Yarsagumba - raising the profile

Ярсагумба - повышение потенцииYarsomba is a means that encroached the Himalaya gold, one of the great secrets that has been discovered only recently. It is a unique organism, a unique hybrid of insects and plants. The Gumba kernel in the mountains of Tibet and Nepal is at a height of at least 3,500 m, but this does not stop many collectors. By risking their lives, local peasants and many tourists go to complex and dangerous expeditions only to produce a miracle worker.

The Yarsagumba, which can cost up to $10 to 20,000, is in fact priceless. This plant gives a man an incredible ability to influence men ' s health like no medicine:

  • improving trends;
  • Increasing life activity;
  • permanent use is the rejuvenation of the organism and the extension of life.

For a long time, the rage of the gomb has been delivered only to the yard of the emperor, and its very properties have been kept in a strict secret. Today, this secrecy has been revealed, and everyone has the opportunity to strengthen their men ' s health by means of a proven tool used in Nepal, Tibet, China.

What kind of plant is that?

Strictly speaking, Yarsomba is a mushroom that has a very unusual habitat. His arguments can only be raised in the body of the geese moth. Gradually developing, mushroom feeds on insects, killing and mummating it, it's exactly what Yarsagumba does. It is an unusual combination of two forms of life, a unique organism that has been described in ancient tracts. Believe me, whoever finds her, the yars of the Gomba will bring about great changes in life, not only the promotion of men ' s health, but also special activity, including sexual activity.

It is difficult to locate Goosenica-Greeb. It is known that the Yars of the Gomba prefers the tents, hides in the grass, meets only at a strict height in the mountains, and it can be collected only for one month a year.

Nevertheless, even though all this is done, the means are known throughout the world. In 2008, China ' s prefabricated gold, the first largest medal in the Olympics, was owed to its success, not only to improving the trend, but also to improving men ' s health and the influx of new forces. This effect will not only be beneficial to athletes, and today everyone has the opportunity to assess it on their own!

Tibetan recipe in action! Where's the miracle?

For centuries, due to its exceptional rareness, Yarsagumba was used only to treat imperials and their families. For the same reasons, scientists have not been able to explore miracle mushrooms for years. The knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine is highly appreciated by Yarsagumba, despite the fact that the first written mention of its miracles is 1694, the Tibetan pastures are known for more than one and a half thousand years. However, official medicine confirmed them very recently. Recently, the curtain of secrets over the entire properties of Yarsagumba began to open a little...

The evolution of Yarsagumba had to adapt to the extremely harsh conditions of high slopes. We know there's no whole mushroom at a height below 3,500 metres. In order to overcome the disadvantages of Yarsagumba, a number of substances that can maximize the concentration of life energy, enabling it to survive in the mountains of Tibet. As collected during a season, he retains all his active substances and shares them generously with the man who uses it for curative purposes.

How does that work?

Research has revealed that Yarsagumba is 35 per cent of the indispensable amino acid. In addition, the mushroom contains numerous polysaharides, steroids and such essential substances as adhosin, Mannitoll. The complete list of pharmacologically active Yarsagumba substances is very large. These substances provide a significant number of useful mushroom properties. It improves nervous activity, stimulates memory and mental capacity, rehabilitates kidneys, lungs, cardiovascular systems, liver, spleen, retains life force, strengthens health, isolates and silences our system.

Men want! Yarsagumba, they can!

However, the use of it as a natural African dysfunction, for both men and women, remains the main use of it. A miracle Afro-disiac has an impact on the hormonal sex system and on brain sexual initiation centres.

This characteristic is due to the ability of Jarsagumba to stimulate the operation of energy centres of APF cells, the main source of energy in our system. As a result of these intra-cage improvements, the reproductive system is being intensified, the trend is restored, and sexual activity is increasing.

Use of Yarsagumba

This thing actually works. There's something going on in the system, and you're feeling 20 years old. I really like it.

Oleg is 47 years old.

Very good medication, even better than expected. My treating doctor agrees completely with me, there's no chemistry in the medicine, he's natural and I'm perfect. It's fine, I'm happy. I don't recall age, I'm not afraid of sex. Thank you very much.


I, Nikolai Andreewicz, I'm 78 years old, I'm taking Yarsagumba for the third time. I changed my feelings, I became confident, my woman is happy. Took three sexual acts last night. I feel like 30 years old. Thank you very much.


My husband didn't believe it first, but since I'm a nurse, I talked him into getting a drug. Now he's glad he used it. First of all, he became less irritant, he got a mental equilibrium, things are handled faster. And the most important thing is, when he's 60 years old again feeling like a full-blown man, he's become more confident in himself, he doesn't avoid talking tonight. And thank you so much for what you are. I recommend it.

Valentina Petrovna


2 years, 7 months

Эдгар Зотов

Jarasagumba read a lot of good things. I didn't take it because I'm taking medical treatment for ED. To strengthen the erection, I have Tadalafil-ZZ. Very happy.

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