Surge techniques

Стадии операции по увеличению пениса
Steps to increase penis

A man's penis finally came out of his cover in 1991, when it was reported that a Florida surgeon, a plastic worker, had developed a way to retrieve the penis through fat injections. This event was the beginning of a new era of male sexuality. With the exception of impotence, a male member was rarely, and perhaps never, the subject of a secular conversation.

With the emergence of surgical methods to increase penis, thousands of men around the world have begun to drop all information requirements regarding this new procedure. In a few months, interest in the subject has been so increased that doctors and their patients have been invited on various television broadcasts to share their views on the increase in membership through surgery. Today, only two years after the first surgery on penis, there are dozens of surgeons offering their services to patients in this sensitive area.

One of the most unusual exhibitions in the United States is the Life Convent, where you can see the weight of anything that has anything to do with sex, erotic pictures, "natural boogers" between legs, pornographic films. The most important development of this three-day event is the group massage session and the costume ball for all those who wish.

Although such a surgery by the general public became known in 1991, it had a much longer history.

In the 1970s, one American surgeon (though he allegedly lost his medical license in the United States) opened a clinic in Tijuana, New Mexico State, offering a wide range of services to increase the size of a sexual member, including non-traditional and experimental methods such as head increase, crown and silicon injections. The last one really turned out to be a terrible tool.

While the increase in size was almost immediately and gave a strong impression, the material somehow tended to scatter in the middle of the member, causing unnecessary and unpleasant drowning. We are now aware of the dangers associated with the use of liquid silicone. Men who were given such injections 10-20 years ago are now suffering from harmful effects. Many even got rid of silicone with surgery. Another disadvantage of such a method was that it only resulted in the sinking of the barrel, but did not elongate the member and increase his head. As a result, the various parts of the penis seemed disproportionate. Fortunately, this surgeon has already retired.

Even earlier, in the 1960s, Dr. Bihari in Egypt developed his method of elongation. Hundreds of desperate men who tended to perpetuurism spent huge sums of money on flights to Cairo to test the method. The results were varied.

While some recognized that their member had extended by 5 cm, others had no growth at all. However, the initial enthusiasm was clearly lost because of the invisible results and the high cost of both the operation and the airline tickets. By the 1970s, men had begun to use more reliable, safer methods, such as vacuum irration, which had now become a popular and pleasant exercise with thousands of supporters around the world.

Modern surgical methods of increasing penis

Standard legamentotomy is the separation of the hinged ligaments (with the plastic of the leather covers of the lobe). This method only produces visual effects and increases the sex penis only in relaxed condition.

Mobilization of carpet bodies with a change of locking points. This methodology does not apply to the normal size of the penis and is used in microphallia.

Anatomy must be presented in order to understand the increase in the sexual membership.

The penetration consists of two carpet bodies which are represented by the inner and external (this) part which is fixed to the bones of the pelvis. It often happens that the inside of the carpet bodies is longer than the outside. At that time, by dispersing the hinginged connections, it is possible to extend the penis to a length that allows the inner part of the carpet bodies.

In order to achieve the optimum effect, it would be more appropriate to use legamentotomy with simultaneous use of ecender. The operation is one way to extend the penis by 2 to 5 cm, and the subsequent wearing of the machine consolidates the positive result of the operation and also contributes to the further extraction of the penis. In this case, it is sometimes possible to extend the penis by 6 cm.

The methodology developed to increase the sexual penetration of legamentotomy through moshon access reduces the time of operation from 1 to 1.5 hours (standard ligamentotomy) to 10 to 15 minutes. After the operation, there's no painted pubic scar, as in the standard methodology, and the cut in the mosquito is healing without leaving a trace.

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