Side effects

The side effects can be both positive and negative.

An obvious positive side effect is an increase in size.

Negative side effects may vary from warming to skin dryness. Only negative side effects are considered here.

Sometimes side effects are not even such, the “problem” could have existed well before the current time. One man, for example, was very excited when he found a little buffalo on his lower side of the penis, he was sure that the bagoroc was formed because of the jelking.

When he showed him to his wife, she resurrected, "This little buffalo? You've had it for over ten years!

Blacker member

The warming of a member is a common and easily preventable side effect.

In the exercise circles for a member, this side effect is known as " discoloration " . Some people like this side effect. As one man said, " My cock looks more courageous. " Others do not like him, especially those who have a higher level of warming, which is often described as " prolonged skin colouring " .


A member ' s warming is often caused by alterations or lack of adequate mine clearance (heating). The warming is often associated with intensive exercises, such as advanced thickness exercises, and with devices to increase membership. The strong and rare warming experienced by some men has almost always been associated with the use of increased intensity in the handling of instruments such as the fixator. In any case, it becomes clear that some men are more likely to be warmer than others. Some of the less lucky have this side effect even with very little loads, while others may not even be clear before practice and use intensive exercises - and still have nothing to do with it.

What do you do?

Painting, red stains are normal after practice, they don't have to bother you very much. But if these phenomena become permanent and more pronounced, they may lead to a longer-term warming of a member ' s skin, which many men do not like. Fortunately, some of the exercisers have learned to bypass this side effect. If you want to avoid confusion, try to do the following.

  • Use more heat.

Careful clearance is an important factor that matters. The warm towel is much less effective than the wet granny pillow. Try to warm up longer and use more heat during training. Say, every 10 minutes, put the heat in two to three minutes while you're training. Often more heat is all you need to get rid of the warmth.

  • Use the soft massage.

Many men have noticed that a small massage in combination with warming helps to get rid of the warming.

  • Make less power.

The warming is probably caused by skin damage that arises because of the excessive force that you attach to exercise. So try to perform exercises more softly and gently. Don't make too much effort when you stretch and do jelking. Avoid intensive exercises that cause confusion to you. For most men, it means avoiding dry jelking. Avoid excessive pressure that may accumulate in the exercise of thickness increase. The man with an online pseudonym Hobby says: " I think it's best to avoid undesirable contusions by avoiding pressure build-up under a tight skin. "

  • Change the strawberries.

Try using another strawberry more suitable for your skin. Like a baby milk with aloe and vitamin E extras. The olive butter and canola oil are also well employed.

  • Train your cock completely.

Some men have warming only in certain places on their membership. If you've encountered such a problem, make sure you're training your entire cock, not his parts. Do complete jets, from the very base to the cock's head. Don't get caught all the time in the same place when you pull a dick, it can also cause a change in color in this place. Try to carry out the stretches, constantly grabbing the various parts of your penis, for the base, for the middle and for the place right near your head.

  • Use the cream.

Some men are helping to use different creams. Such crems can be found in the cosmetics of the pharmacy. Arnika and Vitamin K are probably the best.

  • If nothing helps, take a break.

Temperation often passes over time. It's easy to save in a week, but sometimes it takes more time, from a few months to a few years. If the darkness is a problem for you, take a break for a few weeks and see if it's dark or not.

The darkness doesn't happen in one night, usually a slow process, so if you notice the first signs and you don't like it, try to take immediate action to get rid of it.

Don't wait until your cock is completely dark, and you'll have to fight this side effect in full size.

Arnica is a mountain plant that is used to remove bruises, muscle pains and joints. “Arnika helps to get rid of the bruises by helping the body absorb the blood that penetrated the tissue and caused bruises.

The cream or oil containing between 5 and 25 per cent of the archery ' s extracurry, carried several times a day, reduces the pain and tumor and helps to get rid of this scary baccalaureate, is written by the editors of the Reader's digest magazine in their book “1801 home medicine”. Precautions: Never use anarchy inside, it's toxic.


Sometimes a member is dark in certain places, it can be both local darkness and blue.


" The bruises may look terribly and are still not serious " , written by Bill Gotlid in the book " New Opportunities for Natural Treatment " . " Every time you turn on something sharp or fall, you'll probably get a bruise. Their bright colour is caused by blood which is collected under the skin in the internal bleeding. " If bruises arise in exercises for a member, you're probably too hard to exercise.

