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Increase programmes

You'll have to read all our instructions before you start any exercises or technicians to increase the penis to understand their specificity and consistency, as well as the possible undesirable consequences that may be caused by the consequences The wrong execution. Don't try anything until you're fully aware of the information.

It's a prerequisite!

Increased sexuality is just the tip of the iceberg of our program. We can change your life if you want it. Our program, how to increase the penis itself, will give you confidence in yourself, will make you feel better. Dignity.
A little patience, and you'll make sure our system works!

Don't expect the results to be visible in a couple of days, but after 1-3 months of regular penis increases, you'll make progress as you couldn't possibly expect. We want your life and life for millions of other men and families. A couple would be beautiful and full, as far as possible. This is our goal to improve your life.


Draw soft tissue in warm water, burn it. Turn it around your penis barrel (respective of the state of rest or erection) and leave it for three minutes. Then remove the tissue. Repeat the exercise at least twice. After that, dry carefully. penis.

Start regular exercises from this procedure. The warm compress will tilt the blood and thus improve the bleeding in your penis area and make your skin more elastic. Besides, he's gonna make the best take on the exercises that You've got to do it.


After warm compression, one of the retractors should be started. The compression and tensile of your penis on a regular programme can yield incredible results as the muscle exercises make them bigger and stronger. These exercises stretch. Your penis, while allowing for an increase in the erection. It's a methodology for elongating your penis in relaxed and eregrated state. Choose the DLN from the retractors and include it in your penis increase program.

Retraction. Technician One.

This technique is recommended, and it has been chosen by most of our clients. You can do it both standing and sitting.

1. Penis is in a relaxed state. Take him with one hand, burning his head hard, but not obstructing the blood flow.

2. Pull your penis away. Expand your dick as long as you don't feel pain or discomfort. Keep him in this state for five minutes. After every minute, try to increase your penis. Remember, the exercise is not. must cause painful feelings.

3. Take one minute. Pass your penis around 30 times. It will restore normal bleeding.

4. Repeat the second exercise four times, stretching penis in different directions: up, down, left and right. After every five minutes of stretch, repeat exercise 3.

5. After you've had five sex vectors (5 minutes each), retract the penis directly from you. Hold him 1 minute, then 10 times lightly burn him without hurting yourself.

The penis retraction yields the same results as traditional penis load systems. The safest way of capturing involves a lack of pressure only on the dorsal (back) nerve along the top of your penis. You can. To invent your own ways of capturing, because you are clearer than others. The point is, don't press too much sex, or you can break the bleeding.

This exercise will increase the length of your penis in two weeks of classes, but only after 3-4 months, you will be able to really appreciate its magnitude.

Retraction. Technician Two

This technique is very similar to what we're offering. It received very stale news in online forums, where it was said to have increased penis by 8 cm.

1. Seize the sexual organ in a relaxed state behind your head with one hand and eat it. Remember, you don't have to feel discomfort and stop bleeding.

2. Spread your penis in the direction straight from you with enough force to feel a painless plant. Hold him in a molten state for 30 seconds - 1 minute, then rest.

3. Keep stretching your penis for 15 to 20 minutes in one session. At least 10 to 20 minutes between sessions.

Technician Tri

This technique (increase of a member) belongs to ancient Daosian wise men. It includes the spraying of penis and in a relaxed and eregrated state. The Danish methods are very original, so their use may seem unusual to you. We publish their tech as described by the Daosian wise.

1. Deep breath of your nose, hold it in your throat and then swallow it in your stomach. When the air reaches the stomach, send it to the sexual organ.

2. Three middle fingers of your left hand press the point of Khu-Yun, in the middle of the anus and the mosh. It will strengthen your penis.

3. Restor the normal breath, keep your fingers at the point.

4. Your right hand start stretching your penis back and forth, pulling his light rhythmic motions 36 times.

5. Large fingers, swallow your head until the sexual organ wakes up.

6. The right hand is strong enough to cover the penis at the base. Keeping the seizure, hold your hand 3-4 cm ahead. So you're gonna put air energy in the penis, pushing it to the head.

