Technology techniques and techniques

Men and women ' s physiological (somatic) factors play a significant role, indicating the degree of excitement through their system.

Use of lubricants

Sex zones, sex constitutions, knowledge and skills are of great importance in sexual life.

There are men who claim that the most appropriate moment comes at the right time.

Question of sexist reception

Lena, 22, Murmansk.

♪ Hello, Doctor. My young man always repents himself for getting extazed fast. Says he's never been like this before, and I'm very quick. Why? Is there anything I'm doing wrong? Or him?

The guilt of that gentle and sensitive leather of a sexual penis, the swelling of the nerve ends on it and the extreme flesh. Erogenous zones in this area and on the side of a sexual member create the best conditions for the greatest pleasure and speedy achievement of an orgasm.

The high sensitivity of the head and the extreme flesh of the penis can be reduced by various measures.

Some of them have been known since time immemorial. For example, the use of lubricant during sexual acts reduces the friction of a sex member in friction motions within the vagina. Continuous filling of vagina moisture is helping to maintain the rhythm adopted, and the initiation of the head of the penis is much slower than the dry.

Many people ' s and modern means from vasselina to cream and gel are used to moisture the vagina and sexual penis. But the best and most reliable “dead” lubrication is common saliva.

Use of condoms from rough or fat latex

Thousands of years ago, our great-grandfathers used a lot of inducement brakes, prolonging their sexual pleasure.

Ancient Greeks, for example, introduced a goat bladder into the blond of another chosen woman before the member was immersed into a vagina.

The leather condom was used by Egyptians and Japanese (the latter was called " Kawagata " ). The Roman Legioners used dried bruises. And today, by wearing a condom (preserative), usually from a rude fat latex, the man thus reduces the sensitivity of low erotic ends.

Protecting the sensitive cells of a sexual member, men deliberately stop his initiation, not just taking care of contraception. As a result, conditions are being created to increase the number of frictional movements, absorb the feelings, and eventually to prolong the soyium. Ironically, we recall the “case No. 2” as condoms of Soviet times from the Baku rubber factory. For nothing, the thickness of these condoms has allowed many partners to avoid complaints of short sexual acts.

You don't meet a lot of pharmacy stores, regular stores and sexshops, these historical products. But by reading carefully the annotations to modern condoms, you can find those that are fat. Using them in sexual practice, many sexual partners will solve their problems without looking at the slogan of erotomians: " having sex in a condom is like breathing roses in a gas mask " . (sighs)For those fearful ones, they came up with condoms from polyurethane, which are thiner than latex. Created condoms with pockets and ribbons inside, increasing pleasure. During the sexual act, the pocket is moving, gently massing both partners. The effect of the pocket is thus simulating a sense of sexual act without a condom.)

There are men's underwear with a fat condom latex.

Condoms were found, where a small amount of gel was placed in the head of rubber, expanding the artery and thus increasing blood flow to penis. When using a condom to extend the time of sexual intercourse, wetting of vaginas is sometimes necessary, for which can be used with large lubricants, or an additional lubricant consisting of gel(s) on a water basis, or the same saliva.

Ruth Westheimer refers to this " rubber love " method (R. Westheimer, 1997) because such sex resembles a scafandre, diminishing sensitivity and slightly reducing feelings. But using a condom, a woman is more relaxed and more excited about a certain guarantee of such a barrier.

Through these and other positive condoms, many couples have been able to enjoy sexuality for a few minutes longer than their usual time.

Application of several condoms at the same time

Reducing the genetic sensitivity of the sexual act in the absence of condoms of rough or fat material can be achieved by several condoms. The content of the reception is the same: reducing the sensitivity of the sexual member during the erotic instigation. Of course, the selection and use of several condoms requires greater care (this can fly at the most unsuitable moment). But this situation is on the hands of those who find it difficult to distract from the situation by some psychological moments, controlling the degree of excitement. Continuous memories, however, of whether there is a " ringchug " , suggest an extension of the sexual act.

