to sleep will grow more and more, more and more. When I call the number 10, you'll be asleep.

Hypnosis may be one of the most effective ways of treating premature ejaculation. It is based on the compulsion of a man who is in a state of hypnotic sleep, certain information or algorithm of action. For example: " I can love this woman very much and for so long " , " I can control my seedlings " , " My sexual act lasts long " , etc. But the hypnotists who can solve this sexual dysfunction have not met the author in our country.

Group therapy

In the treatment of premature ejaculation, some professionals use group therapy. More questions about its application than replies♪ Today, there must be no psychiatrists in our country who can do this. But who knows, maybe in time there will be those who will be successful in using this method.

The intimacy is usually hidden from the outside eye, and the sex patients are usually depreciated by their condition and consider themselves alone in their suffering. However, the use of group psychotherapy in interpersonal relationships in a partnership (including a couple) to correct them should not be hindered.

The major instrument of exposure to group therapy is therapeutic group. In group psychotherapy, every patient is able to model his real life situation, reveal the values and behavioural stereotyping that characterizes him, reveals and displays emotional distress. There is an opportunity for the group to look at itself on the side. As a result, communication skills are acquired and more appropriate forms of emotional response and behaviour are developed.

Of course, such actions do not lead directly to the prolongation of sexual acts, but a man is able to compare his time to another.

Make sure it's not as bad as he thinks. The group psychotherapy process covers not only the individual patient ' s issue, but also breaks it into group relationships. The specificity of group psychotherapy is the deliberate and informed use of the full range of relationships and interactions between the group (including therapeutic), i.e., group dynamics for curative purposes (G. Kacharyan, A. Kacharyan, 1994)

For example, O. Mellan (1968) describes the use of group psychotherapy in men with psycho-sexual disorders: " At the beginning, the history of a group member ' s illness is reported anonymously so that the patient may remain unaware if he or she does not voluntarily wish to confess that it is him. The group tends to have men with different types of sexual disorders, which vary from one case to another. A panel discussion and discussion, led by a doctor and a psychologist, are under way. Participants in the group often feel themselves, in a certain sense, as knowledgeers who can detect some pathogenic links, such as the family environment. This enables patients whose history is being discussed to understand the adverse effects of the dominant mother, the misconceptions of sexuality, the surrounding family environment. ”

Collective psychotherapy may be carried out in small groups (three to five persons), where congenital and unfavourable patients are present. A wide range of psychotherapeutic work can be created to avoid scare of the sick and not record their attention to sexual problems. For example, a well-known Russian sexologist, S. Libih (1979), recommended the establishment of groups of 10 to 15 persons and did not recommend full uniformity in diagnoses and syndromes. This, according to his observations, sometimes reinforces the intra-group interaction of patients and their activity.

He recommended 10 to 15 group interviews of about one hour to two times a week, and in order to bring the patients closer together and give them interest in group interviews.

Using techniques:

  • 1. Finding a common, typical group. Based on the discovery of similar, typical complaints, patients are gradually becoming aware, with the help of a doctor, of the generality of their condition, which eliminates the notion of exclusivity and leads to the thought that they are not alone in their suffering.
  • 2. Sick care for active disease control. Patients are told that they were grouped together to learn how to deliberately and actively combat painful manifestations.
  • 3. Anonymous discussion. The doctor tells the patients about the general patterns of " inert " diseases and deals with the history of one of the patients who have been released.
  • 4. Psychotherapy mirror. This is a development of the previous one: the doctor ' s report on the diseases reflects the history of the sickness of the patients present, thus allowing patients to hear the views of the doctor and other patients, while remaining " undiscovered " by the group.
  • 5. A treatment prospect. The group is formed to include patients at various stages of treatment and with varying expressions of these diseases (emergency and conservative, light and severe diseases).

Such a selection principle creates a " revolution to health " and creates a treatment perspective. For the same purpose, group psychotherapeutic conversations are attended by previously treated patients. Is it difficult for a patient who considers premature seeding to be the sole cause of his family difficulties? He thinks that if it wasn't a disorder, his life would be extremely happy and without any problems. But in a group therapy process, his lack of confidence in a man ' s role or fear of being rejected by a woman, or a subordinate position in relation to a partner, or all together.

