Chartham method description

Hot compressions. The purpose of such a procedure is to increase the circulation of a member, which can be achieved by placing a member of the hot compress. Put some hot water in the sink, put two clean rags in it. By firing one, turn her penis and testicles. When she starts resting, take her off and drop her in the sink, get the other one out of there, squeeze her out and repeat the procedure. It lasts 5 to 10 minutes. At the end of the procedure, your penis will blush, become more meaty and a little bit waxed. So you have achieved the desired result. Slow down and prepare for the next phase.

You can ask a question that's inconceivable, is it necessary that all of this fuss with hot compresses, with these wet rags?

In studies published in 1987 by the University of California (University of Berkeley), scientists found that heat increased blood flow to tissues three to four times, and that it was also observed that oxygen was proportionally increasing. Increased hemorrhaging is necessary for the expansion of the corpore cavernosa.

The massage of the sexual organ at this stage of the program, you will certainly note that we pay attention not only to the penis, but also to the testicles. Eggs are a sensitive pair of sperm irons. Besides, they're still making a man's hormon teron. The massage of these bodies increases the blood flow and thus stimulates the growth of these hormones.

(A) Large and point fingers, make a few pins all over the mosh area. You don't have to stick your testicles, just a bag. With your fingers on a point, pull your skin as far as possible, while you don't experience painful feelings. Keep it in a tense, tense state. In the count of five, let go of the mouse, she'll be back in her old condition thanks to her elasticity. Move your fingers to another point. Repeat this exercise once 10 times, constantly moving to other parts of the mouse. Process time is 2-3 minutes.

B) Grab the left hand of the testicles. Put your fingers on your right hand, start gently, but it's hard to mass the testicles and the urine for 30 seconds. Change your hands and now keep the massage with your left hand. Be careful, don't push hard, the massage has to make you feel nice. Process time is 1 minute.

B) Now get to the right-hand massage at the same time, and left to left. Light extraction, leaching and washing encourage blood flow and increase the number of major male hormones. Process time is 1 minute.

G) Smash the cock's gun with your lubricants (cram, lotion, vaseline, butter). Put your thumb together with your index finger and grab that ring of your dick at the very base. Burn him hard, and you'll feel under your fingers how the blood will come down. Because she's trapped and can't go back, your dick's gonna start to swell. Open your fingers. Then repeat this exercise, squeezing in the ring with two fingers of the barrel. Every part of it needs to be pressed for a period of 3-5 seconds and moved to the next. These compressions increase blood flow to cave bodies. Over time, these spaces increase and can take more blood, keeping it in.

The pressure on a member's gun must not make you uncomfortable. Process time is 1-2 minutes.

D) If your penis needs extra lubrication, add a lubricant. Put your dick's gun in the ring with your big and middle fingers. Then grab his palm. By pushing harder on the barrel, push a hard-coated fist to his head. Imagine you're getting yourself. As soon as your right hand reaches your head, start moving your left hand down. Change your hands.

Every one of these crickets should last 3-4 seconds. If you're doing this exercise correctly, you'll see how, with the increased pressure, your cock is growing up, as more blood penetrates cave bodies. This is one of the most important exercises of the entire programme. Start with 20 "doing," by the end of the second week, increase the number to 100-150. Process time is five to ten minutes.

Note for readers. Ideally, a member must be in semi-conditional condition during these exercises. Solid

Heat Appliance

The first phase of the Chartham method, for which either hot compresses are applied, or the influence on the penis of the warm air belt (possibly a few minutes in the bathtub on the knees before the crane) will not react to such exercises. You only need a partial erection here. If your cock certifies, you either keep masturbation until the seed is erupted or take your hand and wait for the ejaculation to pass. Then we can resume the exercise.

Griffin G was used.

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