It should be noted that hypersensitive women can use this practice with their partner. By drowning in her own sense, a woman like a man will prolong her sexual act. And by sampling and error, it's the best solution.

Use of simulators (drive)

The characteristics of the human body are so diverse, and the sex constitution is so individual that for some partners, modern sex industry offers the widest range of devices to extend sexuality. Among them are sex substitutes or simulators, known as millennia flogging, bears, and now modern vibrators, stimulants, fallotines and sex boards, which perform multiple functions: in addition to the increase in sexual organs, the introduction of new perceptions in situ, the diversity of perceptions and assistance in the actuation of dysfunction.

Falomitories is analog to a male sexual member, reproducing his appearance in all anatomical details. They are manufactured from various materials (flex latex, soft copper wire, silicone, invisible to leather), have multiple shapes and sizes, change the angle of inclination, which allows for a product that meets the highest requirements.

Using these didolos in breaks between the introduction of his own sexual penis or at certain stages of coitus, the man will prolong the time of his own orgasm or accelerate the achievement of his partner.

The modern sex industry offers many vibrators who are definitely digging a penis.

They can be with a built-in or detached control, wireless management and/or network feeding. The vibrants may be not only for vaginal penetration, but also for clitoris, to stimulate point G for anal stimulus. In addition to these sex scopes, we can find healing vitaminators of vaginas with a couple of clitoral and anal stimulants attached to the body with slice panties.

Trucking fans (or Stamps(d) To perform the role of a sexual member, filling the time gap due to the accelerated ejaculation of a man. Accommodating almost removes the sensitivity of a sexual member, which allows a man not to think about an accelerated seedling. As part of the usual friction movements, the partner conducts sexual acts to the very orgasm of the woman, and, if necessary, repeats it with mutual desire.

The use of sex substitutes, such as fallotators, stimulants, vibrators, strapons, prevents close contact of a sexual member with a vagina, thus ensuring the braking of the seed. Of course, such surrogate sex is not a pleasure for all women, it's a disgust to anyone, but many people don't see an orgasm without it. The shift in focus from substitutes to conventional, traditional sex is well suited if there is experience, desire and need, when the introduction of a sexual member into a vagina is possible at any stage of the coitus chosen by the partner or the partner ' s wishes.

Orientation for repetition

When sexual intercourse is repeated, the act is usually extended by the law of “violence” (M. S. Vasilchenko, 1973).

Therefore, an excellent way of elongating the time of sexual intercourse is to provide a repetition guide when each subsequent combination is longer than the previous one. This is a relatively simple method that is physiological. It's only worth a break of 15 to 30 minutes after ejaculation and then if a man can re-emergize, repeat the sexual act. Each time thereafter, the threshold of eyakuulation rises, and following coitus lasted longer than the previous♪ Based on research from the same G. S. Vasilchenko, sexual intercourse is usually extended by one and a half times over a day. This method is particularly effective at the peak of male hypersexuality when he is young, hot, sexually inexperienced and inclined to excess.

But not every man is capable of sexual excess, a repetition of sexual activity that took place within 24 hours and with a constant ejaculation after every coitus. Not to mention three, four, five, etc.

Sexual excesses - repeated (repetition) sexual acts committed by a man for one day are not common to all. A. Kinsey calculated half a century ago that only 55 per cent of men under 30 years of age are capable of repeating sexual acts, half of them are lost between 35 and 40 years. It's a pity, but at 55 to 60, only 3 per cent of men keep it. According to other researchers, after 35 years the number of excessants is only 15 per cent. But that's not the point, it's that one man can use this method, and the other's not.

The ability to access excess is directly dependent on the sex constitution, so what is given by one is not good for others. However, if there is a steady erection in every subsequent sexual act, the time for orgasm is increasing. That's what we need to use, setting the target as long as possible. Sexy undergrounds can afford all males willing and able to excessate. There's no excess, there's a prolonged sexual act. It's only important to know that sex thing and use it in case.

