In the past decade, the term is biologically active food supplements or BADs. What is this?

Bioconductions consist of plant components, organic compounds, e.g. reindeer pata, and synthetic biological substances in their structure, retaining prototype elements. The same basis for BADs is amino acid.

Amino acids are structural chemical units that form proteins. Any living organism consists of proteins. Different forms of protein participate in all processes occurring in living organisms. The body of a man from the proteins is shaped by muscles, bundles, tendons, all organs and irons, hair, nails. Squirrels are part of liquids and bones. Ferments and hormones that catalyze and regulate all processes in the organism are also proteins.

Amino acids transfer the nerve pulse from one cell to another, which is necessary for normal brain work. Amino acids contribute to the adequate performance of vitamins and minerals.

In the area of sexual life, biodoctors, and then they had a very different name, had been used since the oldest time, remembering the legacy of Cleopatra, the queen of Egypt, who had known the greatest power of Afro-Disians. With them, she kept the most magnificent men around her. Or the Spanish mug was used extensively to raise the profile.

The powder, and later the Spaniard Fashioner, one of the most ancient and pervasive Africandiacs:

In the days of Rome, Libya, the cowardly wife of Octavian Augusta, spunked in food with the hope that she would inspire the Libyan guests to dishonour, which in the future would help her blackmail them.

In 1572, Ambruaz Paré wrote a report on a man suffering from the " worst satiriasis " after the adoption of a kelya, composed of a shraph and a Spaniard.

In the 1970s, XVII in the Dragel and Degree of Vuazen offered a " turning potion " from the Spaniard, dried mole blood and summer mice.

And in the area of expansion, even in remote African tribes, the drug now known as Vuka Vuka, not to mention more advanced civilizations, has been used.

The PhD canon is one of the most famous books in medical history. Author: Ibn Sina (Avicenne). From XII to XVII, doctors from many countries in the east and west studied their sciences on the Canon. The canon of medical science is an encyclopedic essay in which antique medical prescriptions are understood and redesigned in accordance with the achievements of Arab medicine.

The extraordinary properties of plants and nature have been used in all fields of medicine, including sex. Avizen, developed sexual power prescriptions for the king. In order to increase the profile, Avicentn developed more than 40 complex medicines using plant components. He left some prescriptions in his books, particularly in the Medical Science Canon. Others, designed exclusively for the kings, kept secrets. And who dared at least imply the sexual insolence of the ruler?

The main secret to the success of Avicenna ' s medicines, which were designed to increase the profile, was that they were designed for a one-time reception and started operating in a short period of time.

The famous ancient doctor first detected the patient ' s sinisters, often associated impotences (e.g. hypertension, heart disease, kidneys, nervous and endocrine systems) and then produced the best prescriptions for complex drugs to be checked to the gram.

Today, there are tens of thousands of BADs to improve human sexuality. How do we deal with all this diversity?

Let's try to classify them.


  • Engagement of partners
  • Improvements in penetration and instantaneous erection
  • Means of increase
  • Treatment of erectile dysfunction
  • Female cold treatment
  • Facilitation of critical days
  • Vehicles

Above all, these are the various Afro-Asians who have proved their unique properties in ancient or modern language. They are aimed at strengthening the sexual desire of a person - its instigation. By virtue of their biological properties, such drugs are mainly intended for the male half of humanity to attract a woman.

Feromones are chemicals that every man makes. These substances, at the subconscious level, " attract " the opposite sex, influencing " the basic instinct " , thus promoting sexual desire. A man has a large part of the sexual pheromones in the area of sniff warehouses and wetlands, with little odour and a small number of receptors in his nose.

Our organism always separates brain-held substances and transforms these signals into action. This is not only in the choice of a potential partner, but also in times of fear, joy, emotional recovery.

There is a theory that every person has his own aromat, a mixture of odours defined by genes, skin type, hair color, temperament, etc. It is this " box " that plays a special role in choosing, including a sexual partner. According to this theory, women like the smell of men whose DNA is as different from their own gene set, and vice versa.

The synthesized biodoctor emitting the natural impact of a man of alpha-Samc on a woman or woman on a man in today ' s world has been called spirits with pheromones. The example of the pheromone is Nexus-feromone, a double concentration pheromone.

Continuation and erection

Усиление потенции и эрекцииThe second group consists of components designed to strengthen erections and tendencies. This is due to the fact that natural components make blood more intense, erection and desire to satisfy sexual activity. For such actions, natural components were used in all centuries and in all parts of the land. For example, the peoples of the north, where vegetation is scarce, used reindeer rogues, more accurately exposing them, and that is understandable, because reindeer herding was the main fisheries.

China has used Chinese silk rites, a traditional drug used extensively in Chinese medicine for centuries. At present, Chinese silk-type filaments are mainly used as a tone-blower to increase or recover from severe diseases. China ' s silk nucleus in Magic Stuff capsules (except the capsules contain a set of substances that also contribute to the improvement of men ' s health).

