Nine exercise questions for a member

1. Question: " I don't have much time, can I make my dick more, more healthy? "

Answer: Sure. The exercises for a member should not be boring, taking a lot of time. If your time is limited, the best you can start is the " Minimum amount of work " programme.

  • maximum result " . Under this program, you can train six days a month for 12 minutes each training. Then you can go to her advanced version.

Another way of maximizing your efficiency within the time to be spent is to try to break the practice on the parts. For example, you can do jelks in the morning, and other exercises in the evening. Moreover, training can be divided into 3, 4 and even 5 parts. Choose what's right for you. In the worst case, you can do 1 to 3 minutes at every walk to the bathroom and then perform 5 to 10 minutes of exercise in the shower.

With this exercise approach, you won't have much time, and you'll do it regardless of how busy you are.

Many men claim that it was the division of training into parts that allowed them to achieve good results. It's because after a 40-minute exercise, you're starting to treat exercises as boring work, not as hobby. By the end of the training, many men note that they are beginning to exercise half the effort, which, of course, leads to a worsening of results. Short exercises are often more fun, live and effective.

You can also combine exercises, i.e. perform them without interruptions. The lack of rest between exercises reduces the time of practice and increases the pressure on your dick. The association works particularly well with more advanced exercises, and I have cited several examples of combining exercises in Annex B. Try to use them after you feel confident in the exercise with a fifth level of intensity.

If time is a problem for you, take a break. You'll always be able to get back to the exercise when you have more time and more motivation. A lot of men find that exercises are best carried out in the past, taking 23 weeks and gaining some kind of growth, take a break, then repeat the procedure first.

After all, you can try to use different ways to increase membership. If you use some of them, you won't even have to do any job, just put the instrument on your dick, and it's all done! ♪

2. Question: " Flexion of a member is normal? What causes bending? Can it be disposed of by exercise for a member? "

Answer: Flexing a member is a perfectly normal phenomenon. “Three of all men (33.8 per cent) has a sparkly or intoxicated member”, is written by Bernice Caneer, author of the book “You're normal when it comes to sex, love and relations?”

Moreover, the flexibilization of a member often allows a man to stimulate those parts of the female vagina that would be inaccessible if there was a flat member.

For example, bending provides a good incentive for point G. It's not surprising, therefore, that many women like an inverted member. When I asked women about the most important aspects of a man's penis, one woman said to me, "Nothing turns me on like a spark who gets to my sensitive place!"

So if you have a spark cock, try to take advantage of it. When you have sex, take the position that is best suited to your bend, most likely this position and will be the best for your partner.

What's causing the bending?

Flexibility may be caused by several factors. One reason is that the majority of the membership consists of three round-the-circuit seats, and sometimes one of these is smaller than the rest. This may be caused, for example, by frequent masturbations with pressure on one side of a member or your genes. When one of the cavities is less than two others, there is a bending to the smaller one. For other reasons, the length of the rotary is shorter than the length of the penis, and the formation of living tissues in different places along the member.

Peyroni disease

A small beating of a member is normal, and it must not cause fear. However, a strong spark that causes pain can be Peyroni's disease, it's the formation of blood feces inside a member. Peyroni's disease usually has three symptoms:

  • Pain during erections.
  • Hard stitch in the bending place.
  • A flexibilities formed by mature age. Most patients with Peyroni's illness are men between 45 and 65 years of age, so if you've suffered most of your life, you probably don't suffer this disease.

Fortunately, Peyroni ' s illness often passes on its own in 12 to 18 months, with no bend. If you're in pain, and your dick's bend is increasing, go to the urologist.

" Can the exercises for a member be free from the bend? ”

Some men were able to straighten their dick using certain exercises.

The main exercise that helps in curing the bend is a straight stretch, a jelk to the side, a mini junk and a bending straight. Depending on the size of your bend, the fixing of it can take one to two months. The exercise data are based on what you do against the bending direction. If you have a bend that you want to fix, do these exercises instead of your regular program as often as possible. For example, make a direct stretch instead of a basic stretch. Some of these exercises may be too complicated for you. It depends on how long you've been doing. For example, you should avoid the exercise of the Flash if you're new.