Massurbation immediately before the coitus

Masturbation these days is a common and normal phenomenon. Masturbation can be an independent means of extending the coitus as a surrogate described earlier (reference to repeat situation).

Research on practices premature ejaculation Some men showed fast being ejaculated only with a sexual act with a loved woman, But they can masturbate on their own for hours when the partner's not around. This interesting situation is probably because a man alone doesn't have to think about what he looks like in the eyes of his loved one. He doesn't have to show himself as a partner on the best.

The ability of a man who is inclined to have a premature seed, to use recalcitement for the purpose of prolonging sexual acts is used by many of them in sexual relations. Only instead of the first sexual act with the partner, hoping for his steady erection, these men masturbate right before the coitus. Five to ten minutes before the joint sexual act, they are ejaculating, thus delaying premature ejaculation with their partner.

Depending on the length of the refractory period that each man holds his time interval, masturbation may lead to the first discharge followed by a longer period. Someone's gonna get the first orgasm five to ten minutes before the alleged sexual act with the partner, someone's gonna need a lot more time. But excesses with a reorientation orientation can start with masturbation.

Masturbation searching for braking point

In addition to the above proposed use of masturbation, this behaviour has the function of gaining useful experience and skills in the postponement of orgasm. The fact that a man in youth sought orgasm in masturbation as soon as possible often led him to premature ejaculation. But he can, masturbating, learn to keep his ejaculation as long as possible. This skills are being transformed into a sexual act with a partner.

It is recommended by many sexologists for training. A man, masturbating, learns to find the same point of voltage as the braking method. Only, unlike the braking method described, when the ejaculation approaches, it simply stops its manipulation by the same 10 to 30 s. Waiting for excitement, he repeats the manipulation with a sexually active member. Saving the seed can be long enough. The main point is to learn how the moment is approaching (the " inevitable ejaculation " , " non-return " ) when a man is unable to control ejaculation.

Some sexologists have offered men masturbation over two months, combined with erotic performances. But when an orgasm approaches, it's not stopping, it's a sexual member's head. This manipulation should be repeated until the ejaculation occurs within 10 to 12 minutes. Through this training, a man can learn to continue to encourage a sexual member to 10-12 mines without ejaculation and reversal of his head, and as a result of sequestration at the same time.

Change or rotation of sex poles

Uniform " mechanical " movements accelerate orgasm.

That's why many couples are experimenting in bed looking for new feelings. Among the multiplicity of potions, provisions can be found to facilitate the extension of the sexual act by a man and to remove the suspensive effect.

The often recommended reason for the majority of male orgasms to come later is a situation where partner's upstairs.♪ There is no need for a man in this position to maintain his own weight. But the man has to lie passive, watching the rhythm of the partner's sexual act and enjoying it. It was important for him to relax, and when the instigation increased, focus on other subjects or distract, as previously recommended. However, it is not desirable for a man to move the pelvis in this position, that is to say he will move his body and partner's body, increasing the muscle voltage. This tension is not welcomed to extend the sexual act.

It is suitable for the braking of the eruption and for a man to be side by side of a woman lying on her back. In this case, the pressure on the penis is significantly reduced and its induction is slowed. Laskami, the continuation of the frictional movements, a man has a sexual impact on the erotic areas of the partner, and at that time he is somewhat deterred by sex.

As described in the lateral position of the eastern machinery:

“To achieve sexual relations in this position, a man draws the leg on which he lies, almost at right angles to his body.

A woman puts her foot in contact with her bed on a man's leg and her upper leg on his upper leg. A man's lower arm is under her neck or shoulders. He's pushing a woman towards herself, which will eventually prove to be in part on the back and in part on the side, and she's in part on the side and in part on the stomach, with her breasts resting on a man's chest. Partners ' upper arms are free to control their bodies ' movements, closer or further, and to touch each other ' s sexual and other sensitive areas.

