Sexual technician

During the sexual act, a man must try to comply with certain basic rules:

1. To treat a woman like she has a low emotional level. This implies the need for a prelude.

2. Continuing the prelude for at least 15 minutes.

3. Initiate the clitor until and during the orgasm of a woman, except when a woman is sensitive.

4. It is not possible to determine in advance what number of orgasms a woman is capable of, and a man must suspend his orgasm until his partner can feel a new orgasm.

5. If a man is unable to contain an orgasm, if the movement of a member is reduced, or cannot support the rhythm after an orgasm, he must continue to instigate the clitor or vagina until the partner is fully satisfied. This may occur when a member is placed in the vagina, stationary there.

6. Above all, women have an orgasm.

7. The latter rule is that, despite the rapid downturn in the excitement after the orgasm, a man must extend his loopholes. No woman who has been inclined has answered kisses with open eyes and keeps them in private. At the same time, a good partner never closes her eyes and follows a woman's reaction to his socks. There is a good tone rule in sexual relations and it is appropriate to address some of them.

A experienced partner never shows a visible desire for sexuality. It regards it as the only need and refrains from any emphasis on its sexual aspirations.

A cultural woman is waiting for a man to control his passion completely and rejects the gross prelude. Even in a private setting, a bedroom, a woman feels right to demand a prelude.

Despite the fact that a man can feel spiritual indignity and attachment to a woman, he should always avoid eating the naked body of his woman at the time she gets naked. This situation can increase the sense of restraint.

No man respecting himself can get close if a woman doesn't want her. A man who insists on his rights is eroding the sexual reputation of men and ultimately responsible. The old saying states that familiality gives birth to contempt, it must be remembered by the sexual relations of the spouses.

Long-term preludes may lead to a reduction and even disappearance of women ' s instigation. The pre-female game leads the partner to a certain level of excitement, the decline is characterized by the complete disappearance of a secretarial fluid in the area of the exterior sexual lips, or it becomes more watery. In the absence of extinction, a man must begin a sexual act in the first appearance of signs of decline. Such refrigeration is rare for very temperamental women and is more common for middle-temperary women.

Due to the fact that the period of satisfaction has been going on for quite a long time, the over-exchanged love game, as if it was a sexual occasion, and it could begin to lag before the orgasm.

On average, the prelude should last 15 minutes, followed by a sexual act.

The sexual act cannot be considered purely mechanical. If a man considers proximity to be purely mechanical, it quickly pushes a woman away and can lead to a better partner.

A woman with a strong temperament.

Women of this type are easily aroused, able to enjoy long-term prelude and have a long-term sense of orgasm. It's worth avoiding active movements during the prelude and spending it with lips and hands. Women of this type come into ecstasy from kisses to lips and breasts, combined with simultaneous casing of the outside and inner surfaces of the femur from the bottom up to the lane, then down to the knee. It is only by accident that hands should be easy, but not persistently penetrated into the vagina area, carrying a staggering long slider on the clitoris when your finger slips from the clitoris to its base. This movement must be made a lengthy, reminiscent movement of a member. It is possible to diversify this arrangement by placing the leg between the partner ' s legs and friction in the vagina area. A woman with a strong temperation comes in with a penny.

She's enjoying that she's squeezing him in her hand, between the sad, lazy and kissing. The latter gives most men pleasure to orgasm and only a few remain indifferent. The greatness of women with a strong temperament has a desire to see pennys with lips, and only a few have to refrain from it because of false shame. Women ' s aspirations should be encouraged by her partner.

Women with one-time orgasms have the greatest pleasure not the time of the orgasm itself, since it is instantaneous and the period of its development before the orgasm.


The greatest pleasure is achieved with the application of step-by-step initiation.

It is that the highest point of initiation is reached first, then falls to the primary level, reset to the same state, etc. Tutunciation is most acute in the sense that a short-term sexual act is followed by an unusually strong orgasm. Finger inducement plays a crucial role, although for some women it is necessary that a member be introduced into the vagina. Even if he's stationary, the fact that a member in the vagina is a great pleasure.

When the orgasm approached, the vibration of the woman ' s body was visible, and there was a need to increase her finger contact with the clitor.

However, a man should not put a finger on the clitoris, it would inevitably lead to a downward surge to zero. Two women lifted the pelvis and her body began to vibrate, it was necessary to stop her finger contact with the clitre until the body returned to its original position. After that, it is necessary to reinvigorate the clitorigination and to make the woman feel trusted. It may be noted, however, that this will be much faster and more pronounced. There's a second pause. Then, after 10 to 15 periods of instigation and successive recession, a man may end sexual activity. However, if a woman is sufficiently sensitive to enter the vagina, contact with her finger will stop. And only in the area of clitoris, it can continue until the end of the act.

The revived clitoris are very sensitive and therefore the direct touch on them leads to women ' s convulsive movements. If this occurs, it is necessary to shift contact to the base of the clitoris and, in a minute to a half, try to contact its upper part. This is only a practical way, and a man must be very sensitive about the woman ' s feelings, attitude and satisfaction.