Direct stretch

This exercise is very much like the main length, with the exception that you only stretch one side, opposite your penis. It means that if, for example, your dick is sparkly left, you have to do a stretch to the right. This will allow you to put more pressure on the intact part of your member, which will eventually allow her to " catch " the greater side of your penis.

Jalk's way.

Джелк в сторону
Jalk's way.

This exercise is at the third level of intensity. By doing this exercise, you perform the jelks first to the right, then to the left and vice versa (see annex B for more detailed information on this exercise).

If your purpose is to correct the flexibilities, you should only do the jig one way against the direction of the bend. Fifthly, by putting a heavy strain on the smaller side of your bend, you stimulate it to increase.

If your dick is sparkly upwards, do the vertical jets, and you will put a major load on the bottom of your dick, trying to get it down.

Do the same with the bend down, but try to beat the dick up harder.

1. Jalk's on the right side to correct the bending to the left.

2. One hand, you hold a dick at the base, and the other performs jelks to the side opposite the bend of your penis.

Mini Jalking

This exercise only works if your penis is kicked or right or left. A good understanding of your dick's anatomy will help you understand and understand this exercise, so if you're confused, you'll turn to Annex A.

The member consists of three round-the-circuit seats. The two upper floors can be seen if you look at a member from the top down, the lower half supports your ear. The purpose of the mini-gelkov is to attach the load to the smaller of the cavities and, accordingly, to the one that causes the bend of your penis. Mini-Jelki shall be carried out using a cap, which focuses on a certain cavity (see c. 99). If your dick is sparked to the left, then his left side is smaller, and that's the side you're going to be doing the mini-Jalking. In order to deal with mini-gelking, reach the level of erection between 50 per cent and 75 per cent and do the following:

  • Take your penis to base your head and pull it forward like you're going to make a stretch. It'll help you get a pencil in front of a mini-glug.
  • Second hand, grab a member of the sniff at the bottom of the floor.
  • Do the jelks, focus on the smaller of your penis, just as you do the usual jets. Your goal is to make the blood pass through the smaller of your penis' beds. Every mini junk should last 2-3 seconds.

Easing curvatures and non-regulated curvatures also help to remove the sparkling of a member. As in the case of jellyfish on the side, do bends against the direction of your penis.

3. Question: " Are there exercises for a member that will help me get multiple orgasms? ”

Answer:Yeah. And you already know one of these exercises is Kegel's exercise. When Keguel's exercises are performed in the right time, they can give you much more than a break of premature ejaculations and sleepwalking, they can put you in a completely new world of sexual feelings - into a world of multiple men's orgasms. Well developed diaphragm diaphragm muscles in combination with great practice and the right timeming can turn you into a real sex giant. Dr. Barbara Kisling, in his book, " How to make love the night passes " , writes the following: " There are several steps on the path to multiple orgasms, and the strengthening of the pelagic muscles is the first and most important step. Any man willing to work a little bit can bring his pelvis diaphragm muscles into a state of readiness for just two or three weeks and more.”

So how does Keguel's exercise help you achieve multiple orgasms?

The secret is to understand your sexual initiation. You must feel good about your point of non-return, the moment when ejaculation becomes inevitable.

When you reach the point of non-return, the strong muscles of the pelagic diaphragm will help you more than any thought about the account of the recent football match or your naked grandmother, which you're putting in your head to delay the moment of ejaculation. That's why. Usually, it's assumed that ejaculation and orgasm are the same, and in fact, it's two completely different processes, but they just go hand in hand. You can separate the ejaculation from the orgasm by making a strong heel for ten seconds immediately before reaching the point of non-return. If you do the right thing, you'll be able to get an orgasm without making a seed! As a result, your penis will still be driven and eregrated.

For the first few times, the use of a keel to stop the ejaculation should be done by masturbating when you are not under pressure to sexually satisfy your partner. After you learn to get multiple orgasms alone, try to do it with your partner.