When the bodies are close, a man has to search for her clitoris and find a small pocket of the flesh in which he is located. This pocket is formed at the compound of her sexual lip. Finding him, he's very gently putting the head of his inspired fallos into a humid nest and leaving it there without movement. We are often asked why we recommend this unusual position when the vagina is available and ready to accept the commuted penis. It is because the vagina is impatiently waiting for this, and we recommend this intermediate position. After lengthy excitement, it is likely that the vagina muscles of the first entry of the penis will begin to decline in a random manner. And if that happens, the penis stimulus will be so great that it's not likely to regain control of the orgasm. If the head of the penis is hidden and, to some extent, captured in the " clitoris " , both partners have a sense of completion and, after 5 to 10 mines, the thirst for entry falls significantly, thereby reducing the possibility of non-voluntary cuts in the penis.

That's exactly what we have to do at this stage. The man is taking the penis out of the clitoris nest, and it is very gentle and very slow to turn it into a warm and thirsty vagina, but no more than 3 centimetres.

This is very difficult to achieve, as both partners are already sufficiently excited to dive into orgasms, but they must exercise strict control. You will be greatly assisted if both partners refrain from all other sexual incentives; when the penis is first introduced into the vagina, no loops and kisses. Stay together and feel the closeness of each other. Breathe deep to help restore control. About two minutes later, a man turns out the penis, and only his head touches his lips.

Take two more minutes and breathe deep. Repeat. After 15 minutes of such procedures, partners will very much like to complete a long act of communication.

A man makes a few small, fast enough points until she feels like a woman's nails in his back and squeezes his legs off her feet. It's her sign of an orgasm approach. Then a man makes deep injections into the vagina, frees his orgasm by tightly compressing a woman.

In this way, a man can learn to hold his orgasm more than 15 minutes after introducing a penis in the vagina.

It's a big win, which is confident. But it's just the beginning. After a sexual meeting, partners take the same side-by-side position, but the penis is in the vagina for half its length. Attention is now focused on the failure and caution of his movements.

Every course of the penis shall be carried at least 3 min (if possible) in and out of the penis without losing the desire. This requires considerable control by partners, and the vagina must be heavily correlated. The latter is achieved only after a long love game. If a man still feels the orgasm approach, he must remove the penis slowly, breathe deeply and evenly, and put the head of the penis in the clitori nest or in any way disrupt contact with a woman. Deep breathing and breaking contact with a highly stimulating vagina can restore control over orgasm for 2 to 3 minutes. He then repeats the procedure, the two main features of which are the imposition of a half-length penis. His movements continue to be 3 mines or more. Again, after 15 to 20 minutes of these controlled movements, partners can move to normal orgasm by small pushers, followed by deep loads when women ' s orgasms approach.

But we'll go back to the sequential input system. Still in position on the side, a man makes every fourth entry complete. But again, his movements must be slow and thorough and his breath deep. When he is confident that he can control his orgasm, every third entry is made in depth and so on until all penis injections are deep. And it is at this stage that we recommend the beloved position of Masters and Johnson, namely the top position of women. We recommend taking this position in an elegant manner from the previous position on the side. In other words, the man, after entering the penis into the vagina, turns on the back, placing a woman on herself without interrupting sexual contact. A woman is comfortable on her knees. Her legs roll around his hip. The men ' s hands will rest on her berries, especially when he wants to tell her whether to move faster, slower or stop completely. " (see N. A. Glaskov, 1990, C. 357)

Changes in the position or their rotation can be broken by rhythm, calmed itself or intensified by the partner.

