Early ejaculation

Проблема преждевременной эякуляции
Problem of premature ejaculation

There was a need to understand the terminology that created the prerequisites for illiterate treatment of the topic.

Early ejaculation, accelerated seeding or short sexuality.

The term dilemma in the titles " Advanced ejaculation " (PE) or " Accelerated seedling " (AO) " is allowed quite simply. These are synonymous symbols of the same phenomenon that devotes its annual meetings to even the International Academy of Sexualological Research (IAS), the leading public sexist organization. This is not an accident, i.e. premature ejaculation is one of the most common circumstances that reduce the quality of sexual life of men and their partner.

♪ The thing is, I can't reach an orgasm, my boyfriend ends too fast for me...

♪ Try to explain to your boyfriend what's going on... Let him try to contain, then it'll be a little longer...

♪ How does he end up?

From a chat in a girl's forum

A premature ejaculation is a term common in Europe and America, and in Russia, as always, has produced a fast-track (preliminary) term.

It's a sort of symptom-opplex where ejaculation occurs with minimal sexual incentive, or occurs before, or immediately after the intramission (induction of a sexual member in the vagina) without giving both partners the desired sexual satisfaction.

Early seeding leads to problems in communicating with a sexual partner and does not involve direct interventions.

Early ejaculation is the failure of a man to control the moment of his orgasm. This problem gives a man deep frustration, is exacerbated by each such contact and captures almost every man, given that the various authors estimate that the PE is between 25 and 60 per cent of the cases. In addition, most men are quickly ejaculated in their first sexual acts, and approximately 29 per cent of men experience PEs regularly.

According to interviews between R. Krux and K. Baur, 75 per cent of male students reported that rapid ejaculation was at least sometimes a problem for them, 25 per cent said that the problem was accompanied by them at all times (Crux, Baur, 2005).

According to various authors, the frequency of premature ejaculation in men varies from 1 to 77%.

The most representative scientific study on the prevalence of PE among medical sexologists is the work of E. Laumana with co-sponsors in the USA (Laumann, Gagnon, Michael, 1994).

A survey of 1,422 males aged 18 to 58 found that the PE frequency was 29%. According to the same studies, premature ejaculation is a complaint from 35 to 40 per cent of male sex workers. It has been found that the ejaculative function is more prevalent among young and middle-aged men with higher education, where PE is the most common sexual problem for men under 40 (Noble, 2002). Before, it was thought that only old people were exposed to such a disorder.

Uh. Master and V. Johnson (1970) characterize premature ejaculation as a specific fear of sexual acts, stress of " acting " and " visual " components.

One time (until 1979) premature ejaculation was considered a form of impotence. There were definitions where the length of the situation was determined by the number of fixed frictions or the specific time. On occasion, it was argued that if a woman did not experience an orgasm in half a coital relationship, then a man broke up with his seed prematurely. Today, however, the premature ejaculation of the American Association of Psychiatrics is defined in terms of " reasonable arbitrary control " . The renowned psychologist, Joseph Lo Piccolo, believes that no premature ejaculation will be possible if both partners " agreed that the quality of their sexual contact will not depend on efforts to delay ejaculation " .

The International Classification of Diseases of the 10th Revision defines premature ejaculation (PE) as sexual dysfunction, not caused by organic disorders or diseases, and that it is not possible to control ejaculation to the extent that both partners are satisfied with the sexual act. However, the time of the friction period is not taken into account, which may result in diagnostic errors in the case of anorgasms and other pathological characteristics of the partner. However, despite the seemingly subjectiveness, this definition sufficiently reflects the psychological and social aspects of the problem.

What is ejaculation?

Ejaculia is the process of distributing seeds and dowry gland products, with a role of paracentric brains.

The inadvertentness of secrecy is about 2 to 4 from the outside of the wind. Once a man reaches a critical level of ejaculation, he has a reflex, and the centre of this reflex act is located in the spinal lumbar section.

By means of powerful nerve impulses, reduction of muscle walls of seed streams and pelagic bottom muscles, ejaculat ejaculat is so powerful that the seed fluid of some men turns into a metre forward! Men are capable of a series of ejaculations, one after another with different breaks: short or long. It's true, they're far from golden hamster, from the observations of biologists who can spend an hour to 50 ejaculations.

A man ' s ejaculate for one disc reaches a tea spoon of 5 ml (where 120-600 million spermatodes)

the concentration of the sperm in it depends on the frequency of the eruption. 40 to 120 million spermatoes per ml are considered normal.

And each subsequent seedling comes only after a relatively short reflexing period. An orgasm with or without a seed, followed by a decline in erection and a reflexing period marks the end of the sexual act. When, in what time is ejaculation with a decline in erection, it will be possible to speak of premature ejaculation, a normal sexual act or a detainee with an overthrow.

Many sexuality researchers claim that a person is normally capable of delaying orgasm or " letting him go " by his will. According to these studies of recent decades, the impact on and control of ejaculation is most likely to be subject to certain conditions, knowledge, skills and experience. I mean, mine. Orgasm and ejaculation, a man can control♪ Indeed, the main problem of accelerated seeding is most likely to be seen in the area of PE control.

It's not undeniable.

A well-known European sexist, Helen Kaplan, is a premature ejaculation, vice versa, which makes it impossible to control the irreversibility of this reflex process. A man is simply capable of transferring a high degree of sexual initiation only to a certain point and then reflexing.