One such patient and the group where the classes were conducted only contacted with aggressive, dominated women and was in their hands an involuntary tool. This has exacerbated the man ' s insecurities, and has led to various unpleasant feelings for these women. Awareness of the mechanism of such behaviour and its origins reaching the age of childhood has led to measures aimed at changing the situation and thus to break the vicious neurotic circle.

Numerous factors play an important role in group psychotherapy, ranging from team selection to the identity of therapists themselves. And the purpose of her in our case is not so much an accelerated seed treatment as a correlation of interpersonal relationships that causes or results from this disorder.


Psychoanalysis explains the origin of sexual disorders and premature seeding, including.

Often, psychoanalysts are found in childhood and in the first experience of masturbation, family relations with parents and first sexual contacts, subconscious fears and conflicts, fears of women, feelings of male inferiority.

Specialists appreciate the effectiveness of the use of psychoanalysis in the treatment of the problems of erection and ejaculation, but the examples described in the literature of the use of psychoanalysis in the treatment of accelerated ejaculation were not found by the author. However, the use of psychoanalysis in cases of erection violations is sufficient to apply this method in practice. As there is an indirect influence on premature seeding by increasing self-esteem and self-confidence, adopting partner with all its characteristics and setting up an extension of the time of sexual intercourse with it.

Psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic (psychoanalytical) psychotherapy today are two forms of treatment based on the Z. Fraud theory. Their main aim is to help a man understand the causes of internal conflicts, which may have led to premature escalation. He attends psychoanalysis 1-2 or 3-5 times a week from several months to several years. The man lies on the couch (no psychoanalyst sitting behind him) and tries to tell him everything that comes to his head to see his thoughts to their early roots. However, the dreams and the sense of transport that arise in the process of psychotherapy are not lost.

Psychoanalyst supports a man, calms down, raises self-esteem, advises and helps overcome the sexual problem. By emphasizing self-awareness and the ability to constantly deepen the understanding of his inner mental life, therapist encourages him to seek his master-- Eyaku braking

Music therapy

It's known that music stimulates sexual insurrection. It's rare, but this method will help someone in a specific situation to extend the time of sexual activity. Though it might have to be your own pleasure. The use of music for curative purposes has long been known, although it does not directly affect sexuality, but rather the general emotion (I.Kon, 1990). It is sometimes seen as a basic method (Swedish school), sometimes music is auxiliary. K. The Imelinian sees musical therapy as a method of synchronizing the sexual behaviour of partners, where music, rhythm, sound force has a strong impact on the emotional state of the human person and the activities of his body.

According to the experts, sound music creates a good mood, can slow the pulse, reduce the arterial pressure and expand blood vessels. The spreading melody increases pulses, causes negative associations, reduces breathing, changes muscle tone and motor activity. Her calm rhythm calms down, so fast, it's exciting. I wonder if the erotic perception of music depends on the level of the culture of personal education. A. Kinsey also noticed that For men and women with higher education, classical music is strongerand less educated are popular. Emotionally retarded people with hypertrophed self-control are afraid to take over the power of an express music that awakens in their soul unusable and unacceptable feelings, that is, fears of their own sexuality.

There are those who consider music to be a tool for dissolving and emotional recovery. Some people include a musical escort that cuts rhythm or distracts a partner during a sexual act.

In Russia, C. A. Gurevich used musical therapy to treat sexual disorders in the context of psychoneurological dispenser.

They have three main types of programmes: diagnostic, curative, psychology. The first type of programmes are designed to carry out differentiational diagnostics between psychosis and border neuropsychotic disorders causing sexual abuse. Second type of programmes (healthy) aim to harmonize the general mental and social condition of the patient and to encourage intercourse in the couple, cxv for correspondence socio-psychological and sexual training of the couple. The background and special music programmes are used in the domestic context in the process of sexual proximity.

If the background programmes are used to prevent sexual disturbances and to treat memorable sexual abuse by creating a sexual intimacy (this is a couple-like melody with pleasant associations and memories), special sex therapy programmes are used to control the emotional condition of the couple and to correct the disturbed psychophysical sexual phenomena. (Gurevic, 1986). The author recommends that the musical material be selected taking into account the individual characteristics of his perception by the couple. Since rhythm has direct biological effects on human organisms, in premature semension, the rhythmic picture must be sustainable, that is, it promotes sexual proximity.