7. Pull your penis right and start spinning them 36 times by clock and 36 against. Then turn it to the left and repeat the exercise. The energy of many bodies will foment penis by reinforcing and strengthening it.

8. Finish your exercises by a little knocking 36 times on the inside of the right hip, then the left hip.


This retractive technique is described in a nosellet on male sexuality. It includes a stretch in the relaxed and eregrated state of the sexual organ. It looks like it's a slightly modified methodology for Daoese wise men.

1. Take your penis with your right hand and start rhythmally stretching it to yourself and yourself. Repeat 10 times (every 15 seconds apart).

2. Repeat the right ten times, left 10 times, down 10 times.

3. Pick up the dick's head with a big finger until the erection occurs. Take the penis at the base of the big and index fingers. Grab your fingers three to four cm 10 times.

4. Pull the penis right and rotate it in a small circumference, continuing to stretch 10 times. Repeat the exercise to the left 10 times.

5. Slap it easily on the inside side of the hip ten times, stretching it differently.

Follow your chosen travel technique. This will improve the circulation, and also help you prepare your penis for the semi-conditional state required for the Jalking exercise system.

Take your penis and cleanly "take him." Do it no more than 30 times. Don't irritate the mouse, cover it with your free hand.

Captures and stretches

This technique is great for those who are direly short of time to devote at least an hour of regular training every day. These exercises will take no more than five minutes, but they can increase your penis by 3 cm in a few months.

These exercises are comfortable with what you can do a few times a day. Don't be shy to repeat them two or three times a day.

The purpose of this technique is to create tension in cavery tissue by planting the leather of the penis in the inflated state.

This not only makes the skin of a sexual member more elastic, but increases the volume of penis cells called corpora cavernosa. Increased blood flow automatically increases the total mass of your penis. Several of our correspondents. They're describing this method. They all swear in his performance.

We'll give you three views on the " catch and stretch " technology.

"This is a beautiful exercise. It took me a while to see the results, but in five months, I added three cm. Since the sessions themselves are not too burdensome, I think we should pay attention to them. " T.K. Guys! I think you should add the method of " capture and passage " to your instructions. I'm sure many of your clients will like it. It is simple and effective. " D.V. I'm sending you a new technician to meet you. I added 2 cm. In only five weeks. It'll be a good addition to the methods I've read from you. Thanks for the information. You're doing a great job! GE.E. Instructions:

1. Look at your penis.

2. Sitting on the edge of the couch or the bed, start glazing it with big and point fingers (such as the O’K sign).

3. When you move your hand from the base to your head, hold a firm takeover, trying to stretch your skin as much as possible.

Every time you go back to the founding of a sexual penis, a little bit of a seizure to hold as much blood as you can.

4. Then repeat the movement from the base to the head.
5. Slightly increase the speed of movements without weakening the seizure. You need to feel aroused. Get a full erection (only for jelking equipment, a semi-conditional state is required).

6. With a 100 per cent erection, take back the big and point fingers of the penis at the base and try to keep the blood in the cavery tissue of the penis.

7. By holding a seizure at the founding of a member, the other hand will take him at the base of the head. Try to stretch the sexual organ as far as possible without discomfort.

8. Pull him right and hold him for ten seconds. Then straight, 10 seconds delay.

9. Now to the left, 10 seconds delay. And finally, tilt him down and hold him back 10 seconds.

10. Repeat all four phases of exercise four times with ten seconds delay.

You'll need five minutes for all your exercise.
11. After the exercise's over, weaken the seizure at the base of the sexual organ. You need to feel the blood coming off. There may be an ejaculation in this moment.

Remember that a strong lubricant and a strong seizure of a member are the basic precautions. In no case should your seizure prevent the bleeding. This technique should not give you any pain or discomfort.

