Vision problem

Физические упражнения для потенции
Physical exercises for propensity

" Vision " is a customary concept that describes the ability of men to lead sexual life. Bad tendencies, or impotence, imply that this ability is violated. But what does that include?

Physicians prefer the term " erectile dysfunction " - he implies that the patient has problems with initiation or healthy sexual activity. This may be a lack of tone of this body, which makes it impossible to have sex, or problems with ejaculation (sperm emissions), which occurs too early or accompanied by unpleasant feelings. Impotence is a total long-term lack of erection, which is the extreme negative degree of erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction is rarely an autonomous disease, in the vast majority of cases a major pathological process affecting many organs and systems. In addition, declining tendencies may be psychogenic in nature, as a result of emotional trauma or severe stress.

Use of physical exercises for propensity

On a regular basis, there are positive changes in the system, including at the hormonal level. In a patient and consistent manner, in carrying out the recommended exercises, men will be able to raise the profile and prevent urea diseases.

For the normal operation of the reproductive system, it is important for men to maintain muscles and body in tones, which is achieved through regular sports. It helps to get rid of muscle clips, ensures full relaxation and rest after practice.

Training stimulates testing. This hormonal is necessary for normal propensity, as it produces spermatosis and erections.

In addition to other negative effects, stagnating events in the system deteriorate the electile function. Sports disperses a stubborn liquid, stimulates bleed in low-mobile parts of the body, in the area of cobble and tazobed joints. It normalizes the movement of blood on the receptacles, saturates it with oxygen and enhances its reach.

The downward trend occurs with severe stress, which can be caused by excess adrenaline in the system. In the course of the training, part of the hormonal is fissile - it removes stress. During sports, the hormone of happiness, endorphine, is released. He improves the patient ' s emotional condition and helps the organism recover.

In order to achieve a tangible result, men must exercise for a minimum of 1 month.

Medicine treatment can have a faster therapeutic effect, but it is less sustainable. Once the patient stops their reception, the problem often comes back.

Exercises to improve

In order to improve the erection, hemorrhage in small pelvis organs must be improved. This is achieved by massage of prostate. The area can be directly massed, but this effect also occurs during sports, even with a 20-minute regular charge.

The specimen of the archival zone is used to increase the content.

In order to restore the erectile function, it is useful to run and sit, and in the long term, improvements will also result in a rapid distance of at least 3 km per day.

Initial training cannot be overdoed.

In an untrained muscle, there may be pain in the heavy load, which will then have to be forgotten for some time before it is rebuilt. Over time, the number of repetitions of each exercise can be moderately increased.

Through the regular implementation of the gymnastics, a man can learn to control the seeds. In addition, the visibility of intimacy is increasing.

The condition of the pelvis is well affected, and it helps to eliminate urine intact. Physical training makes it possible to eliminate the stalemate in the small pelvis.

They are particularly effective when men have hemorrhoea. They help to improve the flow of venous blood, which prevents the exacerbation of pathology.

The Keguel exercises to raise the profile produce a good result with a male prostatitis. Physical activity helps to reduce the influence of factors that can trigger inflammatory changes in prostates. Prostatitis may also be used to prevent prostatitis. At the same time, the high-risk group has strong genders, which lead to low-impact lifestyles.

What muscles do you need to practice?

If a man performs Kegel's exercise for the propensity, he's using a lobe-cop muscle in the training area. Set her approximate location quite simply:

  • Two fingers should be placed on the rear of the mosh;
  • The representative of the strong floor needs to tighten the muscle in question: like the urination act. It's a muscle that's used, and it's an LC-mash.

In the face of lack of physical activity, the male organism is significantly weakened. In the first place, the work of urea bodies is deteriorating. This is due to the fact that insufficient motor activity has a negative effect on the condition of the circulation. A method of increasing sexuality, which is worth drawing attention to over-employed men.

The Kegel ' s special tendencies help to strengthen health without regular visits to the gym. Feedback on gymnastics is therefore largely positive.

Phase one: relaxation and voltage

In the first stage of implementation, it is necessary to develop the ability to tighten the frontal-cop muscle. The following actions should be taken:

  • First, with maximum force, the LC-masher is being strained. It needs to be held in this state of about 2 to 3 seconds;
  • after that, there should be a period of relaxation. Its optimal length is also 3 seconds.