Another thing you should do, at least at first, is to stop any stimulus at the time of a strong hegel. It means stop masturbating if you're alone with you, or stop the pelvis if you're with your partner and then make a kegel.

Of course, the first few times will be quite difficult to contain ejaculation if you wait right before the point of non-return, which is why I advise you to come to the point of non-return gradually. That means the following. When you reach the point where you feel that your sexual tension is great enough and you can overthrow the seed during the next minute or two, stop and make the kegel. Let your induction fall a little bit, and then you can resume sex with masturbation. Next time, let your induction get even more intense, and then stop and do the kegel again. Increase your intensity and stop five or six times, constantly approaching your point of non-return. Then, when you're at the point immediately before your orgasm, completely stop any stimulus, take a deep breath and make the kevel as strong as possible. If everything goes according to plan, your body will feel an orgasm, and you will not reach the ejaculation and you will be able to go to the second entrance.

In order to become multi-orgasm, you'll have to practice a lot. One of the trainingers has rightly noticed: " I started to practice multiple orgasms about three months ago, and 100 ejaculations later, I finally got it!

During my learning process, I've experienced different situations, sometimes I've even overthrown the seed, but I haven't experienced an orgasm. This was a little weird, but it was still part of the learning process of separating orgasms from eyakutization. "

There are some underwater stones that can make it difficult for you to reach multiple orgasms, the main of which is the insufficient power of the pelagic diaphragm muscles. If you've been confronted with this problem, try to spend 2 to 3 weeks of Kegle exercises (but don't get overreacted, or you'll be more difficult to delay the ejaculation).

Another problem is a misunderstanding and a lack of sense of your own instigation, in which case you can do kegels at the wrong time. If it's a problem for you, make sure your body is completely relaxed, take a deep breath, and keep a close eye on any feelings you're experiencing as you approach the point of non-return.

4. Question: " I can never increase the firmness of my member. What's the problem?

Answer: Many factors may influence the firmness of your member. First, ask yourself the following questions: " Do I pay enough attention to the main exercises to improve hardness: Kegel exercises, jelking and stretches? Do I do Kegel exercises enough? " Or is it possible: “I'm doing too much of Keguel's exercise?”

If you're certain that you're not being re-created and not tense enough, your erection may be weakened for other reasons, such as heart disease, unhealthy lifestyles or stress.

Many men do not know that emotions have a very strong influence on the firmness of a member. As Dr. Steven Lamm said in his book Factor of Solidity, “depression, stress and nervousness are strong libido inhibitors”. After a large number of studies on the subject, it is clear that a positive attitude to life is the key to a healthy member.

"Stress is not the only thing that makes your sexual productivity worse. The different types of antidepressants used in stress management also have a negative impact on your sexual attraction and deter sexual desire, written by Dr. Ian Kenner, the sexologist and the author of She First. In fact, many anti-depressants increase the number of serotonin in the brain, causing side effects, such as reducing sexual libido, which in turn may cause weakened determination.

But the general health of the organism also involves weak erections. Dr. Lamm correctly points out that " there is an obvious link between weak erections and common medical conditions, such as obesity, high cholesterol, increased blood pressure, depression, sleep disorders, diabetes and heart disease " .

Either stress or poor health can cause weakened erections. Fortunately, you can do two things to get rid of both problems.

First, If you believe that the weakening of erections may be caused by a serious problem, such as heart problems, immediately contact a specialist.

Second, Try to lead a healthy, active and happy life. Give due attention to sports, healthy food and healthy sleep. Don't smoke or use alcohol in large quantities, these things also affect your erection.

Relax and enjoy the world you live in. These simple principles will make you and your dick more healthy to the oldest. In addition to this exercise for a member, you'll be able to forget for ever that this weak erection is.