If you feel pain in the exercise, you should interrupt your class and re-read carefully the instruction.

Introduction to jelking

Expanding exercises are very effective to increase penis length. But in order to increase the penis circumference, retractive exercises must be carried out while your penis is in a semi-conditioned state. Jelking is exercise, which affect the entire penis, that is the length, the thickness and the weight, and the volume, all increase proportionally.

The Jalking (Denmark) is one of the ancient technicians used for centuries by various tribes and cultures around the world. This is expected to be the most effective method of increasing penis. Cases reported when individual representatives had 50 cm in length. Most of these cases are reported in the Middle East, Africa and India. It is in these regions that the most known equipment has developed. They do give good results. The most famous. Of these, the Arab Technician Jalk.

Incorrect sexual increases are also known within the United States. In California, there is a case where, after less than one year ' s classes, D. Marshall from Southheit was able to double his penis from 12 to 25 cm. Of course they are. Cases are rare, but statistics suggest that an increase of 5 to 7 cm is feasible.

The point of this technique is to encourage blood flow into penis. After several months of training, bloodsheds are increasing. Increased blood flow in turn increases penis.

Our research has shown that there are several different options for Jalking's technology. Their general idea of “doing” is based on, but the technology itself is different. We recommend Technique One, as it is regularly confirmed to be effective. But it's necessary to look at all the Jelking options and choose the most appropriate for you.

You might need a lubricant for these classes, except in special cases.

Jelking's got real results. The penis rises in both a calm and arrogant state. The exact execution of these exercises will improve the health and strength of your penis, increase it.

Attention-- the jelking exercise cannot be carried out in a state of complete erection.

You can damage the receptacles if you do jelking in a state of complete erection. Make sure that the degree of erection does not exceed half - three quarters of the maximum invocation. You won't succeed if you don't get half an erection. But after the proper exercise, you will notice that your penis will increase in length and volume. And after one or more months of schooling, your penis will increase very much, thanks to the delay in blood in cavery tissue. Careful Pick up one of the proposed junking techs that suits you most and put it in your order.

Secretary of the Arab Jalking

People who are well known for their achievements in the field of genetic expansion belong to the Arab world. They continue to follow fallic cults until today. From early childhood to maturity, Arab men are working with their members to increase their membership their size and strength.

When an Arab boy reaches six years of age, he is admitted to fallic cults. His father teaches his technology from generation to generation. The kid learns to mass his penis from base to head. Employment gradually extends and increase penis. The practice of the ritual is up to 30 minutes daily.

If the child belongs to the family, the parents send him to an organization called Mehbil. It's like a sports club or a section. In mechbil, special staff massage the boy's penis with special oils. So the child is taught Relax and prepare him for sexual life.

In the 19th century, researcher Sir Richard Barton was conducting erotic searches in the Middle East. In his memoirs, he described the difference between the Middle East and African Arabs: " The fundamental difference between the Arabs of Africa and the Arabs of Africa lies in the size of their penis. The purely blood " Arabs " generally have the dignity of very modest sizes. The organ of the African Arabs, on the contrary, is great, fat and fat. According to my measurements, the length of the penis of the Arab is erectioned The average is 17 to 18 cm, and the thickness is 3 to 4 cm, but I often found samples 20 to 25 cm long and 6-7 cm thick. This body is more likely to recall the collusion in which women characterised in Indian terminology as " borrowers " I'm sorry, I'm sorry. It's hard to imagine what damage might cause an anal opening of a poor person if he was attacked. With such a weapon, can Arabs have anal sex at all when neither age nor sex play no role yet? "

In 1970, a magazine article told us, as a well-known and popular American culturer, unpleasantly surprised our own non-invisible sex organ when it tried to compare its size to other competing members. He hired one of the employees. An Arab mechbil to fix the situation. Arab convinced the athlete that the size of the penis could easily be increased by manual stimulation. But since the oils used in Arab countries could not be purchased in the United States, The Arab has produced its own formula of such oil. This " stimulant " is recepted directly from the article.

