Jelking is the basis of exercise for a member. Jelking will help you add both in length and in vain, as well as increase the firmness of your dick. The efficacy of the jelking is that in the process of its implementation with the help of OK-wat, you contribute to the flow of blood, and with it and all nutrients through your penis. In addition to this jelking increases pressure on smooth muscles, blood vessels and other tissues inside your dick. As a result of these pressures, your cock starts to grow up and stiff over time, like growing and stiffing your body's muscles in gym class.

People often ask where and when the jelking came in. Unfortunately, it's a big mystery to me. Some say that jelking is not more than 30 years old and that it is something like masturbation art. Others say jelking is an ancient Arab exercise.

Regardless of where the jelking came from, his popularity in the male community is hard to argue. And why is it clear that many men have greatly increased their membership only through jelking.

We need a lubricant.

You're gonna need a strawberries, like a baby milk for a body. Ultimately, with sufficient experience, you may be able to do without a strawberriesman, but at first I advise you to use it. The lubrication has a positive impact on the skin and helps to overcome some side effects, such as the warming of a member ' s skin, for example. In addition, lubrication has helped to speed up the exercise.

Good strawberries.

Good strawberries don't always have to be a member, just once.

List of delicts to increase membership:

  • Child milk (the best option is vitamin E and aloe, both of which are useful to your skin);
  • Rat oil;
  • sunflower oil;
  • Olive oil;
  • Coconut butter;
  • cocoa oil;
  • K-Y gel lubricant;
  • Astroglide shell;
  • vaseline;
  • Wen air oil.

Venus oil

This oil was designed by one man solely for the exercise of a member. It's the best strawberries, but at the same time it's the most expensive. The oil comprises several air oils and dishwashers. This oil is perfect to increase the firmness and health of your dick. The only disadvantage of this oil is that you will have to make it. The composition and rules of manufacture can be found in Annex B.

Bad strawberries

The worst strawberries are water, soap and various kinds of lotions. The water is good at washing and humidizing the cock, but it's fast evaporated and drying. Soap and lotions can cause skin irritation and soda.

Jelking at the right level of erection

The higher your level of erection, the less flexible your penis is made and the intense the exercise itself becomes. First of all, I advise you to do jelking at an erection level of 40 to 75 per cent. Jelking at a lower level of erection is unproductive, because your dick won't get enough blood from this exercise. Jelking at the level of erection above 75 per cent can be dangerous because your dick may not be quite ready for such loads.

It's worth doing jelking at an erection level of 40 to 75 per cent for two months, only after that, you can start gradually increasing the level of erection and the intensity of exercise.

In the future, you'll even have a chance to try to perform advanced exercises similar to jelking, with a 95 per cent erection level. But even with this exercise, you'll be able to easily pass blood on your penis without special loads.

Many men say that jelking at a higher level of erection increases the thickness of your penis, while jelking at a low level of erection affects the length of your penis. I suggest you try different variations and find out what's best for you.

But don't do jelking at 100 percent erection level. Your dick resists any kind of exposure with a full erection, a 100 percent jelking, it's like trying to push hard on your car's already overwhelmed wheel.

Are you bragging or a surgeon?

The inmate usually has small dimensions of the non-regulated member, which change very much when the erection occurs. The average size of the membership of the enlarged is between 0 and 25 per cent of the erected size. The Hwastun may brag about the size of its unregulated member, whose size does not change so much in the erection. The average size of the member is between 50 and 60 per cent of the erected size.

According to an international study carried out by Men's Health magazine, 79 per cent of men are magnificent and 21 per cent of men are blastunes.

Djelking does not require excessive pressure on a member. Your job is to push blood through a penis, not to force her to go there by force. Use the light elegant grip.

You can either sit or stand in this exercise. A lot of men say that it's the most convenient thing to do with this seating exercise by spreading their legs. Anyway, keep your back straight: let gravity do your business and send blood to your pelvis.

Don't forget to warm up for ten minutes before the jelking class.


Your erection level should be between 50 and 75 percent.


1. Put the strawberries on the cock and reach the desired level of erection.

2. Use your thumb and tell-tales to form an Occat around the base of your dick.

3. Put your hand as close as possible to the front.

4. Put some pressure on it and slowly hold your hand along the penis. The perfect pressure is a pressure that doesn't hurt you, but which allows you to take your dick effectively.

