Alternative advanced programme

“I'm looking for a more specific training program, can you help me? ”

Finding a " perfect " training programme would be difficult. In many cases, this is almost impossible. What's perfect for you is not necessarily your neighbor, and vice versa.

When a man gets a lot of results, he usually shares with the rest on the online platform with the program and the exercises he performed. Of course, it's great - everyone contributes to the development of collective knowledge of exercises for a member. But often both the programme itself and the exercises in it are advanced, which prevents other men from staying on the right track in their training. Many men are beginning to think wrongly that once the advanced program has helped someone, it will certainly help them. What are they doing? They're completely copying the program without personalizing it under their body and their dick.

After everything that has been said and done, the man who changes his program usually remains disappointed. Yeah, he can get a little increase, which is not comparable to what he described as the source of the program, and this increase usually leads to a platoon (increase) stove worse than the trauma associated with refringing. Not very productive, is it?

The reason why the programme did business for another man was simple: the programme itself had not triggered growth, but rather the male member had responded to the programme.

That is why it is very important to follow the guidelines (all dealing with jelking, changing exercises, always disclosing, monitoring the body ' s reactions, gradually increasing intensity and giving a member sufficient rest). These simple principles have a greater impact on your member than ever on any number of jigs, plants and keels.

If you're looking for ways to redesign your training, you can do it in an inaccurate number of ways. As you move, use these programmes as a guide that will help you constantly change the exercises used and keep your cock from getting used to the loads.

The amount of time required to follow each of the programmes varies depending on how much you usually practice. For example, if you're training 50 minutes, you shouldn't be down to 20 minutes for training. Instead, just adapt the program to yourself by increasing the time of each exercise. This applies to all programmes to be discussed further. In addition to this, keep doing jai stretches and carrying out Kegel's exercises under the main advanced program.

Alternative programme 1: " Spread programme "

As in the case of an advanced newcomer programme, this programme adds to the training of a number of jeans, long exercises and wide exercises every week.

Four days a week, do the following. Basic training:

  • 5-minute mine clearance;
  • 12 minutes long exercise;
  • 12 minutes of jelking;
  • Five minutes of thickness exercise.

Increased intensity: add each week

  • 1 minute jelking;
  • 1 minute long exercise;
  • One minute of thickness exercise.

Alternative Programme 2: " Lower number of work / maximum result "

If you were able to add sizes to a similar program for starters, try this advanced modification.

Take one training, then take a two-day break. Do so within 18 days (6 training days).

Then do light exercises within one week. Then take a 1 month break.

Basic training:

  • 5-minute mine clearance;
  • 15 minutes long exercise;
  • 20 minutes of jelking;
  • Ten minutes of thickness exercise.

After 18 days, secure, rest and repeat.

1 week of lung exercise - perform the following exercises:

  • 5 minutes long exercise;
  • 5 minutes of thickness exercise;
  • Five minutes of jelking.

A month break. For a month, don't be practicing for a member, just do the corn.

Say it again. After the break, start again by 6 days of training, then by week of exercises, then again for a month's recess. Keep following this cycle while you're growing up. Every new time, increase your exercise intensity.

Alternative programme 3: Programme-Splits

This program breaks your practice into two parts. You do your first practice in the morning, second in the evening.

Do the following four times a week.

Morning training:

  • 5-minute mine clearance;
  • 15 minutes of jelking;
  • Ten minutes of thickness exercise. Evening training:
  • 5-minute mine clearance;
  • 20 minutes long exercise.

Alternative programme 4: " Programme of rotation "

With this program, you're changing the number of days you're training.

Repeat the following cycle:

  • Do one day, rest two days.
  • Do 2 days, rest 3 days.
  • Do 3 days, rest four days.
  • Take four days, rest three days, take five days, rest two days.
  • Do six days, rest for a week.


  • 5 minutes of clearance;
  • 15 minutes long exercise;
  • 15 minutes of jelking;
  • Ten minutes of thickness exercise.

Alternative programme 5: " Programme paper "

This intensive programme has helped many men overcome the platoon (delayed growth). Her idea was to " scoop your penis " , thereby making it grow without altering it.

The programme is not recommended for those who exercise less than a few months because of its intensity.

How often you use this program depends on you. Some men perform this programme once a month, others do only it, 1-2 times a week.

The intent of this program is to use a much greater intensity than the one you used to. Typical software training lasts two to three times longer than your usual practice.

For your first class on the programme show:

  • Give your dick a rest for two or three days before you start this program.
  • Under this program, you'll double your training time. It means that if you're usually training 45 minutes, then this time you'll get a 90-minute training.
  • After training, let your dick rest from three to six days.