" Add to the literary mayonose bank (confirm that this is a pure mayonnaise, not a salad right) a table spoon of white or yellow corn flour. Have a good laugh. Put a rubber cap on your hair to protect your hair, and clean it up. It's like you've got a mixture, starting with your face and neck. Then strip your chest, your hands and your back. Keep going until you've fully worked your feet and feet. Then stand in the bathroom or shower on the rubber floor to avoid slipping.
Turn on the hottest water so that it doesn't hit you on the body, but it's like a couple, and you're scrubbing the mixture carefully. You can use a urine for your face and neck. Then, after a few minutes, steam bath, turn on warm water, and carefully. Come on, let's go. Soap? Forget him!

Right after that, you'll feel light skiing and warm. Your leather will acquire a beautiful rich glacier, and you will feel a strong rise, like the mountain fell off your shoulders. Nervous tension will fall, and you will relax completely. "
The culturer used this mixture and used jelking five times a week for several months. As a result, he received an erection of 27 cm and 8 cm in diameter!

(We hope you won't experiment on your own with the mask composition. It is here for information purposes only.)

Jerking Technicians

Make sure you've completely read the security rules before you use any jelking technique. This technique is highly effective, but must be applied correctly.

We recommend.

Technician one

These simple exercises, which have been performed five times a week, will, for example, allow a man from 15 cm in a state of erection to add between 3 and 7 cm to the man, measuring from the tip of the head to the base. The thickness will increase proportionally. First months of change will either be discreet or minor. Don't give up, perseverance is the key to success. For the second and third month, there is generally an increase of 5 and more cm.

(Note. Paragraph 2 is intended to achieve the state of sewerage. If you have already reached this state, you may move directly from the first to the third paragraph.)

1. Bring your chosen lubricant on your cock's skin. Don't take your lubricant away, you'll need it for a few hundred moves. Don't use the soap, it'll dry the skin.

2. Big and pointy fingers, grab your penis on the ground. Put your hand on the gun to the cock's head. Repeat movement. It should last three seconds. Stimulation will help you achieve an erection.

3. When your penis comes up, put your big and point fingers on your left hand in the ring and grab your penis on the ground.

4. Starting from the base, carefully, but tighten your penis. Pull it down and out, keep it in a semi-natural state. Every move only begins on the basis of the penis. Note that the blood must reach the cock's head.

5. Change your hand and repeat the movement, starting with the base and stretching towards your head. Change your hands rhythmically, embracing the movements of the doyard, touching the whole penis surface, except the tip of the head. It's the foundation of the jelking.

Do 200-300 moves a day with medium force for the first week. 10 minutes

Do 200-300 medium-sized movements a day during the next week. 15 minutes

Make 500 or more moves a day, with maximum force. About 20 minutes.

Remember, you must not test the slightest discomfort by doing jelking. Use a lot of lubricants to avoid harming the skin.

If you feel that there's an erection in the exercise, escalate or take a break to calm down. You can speed up the bleed by slapping the penis from above and from below 25 to 30 times. Do these exercises five times a week. Remember, That your penis should be only partially aroused. If you feel an ejaculation offensive, you'll end the exercise. It's self-control exercises. Don't forget to train.

Technician 2

We got this technique from our clients.

1. Put a lubricant on a relaxed penis from the base to the head.

2. Using only the big and index fingers, stretch your penis down and a little side. Be careful, but firm.

3. Change your hands one by one, like when you get there.

4. Keep your soft moves until you feel the excitement, then act with great effort.

5. Repeat movement 100 times.

In the first 10 days, act relatively easy. gradually increase the number of movements to 200 per session. These exercises are identical for circumcised and uncut men. Note that the dick's head should be red and boiled. It's okay. because the blood must be stepped up into this area.

Technician 3

It's a dry version of jelking. It's similar to the first and second tech, but it's done without lubrication.