By the way, it's important to remember that Missionary position It is not very good to control orgasm. This classic post, when a man lay on a woman, has too much pressure on both sides. Every man may choose the best position for himself when it is convenient for him to control his seedling or to deter an upsurge. Having read more carefully the Kamasutru or by learning Rudolph Neubert, who describes more than 100 sex poles by learning from experience, a man can find his variations. The change or rotation of a sex pole, although intended to extend it, would not be 100%. However, for many men, they will help to stay longer and push their own orgasm for a considerable time.

Friction manipulation

Modification or rotation of posium is not the only technical means of prolonging. Some men try to prolong sexuality by manipulating the tempo, the implitodo, the tension of the passionate friction. And they do the right thing, that is, they change the pressure on the penis, reduce its sensitivity, control the process itself and make the sexual act at their discretion.

The simplest thing is interrupting frictional movements to delay ejaculation.

The elimination of friction immediately after the introduction to the complete disappearance of the Wallace Genetic Visions makes it possible to enjoy a sweet moment, and men have successfully applied this practice.

Many men have a equally popular way of influencing their own sensitivity, slowing friction movements, thereby increasing the time of sexual intercourse and pushing their climax. The slowing of friction with the maximum muscle relaxation has a tangible effect when the sexual act is low, the loop when the lovers enjoy every minute of bliss.

Preventing seeding can be achieved by a banal prolongation of the sexual act through another reception, deterring frequency and limiting amplitude. In the previous section, reference was made to the Daos guide for starters where the reception was being considered, but nowadays, each couple, together, could squeeze the rhythm of movements, deter the pressure or limit passion, all of which would be in the hands of those who sought to slow down the seedling.

There's a lot of such body moves that are quite interesting. For example, without interrupting the stimulus of a deeply vegetated sex member, the partner only makes short strokes, thereby extending the time of sexual act.

According to Czech researchers (Z. Schnabl, 1990), this method is good for those men who have the most sensitive part the eternal headache of a sexual member. With this technique, the head is left in the area of the pearly extended inner vagina. There, she gets much less annoyance because of a relatively small contact. At the same time, the basis of a sexual member concerns an orgastic vagina cloak, inducing a woman with a vaginal reaction precisely where she is most sensitive. Women with a clinical reaction give even advantage, i.e. the clitor is subject to greater pressure on the basis of a sexual member or the male frontal area. This change of amplitude can lead to a significant elongation of the sexual act up to the orgasm of the woman. And at the last moment, go to strong, smashing movements with a big implide. The partner ' s climination in such cases removes the man ' s braking, and he is calmly ejaculating.

Emotional factors in communication always play a greater role than techno-physiological, but the latter cannot be overlooked by men with accelerated seeds. It should be borne in mind, however, that changing amplitudes and power of threads, the number and perseverance of sex plays can only be successful if they bring joy rather than become tense efforts to meet women.

Oriental guidance and European sexology pay a great deal of attention to frictional sex movements. And not just because we stress the importance of admiration. On the head of a sexual member, the location of the erogenic zones may be uneven and each man has his own individual characteristics. By using different kinds of phrications, a man may activate or reduce the degree of initiation, thereby regulating the time of sexual act or simply delaying the seedling.

When the variations of style and depth of friction need to be clarified, the best example could be the Tun Suan Tsza, where Li Tun Xian, in the seven chapters, describes the penis that can be used by anyone who wishes:

1. Into contact and whine a non-fried shuttle rod back and forth, spraying a non-fritish substrate, as if we were to expose the oyster to get the shining pearls. It's the first style.

2. Pushing down to a non-fritish substation and pulling a gold knife (clator) like rocks to find a beautiful nephrit.

3. He's using his non-fried rod to push hard in the direction of the clitoris, like if the thickness was iron in the copper step.

4. He moves his non-fritish rod there and back, hitting the left and right side of the " inspection room " (siders of external bodies), as the blacks give the shape of iron to five hammers.

5. The non-fried rods and the non-fritt gates are thrilled and tight as mixed laminates.

6. He hits his non-fried rod behind and ahead with short and slow blows inside the outside bodies, how the farmer prepares the ground for late landing.