For follow-up sessions on the programme

If you have healthy signs of bodily harm in the first few days of this program training, try to increase your intensity.

Gradually try to increase the training time of 3, 4 and 5 times.

Some men are able to increase their time to 8-12 times (naturally, they break the practice in parts).

Either way, make sure your penis has enough rest, both before and after these exercises.

Pay and breaks

But at one beautiful moment, your dick can slow down its growth or stop growing.

If you've reached the critical point where you've tested virtually all the options and nothing else, just stop doing exercises for a dick. Stop. Take a rest. Take a break. Whatever you do, don't keep doing what you did. If something didn't help you today, it probably won't help you tomorrow.

What's stopping the increase? In simple language, your penis simply follows the natural laws of biology - it adapts to exercises. Imagine that your dick sees a threat in exercises, and that's why he's developing protection to counter this threat. Over time, you will need more and more efforts to effectively overcome this protection. You can even reach a stage in which protection will be virtually impossible. In this case, your dick stops growing up, and you're pushing the undesirable platoon.

The best way to overcome the platoon is to take a break. When the training breaks, your cock will eventually lower his defense, so when you resume your class, you will be able to make him grow again.

Some men claim that the most significant additions in size were at the very beginning of the exercise for a member. Fortunately, many men say that once they take a long " child-bearing " break, their member remains as sensitive to exercises as they did at the beginning.

Depending on the level of preparation of your member (which is how long you've been doing) an effective six to twelve-week break is effective. Many men claim that a two-month break is ideal for the resumption of growth.

Since you don't keep your results up during the break, you can temporarily lose them. Maybe even that you'll lose all your additives is an unusual phenomenon, but still possible. The continuity of your results depends on how long you've received them. In fact, any additions in size that you received three to four months ago are likely to remain constant.

Anyway, don't worry. The increase is easier to achieve for the second time. Most men find that the results are being restored in the first few weeks of the resumption of training.

After your break, you should resume your less intensive training. After the recess, your dick is no longer sufficiently prepared for the heavy loads, maybe you can resume the increase in size, even using the rookie basic program.

Besides, it's not recommended to start from where you dropped your training because you can easily overload your rested and unprepared cock.

The best thing you can do is start from the smallest and fast to the level you stopped before the break.

During the break, you can still do Kegel's exercises, so if you've already done nothing, concentrate on them, they'll really help you reinforce the pelvis diaphragm muscles.

If you don't have a long break, try to take a few more breaks. For example, do one week, then rest one week. Besides, you can try to use the tools to increase the membership that really helped many men.

"What took the break for me."

Chris reached the platoon after five months of exercise for a member. He was only halfway to his goal, and he was determined not to give up and move on. In an attempt to reinvigorate the increase, Chris decided to do what most men do in this case: to use devices to increase a member, such as pump or suspension. Chris chose the suspension. Although many have achieved excellent results by using such devices, Chris has failed. In the end, he got to use the suspension a few hours a week, but his dimensions remained the same.

After a year of hard work, without getting any results, Chris realized that since he didn't do anything in a year, he probably did something wrong. Still determined to achieve its goal, Chris conducted a small study and found that a long break could lead to a possible resumption of growth. Then Chris decided to completely stop any exercise for a member for three months.

When Chris resumed his training, he was very surprised to find that his increase was fast. It's almost as big as the beginning of the class. Moreover, Chris himself suggested that " The breakthrough not only allowed my cock to rest, but also my mind. Over time, exercises have become increasingly boring and tiring. " Chris finally realized that such breaks were necessary to maintain the freshness of his mind and to preserve his motivation.

In order to stay out of the platoon in the future, Chris designed a programme for himself that included both training and breaks between them. He spent six weeks and then took a 12-week break. After all, Chris reached its goal after five cycles and remained satisfied with the new size of his member, 22 cm.


Until recently, men were often advised to break through the dress through training, which was often ineffective. Fortunately, the opening of the principle of " day breaks " has shown that the most easy way to overcome the stalemate is through training and extended rest periods.

This type of training is called a break training. Training in this way can be done in two different ways. The first, and often the lightest, is to train until the growth stops and then takes a three-month break. This option is still the best option for you, because you don't know if you're going to make a penny or not. Some men just keep adding and adding without any stop in growth. But if you find out over time that you're susceptible to growth stops, try the second way: do the same thing Chris did: create your training plan where you're doing three to four weeks and then rest five to six weeks.

Establishing results

So you've added the sizes and now you want to keep them. This will require you to use a backup program and occasionally conduct light training, that is, maintenance.