A woman with a weak temperament can and should be fully satisfied, although the technician is completely different from the one used with a strong temperate partner. Let's start with the prelude. In the first half of the love game, a man almost completely avoids touching the sexual organs and pays attention to the latitude of other elegal areas of the woman ' s body. If necessary, he may increase her inducement by placing his foot between the partner ' s legs in order to contact her sexual organs. For the same purpose, it can spread large and small lips. During this period, the clitoris should not be opened with a finger. If he doesn't feel a woman's readiness for an orgasm, he should ask her to tell him herself.

If a man makes a sexual act with a woman is in a position of "man on top" he must, from time to time, turn a clitoris finger into an orgasm. Being in the top position, a man puts a member in the vagina very deep, clinging to the frontal so that both of us can come into contact and then pelvis rotate. It's worth two to three times the cycle described. Every time the partner's awakening should increase. Then it is worth stepping up the pace of movement and keeping rhythm before the orgasm. After that, we should pause for one minute and start deep penetration.

The second orgasm of a woman comes in about 15 seconds and will be shorter and less intensive than the first.

Subsequent orgasms are achieved in the same way.

If a woman is capable only of a one-time orgasm, it is necessary to instigate her in a step-by-step manner and then only to proceed with a normal sexual act.

Sometimes only after a few years of application of the excitement described, the partner has a fracture. She's starting to experience an orgasm without a finger. This occurs for purely emotional reasons related to the increasing attachment to the man resulting from complete and long proximity, which inevitably involves spiritual proximity.

Much has been written about women ' s sexual emotions and habits, and relatively little about men ' s sexual emotions. This is understandable, as in terms of poncology, the physical condition - the construction of a woman is more interesting and complex.

The man is more primitive.

A man sees a woman and has a desire.

In about a minute, a member's erection, within two minutes, he can reach an orgasm and sleep in three minutes.

That's the average character of a man. Of course they differ, but these differences are not great and can always be known in advance. That's why men have nothing to do with sexual behavior.

A man has almost two elegals: a mouth and a cock. However, he has a desire for close contact with a woman, especially naked. In fact, women ' s lips can inspire a man in contact with any part of a man ' s body, while a woman ' s hand can only be instigated by sex.

After sexual intercourse, a man has a sharp decline in emotion. This fall comes within a minute of the orgasm. The man is in a completely relaxed state that contributes to rebuilding. At this time, a woman's further lounge is unpleasant to him, he has no sexual desire for a woman lying around. Even his kisses are unscrupulous and coerced expressions of feelings. What a man does at this point is not because of his emotions, but rather a sense of duty. He wants to be left alone.

For a repetition, a man, on average, re-establishs force for 15 to 60 minutes. Sometimes orgasms during a second sexual act are strong, sometimes weaker. But the second sexual act is delict and lengthy because the emotional level of a man is not as high as the first. The woman is experiencing a repetition more often. It happens when it's not fully satisfied.

A man ' s passion is expressed differently and consists of conduct during an orgasm. Most men are relatively unsuitable. At this point, and maintain a moderate pace of movement. There is, however, the majority of them who act as if they want to break the partner in the parts. The movement revolves from the slow deep touch of the penis to the rabid, stunting. Most have a strong rhythm with moderate penetration of a member in the vagina. The orgasm begins with a sense of tickling the cock's head. It then applies to the entire body not subject to the control of the member ' s muscles. There is a tendency for men to accelerate the rhythm of the movement in the event of an orgasm.

After the semen, a man has a desire for peace. This is a natural response, but leaves the partner unsatisfactory. The thing is, men are falling down differently. In particular, if a man has a desire for peace, the woman has a desire to be found. She wants to make sure she's also wanted, just like she was a few minutes ago.

A thinking man hugs a woman and keeps her hugged.

It's the most correct ending of the sexual act. Every woman gets hurt when a man says, "Good night" and turns his back. All senses of proximity associated with the sexual act are completely vanished, there remains a sense of complete void, moral void. Most women don't talk about it, but every husband must remember it forever.


5 years, 10 months


But remember, every extended sexual act, against the will of physiology, closes prostate diseases and decreases in male tendencies.

7 years, 1 month


I'll bet about the disease.

First, a normal erection requires a good bleed in a small pelvis. During the training of the lobe-cop muscle, the bleeding in the small pelvis is improving, contributing to a more pronounced and strong erection.

Secondly, it is known that the cuts in the pubic copper muscle contribute to semension. Consequently, the stronger the reductions in the luxury, the more pronounced and the strong will feel the orgasm.

Thirdly, the practice of the pubic-cop muscle is prophylaxis prophylaxis, the main cause of which is stalemate and inflammatory processes due to insufficient bleeding.

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I didn't write this article. All I did was combine useful information from different sites/forums.

TECHNOLOGY FOR THE POLICE APPLICATION OF LOBAL-COHOST MUSHIC WHEN, during the sexual act, you feel the energy tilt of the orgasm, put a strong strain on the pubic copper muscle and breathe. It's important to do this before you start testing orgasm when all your muscles are tense, you'll be ready to ejaculate. You may have successfully used this technique in masturbation because it was easier, but during a love act, it's very important to do so at an early stage when you feel the first signs of an energy devotion. As long as you're just processing this reception, you and your partner should stop all movements at this point. All your attention should be focused on the voltage of the frontal-cop muscle and the state of rest.