Some researchers are convinced that there are people who are unable to exercise such control for a number of reasons (e.g., if the PE is the result of a functional breakdown of the nervous regulation at different levels). Those men who cannot control the reflex process without some help, corrections, treatment, are becoming patients of sex diagnosed as " pre-term ejaculation " .

Men with premature ejaculation often underestimate the level of their physical instigation in fomenting penises, and the seedings come before they reach the maximum sexual initiation. Eyagulative control of such men is not fertilized, and many of them have been struggling for decades and find no solution.

It's here, Firstthe fact that, if there is a problem, a man begins to draw attention only to the sequencing process itself, in constant tension and waiting for premature ejaculation, which tends to lead to it. This focus on the seedling process often affects erections. And as a result, it is possible to develop an erectile dysfunction.

A Seconda modern view of sex, created by a sociocultural situation in the country, presupposes a sex-centered mechanistic machine. This approach is embedded in men ' s consciousness by the media, video products, the Internet, where fantastic images of sexual activity as a work process in the cylindre are vagina, a powerful metal pile, energy-producing, heat, long-term sensation with strong crowds, are shown to be an absolute rule! Convinced in the unambiguousness of this approach, men reject or accept anything that does not correspond to this view of sex.

There are legends and myths in the male company that A strong man is someone who can drink and drink for hours without stopping.

Men brag to each other at huge time intervals before ejaculation, and rapid ejaculation is seen as a sign of weakness. But more often, it's looking at young sex. Patients of sexologists with detained seeds don't think so. The truth is, the younger and sexier the faster he gets ejaculated. In nature during sexual intercourse, animals are relatively defenceless. Specials who were unable to commit sexual acts quickly were easily extracted for predators. This social development, the change in attitudes towards sexuality and the development of sexual culture have changed norms, stereotyping of behaviour, and proposed new values.

According to the Daosism followers, for example, the words " ejaculating prematurely " were not precise and could not be used without restrictions. Suffice to remember the young people who start their sexual life with fast, uncontrollable ejaculations, with female partners. For an inexperienced man, such lovemaking with a young woman who has a close entrance to the vagina makes it very difficult to control ejaculation.


Виды эякуляции

Russian medical sexologists provide several clinical forms of this phenomenon (G. Vasilchenko, S. Agarkov, 1990):

1. Relative acceleration, When the seeds erupt before the orgasm of a woman occurs, although from the moment of immission to ejaculation there is at least a minute and a man produces at least 20 to 25 frictions.

2.Absolute acceleration of ejaculationwhen the copulative phase is less than 20 frictions.

3. Cereation in a sexual actbut before the introduction of a sexual member in the vagina.

4. Delayed ejaculationwhen the sexual act is lengthy, sometimes involuntary; the extreme degree of the detainee ' s ejaculation is an anaeyaulative phenomenon where ejaculation does not occur at all.

Some sex researchers provide a permanent and occasional form of premature ejaculation and various variations related to the time of ejaculation relative to the beginning of the vaginal phase of sex. For example, in sex vocabularies (Y. Prokopenko, 1995; A. Kaputin, 2006), the spectrum is expanding:

Carbon ante - non-voluntary ejaculation that occurs before or at the time of the introitus (penetration) of a sexual member (in the vagina).

Ejaculia is painful. - ejaculation accompanied by painful feelings at the time of sperm release.

Detainee ejaculation (delayed) - a seed that results from a sexual act that is prolonged, sometimes painful.

Ejaculation of the detainee inadvertent (delayed)which is understood to be a long-term non-existent ejaculation, regardless of a man's desire. They call it a late one. The systematic appearance of such ejaculation makes it possible to treat it as a sexual disorder.

Sustained arbitrary detention (also that the ejaculation of the detainee is consciously increasing the length of the sexual act above the physiological norm.

Ejaculation premature (accelerated) - ejaculation occurring during the friction phase of the copulative cycle between 1.5 and 3.5 minutes.

Ejaculation prematurely absolute - the ejaculation that occurs during the friction phase of the copulative cycle less than 1 minutes or after 20 to 25 frictions.

Ejaculation premature relative begins at a friction stage of a copulative cycle of between 1.5 and 3.5 mines, or even more, but before reaching an orgasm partner.

Retrograde ejaculation (also reflux ejaculated). In this form, sperm ejaculation occurs in the bladder and not from the outer opening of the vent. There is such a discontinuation of the absence of external sperm dispensation with seeds and sympathized (or somewhat modified) orgasm.

In the premature ejaculation, the so-called astentic form, which refers to an irritating weakness often associated with erection violations, can be distinguished. Ejaculation in such a form of disorder sometimes occurs with partial erection or even unexpectedly, without previous sexual initiation.

Advanced ejaculation is divided into primary and secondary.

Эякуляция преждевременная
Ejaculation premature

The primary PE is manifested in the initial period of sexual activity and is caused by changes in central and peripheral nervous structures for the regulative function. It is most often the result of psychological unrest and excitement.

Accelerated seeding and related attempts by men to control themselves often result in a man beginning to avoid sexual contact or to consider himself ill. And in the absence of any action to eliminate it, this type of RE exists with a man at all times.

Secondary PE is acquired as a result of various inflammatory diseases of the progeny, urethra, etc. This PE is due to pathological changes in other organs and systems of the organism. By eliminating the existence of various diseases that could result in premature seedlings, normal seedlings could be restored. The treatment of PE is given to each patient individually on the basis of the results of the survey. This treatment is aimed at eliminating factors that lead to premature ejaculation and at enabling a man to control the length of the sexual act.

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