Nothing in life forever. From the clothes to the cells inside your system, everything has a time limit. This also applies to the size of your penis. As you know, when you're pounding, your cock will inevitably fall in size. In this regard, your results cannot be constant, ageing is an undeniable fact of life.

But fortunately, you have the knowledge of exercises for a member that will help you combat signs of ageing. From time to time, by supporting the good physical shape of your penis through exercises, you can keep his new dimensions for the rest of your life.

A man who supports the physical health of his member is unlikely to have to resort to drugs such as Viagra at the age in which most men do so.

Compared to what you used, maintenance training is much easier and easy. Most of the maintenance exercises consist of either 2-3 minutes of daily jelking and planting or light weekly training. That's how one man describes his support program: " Every time I take a shower, I make 20 to 30 jigs and I stretch 2 to 3 minutes. In addition, I'm doing Kegel's exercises in the day. I treat these exercises as an integral part of my daily life. It's the same thing for me to brush my teeth in the morning and in the evening. These easy supportive trainings have allowed me to keep the increase for years.”

The maintenance programme is not strictly necessary to maintain the new size of your member. Some men did not lose a centimetre, even after ten years of their last training. These men have successfully consolidated their results. As one exercise said: " I have ceased to exercise for a member for a long time, and since then my size has not changed, even though I do not do maintenance exercises. "

Others were slightly less fortunate, especially for those who had to drop out of any training because of the hard-core exercise. When a man is retrieved, he often loses most of his growth, mainly because the question of the consolidation of results does not arise (as any exercises must be stopped when overstretched). In addition, serious tuitions can lead to erectile dysfunction, which affects sex and day-to-day erections, which are also some sort of accentuating exercise.

In fact, the fact that you were able to add more than three to four months ago will remain with you forever. Some men argue that their results are as valid as they are achieved, while others say that they require at least three months of continuous training to consolidate new dimensions. In order to be safe, you will need to follow the program.

Get a frequent erection.♪ Erection is an easy form of exercise for a member. Therefore, everyday erection is the right way to maintain the new size of your penis. The more you experience erection and the longer it lasts, the more likely your results will be constant.

You can secure your growth in two ways.

First method - it's over your goal. For example, if your target is 20 centimetres long, do as long as you don't grow up to 21 cm long.

Under this approach, in the event of the loss of new sizes, you will fall on your original purpose, as in most cases many men lose between 0.5 and 1 cm after the training stops.

Second method - It's gradually reducing the training intensity for 3-4 months. So, when you reach your goal, keep doing the same intensity for another month, then halve it next month and then halve it for the third month and so on.

To increase the chances of retaining your new size, you should use both approaches at the same time. I mean, overcomplete your target and then reduce intensity gradually. Remember, the length is usually easier to keep than the thickness.

Long or thick?

Usually, it's easier to fix the size in length than in the engagement.

Maybe you'll need to secure the results more than once, even if you're following the program, not all of your results can become permanent after the first time. Maybe you'll lose a few millimeters or more. Anyway, don't panic. Like the other muscles of your body, the member has muscle memory, so the new dimensions are easier to recover.

You can avoid the need to restore your new size if you closely monitor your results during the retention phase. If you clash that your size will begin to decrease, just... just slow down.

Example of the programme

That's an example of the program. Your personal program may differ depending on your characteristics. The more time you're gonna get fixed, the more likely your results will remain constant.

Prior to the programme

  • Since the loss in size is a frequent phenomenon, you will be able to surpass your target by 0.5 to 1 cm both long and wide, thus increasing your chances of retaining the desired size of a member. Once you've completed your goal, you'll have to move to the first month of the exercise.

Month 1

  • Keep your current program.

Month 2

  • Reduce the time of practice twice. For example, if you did four times a week per hour for training, reduce the number of days to two or the duration of each training to half an hour.

Month 3

  • Reduce the time of practice to a quarter of the original time.

After programme

  • Do exercises to maintain time and time. For example, do 2 to 3 minutes exercises in every shower, and don't forget Kegel's exercises, do it every day, it's easy and timeless.

Main findings

  • Always do the jets, keep following the signs, change the list of your exercises. May your dick be unprepared for new exercises.
  • Keep increasing your intensity. There are three ways to do this: increase the time of practice, increase the intensity of exercises and add advanced exercises to your training.
  • All exercises are divided by intensity levels. Don't do exercises until their " recommended time " .
  • Advanced exercises are not necessary. The fact that the exercise is advanced does not mean that you can increase the size of your penis with it, especially if your member is not ready for it.
  • If you've reached a point where nothing's been helping, and you've stopped adding in size, take a 6-12-week break. This will allow you to resume your growth.
  • In order to make the growth permanent, you will have to follow a backup program that includes a gradual reduction in intensity over three months.

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