In order to obtain the result from Dr. Keguel ' s exercise, each action is repeated approximately 30 times. Medical gymnastics are recommended to be occupied daily. The duration of the course is determined individually.

Second phase of training

The second phase of the training may be initiated if positive results are achieved. It involves the ability to tighten the muscles in isolation from other muscle groups.

Initially, the muscles located in the following sections of the body shall be tensed during performance:

  • legs;
  • Yagodians;
  • Belly.

When moving to the second stage, the frontal-cop muscle shall be squeezed and held in such a position for a few seconds. In carrying out physical exercises, there is a need to avoid a lot of condom.

Third stage: reduced time of relaxation

In the third stage, we need to squeeze and hold the pubic cop muscle for 10 seconds. There should be a short period of relaxation. It should last approximately 3 seconds. Such a cycle should be repeated at least 70 times. The average length of the course is four weeks.


In the performance of Keguel's gymnastics, sexual activity is rising. But if the following are to be contrasted, the physical activity is:

  • Acute prostate;
  • The presence of heavy diseases of receptacles in the area of small pelvis.

The exercise to increase sexual activity should also be eliminated if hemorrhage occurs after surgery. They are counterproof when there are malignant tumours. However, the location of new education is not of particular importance.

You don't have to hold your breath long. Otherwise, there may be an oxygen deficit in the system. Therefore, in the course of training, a man is advised to breathe deep and smoothly.

Keguel's exercises are advised to do any free moment, while you're sitting in traffic, reading a book before sleep and even at work. This simple and undetectable action is very useful for the human urea system of any sex.


Упражнения Кегеля для потенции
Kegel's exercise for propensity

Keguel's initial exercise became popular among women. With them, the internal walls of the vagina come to the tone, in intimate life, it increases the pleasure of both women and her partner. Men need these exercises at least.

Why do men need Kegel's exercise too?

Their main purpose is to strengthen the muscles of the pelvis which help to retain urine, cal and internal organs. Over time, these muscles weaken, and Keguel's exercises prevent and even train them again.

1 Keguel ' s penetration

Slowly cut the muscles and hold them in that state, counting to five. Then push them even more (the second lift) and keep them in that state again counting the failure to five. In general, four or five such phases should be implemented. Do the same in the reverse direction. Smash your muscles in stages, holding on each of them. Repeat this exercise to ten times.

2 Keguel's spectacular exercise.

Упражнения Кегеля для потенции
Kegel's exercise for propensity

Alternative to this approach may be the next method used to strengthen the male erection. LC-Man needs to squeeze fast and relax fast. Repeat this exercise ten times. However:

Focus on the process and stay focused.

In order to achieve a positive result, you must concentrate on the muscles of the intermediate.

Mummy muscles and/or berries should not be reduced;

Do not hold your breath, breathe freely.

Repeat the exercise set three times a day.

3 Keguel ' s utensil exercise

Упражнения Кегеля для потенции
Kegel's exercise for propensity

You stand straight, hands along the body. Step forward or round, kneeling as fast as possible.

4 Keguel ' s penetration

You're standing straight, your hands are on the belt, and your knees are slightly depressed. Now push them even more and then squeeze them and relax the muscles of the berrys a few times, like holding the stone between them. Don't move on with your knees.

5 Keguel ' s penetration

You're lying on your back. The wheels are slightly stiff, feet on the floor. Hands pulled along the body. The back is on the floor flat. Now raise the pelvis and put it down. 10 to 12 times. Then two minutes of rest. The number of approaches should not exceed 8 times.

6 Kegel ' s penetration

You're sitting on a chair, your back is straight, your shoulders are straight. Now push the muscles between the ovaries and the anus, thinking about what you are, like a vacuum, dragging the grains that fall on the chair. The muscles of the berry must not be tense. Do six approaches 10 times a day.

Every exercise is repeated 7-10 times. Do not do it before 30 to 40 minutes after eating. Except for this condition, do it anywhere and when you're not busy, watching TV, brushing teeth, taking a shower, warming lunch, standing in line and even in intimate proximity.

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