Oral sex

STIs tend to be treated as dirty, but hygiene ensures that they are clean. Moreover, it can be noted that many people have a much greater mouthful than their healthy sexes. And in this respect, the oral loops of genitalia are no less hygienic than the usual kiss.

The natural distribution of healthy sexual organs is relatively clean, and the smells are highly dependent on the nature of food consumed. Hygiene must therefore be closely linked to disease prevention and proper nutrition.

Rotary hygienic

Гигиена ротовой полости
Rotary hygienic
Since genitals are covered by soft slimy casings and are distinct gates in the body (women ' s vagina and urea and men ' s urea), contact with these vulnerable sites for different infections should be very servile and neat in order not to traumatize them and not make any pathogenic fluid. Therefore, both the woman and the man who are going to hang out with their mouths with the partner ' s genitals must be assured that they have no herpes, communicable diseases of the slim mouth and throat, that their teeth are healthy, because the rotten teeth and bacterial raids can cause women ' s inflammation and men ' s death. Herpes, transferred to genitalia, is almost incapable of being treated with the most painful suffering. The sharp edges of the sick teeth can hurt the slimy genitals, especially when the blow comes.

In the annulment of the language and lips of the rear-end area of the partner, the same precautions must be observed as in anal sex, i.e., never after the annulment, not to return to the language and lips to the vagina or penise, since even though the decontaminational properties of the saliva, it can still not cope with its anti-septical task,

In order to be fearless to take oral loops towards his partner/partner, it is necessary to maintain his mouth in a hygienic manner, to systematically visit a doctor, without the development of caries, coke and other slime-piece, as well as herpes on the lips, which many people find to be harmless. It's not too much to brush your teeth before oral contact, and then scrub your mouth so that the residues of the tooth paste do not fall on slimy genitals, as it may cause unpleasant feelings of inferiority.

Sexual health

The myth of not being infected through oral loops is, unfortunately, dispersed by specialists, which is why the world is now increasingly inclined to oral loopholes, either without ejaculation in its mouth or using a condom (minute) or a latex napkin (in kunnilingus).

People usually don't like the smell of unwashed genitals, either strangers or theirs. Even with a sexual act, when the genitals are sufficiently removed from the nose that captures the smell, a bad smell can cause obscenity, especially by staying on the body or hands. Well, then, to speak of the sea latches when the nose is almost directly close to the source of the smell! However, we must not ignore the fact that the odour of genitalia can have the greatest sexual impact, since genitalia is the main source of so-called pheromones, odours that signal the sexual attractiveness of the partner and most often perceived unconscious. In this regard, the odour produced by the genitals, if the partner is perceived as desirable, may lead to sexual initiation. It is known that, in the old age, the tempted lovers of both sexes, on their way to the prom, attached to their dresses, which were pre-emptively wiped out.

It was considered that during the communication and the dance, this smell would have had so much impact on the vizavies that it was easier for him or her to go to bed after prom. It's a simple thing to wash in front of the sea latches with an unpleasant odor, which produces a mushroom that is dripped under a very high dam around the heads of men and around the clitoris of women. These places, including anus and a warehouse between the yagodians, need to be carefully washed.

If the partners want to preserve the natural scent of the clean body, without replacing it with steamous soap, only water can be washed, but it must be sufficient to wash out their unpleasant smell.

In fact, the nature of the unpleasant odour of genitalia occurs from the decomposition of urine residues after several urination and from the accumulation of mixtures.

The mixture itself has bactericide properties, but when it begins to decomposition, its fat base is being burnt, and the products of its disintegration within 1 to 2 days have become a great nutrient environment for various bacteria that can cause annoyance and inflammation of the surrounding tissue.

That is why hygienicists strongly recommend that their sexes be treated at least once a day. It is important, however, to emphasize to women that when the genitals are washed, they need to be carefully woven from the outside, trying not to invade them, since the bathing inside the vagina, as well as the singing so popular in the past, can cause an imbalance, a violation of the natural protective microflora, where the bacterium is squeaked, and they will be denied. It is these situations that have led to some cases of vagina inflammation sometimes referred to as " purely deficient women " . In addition, every woman should know that when she washing, it was never possible to move from the anus to the vagina so as not to carry a boiled microflor (and sometimes parasites) that could collide around the anal opening. It is therefore necessary first to clean the vagina, the intermediate area, and only after that, to laundering the area of anus without returning to the vagina. It is also recommended that the cold water anus be washed after each defecation that is not only a hygienic procedure that removes a bad smell and prevents undesirable inflammatory processes, but also an excellent hemorrhoea prevention.