Breathe slowly and deep, spreading all the energy from the lingam all over your body while relaxing all the other muscles that have already begun to strain. After the call to the ejaculation falls, we can resume motions. Once again, I would like to point out that it is necessary to push the pubic-cop muscle in advance when you barely feel the call for semension. In order to divert energy from the genital organs, you may need only one strong cut of that muscle. If you notice that the tension of the lobe-cope muscle does not yield results, try to imagine, stranding this muscle, that through the head of the lingam, you suck your partner's nectar, like you pull the drink through the straw, and then direct the energy to the top of the back. Struck muscle, try to breathe, making a clear, inspirational sound, dragging the cool air into your mouth. On the exhalation, during the relaxation of the pubic-cop muscle, show yourself how the energy moves from the field of genital organs to the legs and the hull. In the initial stage, you may need to reduce the lobe-cope muscle on several occasions during the sexual act or do so at the same time as the breathing, but when you're sufficiently advanced in this technique, you'll feel that two to three cuts for your relationship are quite sufficient. But until you've reached that result, continue to exercise, it will help you with the help of the hundreds of men I've introduced to these secrets. The trimming of the Prostate or the presentation of the gland is a muscle gland, shape and size of the cashtan fruit.

It is located in the lower part of the body, right behind the mosh and in the immediate vicinity of the rear passage. When a man turns up, she's filled with a special sexual secret, which, when ejaculating, is thrown out of the body, freeing the iron. The purpose of the technology I'll tell you about here is to reduce the prostate expansion before ejaculation. If you start often and seriously reducing the prostate long before the orgasm comes, you can delay its offensive as long as you want. The reduction of the prostate can be effected by a pubic-cop muscle if it is sufficiently developed from you, or by hand. Put three fingers on the area between the back passage and the base of the penis and make some strong and deep presses. When you press this area hard, the pressure will also turn to the probe, which will weaken the call to ejaculation. The area between the anus and the base of the penis is called intersection.

If you touch her with caution, you'll feel a little deeper. By pushing him, you will weaken the call to ejaculation; this method has the advantage of not stopping the movements. But I want to warn you, if you're not used to the woman touching this place, or if you're very young, full of strength and very excited, the pressure can cause reverse effects and ejaculation. Pressure should be done in advance, which is the key to success. If you're ready to ejaculate, but you want to continue the communication and preserve the energy, you're gonna need a well-trained pubic muscle. By strengthening it, you can no difficulty prolong the sexual act by blocking the seedling of this muscle. However, if at this stage you have not yet strong enough for a pubic-cop muscle, you will need a stronger means, for example, a stunning breath and a combination of cuts in the lobster muscle with the " respiratory motions " . Another technique that can be used in a sexual act is the retraction of the mouse. Here, you say, " I prefer to get a fist in my face than let myself be grabbed for this place " , but this is about another. This technique is as follows: you take the moshound in your hand and intercept it slightly above the place where the skin bag connects to the lingam. Your own testicles are in your hand, and you don't compress them. Then you're cautious, but you're pulling a mosh for ten to twenty seconds. You'll wonder how much you can pull it without causing any unpleasant feelings. This technique helps to relieve the voltage when you're very excited. Having fun with masturbation, you might have noticed that the closer you approached the orgasm, the higher the mosquito climbed. Now try this technique during the sexual act: stop for a while and pull the mosshone down a little, then release it and resume the friction. Sometimes, if you want to delay the seeding, a man can't find a mosh because it's high on his body. Retracting the mosquito down is delaying the normal seeding process. When you learn from this technique, you can hold and pull the moshound (this may be done by your partner) without interrupting movements, which is an important advantage of this technique. Some participant in one of our seminars said that this technique was completely useless. Turns out that when the partner took him for a moron, he woke up so much that he ejaculated. I pointed out to Tom that it was best to start pulling the moss at a much earlier stage. If you're not used to being touched by a mouse, and you're gonna leave this appointment at the very last moment, when the partner touches you, it's gonna give you an orgasm. So it's important to do this before the orgasm approaches. Try doing this on your own a few times before your partner starts doing it for you. There's also a more radical means of retrieval that always helps: you should be removed, after which you or your partner should reset the building around 2.5 cm below the head of the penis. Load this very sensitive area with a finger in your head and a big finger covering your head. By overthrowing the slack, don't ease the pressure until the erection weakens, then continue the sexual act.

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Волгин Волгин

Fuck all this. They have to control emotions. I've tried everything. It's more distracting from the sexual act. Normal healthy sexuality lasts no more than 10 minutes. You gonna argue with nature? Or, like in a porn, they're half an hour on pills and they don't know what else, but it's not real in nature. One thing I can say is the proven method of prolonging sexual acts is alcohol. Yeah, when I'm drunk, everything lasts a lot longer. Well, don't forget about emotions, and sometimes you have to slow down, change the technology, switch to yelling. But never touch your genitals trying to jam the organism.

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