5. Question: " Do food additives exist to improve the firmness of a member? "

Answer:Yes, some natural grass additives and vitamins can help to improve the health and integrity of a sexual member. The use of natural sources of activity, such as Picnogenol, L-Argin, Omega-3, non-contaminated fatic acids, " whipped goat " , as well as a set of additives, can enable men to prevent any problems related to the hardness of a sexual member " , is written by Dr. Lamm.

Along with a healthy lifestyle, many of these food supplements improve your libido and the quality of your erection. In addition, many of these additives are an excellent complement to the exercises for the member and allow for an increase not only in the firmness but also in the size of the member.

Consult your doctor before using these additives. They can be purchased in practically any pharmacy.

  • L-Argin. This amino acid reinforces erection, increases pleasure and sexual initiation. L-Argin improves blood circulation throughout the body, which has a good effect on the hardness and size of your dick. The impact of L-Argin is growing at a time when combined with picnogenol, another biologically active addition that improves hardness.
  • Omega-3 unsaturated fat acids. These acids play a key role in maintaining your heart's health. And the better your heart, the better your erections. Omega-3 unsewed fat acids can significantly reduce the risk of having a heart attack and help your heart stay healthy. They also improve your sexual productivity. The best natural source of omega-3 acid is fish. Unfortunately, most of us do not receive enough of these acids with food, which is why we need such food additives.
  • The rules of the rotten goat. This herbal additive is well known that it is very effective in increasing sexual activity. Her name speaks for itself: this grass makes you horny.
  • Yohimbe. Yochembe is comparable to Viagra. It's a very strong stimulant, so it shouldn't be used daily. Take an hour or two before you have sex. Don't use this additive if you have high blood pressure or heart problems.
  • Vitamins A, B, C and E. All these vitamins play an important role in the health of the body, the heart and the member. Vitamins have a positive impact on the flow of blood to a member, while they are a trap for free radicals associated with cardiovascular diseases and weakened erections. All these vitamins, like other food additives that increase hardness, can be found in one set of multivitamins.

6. Question: " Does pills increase membership? "

Answer: These tablets may be useful in combination with exercises to increase the membership. Many men use these pills as a supplement to an exercise for a member and say that it really helps them. However, many ingredients in pills of this kind can be found to be cheaper. If you want to use biologically active additives in addition to your exercises, please refer to the previous paragraph.

7. Question: " I have tried almost everything, and I still cannot increase my membership. What's my problem?

Answer: When it comes to an increase in membership, there are four types of men who share the type of growth.

First type - those men who easily add both in length and in thickness. These men reach their goal faster than the others.

Next 2 types Men are either those who easily add in length or those who easily add to thickness.

Men who belong to one of these types tend to be easily targeted in one direction (increase in length/increasing in thickness) and then saturated to increase the other.

Yeah. Last type Men are those who are the ones whose increase in membership is the harder than the others. This type of man has to work most to achieve the goal.

Before you consider yourself to the last type of man, remember that an increase in the penis is such that it takes time.

Your biceps won't double in a month, no matter how much you train. The same thing happens to your dick.

Many men have done their best every day of exercise and have no desired result. The reasons for this may be those already described in this book, such as insufficient rest, small loads or too heavy loads.

Even bad results can depend on your genes. Just as men who cannot recruit a muscle mass, no matter how well they try, men who exercise for a member cannot increase their membership for reasons beyond their control.

Nevertheless, whatever the reason for slowing the growth of your sexual penis is always one last resort that will help you increase your membership. This is your perseverance.

If you've already tried everything that's described in this book, my advice is to stop and stop doing what you've done before. It doesn't work. Take a break for two to four months. It might be hard to convince yourself that a break would help you, but it is. Your member must return to a state in which he has not yet felt all the beauty and gravity of the exercise to increase his membership. After rest, when you resume your training, start with a small and radical change. Try different things: change the number of days you train, change the burden on your dick. Do whatever you want!

You can go further, change your way of life. Like, if you smoke, drop it! If you don't do sports, start sports. Eat healthy food, which is even more important, try to use biologically active supplements. If you're still not doing anything, try to use an increase in membership.