Eastern methodologies not only recommend a variety of friction styles, but also the right number of strikes in perfect communication.

Ancient literature often refers to the " thousands of lovers " that are necessary for the full satisfaction of women. Of course, such attention to numbers can be understood too literally, and "thousands of lovers" may seem to be a man who doesn't know Dao-Love, more difficult than sexual pleasure. There is special satisfaction for a man in knowing that he can satisfy the sweetest woman. This is sufficient to increase self-confidence, and therefore to extend the time of sexual intercourse.

Focus on " sexy games " or prelude

Prelude Many modern sexologists refer to sexual acts prior to sexual activity or entry, pre-screening loops and the creation of what leads to soythium.

W. Masters and V. Johnson called all the gamma of sexual activity except for the sex act. They stressed, however, that sexual intercourse was not always a major development, that some couples preferred a diversity of sexual activity. Some couples are doing coitus first, and sexual games are left behind. We are considering ways to stop the seedlings, and in this case, sexual games to discharge one of the partners (or both) are prelude.

At the instigation stage at the beginning of sexual games, men are experiencing increased blood flow to their sexual membership, an erection with a subsequent desire to discharge and remove sexual tension.

Knowing his time problem, a man can build a sex script so that:

(a) Remove the seedling for an indefinite or specific time;

(b) Ejaculate quickly to dissolve the partner by giving her sexual games;

(c) Simultaneous orgasm.

It is likely that the goal of the last scenario cannot be controlled by a man will be extremely difficult for most women to choose one of the first two ways. But in both the first and the second case of sexual games, he can't avoid. The prelude (in the first scenario) or the organization of sexual games (in the second scenario), the man extends both his pleasant feelings and his partner. Focusing on sexual games or preludees, he must have some equipment to make private communication between the two sufficiently harmonious.

A man who is prone to premature ejaculation must remember one important aspect of sexual games: he must have a minimum contact with a woman ' s body, her hands or lips. However, women ' s loopholes can be promoted through the canonal, encyclopedias or textbooks, previous sexual acts, sexual intercourses or comrades. Some believe that the initiation of female genital mutilation by hand should be minimal, with a focus on touching any part of the female body. But don't touch her sexual organs, allegedly having and encouraging a woman to do what happens next. Someone concentrates on the touching of the sexual organs and the simultaneous stool of the chest or believes that many women kiss different intensity. Someone claims that the best means of instituting a woman is kuniligus. For someone, the most important thing is whispering in the ear of soft and soft words or a select match.

How many people, so many opinions. But the nature of this reception remains unchanged. Increase in partner ' s instigation in the braking of their own seed♪ It is therefore necessary to do so on a case-by-case basis, as the people say. At the same time, there are no timelines for loops and kisses that are best avoided: naturality and directness are much higher. But keeping your powers to control premature ejaculation will still have to do so unless there is a way to avoid contacting the genitals.

Different combinations of initiation of different parts of the body give rise to different sexual reactions. It's just individual. However, sexual games have to be borne in mind that a woman ' s initiation is at the forefront of sexual activity, and a man who tends to be prematurely ejaculated, lacquer and time-consuming is much less.

Depending on the nature, temperament, sexual experience, age, socialization, health status and other reasons, the time for a woman ' s initiation will vary from a few minutes to a few hours. Men in the prelude often have to make maximum patience, ingenuity, effort and time to bring the woman to the extent necessary. And that's what it takes to do, like the previous sexual script:

(a) To obtain its own orgasm after the woman reaches it;

(b) Despite the difficulty of the refractory period (down of its instigation) to conduct a sex game before the partner is satisfied;

(c) To arrive at a simultaneous orgasm at a peak of mutual instigation.

This can be implemented in various ways, including alternative orgasm approaches.

by means of a book entitled " 65 means of prolonging sexual acts " by Evgeny Augustovich Caschenko

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