(Latinese erigo, erectum - raise, raise, build, make) an increase in the sex penetration with a sharp rise in his turf. Creates the possibility of introducing a sexual member into the vagina and carrying out a sexual act (coitus).

Most of the stress of the penis is caused by mental irritants (spectral, hearing, smelling, tactile) who, by stepping in the root of the brain, encourage submarine sex centres and then initiate a heart of erection in the spinal cord. The erection may also occur when the head of a sexual member is mechanically irritated, under the influence of sexual perceptions and fantasies that cause men to have sex and an increase in erection.

Under the impulse of nerve fibers directly to a sexual member, there is an increase in the lighting of the arteries supplying him with blood. There is a significant increase in the flow of arterial blood to the head of the penis and corrosive bodies, and the vent is slowing down. As a result, the blood quickly fills the spontaneous tissue of caveal bodies with an increase of 3-4 times. At the same time, there is tension and stubbornness of the sexual member, an increase in erection.

After the erection, the flow of blood on nutritious arteries is balanced with its venom outflow from the carpet bodies, which retains the pressure necessary for the sexual act of an erected penis. A member ' s head even in a state of full erection remains elastic and prevents female genital mutilation. After separating and orgasm or in a situation excluding sexual intimacy, a venous vegetation from the carpet bodies is increased with a gradual decline in the flow of arterial blood, the tension and the oven of the penis are beginning to decline.

The time of complete relaxation of the penis depends on the influence of many external irritants who contribute to sexual initiation or, on the contrary, distract men ' s attention from their sexual reactions.

For example, the erection after ejaculation is slower if the penis is left in the vagina, as it continues to be stimulated by direct contact between the sexual member and the vagina.

First phase of erection

Первая фаза эрекции

The vengeance of a sexual member, the erection of eggs, the emergence of a "gucine skin" is a weak erection.

Second phase of erection

Вторая  фаза эрекции

Increase in the size of the head of a sexual member, the head of a sexual member, a drop in the secret of the super iron, an increase in the volume of eggs, the raising of eggs, the appearance of "gucine skin"

Third phase of erection

Третья фаза эрекции

Reduction of the muscles of the seed bubbles and the presentation iron - first phase of the orgasm, reduction of the muscles of the penis and the urea channel - second phase of the orgasm, feat of the head of a pencil, decommissioning of the shincter of the rear passage, appearance of the diaper.

Fourth phase of erection

Четвертая фаза эрекции

Spousal Venice, reduction of testicles, egg drop, relaxation of mouse

Erection, erection, erection problems

Erection has many names, but most of them do not reflect the substance of the disease. Many men are not impotents: they only have problems of erection - a rise in erections that can easily be eliminated. The word " impotence " means the complete impossibility of erection. The terms "periodic" or "secondary" impotence indicate that the erection breach has recently started, until then the erection was quite satisfactory. The term "erectional dysfunction" gives the impression that there are serious problems.

In western countries, when the erection is broken, many men go straight to the urologist. The doctor collects all information relating to hereditary diabetes; measures the arterial pressure, the frequency of the pulse and the respiratory; notes the state of secondary sexuality; examines the genitalia for the presence of rubbers caused by trauma or surgical surgery; and the sexual member for disease. It then trimms the testicles, assessing their shape, size and structure. There is a general analysis and analysis of the blood of the ceiling which prevents (or detects) diabetes.

How to determine the degree of erection

  • Methods include masturbation:

  • Try to refrain, if possible, from erection in a week.
  • It's time you try not to think of an erection violation.
  • During the masturbation, get to the moment immediately followed by the seed. Stop and check the hardness of the penis, compared to the hardness that used to be.
  • Wait till the erection passes and start the masturbation again. Check the hardness of a sexual member again. Does it differ from the one that was the last one?
  • The result must calm you down. A slight loss of hardness does not mean impotence and can be restored.

Normal degree of hardness, sexual penis, take 100%. A 70 per cent degree of hardness is sufficient to introduce a sexual member into the vagina. Use cream or oil to facilitate penis. When introduced into the vagina, the penis tends to become stronger. 70 per cent of the erection is common among older men. If the degree of hardness does not reach 50 per cent, the penis in an attempt to introduce into the vagina is broken and it is virtually impossible.

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Спонтанные и адекватные эрекции
Spontaneous and adequate erections

Provide spontaneous and adequate erections. The exposure of a sexual member in intimate proximity or in exposure to sexual irritants is considered to be adequate.
Spontaneous erections occur inadvertently, outside the erotic environment (in time of sleep, after awakening in the morning) and often do not involve sexual initiation of penis.
The existence of normal spontaneous erections usually excludes serious male biases.

The reduction of erection or its complete disappearance at the moment of intimate proximity may be the result of the " waiting-off " , when fear of a possible sexual disruption causes disturbances of the nerves of the sexy member ' s receptacles and violations of the caveal veal blood.

Such psychogenic erectional dysfunctions occur in at least 50 per cent of the patients seeking sexual treatment.

Causes of erection deterioration

In almost half of the cases of eroding or lack of erection among men may result from various diseases, injuries, intoxications and anomalies of sexual activity.

The most frequent of these are the aerosclerotic damage to arteries that give blood to a sexual member, and pathological venose leaks from carpet bodies, trauma to the vessels and nerve paths that give rise to erections, a number of neurological disorders, anomalies and male genitalia (hyphonodism, Pepalhocemia, long-term exposure of members).
Sometimes, due to a number of illnesses, there is a persistent pathological erection of a non-sexual sexual member (Practism, which is oversealing at night).

If any erectile dysfunctionality arises, the assistance of a sex pathologist is necessary.

Electrical dysfunction

Failures in a man's sexual life are more likely to call impotence. But that's not exactly true. Doctors consider a condition in which a man is unable to commit sexual acts under any circumstances. It's fortunately not that often. By accident or recurring erection problems should be called erectile dysfunction.

Erection risk factors

The risk factors of erectile dysfunction are the erectional disorders other than age. These include:

  • diabetes diabetes sugar
  • the cause of erection violation - hypertonic disease
  • The reason for the violation of the erection is atherosclerosis
  • cause of erection - hypotyresis
  • reason for erection violation - smoking
  • cause of erection - obesity
  • Cause of Erection - Abuse of alcohol
  • The reasons for the erection violation are nerve overpressure.

Erectile dysfunction, weak erection is considered to be one of the most common sexual disorders in men.

The Massachusetts Male Aging Study (Massachusetts Male Aging Study - MMAS, 1994) found that 52 per cent of men between 40 and 70 years of age suffered some degree of erection. At the same time, 10 per cent of men have a total lack of erection, 25 per cent have moderate erectyl dysfunction, and 17% have a minimum. 40 per cent of men between 40 and 50 years of age suffer from any erection.


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