Eyaku Mechanism

Механизм эякуляции
Eyaku Mechanism

Eyagulation, i.e. removal from a sexually abused sperm, must end every unfinished male sexual process. When a man gets ejaculated, they say he's gone, the ejaculer fell.

Pushing from a seed liquid member takes place under considerable pressure with its own fluids. If a man succeeds in getting out of the female vagina just before the ejaculation begins, or if a woman makes a woman cry before her husband dies/, by holding her husband in hand, a woman can feel strong eyakular threads. Ejaculation occurs rhythmally, at certain intervals. This rhythmic has not yet been studied. The reason for the cloths is the narrow cuts in the transverse-polotic musculature of caveal sex penis.

After the ejaculation, the member gradually learns that the process is going on the faster the drain, that is, the more ejaculation has occurred.

The ejaculation is accompanied by a sweet feeling (orgasm) and a scorcheduling of the body. Ejaculation has some effect on the duration of sexual acts. After the sperm, a man disappears instantly, i.e. the desire to continue the sexual act. And when the sexual induction in the man's nerves vanished, a man's penis falls down his head and falls asleep.

Often, a woman is interested in the fact that a sexual partner may not be ejaculated for a longer time, so that a sexual member remains in the vagina until the need to do so is waived. This can be achieved by sexually prolonged or male-specific " stop masks " .

Rapid semen, where a few frictions, and often female genital lips, speak of the excessive sexuality of an eyakular centre in men. They call them poor men. Full impotents consider men who have no " worth " or their erection is very inadequate.

Early ejaculation

Early terminating - The seed is coming to the immmission of a sexual member. Generally, the seeding occurs immediately before the immission, when a sexual member is contacted with small lips or in the vagina, but it may also occur during a period of erotic loop and even when they are not related to the sexual activity of a man.

  • Classification of premature ejaculation:
  • Ethological factors:
    • Psychogenic
    • Organic
    • Comparison of psychogenic and organic causes
  • Period (manifestations):
    • Primary (basic) from the beginning of sexual life
    • Secondary (acquired) after normal sex life
  • Stability of manifestations:
    • Permanent
    • Episode
  • Coitus dependency:
    • Absolute
    • Electoral (situation)
  • Coitus density:
    • I Degree from 1 to 2 min (30 to 60 FR)
    • II. Degree - 30 - 60 s (15 - 30 Frictions)
    • III. Degree - 15 - 30 s (7 - 15 francs)
    • IV Degree to 15c (severe friction)
    • V. Degree - Eyaculation before introduction
Преждевременная эякуляция
Early ejaculation

Semi-destructiveness can occur in kisses with a partner, in touch with her sexual organs, and even when she's naked before sexual intercourse. Erection can be normal or partial. In some cases, ejaculation occurs even if there is no erection, i.e. before it occurs.

The term is too early to be termed: (ejayculo premature) is used in cases in which the seed is ejected after the sex member is immoved but before the orgasm of the woman. In such situations, the seeding occurs immediately after the introduction of a sexual member in the vagina, after several frictional movements or after a fairly long friction (1-2 minutes), but before the orgasm of a woman.

The relativity of this phenomenon is evident, as the premature seeding of a man, before an orgasm occurs in a woman, may be caused not so much by the violations he has suffered, but by the slow, delayed sexual reactions of a woman. It is too early to be considered a seeding which occurs before 2 mines have elapsed since the introduction of a sexual member in the vagina, unless the partner has an orgasm.

Some authors consider that the seeding of 25 friction movements is too early. Attempts to determine the time of normal sexual intercourse in absolute terms are only relative, as the duration of sexual intercourse depends on the speed of both partners. It is considered too early to be a seed of 1 minutes after the sexual act began, if the woman has not reached an orgasm, but at the same time it can be considered normal, even if it occurs before the expiry of 1 min, in the event of an orgasm from a woman.

The final criterion that seeding is defined as normal or premature is the existence of an orgasm of a woman and the absolute length of sexual intercourse equal to 2 minutes.

