Member measurement

An important part of the exercise for a member is to monitor his own results. If the size doesn't change, you'll have to figure out why. Maybe the training needs to change something.

Measurements also indicate what stage you are at and what results you want to achieve (detail in the next chapter). Many men note that positive measurements are motivated by them.

How often to measure, it's up to you. The more you do, the easier it will be for you to track your progress, and to draw attention to “televisions” However, there is no need to introduce a daily measurement habit, hoping for an increase in size.

Penis measurement

You need to measure two parameters: the length of an erected member and the thickness of an erected member in the gut. In addition, you may measure the length and thickness of a member in his normal (unenergized) condition if you wish to increase his natural dimensions.

  • For measurement, you will need two tools:
  • a ribbon or a piece of rope,
  • Linear.

The measurements shall be carried out equally every time

Continuity is the most important part of the measurements, otherwise you can be held hostage to your miscalculated calculations, thinking that you're adding to the sizes when that really doesn't happen. It's because you can easily add 2.5 centimetres in length, measuring the length of the penis with a linear not as you did before. To keep track of your results, use the same measurement technique. For example, if you measure seat size, do it every time. Or if you do the measurements, push the line tightly to the frontal lobe, for the first time, do exactly the same and the next time.

Measurement of the length of the member

измерения длины эрегированного члена
Measuring the length of an erected member

There are two ways of measuring the length of an erected member:

  • Pressure measurement. Put the linear above the member and tightly press her to the frontal bone, measure the length of the erected member and write your results.
  • Measuring without compression. The measurements are carried out in the same way as in the first case, except that you don't press the line to the frontal lobe, but you have it so that it touches the skin on your frontal lobe.

Measuring with men's compression likes more, because it's more constant, it's because by re-measureing, you won't make mistakes and inaccuracies, because the linearity will be tightly stunned every time. Some men like this type of measurement, too, because it gives a little bit more results than measurement without compression. For the most precision, measure the length in both ways.

Thickness measurement (fighting). Mode 1

Сантиметр - прибор для измерения члена
Santimeter - Member measuring instrument

To measure the thickness of an erected member in the first way, you will need a normal inch. In order to measure the thickness, turn the inch tightly around the penis once and write your results.

Thickness measurement (fighting). Mode 2

Измерение толщины (обхвата)
Thickness measurement (fight)

To measure the thickness of a member in this way, you'll need a piece of rope and linear. The procedure is similar to method 1, except that now the thickness of a member you measure the rope and then put a rope to the line.

Always measure the thickness in the same place.

Since the thickness of your penis may vary from one point to another, you should measure the clouds at the same place all the time. The two most common thickness points are the middle of the penis and its widest part. You can measure the thickness in either of these points or both. If you need a jewellery, measure the thickness of the penis in three places: the base, the middle and the head.

Non-regulated measurement

It is difficult to obtain accurate measurements in the non-regulated state because the size of the non-regulated member is always changing. Temperature, amount of water, food, all of this affects the size of your penis. Nevertheless, you can obtain more or less precise measurements using the same methods as to measure the size of an erected member. In addition, you can average the result by, say, three measurements and calculate their arithmetic mean.

What are your objectives?

After you took your measurements, you need to set a target for yourself. One wise Ambassador reads: " The leather stone is not flowing water " . If you do exercises for a member (as do any other exercises), it is necessary to set a goal to achieve good results. A clear purpose will give you motivation, which is very important, as the most difficult part of the exercise for a member is the regime and the exercise programme. The exercises for a member are certainly different from the usual practice or sports trips - there is no social dimension. Your best friend won't call you or ask you to train a dick together. You, and only you, can make yourself exercise.

A man, under Hotwrap pseudonym, describes how the goal has affected its results: " I have been doing exercises for a member for 14 years and has only recently noticed the first results. Why? Because I never set my own goals. But since I've set myself a complete task, I've added more than the previous 14 years of training. All you have to do is determine for a specific purpose. Faith in the end can do anything! "

If you choose the target, don't forget it's clearer and more detailed for you. Depending on your initial size and the desired results, your goal may be very different from that of other men.

That's what some men say about their personal goals:

  • " My dick is now 10 cm long and round is 9.5 cm. My goal is quite simple: I want to achieve medium size. As soon as my length is 15 cm and the width of 12 cm, I shall be fully satisfied with the size of my penis. "
  • " I have the average size of the penis, and I would like to add an additional 2.5 cm in length and 1.5 cm to the round, which will be sufficient to make my membership more middle. "
  • “I'm 55 years old, and my erection is no longer as strong as before. I've been writing things up, but now I know I can control it. My goal is to never worry again because of my dick's ability when I and my wife want to make love.”
  • " Now I have 17 cm in length and 12.5 cm in lipstick, my goal is 20 cm in length and 14 cm in lipstick, although the wife says the length is good and she only cares about width. "
  • " My current dimensions are 14 cm in length and 11 cm in vain, slightly less than average size. My goal is a little more medium size. I ideally want a length of 19 cm and 14 cm.

It's best that you get the task to do with some sort of thing that matches your future size. For example, 20 cm in length and 15 cm in thickness are the size of the standard vibrator.

Many men buy vibrants and keep them in their sights (e.g. in the bathroom or in the cabinet) to motivate themselves. You don't have to use a vibrator, you'll need any object that matches your size, be it an empty bank from Red Bull or a toilet paper. It's important to keep this subject in mind and not forget what it is for you. Such actions have a positive impact on your motivation.

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