Even in the Russian Federation, the means used were copper-based, more accurate, to raise it, and to rid itself of the erectile dysfunction. It's a long time since copper is known for its purpose. There are so many of them that the people ' s healers are appointing him in virtually every disease of internal organs and systems in the human system. He'll need someone who wants to step up their profile. Also in Ancient Rusie, the copper and the carrots were taken with puberty, mixing it in equal proportions: one third of the glass, about three or four times a day before eating.

Aphrodiziac Muira Poama or the village of the South American Indians used as a powerful African-disiac, an inspiration for men and women. It is known by its properties to stimulate sexual desire and cure impotence. The history of Muira Pama's use in medicine is several hundred years old.

She's been invented by Peruvian and Brazilian Indians as a neural tonic. It was considered the most powerful tool to stimulate men ' s behaviour and has long been used by Tupee Indians. Wyapi's Indians call it a wila-pila-ta plant, which means "what makes soft firm."

Of course, modern means have gone far ahead, the example of Viagra has proved to all how progress can be made in this area.

They opened the viagra by accident. In 1992, the English decided to find a cure from the stackardium (destruct the blood supply of the heart), and they seem to have found it. It was a quote of sildenafyl. The pharmacological company Pfaiser ' s clinical trials of scientists have devastated, the drug has had no impact on the heart vessels. However, the drug in question had an interesting characteristic: it had caused a tangible blood flow to male genital organs. Scientists didn't believe their eyes: the side effects of the drug were a steady erection!

There were additional clinical trials. Is Viagra really an effective and safe means of treating impotence? Research lasted four years. Four and a half thousand men with erections tried viagra. The total cost of research was estimated at $500 million. But Viagra is a synthetic tool with a lot of negative effects - the long-term use of Viagra affects the quality of sperm and hearing. According to the American Department of Products and Medicine Control, this drug can cause blindness.

The fundamental difference between the BADs is that they do not detract from other human functions, human health, but are selective and smooth. To improve the erection, there is now Magic Stuff, Tongkat Ali Platinum, Vig-Erix, Santi, Sealex. This group ' s prefectures consist only of plant components that grow in different parts of the world. Unlike combined bioaccumulation, they are compatible with alcohol.

Increase in sex

The third group of the most provocative bioaccumulations is those aimed at increasing the sex membership. These are a combination of components that are beneficial to all subsystems of male sex life. It's a stable range, a certain erection, a long-term sexual act, sexual indulgence, general health of a man. It's hard to imagine a man with a tendency problem who could increase his penis. Therefore, before the result is obtained, it is necessary to return to the original point. The point of return to normal health of a healthy man.

The Albion Medical Company, having released Vig-Erix (VigRx) to the market in 2000, almost exclusively created an induction of sexual penetration products. Since then, the unaccounted number of simulators has failed to reproduce the formula by which Vig-Erix consumers are obliged to produce their outstanding results.

Why Vig-Erix and Vig-Erix Plus multi-entry drugs and male sex. Let's try to explain why it is. These drugs normalize and stabilize normal sex, which in turn leads to an increase in sex. This can also be achieved by manuscripts and the use of ecenders.

Without a stable vegetation and erection, that would be impossible, you can only increase what works! Hundreds of factors influenced men ' s tendencies, and stability could be achieved. Preparates don't "inspect" the organisms like Viagra, but they act gradually, not in a hurry, especially with the principle of "not harm." On the one hand, it's a huge plus on the other, a bad marketing component. How do you sell what you do in a month? And since we were young, we have memories of apples from which rocks or tails grow by the magic of the window or... Everyone understands that miracles don't exist, and only the gradual effects of anything that's beneficial to the organism, but... you want to be here and now. A simple example, people who have dropped their weight fast enough, they're getting it again as soon as possible. Not like everyone knows about.

Combined preparations also include Falosan, Vimax and Yarsagumba

Treatment of erectile dysfunction

The fourth group is drugs to treat erectile dysfunction. Or even you can say a course of reception based on the same drugs, selected in a certain number and time interval, to solve the problem of content. This area is more sensitive to treatment than improving sexual life. The main course of bioaccumulation is assigned in an urological clinic complex as an additional component. The Matrix-Urologist complex is well suited to this disease. In order to achieve the best result in the treatment of urological diseases and the maximum effect of laser therapy, the Matrix-Urologist laser complex is the combination of the 3-Dutrix machine in special performance, the VMLG10 vibramagnitolaser head restraint (Little of a laser radiation mass of 0.63 mcm), optimum tube