What do you do?

The bruises are unhealthy bodily signs. So, first of all, stop any exercise for a member. May your cock return to normal condition before you resume your training. Then don't do anything to the bruises, let them go on their own, or find additional medical means to solve the problem. Richard Gerson, Doctor of Medical Sciences, author of the " Right Vitamins " , said: " In order to expedite treatment, I advise you to drink 5,000 mg vitamin C at the earliest signs of the bruises. "

In addition, quick recovery is facilitated by the daily vitamin doses of Aye. The bruise cream is also a good tool (see Annika on the previous page).

After the bruises have disappeared, go back to less intensive training. You've probably just pressed hard on the place where the bruise came. For example, if the bruise showed up on your lower side of the penis, you've probably put a lot of pressure on that place by doing jelking or stretching. In this case, use a brag-bag in future jelking and stretching exercises. This vain is exerting less pressure on the lower part of your penis, spreading it side by side.

Floor along member

Pethehpne can be found on a member. Petehijas are often formed on the head of a member. This side effect is very widespread at first. The stains usually fall down in a few days. It's bright red, but it can be darker. Usually the darker the stains, the longer they survive.


The stains are formed as a reaction to new loads at the beginning of the exercise for the member. Prior to training, a member is usually not subject to special loads. When you start training, exercises such as jelking and some others contribute to the breaking of receptacles and drippets under the skin of your penis, which may cause bruises and petechs.

If you're sensitive to the stains, don't worry, probably over time, they'll be less and less likely after more advanced exercises or more intensive training. In this case, slow down and wait for the stains to pass. Continuing stains on a member may also lead to confusion.

" After training, I have stains on my penis, is this an unhealthy bodily sign? "

Some men have stains on their membership after a healthy exercise. Other men have stains as an indicator of refringing. For this reason, the appearance of a stain is both a healthy bodily sign and an unhealthy sign. Rather, it is a neutral form of corporal, which means that it should be considered only in the context of the current situation, depending on other physical grounds. For example, if your dick constantly grows in size and stains on it, the appearance of a stain is likely to be a healthy bodily sign. If your dick doesn't grow, the stains may be an unhealthy bodily sign. Other common neutral signs are paint, warming and the effects of the wormhole, where your penis clutches like a turtle, putting your head in your pancir (don't mix with reduced non-regulated size, unhealthy bodily sign).

What do you do?

If you have other unhealthy physical signs or no healthy ones, stop at the time of practice. If you have healthy signs of bodily harm, go on.

And in both cases, the stains will have to pass in a few days. In order to speed up the process, try to mass the cock and put warm or cold in the day. If the stains continue to show up, leave your dick alone for a while (Don't exercise, don't masturbate or have sex) until they're gone. If the stains appear on your head because of the jelking, change the swab in the exercise.


It's the best thing to describe a man with an online Pseudonym BoardLuker in one of the forums to increase membership: "You're doing jelking, and suddenly you realize your dick looks like a child's toy! What happened? You've probably put too much fluid on your dick by jelking. Most often, it looks like it describes you as if you have a donut at the end of your penis. "


Most of the doughnut's effect comes from jelking, but it can also come from prolonged masturbation and long sex. It's caused by the excess amount of fluid and blood that touches his head.

What do you do?

The doughnut effect usually lasts for a little while. Many men have only a few minutes to go on, but they can see more, until a few hours. In any case, the donut will disappear on its own unless it is touched or disguised.

Dry skin

Sometimes men say that after exercise, their skin gets dry and starts to whisper. Silence occurs quite rarely and occurs from severe skin dryness.


If leather dryness occurs in exercises, it's probably caused by the strawberries you use, and it's caused by an allergic reaction to the components of the strawberries. The dryness may arise when you use a lotion or soap instead of a bluericant. Because of a lack of lubrication (e.g. dry jelking), you can easily damage skin cover, which also results in dry and whispering.

What do you do?

If you think it's your strawberry, change it. Children's milk or vaselines rarely cause problems of this kind. If you've been doing dry jelking, you'll start using lubricant.


The wolves are a very rare side effect.


Woldiers are more often associated with sexually transmitted diseases such as genetic herpes. But sometimes they come up with exercises for a member, like when you accidentally pinch your dick with your hands or something.

