Main components of exercises for a member

When it comes to training your muscles, you start rolling, and your muscles get bigger and stronger over time. The same thing happens to the muscles inside your dick. Instead of raising gravity, you put a strain on the muscles inside your penis in one of two ways: length and compression.


The stretch is literally an exercise when you pull yourself for a dick. The length is mainly used to increase the length. For the first five weeks, you'll be doing a major stretch that will give your member a good load, and you'll be able to read the principles of exercise on the stretch. Over time, you will include in your program more advanced exercises of this kind.


Pressure exercises work to expand penis. These exercises are mainly used to increase the thickness because they use compression, crushing and other means to increase the thickness. Some squeezing exercises also help with a length increase, like jelking, an exercise that helps circulating blood in your penis. This exercise will be the primary for you in the first five weeks.

Exception: Keguel exercise

Keguel's exercise is the only exercise you won't use your hands, just your thought. Kegel's exercise is a training that strengthens your skeleton muscles. This exercise is very important if you want to increase the firmness of your penis, your penis and your sex life.


After you learn all the exercises, you need to develop a training program. Your first program will consist of three major exercises: the main range, the jelking and the Kegle exercise. You will determine how often you will perform these exercises. Some men work once a few days, some days in a row. In order to start showing results, I advise you to do a minimum of 3 times a week to 15 minutes each day, followed by an increase in the length of training. Each programme describes how many approaches should be taken, what exercises should be done and when intensity is increased.


As soon as you reach your goal, your main task will be to preserve the sizes that have been taken. To do this, you're gonna need a retention program that will follow, you'll be doing light exercises within three months.

Enhanced devices

Many men use various kinds of increased tools to train their member. This program focuses mainly on exercises for a member where you use your hands, but in the post-condition, you will find a review of the most frequently used devices. I don't recommend that you use these devices until you've been trained for at least three months.

Basis of exercises for a member

The exercises for a member are basically nothing different from the usual exercise for your body. When you're in the gym, there's a set of basic principles that help you optimize your results. The same is the case in the exercise for a member. We will address all these basic principles in subsequent chapters.

Growth diagram

Scientists, bodibilists and all those who are serious about Fitness have long known that it's not enough to go to the gym to look like Arnold Schwarznegger in his best years.

The lifting of gravity is only half the case, the other half is how to do it right. To that end, there are rules for exercise.

The exercises for a member, like any others, have basic rules. They are simply remembered and taught, and they are the key factor necessary for a healthyer form of sexual penis.

There are three rules that are vital for the healthy and effective training of a member.

  • These rules are what I call growth diagram.
  • Rule 1: Pay due attention to rest. Your member will need time to rest and re-establish forces after all the drilling exercises.
  • Rule 2: Increase your intensity gradually. As you do exercises for a member, you'll have to increase the workload and intensity of training. This increase should occur smoothly, not instantly, which is often not understood by newcomers.
  • Rule 3: Follow your " signs of the body " . This rule is the most important of all. You need to keep an eye on your sexual member, watching him react to exercise. The reaction of your body will make you realize whether you're doing exercises right without hurting your penis.

Rate of growth diagram

For two years, I have analysed all the information that men have received, and I have concluded that those who have followed the three basic rules most have achieved the greatest success: they have given their member adequate rest, listened to his body, and gradually increased the workload and intensity of the training. But the most important thing is that they, first of all, wanted their dick to be healthy.

Men who did not follow these rules did not achieve any results. They either did not give the member a proper break from the load, or did not follow the reaction of their body, or increased the intensity in the hope of speeding up the process.

Many of these men have had to stop exercises because they have lost faith in themselves and have not been patienced or because they have been very retrained.

The rules that make up the growth diagram are so important that you first need to know and understand what those rules mean before moving directly to practice.

In the course of your training, you will understand these rules even better. In the meantime, you need to know that, following these three rules, you are maximizing your results and minimizing your injuries. The growth diagram is a success story. Make these rules part of yourself, and you'll be on the right path to a healthy, big and stronger member.

Growth diagram

Rule 1: Let's get a member to rest.

A member, like any other muscle you have, needs a rest to grow and strengthen strength. Without the necessary rest, you'll retrieve your cock, which will lead to consequences that are the opposite of your purpose - weaker erections and a lack of growth.

Some men need more rest than others. The rest time that your member requires depends on several factors.

How long have you been training? The more you train, the more your penis becomes, and the less you need to rest. After all, you're going to be able to do 6-7 times a week without a break. First week, I recommend a two-day break after the day of exercise. After that, gradually reduce the rest until you get to the daily classes.

Your genes. Some men need a much less rest simply because they have such an organism - unlike other people, their muscles, including their cock, are being restored faster.

Other factors. Your age, your meals, the frequency of sex and masturbation can also affect the amount of rest required by your member.

Give your dick time for recovery and growth.

Rule 2:increase intensity gradually

Let's imagine for a moment that you're training your biceps. You start with your max: 12 approaches in 10 kg, your maximum output increases over time. Just theoretically, you can make 12 approaches in 15 kg, but you don't do it or increase the weight. For some reason, you do all 12 approaches with a weight of 10 kg. As a result, you don't maximise your loads, so your chains don't grow as fast as you could. And if you stay ten kilos long enough, your chains will stop growing.