Women ' s Viagar

The fifth group is the treatment of women's coldness or Viagra for women. The main cause of sexuality problems for both men and women is the underreporting of sexual organs. Women have a lack of lubrication, insufficient blood flow to the clitoris. As a result, women may feel unpleasant in the introduction of a sexual member and, as a consequence, no orgasm. Bioconduction data can significantly increase the sensitivity to incentives for all women, regardless of their age and type of activity. The adoption of the Women ' s Viagra helps to create a pleasant feeling in the vagina, as well as an orgasm. One of these drugs is BAD Vigorelle, a natural stimulus that begins to act from touch! Sometimes called "women's Viagra," this drug was named by one woman "creaming instant commotion." And it's true that you put it on the most intimate parts of her body in front of or during love loopholes and be prepared for an incredibly intense instigation and orgasm that you couldn't imagine. ♪

Addressing critical days

Sixth group, reducing women ' s dependence on the adverse effects of critical days. Australian scholars have recently investigated the effectiveness of the use of phytoestrogens to treat tidals. To this end, two groups of women were formed, with 45 g soyum or wheat flour. The fitoestrogens in the soy flour have become more active. For example, the decrease in the number of women eating soy flour was 40 per cent, while in wheat flour, 25 per cent.

Change your lifestyle and your habits. If you want to reduce the frequency of tides, you'll change your lifestyle a little bit. You have to identify the factors causing tides and try to eliminate them from your life. Such factors include the use of alcoholic beverages, drinks that include coffee, long stay in the sun. You don't have to wear a blanket that stifles motions, there's only products that don't contain fat. There must be fresh vegetables and fruit in your diet. The tidal force can increase if stress affects the organism. You have to eliminate stress situations at work and at home. In order to relax, take care of yoga, meditation, it's the kind of technology that will help to relieve stress.

A beautiful biofill developed by French scientists, Prelusel. Specialists use alternative, fodder-based drugs. They're called phytohormones or phytoextrogenes. The best balanced complex is the French company, Groupe Michelle Idern, Prelusel.

The strength of phytohormones compared to the effectiveness of human hormones is significantly weaker. However, their use is not accompanied by undesirable reactions or the risk of cancer. On the contrary, these substances in all cases have an oppressive effect on malignant cells. Bioflavanoids are also classified as such.


The seventh group of drugs is contraceptives. It's not a secret that a woman will feel better and more confident if she's sure about safe contraception. The most common forms of contraception include condoms, intrauterine spirals, contraceptive pills and hormon implants.

The oral contraceptive pills (peroral contraceptives) are a very popular contraceptive method. They contain hormones that prevent ovulation (equivalent egg release) every month and/or alter the viscosity of the necklace, making it difficult to penetrate spermatosisides into the uterine. It should be noted that this is a very effective method of contraception. A doctor should be approached to find suitable drugs for you. Before you start taking medication, you'll have to read the liquor. If you have any questions, please contact your doctor. In the correct use of pills (without a pass, at the same time) they provide between 95 and 98 per cent of the guarantees. Complications from these drugs are rare. In most cases, they occur only in the first months of reception and are subsequently terminated or significantly reduced. Arterial hypertension, stacking of receptacles (especially for smoking women over 35 years with hypertension, sugar diabetes and some other diseases), deterioration of existing sugar diabetes, increased exposure to pulmonary disease, breakdown of menstrual cycles, change of body weight, sense of dairy iron tension, headache, Some side-effects may require the termination of contraceptive pills.

Bioaccumulation efficiency.

It's no secret that every human being is treated not only by bioaccumulation, but also by medicine, and by everything that happens in life. For example, there are many dietary programmes that are very different. In some cases, different programmes interpreted the opposite. Some people say, "You can eat anything as long as you do physical exercises." Others say, "No matter what exercise you're doing, the most important thing is eating properly." Some regulate what you usually eat. Others require a specific set of products.

But the most amazing thing is, they all worked for someone. In other words, each was effective for a certain category of people.

And, in the history of medicine, there is a good example of the power of persuasion - the harmless medications that are prescribed to calm the patient, the so-called plastic.

The effect of the placebo occurs when a patient who is confident that he is given the right medication, a completely harmless remedy is released, and he nevertheless recovers.

There are many studies on the placebo effect, since in the United States, every new cure will be tested against the background of the flamebo. And as these studies show, in about one case of three capebos is doing the same thing as the real cure. But it's on average. Some studies indicate that the flame retard is as good as the morphine in about 54 per cent of cases.

There was even a " spontaneous " study in which people who were celebrating and who were not affiliated received real medicine. They were given painkillers like morphine and, as it turns out, they helped people in 95% and others in only 46% of cases. The difference was about 50 per cent, and this clearly shows that, even for the present cure, there is a need for conviction in some cases.

Placebo was also effective in cancer treatment. In one study, patients were subjected to plastic chimiotherapy, which resulted in about one third of them being completely bald.

One of the most efficient electric shocks in California is one that has not been included for three years. Before engaging patients, they are given painkillers, and mentally ill people are confident that they received electric shocks, although there was nothing in fact. The impact is much higher than the real electric shock.

Another study showed that shiny little red and very expensive pills have a much greater effect on the plateo than large white low-cost pills.

All that says is that if you're certain of a biofill, the effect will be a dozen times higher than those you doubt.


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