What do you do?

If you have a single wolf due to accidental skin damage, stop training until it passes. If the wolves are a lot and they don't go so easily, go to a doctor. Go through the STI test. According to a study conducted at Emory University, 4 million cases of STIs are registered in America each year. And these are only registered cases, and imagine how many unregistered cases occur each year? STDs are better known now than sorry later. The sooner you go to a doctor and start treatment, the more chance you have to minimize all the negative consequences.


Blood in an exercise for a member is rare. When the blood comes out, it's usually like a few drops of blood at the cock's head. Blood usually occurs near or out of the urethra. Sometimes the blood also comes out of extreme flesh.


The pattern of blood in the urinary is probably not related to the exercises for a member, but is the consequence of a much bigger problem, especially if you notice the presence of blood in your urine. The blood in urine may be caused by the presence of stones in the kidneys of other kidneys, urine bubble diseases, prostate diseases or urea infections. In each case, a detailed examination is required, regardless of the amount of blood released.

If a doctor does not find anything serious, it is likely that the blood is caused by excessive pressure within a member that may arise in a too strong entrapment during a jelking or because of the excessive training intensity in general. Blood can also be caused by too intense sex or masturbation.

What do you do?

First of all, you need to see a doctor. If the problem is serious, you can't wait. If the doctor doesn't find anything wrong, just give your dick a rest. Take a weekly break and don't train your dick. Try to use the soft massage, put warm and cold to the cock. As soon as you can resume your training, start with a little bit of intensity.

Tromba in receptacles

Increased and healthy veins are typical side effects due to exercises for a member. Sometimes, however, there are trombs in veins when the vein is broken and inflamed. The medical term is Mondor's. This disease usually lasts between four and six weeks and is very rare. Mondor ' s disease was opened in 1958, with about 50 cases detected since then.

The main symptom of this disease is the vein attraction compared to the urine or thread. Other common symptoms include painting, tumor and vein hardness. Sometimes moderate pain is also a symptom. If you're testing some of these symptoms, you should pay attention to this, but don't panic, you probably just have big, brighter veins due to exercises for a member than Mondor's.

If a doctor ' s visit did indicate that Mondor had a disease, don't worry, it's usually two to eight weeks. According to scientific research, this disease is completely harmless and has no long-term impact on your dick and your health. Furthermore, research results do not show an erectile dysfunction even after medical intervention. Anyway, stop all exercises until the vein's wrapped up caused something more serious.


Mondor's disease is often caused by excessive or prolonged sex. So it is logical that too intensive exercises for a member may also cause the disease. Most of the men who experienced similar symptoms, according to their own words, used too intensive loads in exercises or using devices to increase membership. There's another reason for you to start with a little bit and to increase your load gradually.

However, hot sex or intensive training may not be the primary reason. In the end, millions of men had had sex with themselves once in their lives and never had any problems. Is there another reason for this disease? Some doctors think there is.

In a study published in the Journal of the American Osteopathic Association, Dr. David Griger and his colleagues indicate: " The cause of Mondor ' s disease is a combination of many factors, all of them relate to damaged walls of receptacles and to the state where the vessel ' s locks are easily visible " . So hot sex or intensive training combined with these factors can cause Mondor's disease.

Either way, you should avoid in the future what might lead to the purchase of receptacles. Moreover, further research shows that if a person is predisposed to Mondor's disease, its symptoms can be repeated and again.

What do you do?

The first and most important thing to do to someone who started showing symptoms of Mondor's disease is to refrain from having sex, masturbation and exercises for a member until the symptoms disappear. Leave your dick alone, the longer you ignore the problem, the longer it comes to remind yourself and the more difficult it will be to treat.

Go see a doctor if you're sure you've got Mondor's disease. The experienced doctor would probably be able to determine whether or not the problem of the sealed vein. Some urologists are advised to accept 400 mg Ibuprofen three times a day in the first week of treatment, thus accelerating recovery. Some men say that the air oil for vein is a typical strawberries made from the dishwasher grass. The oilmaker, a man with an online pseudonym Eroset, suggests that, as a preventive measure, Mondor ' s disease should be used to use oil on a damaged vein and lightly mass it within 5 to 10 minutes a few times a day. Eroset also recommends that oil be left on the cock, since even after the massage, your skin will continue to drink it. Some men support the idea of warming and cold in turn with light massage elements until the Vienna is cleared.