8. Question: " What is such an arrangement to increase membership? What are the most common devices? Are they expensive? Are they safe? "

Answer: Auxiliaries to increase membership are instruments that give exercises to increase membership for you. These instruments can yield good results, especially in combination with exercises for a member. Among the most common are hudders, pumps, retractors, jelx simulators and simulators. Some instruments, such as suspensions and stretchers, can be used throughout the day with minimal effort. Such devices are also useful if you have a growing problem. Many men start using these instruments when the increase stops.

" What are the most common instruments? "

The signer.

This instrument is used for plants and is useful to build the length. One part of the hudder is attached to the body of your penis (not to the head) and the cargo hangs at the other end. The doctors recommend the use of this device after the expansion operation. With this device, it's very easy to change the weight and time of the suspension. Weight may vary from 0.5 kg to 15 kg or more.

However, the suspension of heavy goods is often not mandatory and is not recommended by newcomers. The suspension time ranges from one to a few hours.

24-hour stretchers.

This lighting device may be used for long periods. It allows your penis to be permanently in a vegetated state and usually used with the hudder. For example, some men first use a hudder for a few hours and then a stretcher for a day. The whole-day popular method is the use of very light cargoes known as " Functioning for a member " . These weights are put on the penis and placed on it with a piece of tissue. Their advantage is that they are practically invisible and can be used even in public spaces, allowing them to wear them all day long.

The elongator.

It's a sort of 24-hour stretcher. He's unique to being dragged around a dick and keeping him in a molten state all day. These instruments usually work: one part is fixed for the founding of a member, and the other pulls a member, sticking around his head. These instruments are good to increase the unregulated size. Some doctors also claim that the elongators are capable of ridding Peyroni ' s illness, a strong and painful bend of a member. These instruments do not require much effort, but they should normally be carried for a long time before the results begin.

Simulator jelking.

This device is designed to produce the same effect as jelking. It's more intense than an exercise. Most of the jelking simulators use two jelking valleys. These instruments are effective in enabling you to significantly increase your intensity without compressing your hands.


It's the most common instrument to increase membership. The pumps have been used for decades to build hardness and to increase membership. When using this device, the penis shall be placed in a vacuum tube from which the air is pumped to increase pressure. To have sex, you put your penis on the phone and puncture it until it's strong enough to enter the vagina. You put penis on the phone for a few minutes or more. Although the pump results are often temporary, many men were able to add in size using pumps together with exercises for a member. Initially, the penis was pumped with a hand pump, but recently there were electrical pumps that do all the work for you. Both pumps are an effective tool. The pumps are sold almost everywhere, from sexshops to online stores. The best pumps also have a pressure meter without which you can easily overtake.


This device works by compressing a member ' s base on short time, which prevents the flow of blood from a member. This in turn leads to increased blood pressure within a member and forces the member to expand. The clamps are like Ouli's exercise and are secured by a tight ring at the base of the penis. Although clips are quite new devices, they nevertheless allowed many men to increase the thickness significantly. However, with clips, it is easy to recycle, and they may also lead to the development of Mondor ' s disease.

Are these devices expensive?

Of course, the price of various devices is different and can range from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars. The cheapest option is to make the device on its own.

More expensive is just buying a device. Of course you'll spend more money, but it'll take less effort from you. The most expensive appliances are hudders, elongators and pumps. Most of the lifters are worth about $100. Hand pumps also cost about $100, while the price of electrical pumps can reach $500. The elongators cost about $150 a grand.

More cheap are jelking simulators, 24-hour stretchers and clamps. Each of these instruments is worth about $100 a grand. Some of the stretchers, such as the weight of a member, are worth about $15. Plus, it's easy to find a 5-dollar clip for a retailer.

Are these instruments safe?

Basically, if you use them correctly, according to the instructions, the devices to increase the penis are harmless. The main danger lies in ignorance of its limits. You can easily retrain by weighing more than you need or pumping your cock. Of course, the common sense should tell you that you shouldn't at first weigh more than 0.5 kg on your dick. In addition, the use of devices often gives rise to a member ' s warming, especially when the clamps are used.