At the dry dock, you're pulling and pulling the skin, but don't slip through it. If your penis is too big to take it all in one motion, work separately at the base and in the middle of the penis.

Some men prefer a dry method in the morning when the level of maximalene is maximal. Attention, if you feel the pain, interrupt your classes for a day and rest.

Technicians 4

And that version of the jelking was reported to us by the clients.

Give me a lubricant, strip it. When the penis reaches the healing degree, add some vaselina to the palms. Put your big and point fingers on your left hand in the ring, grab their penis at the base. Holding a strong seizure, holding your hand in the direction to the head, which will increase as performance occurs. Repeat the same right hand. Keep doing the exercise by changing your hands. Step by step, speed up traffic from medium speed to speed.

First week, do up to 10 minutes. After you try to do at least 20 minutes a day. The key to your penis. When the ejaculation approaches, you'll stop.

Technician 5

Also known as Dao's technique. Uses those who want to increase their penis head. It is extremely similar to one technique, except that it is being performed very slowly and carefully.

Use your fingers, run your blood to your penis' head, creating constant pressure. Keep your fingers on about 10 seconds. It'll help a member's head take more blood and a bell or a mushroom hat. You can also compress the gun. On the grounds to increase the blood flow. If you're overstretched, weaken the seizure. Repeat as many times as you like, but not more than 10 minutes.

Introduction to kegel technology

By setting up our program, we have constantly encountered sources that mentioned the RS to Kegle's technician or technician. This technique is very important for a number of reasons: it gives you a stronger erection, contributes to intense (often repeated) orgasm, Helps control ejaculation, reduces recovery time after orgasm and even retains prostate health. The RS muscle (pubococcygeal muscle) refers to a group of pelvis muscles responsible for your sexual health. It connects the frontal bone. Go ahead with the cop. You'll find that muscle between the ovaries and the anus. Together with other muscles, he controls urination and is responsible for achieving orgasm and men and women. Men have this muscle dropping unintentionally. ejaculation. By developing and studying this muscle, you'll catch the main secret of sex.

Kegel's tech is named after Arnold Keguela, a gynaecologist who opened it in 1950. Technicians include simple pelvis exercises. It's a great way for men to learn how to make a difference to themselves. and partner in love. Women have the ability to use these muscles to achieve orgasm in the first place.

Find your RS muscle. For men, this task is somewhat easier than for women. Just stop the urination act in the middle. It will not only help you locate the Museum's RS, but it will also serve as the beginning of your exercise. Stop and resume urination at least five times at each toilet visit. The urination skills will help you learn to control ejaculation.

Dao ' s medical equipment defines this process as " anus " . You'll learn how to control your RS muscle quickly and repeatedly and you can push it for the right time. These exercises are more serious than they can seem. Sex guru says, I think it'll extend the time of erection and multiply the power of ejaculation.

Kegel Technician

By discovering the location of your RS muscle, you can make Kegle's gymnastics at any time you like, in your car, in your office, etc. You need to exercise on a regular basis. Meet these exercises.

1. Start with the speed massage of the RS. Squeeze and squeeze the muscle. Start with a 20-fold repetition and try to reach 100 or more. Try to do at least 250 exercises every day for the rest of the time. Your goal is to reach a level 1,000 compressions a day.

2. Practice long-term compression, hold the muscle at least 30 seconds or as long as you can.

3. Do the mounting exercise: compressing and squeaking muscle with increasing load. Squeeze for a few seconds, then squeeze at the same time. Repeat the exercise.

4. RS vibration. Squeeze your RS muscle slowly, as far as possible. At the end of the compression, relax. Over time, your RS muscle will start vibrating and you will feel the energy spreading through your spine. Try to breathe deep and slowly. during exercises. It's a great way to get back to being tired.

5. During the urination, shaking the last drops, you cut your RS muscle backwards. By doing this, you'll feel your anus revealed. This effect is known as the RS pushing effect.