And with a weak erection, on the contrary, it is recommended to increase the rhythmic drawing.

If 2 to 4 melodysics are used in preparation for proximity, with a total length of 10 to 20 minutes, the sytium itself uses estrogenistic and jazz composions with a length of each 1 to 3-minute cable at all stages prior to the outbreak.

Music during orgasm is limited to elementary rhythms, sharply focused.

In some cases, 1-2 mines may be silent, i.e., with full concentration on sexual proximity, music is not consciously understood. In the last stage, relaxing melodies.

Men suffering from premature seedlings are " disrupting " subjective sense of time, and music rhythm can help to regenerate it by removing the ejaculation (C. Imelin, 1982). Through the treatment of music, the senses of time and rhythm are subconscious, and then the most harmonious in the couple.

The benefits of this technique include: accessibility, harmlessness, ease of use and simplicity, the possibility of self-control and, according to K. Imelin ' s assessment, the low likelihood of joining premature hypothermia.

Remember the beginning of this paragraph, music stimulates sexual initiation!

Surrogate partner

Суррогатная партнерша
Specially trained woman in therapy for payment

This approach raises many ethical doubts. But because of its high efficiency, inter-sex relationships, which have led to premature ejaculation, are being used and applied fairly widely.

The essence of the method is that " a surrogate partner " is used for treatment.

A specially educated woman who engages in therapy for a fee contributes to the sexual activity of a single man to increase his chances of success. This woman ' s actions are aimed only at resolving the problem of premature sequencing, and delicate, tactical, skilled manipulation, it achieves the goal sometimes better than a permanent partner or wife.

The use of such surrogate partners has taken place since U. Masters and V. Johnson, who recommended that the practice of sex therapy be conducted on their own, not in the presence of a doctor, but that the patient should be informed periodically of the successes of the patient and that his instructions be strictly followed (W. Masters, V. Johnson, 1970).

In our country, this kind of treatment is provided by the patient himself, but without supervision by the doctor.

Which reduces the effectiveness of the therapy. However, with a surrogate partner, a man has no dependence on sympathy or antipathy. There's no need to look or appear in her eyes by a superman. A man with such a partner is not bound by any obligation other than financial. But importantly, there's a woman here interested in increasing the time of the curative session much more than the man himself: she's paid for work.

Therefore, the use of massage salons that position themselves as erotic, Thai, sharmotherapy offices or other institutions with trained personnel in the correlation of premature ejaculation may have a positive effect.

According to specialists, as a form of correction of a person ' s mental health condition, this method may not only be recommended by sexologists in the treatment of premature ejaculation and therapy of somatic and neurotic diseases, but also used in the practice of psychotherapists, psychoanalysts and psychologists to prevent, rehabilitate and rest their clients.

In fact, this is a pervasive form of prostitution.

But much more important is helping those men who can't find a partner for sex therapy. The main application of this method is the professionalism of surrogate partners who will effectively assist in the treatment of premature ejaculation of their possession of sex therapy and the existence of a number of medical sex workers.


In the treatment of patients with premature ejaculation, most of the specialists are not limited to the use of one or only treatment. The process of monitoring or limiting the sensitivity of a sexual member ' s head as well as psychological assistance in interpersonal interaction is not limited to one prescription. Many sexologists therefore know that comprehensive treatment of sensitive issues is the most effective.

One of the interesting and logical approaches to treating premature ejaculation was offered by counsellor Jack Annon. It uses a four-stage method. In the first letters of the names of these phases, his approach was named ROICIT. It is implemented in four stages, from the simplest to the more complex: R, clarification, DI, limited information, COP, specific advice and IT, intensive therapy.

This method is based on the belief that, in elementary cases, PEs are sufficiently compassionate and simple psychological explanations to address it. In more serious cases, specific psychotherapeutic actions would be required, for example, training in braking techniques or exercises to focus perceptions without mentioning important psycho-emotional moments. In serious cases where the patient is surrounded by complex psychological and medical problems, intensive care is used, which includes a number of methods and approaches.

If the psychotherapeutic recommendations did not produce the desired result, it was time to seek other assistance from doctors who could successfully address the men ' s problem, which was even more complex.

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