If safety is a priority for you, take into account the fact that some doctors recommend the use of the hudders and pumps after the expansion operation.

Nevertheless, if you're going to use the instrument, it will be important for you to follow all the recommendations described in this book, as well as to comply with the following precautions in handling the instruments.

Strictly limit use time. At first, when using pumps, clips and suspensions, don't overload your dick for more than ten minutes. In time, you can increase the use time to 20 minutes, but no more. Your member needs to receive sufficient blood to remain healthy and solid, and most of the instruments limit the circulation of blood. After every approach, give your cock a minimum of 10 minutes to rest. The extensions and stretchers can be carried much longer, but take them off from time to time for a few minutes.

Explore a member to protect, comfort and support. Most of the instruments are made in such a way as to allow you to turn your penis into soft tissue before the instrument is used. You can use any material to turn around: socks, cotton tissue, medical bandages or marleys. The use of the wrappers will not only protect your dick, but also help his skin and remain healthy.

Never allow the device to act on the head of your penis.

The head is the most sensitive part of your penis, and consequently it is the most affected.

Keep an eye on the color and temperature of your dick. If your dick gets cold or dark, buying dark blue, purple or black shades, immediately remove the device. All these signs mean that your dick needs fresh blood. After the removal of the device, make 10 keels and jelly to send fresh blood to your cock.

Always start small and move forward gradually. This principle is reinforced at times when the instruments are used because you are under control of your actions. When you're doing exercises using your hands, you can easily stop at any moment, with instruments, another case. You may need a few minutes to remove the device from the cock. This short time can play a critical role if something goes wrong. Also, using instruments, it's very easy to move the stick. The safest way to use the devices is to start with known less intensity than the one you think you can handle. Start with little weights, pressures and short use time.

If you take care of these recommendations, you will minimize your chances of mistakes. For more information on safety regulations related to the use of devices, please refer to instructions on the use of each specific device.

9. Question: " Is there an expansion operation? "

Answer:Yes, many men who don't know about the exercises for a member or who don't want to spend time on them decide to lay under a knife.

Unfortunately, expansion operations were not as successful as breast-raising operations, and their results were often disappointing. In a recent study of the Institute of Urology, David Ralph ' s doctor urologist and his colleagues noted that most of the men who had carried out such an operation were dissatisfied with its results. Of the 42 men, only 35 per cent were satisfied with the results.

The most common technician of the operation is bundling. Injection of silicone, inflatable implants and fat injections from other parts of the body are also spread.

" The operation increases the non-regulated size of the member but usually only 1 cm " , writes Ralph and his colleagues in the European urology magazine. " Some patients with persistent post-operative extensions may increase the size to 3 cm, but it should be cautioned that there may also be small losses in size. "

On the other hand, Dr. Douglas Whitehead, President of the American Academy of Plastic Surgeons and leading surgeon in the expansion of membership, said that there was more encouraging results. " The average expected length increase is about 2.5 cm. Goodly motivated patients can add up to 5 cm, written by Whitehead.

Dr. Gherie Alter, another well-known surgeon, said: " The increase of 7 to 10 cm is rare, but some persistent users of weights and hudders have also sought such results. "

It is clear that men who use hints after a sexual expansion operation add much more than those who do not use weight. In addition, it is clear that the feedback on the expansion operation is different. The results of the operation are often temporary, especially those related to the increase in the thickness of the member.

Dr. Patrick Hudson is an example of a surgeon who is not a supporter of an expansion operation: " There are many risks associated with this kind of operation. These risks include infections, scars, hexing and loss of member ' s functionality. "

Nevertheless, any man wishing to subject his or her member of the operation must first study the subject area well. As they say, "that's what you pay for, that's what you get." So in search of the right surgeon, the cheapest option would not always be the safest.

Some doctors are better than the others. There are also many scary stories where men did not receive anything other than post-operative complications because they did not turn to more qualified specials.

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