5. Stop your hand right in front of your head. You just made one jelk. Every junk takes about 2-3 seconds.

6. Repeat the other hand immediately, turn your hands every time you get the desired amount.

Take the jelking for 10 minutes (approximately 250 terations).

Additional useful jelking advice

Add the stretch. If your goal is to build a length, you can easily push your dick after every jel. This easy stretch shall not take more than half a second.

Do the jets backwards. Some trainees say that when you push blood from your head to the founding of a penis, they're starting to increase their membership base.

Use your time as a counter. You can record your exercise in two ways. The first is to consider repetitions, which may be a little tedious if, for example, you do 100 jigs. The second way is to take time. 1 Jealk takes about 2 to 3 seconds, which is easily recalculated to approximately 250 jeslaks in 10 minutes. It's easier for a lot of men to have 10 minutes before counting 250 jigs.

If you're not cut, try to pull the extreme flesh back. Many uncut men say that it's much more convenient for one hand to return the extreme flesh back, while the Jells do the other hand.

Distributed questions on jelking!

" Is there another way to seize jelking? ”

Ok-vat is the most common vain, but not the only one. Anything that will allow you to push blood efficiently through your penis. Another common type of swab is a vain. It looks like you're trying to pinch your dick. In order to take a member of this vain, just squeeze a member from the opposite sides between the big and pointing fingers.

Both the Occat and the skirts are effective. However, the skid has less pressure on your penis than the oc-vat. For diversity, try to do the jelking with both of them.

" Do you need a jelking lubricant? ”

The lubrication is not mandatory, but I recommend that it be used as long as you learn to do the exercise properly. Dalking without lubrication, also known as dry jelking, can cause annoyance of the skin of some men and lead to undesirable side effects. It's particularly easy to vent at first when you're only learning and your dick hasn't adapted to exercise.

However, after two or three weeks of jealking, skin irritation is almost disappearing. So once you've learned the jelking well enough, you can experiment. Take a little slack if you're thinking about dry jelking.

Another way to do a dry jelking that might avoid leather irritation is that you keep your hand all the time in the same place of your skin during the jelking.

There may be difficulties in performing a whole jelka (from base to head) so you can split the jelx into several parts, for example, first hand from the base of the penis to the middle, then a new brag from the middle to the head.

If leather irritation is not a problem for you, the dry junking has its advantages. If you do exercises for a member secretly from others, you won't need to hide the strawberries and clean the place after exercise.

Dry jelking is easier to do in places where gelking with lubricant is unavailable. For example, you can do some jigs in the bathroom at work.

Another advantage of dry junking is that it's less exciting than a lubricant junking, which allows you not to achieve a full erection in exercises if you're facing such a problem.

"I always have an erection in the jelking, how do I get rid of it? ”

Jelking is an exciting exercise.

  • Try to calm the uprising. Take a deep breath and relax.
  • Stop, wait till the erection falls, and resume the exercise.
  • Use the swab and put pressure on your penis (not top and bottom) because you stimulate the lower part of your penis, which is very easy to import.
  • Try to get up and walk for a few minutes while you're doing jelking, it's gonna improve the circulation of blood in your system, and it's gonna make you feel better.
  • If it doesn't work, try the dry jelking.

Advanced jelking exercises

The Jelking variations described further are an effective means to increase the thickness of the member. Both exercises have also helped some men to rectify the penis. To rectify the curvature, perform the exercise in the direction opposite the bending

Jalking aside

Level of erection: between 75 per cent and 85 per cent

Recommended number of repetitions: 30

Джелкинг в сторону
Jalking aside
Джелкинг в сторону
Jalking aside
Джелкинг в сторону
Jalking aside

1. Start making a regular junk. Halfway, put a second hand at the base of your penis to create a foothold.

2. At the same time, turn your dick aside

3. As soon as you reach your dick's head, press your dick to finish the bend. One full jelk has to take from three to five seconds.

4. Do a different exercise using another hand. Don't do this exercise if you do less than two to three months.

Vertical Jelking

Level of erection: between 75 per cent and 85 per cent

Recommended number of repetitions: 30

Вертикальный джелкинг
Vertical Jelking
Вертикальный джелкинг
Vertical Jelking
Вертикальный джелкинг
Vertical Jelking

1. Start making a regular junk.

2. Halfway, put your second hand at the base of your penis to create a foothold.

3. As soon as you reach your dick's head, push your dick down. One full junk is supposed to take you from three to five seconds.

4. Repeat the exercise using another hand.

Don't do this exercise if you do less than two to three months.

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