According to Dr. Dan Curtis, this has to do with the following: " The weight of the muscles should be more than the typical loads to which they are subjected. The muscles will not have an incentive to grow if you do not increase the pressure on them, and you do the same thing with the same weight of the day. "

The work of the muscles inside your penis looks like a skeletal muscle work. The member is fast adjusting to the loads. In order for a member to increase in size, he must be kept under constant strain than those to which he is used. That's why you're going to gradually increase your exercise.

At first, you will increase intensity only in one way: giving more time to practice. As you move, there will be two others in the first way: more advanced exercises and increased intensity of exercises you already know. In more detail, you will find out in the fifth part.

Frequency error: too fast load build-up

The most common error among the newcomers is a too rapid increase in workloads. Many trainees are so keen to achieve positive results that often enable their ambitions to decide for themselves. Don't let that happen to you.

Increase your intensity, but do it a little. Your goal is to start with a little and gradually moving forward. Otherwise, overloads at the beginning can affect your results until you stop adding in size in principle.

Never start immediately with advanced exercises, don't miss steps, it might be dangerous. Without proper preparation, running ahead means trying to pull 200 kg off your chest, with a maximum of 75 kg. It's the right path to death, instead, you better put your penis on the ring with Mike Tyson.

If you remember only one thing from this chapter, then let this thing be the following phrase: at first, it means more!

As one of the trainingers rightly pointed out, " you must encourage the growth of your member, not force it to grow by force. You will not be forced to grow. " The exercise for a member is not a competition, it's a friendly alliance between you and your penis.

Rule 3: Look at the body's reaction.

" Solid is good, that's even better. " Dr. Steven Lamm, Solid Factor

This rule is the most important of all three, because your body's reaction connects everything together, it shows you what's going on with your dick, points out when he needs rest and when it's time to increase the intensity of the loads.

The aforesaid signs were opened by one chiropractor in 2004, the discovery changed the perception of exercises for a member once and for all. This man found that when a member of the sex grew, he began to show healthy signs, such as a stronger erection.

He also found unhealthy signs of bodily harm, such as weaker erections, which occur in the absence of growth.

Healthy signs

Healthy signs indicate that you will improve the physical shape and health of your dick. Your primary task is to make a member healthy and then to increase his size. If you have healthy bodily signs, you'll probably be added in size.

Unhealthy corporal

Unhealthy bodily signs are a sign that you're overloading and maybe doing something wrong. In this case, you should slow down the exercise and reduce the number of trainings, even if the program says otherwise. Watch the unhealthy signs and try to avoid them, don't hurt your dick.

Classification of typical corporal

In fact, the more your dick is, the better. Solidity is not only a result of exercise, but also an indicator of whether they are effective. A strong erection is the equivalent of correct exercises, the sign that they work. The weak erection amounts to inefficiencies.

Corporal awareness

It's important to follow your body's signs because every penis responds to exercises differently. Some men train seven days a week, never distracted, while others may have one day to overload their membership. Tale signs will serve you as a good assistant on the way to a better and larger member, and they will make this way safe and fast.

Healthy penis

The morning erection is a sign that your dick is healthy. Many sexologists are using the fact that a morning erection is available to determine whether an erectile dysfunction is a psychological or physical problem: if a man is experiencing a morning erection, then an erectile dysfunction is likely to have some psychological reasons.

The appearance of healthy bodily signs signals that you're doing everything right and your dick gets better. But sometimes even with all the healthy signs, the size of the penis doesn't change. That again means you're doing the right thing, but not too intense. Don't forget that with the increased intensity, you can and will be retrained, watching unhealthy bodily signs, they'll tell you that you may have overdoed.

When you have unhealthy bodily signs, you should stop practicing and let the penis get some rest until these signs go away. The interruption in training with unhealthy bodily signs of stopping the car when you've got a hood, you know exactly what's going on, and you need to fix the situation.

Examples of corporal use

Example 1: Frank's in the third week of practice, and he's doing a 16-minute jelking every day, four days a week. He observes three healthy signs: his membership is increased in size, his membership is also increasing in the normal (non-regulated) state, and he has a stronger erection. All these signs suggest that Frank is on the right path. To keep the growth slow, Frank is starting to increase the intensity and now adds two minutes each week, that is, he's been doing 18 minutes a quarter, 20 minutes, five and so on.

Example 2: Alex does the second week and makes the jelking 10 minutes a week, 3 days a week. At the next training, Alex is drastically changing the intensity and adds an extra 10 minutes by the time of practice. After a couple of days of training in the new regime, Alex notices that his unregulated member has become smaller, and his erection has weakened, two unhealthy bodily signs suggest that he has been retrained. In order to recover from overloading, Alex stops training and waits for his erection to reinvigorate.

Possible side effects

We've already talked about all the positive things that you can do for a member, and it's time to discuss the negative effects that these exercises can have. If you've ever been serious at the gym, you must have had both positive and negative side effects on your muscles. If you feel more energetic, it's an example of a positive side effect, but at the same time, you could whine your body from intensive training, which is an example of negative side effects. Both types of side effects usually do not show themselves long enough and do not necessarily occur after each exercise.