In order to remove the fountain dripping under the hood of the clitoris, this hood needs to be stretched and washed with the clitoris and skin warehouses covering it, with soap water.

Men must bear in mind that they have laughter under extreme dams, so when the head of a sexual member is washed completely, sheds and her limbs, and the water with soap.

At least, the punk is a punk. It needs to be washed with warm water, and better cool water, which, on the one hand, swallows sweat and sufficiently strong smell, and on the other hand, will serve as a training for receptacles pounding penis and testicles. Hot water is not recommended for men to wash their sexual organs because it is damaging to spermatodes, and permanent overheating and heavy clothing may cause temporary and sometimes complete infertility of a man.

Since when a mine is carried out, it is perfectly natural for a man to experience an orgasm accompanied by a seed eruption (ejaculation) and a woman to accept the seed in her mouth and even to read it, the taste of sperms, which, in particular, may depend on the food and drinking consumed by a man, is an important factor.

It's believed that Coffee gives sperm a bitter taste, sweetness, sweetness, buckle, buckle, bunny, alcohol.♪ However, there is no such direct relationship. Which clearly makes the sperm taste like abstinence. If a man has not had any seeds of eruptions for a long time, his sperm takes a bitter and even sad taste. In order to protect his friend from unpleasant tastes, a man must conduct at least 2 to 3 ejaculations to replace the " sperm " with a new, fresh breed.

Some women don't accept sperm taste at all. and they try to avoid ejaculation in their mouths or crawl with water right after the seed. Meeting Gurmancas who like to drink sperm with expensive champagne...

Water cover

The hair that covers the frontal lobes of both sexes, as well as the sex lips of women and men's mouse.

It's very unpleasant when the oral lacquer keeps his hair in his mouth, but it's particularly disturbing if a single, " root-in " hair falls into his mouth, which has to be " catching " with his tongue and fingers. The level of inducement is naturally declining at this precipitation, with both partners. But it's necessary to remove the hair from the mouth, because it not only prevents it, but it can hurt the language, but in the worst cases, it can even cause the cough and vomit.

The point is that free breathing in the sea lanes is a little difficult and therefore, during their performance, the latch makes quick surface breaths. Unpleasant consequences occur when a man breathes like this, and the hair falls into the breathing throat with the air.

In order to avoid such situations, it is necessary, during the shower, to wash hair on the frontal lobe and other " volosist " parts of the international community in such a way as to try to remove the low-lying hair. Some even scratch their frontal lobes before the intimacy, which, of course, not only gives a ball of coke between the legs, but also removes the hair that fell apart. By the way, there are special salons around the world, in intimate sadness, a set of hairdressing services on a vein hill, and they have recently appeared in Russia.

In addition, just before the laska, we need to learn to get some light movement to invite your hair in a place that you want to "orrally whip." Sometimes it makes a person who is being touched by, for example, many women themselves during the kunnilingus are pushing and holding their hair with their fingers, opening their lips together and facilitating the partner ' s access to the desired goal. And some take cardinal measures - just brushing all their hair, so they say they're not confused under their lips. But it also has its negotiable side.

  • First, it could cause a long, unsuccessful irritation on the skin, and then when the hairs grow up, they'll start swinging, why a screaming place will not be screaming and scratching.
  • Secondly, if a man ' s skinned lobe is not to cause a particular inconvenience to a woman during the course of the oral lounge, it is still between the pubic and the " high part " of the body, the penis, there is some space, a woman ' s skin lobe can deliver a man during the kunnilingus with a very painful sense of smell, as it is barely ble.

The skin rupture will last a long time.

Usually, it's hardly possible for anyone to foresee in front of the proximity where his passion will take, so from the point of view of hygiene, it's better to be sure of all their body so that they don't get embarrassed and question themselves if the oral loops suddenly move into the most troubled part of your body, into the area of intersection and anus. In the implementation of the annulment, special observance of the rules of sexual hygiene and the possible use of oral condoms is necessary, in this case, of lax tissues used in kunnilingus. If the couple uses annilingus as one of their traditional loopholes, then you can prepare for this gown. I mean, not only to clean the area carefully, but also to pre-empt the bowel, to make a good clean slide, because the anus slopes are not always limited to the surface sliding of the language.

Sometimes partners use language penetration, albeit not very deep, but already within the bounds, so to say, " on the other side of the anus " , so it needs to be sure that these millimetres will not contain extra particles in this situation... In addition, the annilingus often gives rise to a purely physiological reaction to the eruption, so it would be better if it were to take place in advance, freeing the body from the already “unnecessary cargo”, so that it would not come to the most inappropriate time to toilet “more” from several language pressures on the anus.

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