Most men can make Kegle's gymnastics anytime. Long exercises will prevent both men and women from urinating urine at any age. It's, together with increased orgasms and long-term sex, making tech. Kegela is one of the most efficient and accessible technology for men and women throughout the life cycle.

Psychologists and sexologists describe thousands of examples of the use of Keguela ' s technology by male patients with erection problems. Most of the course has shown a stronger erection than ever before. Others stress the rise Sexuality, intensification of orgasm and the ability to delay ejaculation. The most amazing thing is that many men acquire the ability to absorb multiple orgasms. Try it yourself!

Completion of training

The next advice will help you correctly complete your training. The heat and massage will improve the results. Your testicles are trying to maintain a temperature of 34 degrees to ensure the viability of seeds. The heat will help you restore any problems. with the nerves and the sensitivity that might have arisen from your expansion training.

After the training, give your penis well for a few minutes. If you wish, you can use herbal cream. After the massage, you can put on another heating compress, as you've done in preparation for the training, Or put your penis in a warm water bath for a few minutes. These heating procedures will improve the hemorrhaging and help your penis recover after exercise. Take the penis to the towel after the procedure.

The male sexual organ consists of two cylinders with a cavery brush tissue filled with blood when erection occurs. The blood enters the penis under heavy pressure, and a number of valves keep it in the penis to continue the erection. Increase Different from all men. It shall be increased from 7 cm in relaxed condition to 15 cm in erection, from 12 cm to 15 cm. The size of the erection does not depend on the size of the organ in relaxed condition.

The third cylinder is called Uretra, a flow through which urine and seed passes. The chick's end drowning is called a head. Blood goes to penis for two small arteries coming from the aorta. These arteries are approximately the same as in the fingers. A man. The main reason for impotence is that these arteries are stored or damaged. The other main reason is the leak of blood from penis to vein, called a venous leak. It's a fairly common phenomenon, similar. with a broken tyre. The more probe, the more air it has to be loaded into the tyre.

Both sides (corpora cavernosa and singular corpus) are covered by bundles. They are, in turn, attached to the abdomen and pelvic bone. When you feel lungs under the skin around the middle of the penis, rather You're all feeling the connections. There's a dorsal nerve in your back vein at the top of your penis. The main problem with the use of mechanical penis devices is the pressure on the top of the penis, which, in most cases, is Cases, causing nervous or eternal problems.


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It's okay, but there's no picture. It doesn't make sense. Add pictures or better videos.

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I've added a few cm in length and width for just a year and now I've reached normal penis size. These exercises will help you not only increase the size of the penis, but always be in shape. I feel better when I'm training or running, it's about penis exercise. And that's one of the many benefits!

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This program has all the information on how to make your dick healthy, strong and, yes, big. I've been far from new, a combination of literate exercises and understandable explanations has helped me correct some of the training mistakes. After that, I was able to make great progress!

Thank you!

7 years, 11 months


I need a Jealk to maintain an erection and increase the diameter (some too much) as after sex and especially the hamsters, the parking lot has become weak, and after three weeks of jellyfish, I've even changed the angle of erection, I'm upside down, and I'm afraid that after all these stretches, there's a woman who said that I'd be a long time. Maybe who knows how long it's been to build up and erection not to kill?

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It's a total fraud. That the nature of the world doesn't change that. Yeah, you can get silicone, pull a little surgically, but the hardness and standing will never be that exact.

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Т П Татарашвили

A member's head is believed to be the part that needs to be increased most, because it's the first part of your member that your partner feels. Based on the above, the keguel is the first and most important exercise you'll learn.

If you want to do one exercise, it'll be Keguel's exercise. Kegel's exercises are very simple, they don't take much time, and they're the only exercises that don't include a member's training, instead of training your skeletal muscles.

9 years, 4 months


Yeah, it's possible, there's a certain type of muscle in the cock, like in the heart, so training and building the muscle mass of a member is real!

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