The same is the case in exercises for a member: all side effects are very often temporary, and they may not appear. Some men have no side effects at all. You should also draw attention to the fact that most of the negative side effects can be minimized or eliminated - you just need to be a little more reckless and follow advice. You'll find out how to overcome the side effects if they start to show. In the meantime, you need to know what you need to be careful.

Consciousness of member

This side effect may be different: you may start to have small contusions in some places on a member, or your member may completely warm up and acquire a bronze shade (many men think that a member is more “municually”). The warming is the most common side effect, usually associated with intensive exercises and overstretching.

This side effect usually occurs after a few months of schooling, but it is not always so: some men are predisposed to it by the rest of the men as well as by bruising on the body. Although this is a temporary side effect, some men wrote that they had long.

Speakers and distinct receptacles (evens)

Sometimes exercises for a member increase and become more distinctive blood vessels.

Furniture on Member

Temporary stains are most likely to appear on the cock's head. Usually, it's a red-coloured stain with a pin puncture, but they can get bigger and darker. The stain is a normal phenomenon, they appear most often at the beginning of the training and say that you're training with excessive intensity.

Temporary reduction in size and strength

It's a typical sign of retrieval. Member is muscles that stiff and weaken from excessive loads. This side effect can be avoided by escalating intensity and at first not too long.

Look more, feel more.

Before you begin to increase your membership by exercise, let's consider eight ways that will help your cock look more immediately. Although these ways do not increase the physical size of your penis, they help him look and feel more in uncomfortable situations. In any case, in time, your member will be as big and healthy as you wish, and you will no longer need these quick ways. In the meantime, we'll bring these ways here.

Cut the pubic hair.

A hairdressed lobe area is not only good that your partner will be nicer to have sex with you, it also allows your dick to be more visible.

Depending on the length of your pubic hair, they can hide from their eyes to 3 cm of the length of your penis. Nevertheless, be careful. If you've never shaved at your place downstairs, I suggest you do it slowly and use a lot of razor foam.

Front view

Usually the angle you're looking at your cock doesn't allow you to get a picture of his real size. In order to see a dick better, look at yourself naked in the mirror, you can be very surprised to see that your dimensions are actually much bigger than you think.

Just pull yourself for a dick.

The light slide will allow you to increase the size of your non-residential member at a practical moment (the final word is “light”, don't forget!) Make sure you pull gently and don't pull your head, your cock is the most delicate part of your body, so you treat him accordingly.

Stop smoking.

Your dick looks like a car tyre, except that instead of air, it's filled with blood. When you have an erection, your penis is reborn with blood and can become seven times more than usual. It's all because of the good circulation of blood, which is severely hampered by smoking. According to the online version of the Men's Health magazine, "the smoking can make your penis one cm shorter. So even if you're not afraid of lung cancer and early death, at least spare your dick. "

Don't piss.

If you expect other people to see your dick, say in the locker room or in the shower, don't piss in front of it. When you've been holding yourself away for a long time to go to the toilet in a little bit, it often affects the size of your penis.

Stimulate the penis.

All that helps blood move more actively through your lower limbs increases the size of your unregulated sexual penis. So you can just think of something exciting, but don't overdo it, by accident, in the wrong place and not at the right time.

Positive thinking

In the Magnolia film, Tom Cruise acts as an experienced seducer, and in one of the episodes, speaking to a group of people, he advises them to respect a member. And indeed, you must respect your dick. Not every dick, of course, but your own. Many men are ashamed of their member and treat him as a redheaded Imbecil family, they do not treat their member with respect.

Your dick is your dick. You're proud of your most precious organ, and you'll get a lot more than a few centimetres of length-- you'll improve your libido. Different sexual research shows that women want men who are confident in bed than just men with large economies.

Drop your weight.

This is not a fast way, but certainly the healthyest of all. David Zinchenko and Ted Spyker in his life-supporting book, Dieta for Press, write the following: " When it comes to the private places of a man, fat becomes a sort of lateral-like corporal mirror, objects in the mirror seem less than they are. The average length of a non-regulated member in a man is about 8 cm, but the more the man is, the less his dick looks. This has to do with the fact that the fat below the abdomen of a man conceals the base of a member. With only 7 kg of excess weight, the visible length of the penis can be increased to 1.5 cm. Naturally, your cock doesn't grow in size, you're just relieved of all the extra fat that surrounds it, and that allows your little friend to demonstrate his true potential. "

Main findings

  • Measuring means tracking the results, motivating you with every new inch and pointing to growth or its absence.
  • Always measure the length of the erected member and its thickness the same to track the results systematically.
  • If you have no purpose, you won't get anything. Put the target in front of you, and your chances of enlarging your dick will increase.
  • The length is growing in exercises at length.
  • The thickness is increasing pressure.
  • During the first week, rest for a minimum of two days between practice.
  • Start small and increase intensity gradually.
  • Watch the body's signals carefully, they'll be your guide all the way.
  • There may be side effects in training.

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