Causes of premature ejaculation

  • Availability of paracentric doll syndrome. This disease can be both congenital and acquired. According to G. S. Vasilchenko, crust disorders affect sexual organ and urine bubble violations. In addition to premature ejaculation, there are other irregularities: night nueroes, polylakiuria, anozocoria, asymmetrical increase and inversion of reflexogenic areas of achille reflexes. The evaporation of xxvpo is defined as the dominance of 3.8% of the surveyed.
  • Inflammatory processes in a semen's booth. In the process of sexual intercourse in the seed hill, where the inflammatory process has arisen, the bleed has been increased, the uprisings have been increased, the irritating areas of the central nervous system responsible for the orgasm have been increased. With a pathological increase (hypertrophies) and inflammation, this impulse is increased, orgasm occurs earlier, usually with the loss of the quality of the orgasm itself.
  • Inflammatory dowry processes. Proceeds and esicolites - inflammatory diseases of dowry sex - have a close connection to the seed hill. Therefore, when they are inflamed, the pathological reaction may involve the latter. However, the treatment of these diseases without exposure to the seed hill has no persistent effect.
  • Violation of sequencing in the sacral and lumbar section of the spinal cord. Sometimes, it is the result of primary damage to spinal sex centres, with an increase in the epaculation centre. In spinal damages, in the damage to the lower thoracic and upper lumbar spinal cord (Goldmeier, Keane, Carter et al., 1997), in the fractures of the bones of the pelvis, insulation of the rear marshmallow and urine bubble fractures, and urine plugs.
  • However, with gross structural changes, there is usually an aberration or tardiaculation, premature ejaculation rarely occurs (Juneman, 1982; Aleshin, 1992).
  • Hotness of the head of a sexual member. Nervous ends in the head of a sexual penis are the main receptors in a nervous arc scrambling in the spinal cord. When the number of receptors is increased and their exposure is more susceptible, premature seedlings occur.
  • A short run of a sexy member.
  • The low threshold of the elective reflex as a consequence of the sex constitution. For this reason, ejaculation sometimes occurs under partial erection or unexpectedly without previous sexual initiation.
  • The result of the destruction of central vegetative structures concentrated in the hypothalamus. But the specific weight of the PE due to the functional irregularities of the submarine nerve centres, according to Russian researchers, is insignificant in the total mass of sexual disturbances (Hait, 1993; Zuravel, 1990)
  • Traumas of the sympathetic nervous system in the aneurysms of the aortic aorta, atherosclerosis and arterial hypertension.
  • Chronic intoxication by some poisons (alcohol, nicotin, narcotics and other substances), altering the inclination of all nervous system departments.
  • The negative influence of various types of medication (chemotherapy, hormonal and hypotensive therapy, antidepressants, etc.) on the sexual function and, in particular, on ejaculation.
  • Excessive sexuality, high sexual activity of a man, which manifests itself in the ability to perpetrate multiple sexual acts at short intervals.
  • Lack of experience in controlling seeds when entering sexual life. Some sexologists believe that sexual intercourse in adolescence is caused by PEs in a hurry, nervous condition or fear of being caught outside.
  • The low frequency of sexual acts, which increases sexual abuse (especially among young people).
  • Concerns, concerns, fears during sexual acts, external factors or interpersonal relationships.
  • Accommodation for rapid ejaculation in masturbation or prior sexual experience.
  • Lessons learned in situations that facilitate short sexual activity.
  • The cyndrome of an obsession with failure (for the first time, this failure makes it wait for it to happen again next time).
  • Interpersonal problems of sexual partners. The most frequent and perceived interpersonal factors are: unsatisfactory family life, failures to resolve interpersonal conflicts, lack of partner confidence, fear of intimate and romantic relations, sexual-role conflicts.
  • A man ' s unaware need, as his only way of " running " from an overwhelming, resembling wife. In this case, there is an insurmountable barrier in the coitus phase, from which it would be preferable to escape through an accelerated seedling. And without the intervention of a doctor capable of resolving the conflict, there will be no success.
  • Negative knowledge of sex. For example, situation as an exceptionally rapid process of transferring spermatodes to eggplant, from a man to a woman for the conception of a child.
  • The general depletion of the nervous system as a result of unhealthy lifestyles, fatigues, malnutrition. In the category of nervous and disturbed men with heightened absorption, the sensitivity of nerve endings to external exposures is increasing. They function, as they sometimes say, on " higher traffic " . And breaks into the most sophisticated situations that balanced people don't cause any emotion.

Masters, Johnson Suggested a definition that premature ejaculation occurs when a man is unable to control the seeds of eruption after a sexual member is immoved during the time necessary to ensure that at least 50 per cent of the partner receives sexual satisfaction. This definery refers only to a partnership in which a woman is capable of surviving orgasm and in a favourable environment.

Women ' s early orgasm is significantly less and, in addition, it does not prevent further sexual intercourse and therefore has no clinical value.

The trend towards early and even premature seeding can be seen as a physiological phenomenon for teenagers and young men (sometimes mature) who have sex either for the first time in their lives or after a long break. Long periods of sexual abstinence have contributed to the physiologically induced increased sexual instigation, manifested by premature seeding.

In most cases, this increased inclination is gradually disappearing as sufficient regular sexual relations are established. This is also due to the fact that each ejaculation reduces the incidence of sexual abuse, and if the frequency of sexual intercourse is relatively high, there is a complete settlement of the common sexuality. This trend occurs when a man knows the nature of his or her deviation and can lead regular sexual activity.

In other cases, dynamics may be less favourable and sometimes even secondary neurotic disorders and subsequent complications in adulthood and life. This is primarily due to the lack of capacity to maintain a sufficiently high frequency of sexual relations and insufficient knowledge, which contributes to insurance, fear.

Classification of the symptom of premature extinguishing

(on G.S. Vasilchenko, 1977)

  • Relative acceleration of ejaculation (ejaculation comes to an orgasm of a woman, although No less than a minute and no less than 20 frictions shall take place from the time of introduction to the seeding.
  • Absolute acceleration of ejaculation (severance of sexual acts less than a minute and number of frictions less than 20)
  • Ejaculacio ante portas (severance occurs in the context of sexual acts, but before the introduction of a member in the vagina).
  • Delayed ejaculation (when the sexual act is lengthy, sometimes inclined)
  • Anayaculous phenomenon (no sexual eruption).

Causes of premature seeding

In order to determine the reasons for such a sexual disorder, of course, a doctor should be consulted and examined. Usually, the consultation begins with the doctor ' s questions, then he goes to external examination, rectal examination and sexual assault. Through these methods, the specialist will be able to determine the existence of different diseases that could result in premature seedlings. Using additional techniques, the doctor should also assess the blood flow of a sexual member in order to prevent an erectile dysfunction.


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There are men who are too quick to reach an orgasm with one partner, but they have no problem with others. In addition, some men are quickly ejaculated only by sex, but they can masturbate for hours. Others complain that they reach orgasm too fast, but then they find out that it's a half-hour sexual act.

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