A trained man with a ManChuck pseudonym has often experienced symptoms of Mondor's illness: his penis has increased and his vein has been red, she's been boiling and she's been out of time. Over the past five years, long before he started exercises for a member, his symptoms could have continued from one week to three months. Recently, he found his medicine, he started taking aspirin every day, and all the symptoms went through.

Any of the methods listed can help by accelerating the recovery process and reducing the symptoms, but you must ask the doctor for counselling, don't take care of yourself!

Once again, Mondor's illness on a member is a very rare phenomenon, and most often when a man thinks he has a disease, it's likely that he's confused with one of the positive signs of a body - more healthy and pronounced veins.

Temporary erection

The erectile dysfunction, or the impossibility of keeping erection, is a typical sign of diversion. Of course, if your erection exercise was all right.


The temporal erectile dysfunction is usually indicative of a member ' s outflow. Take your dick as any other muscle, it can only withstand limited loads. It is for this reason that weak erections can also occur after too long sex, your dick just gets tired (although erections and increase after recovery begins).

What do you do?

Every time you're re-branding, there's only one solution to the problems involved that's just giving your dick a break. Take a break, usually the erectional dysfunction lasts more than two or three days. Aside from rest, try to use heat and massage to improve the circulation.

There are two things that shouldn't be done in time erectile dysfunction. First, don't focus on the problem. When you're concerned about something and nervous, your body separates adrenaline in large quantities, and adrenaline affects your erections negatively. Ironically, the more you think there's no erection, the more difficult it will be for you to keep it.

The second thing that should be avoided, at least until your erections get back to normal is having sex and masturbation. Any pressure on your penis will only increase the problem, so give your dick the time to recover.

Note that an erectile dysfunction may be caused not only by exercises for a member, and therefore may not be a temporary phenomenon. Stress, harmful habits, incorrect meals, lack of physical loads and unbalanced hormones can all lead to erectile dysfunction. I advise you to go to a doctor if your trouble with the firmness of a member lasts more than a week.

Flap: Refresher

Andrew was excited. He's only 30 years old, and he's had a wonderful time two hours ago. Andrew decided to increase the intensity three times and to do the jelking for an hour, even though he's only been training for three weeks.

“I was hoping that I could add more quickly.” His results were contrary to his expectations. Andrew didn't get a normal erection in the next 24 hours after his regular training, and he immediately asked for advice. Key recommendations in such cases: stop all training, avoid sex and masturbation. Put warm compressions on the cock and massage it. All this to speed up recovery. A member needs rest, or he can get bigger problems.

Andrew told me that the picture had improved, but his penis remained rude and not rigid. He went to see a doctor. “The doctor confirmed that Andrew wrote that my member was very plastic and said that there was no need to fear the deterioration of the current situation.”

Andrew did the right thing by asking for a doctor. It happens that men avoid seeing a doctor all the time because they're ashamed of this delicate subject. Of course, talking to a doctor about private things and exercises for a member may be very awkward, but not afraid of her, because it might be necessary.

Three days later: " I'm off the bench of spares, warming up and ready to go to practice! "

The worst thing that can happen.

Almost any dangerous incident ends just like Andrew. At first, he seems very serious, but then everything goes in a few days. However, as did a sportsman who had been planted with increased training and out of the wheel, some men who were engaged in exercises for a member had reached an erectyl dysfunction for several months. But it only happened in isolated cases.

The erectile dysfunction and other undesirable side effects of heavy retraining are rare, you have more chances of hurting your dick by having sex or masturbating than training.

But don't forget that you can harm a member in the long term, if you're constantly practicing in a regime that your dick isn't on the shoulder.

All the recommendations imply that you put the health of your member at the top of the corner. That's why you can't do the stretching and the jelking at the erection, you should start with a little.

In sum, be careful in exercises for a member. Your member is not a terminator, but a partner. Don't do the exercise until you're sure your dick is strong. In the long term, this means that there is a need to be consistent, monitor the results and avoid possible turnover injuries.

The good news for you is that your body has a unique ability to take care of itself. Your dick is a solid body, and usually he's recovering quickly from any trouble. Your body naturally protects the organ that is responsible for the continuation of your kind.

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