Oleogrenema (introduction of gel under penis skin)

Introducing a substance under the skin of a penis, with a view to exposing it to a typical story. As a result, the so-called oleograrian is formed under the skin of the penis.

Введение вещества под кожу пениса
Introduction of the substance under the skin of the penis

Such self-propelled operations can clearly be classified as members of the family in 90 per cent of cases, but they do not end well. As a result, surgical treatment is actually the only solution.

The complexity of the operation depends on the quantity of a vacuum or other substance introduced. Well, if it's small, then it's cleaned up with surrounding tissues, and it's possible to make a sexual member of the rest of the skin. But most of all, skin loss is so widespread that it has to be cleaned completely, that is, skeletalize the penis, and then skin is needed for transplant. If the patient has a big mouse, the skin comes from there and crosses. Of course, after that moron doesn't take an aesthetic view, but it's the best way out.

Worse, if it's small, in which case the skin cover comes from the forehead or back. It's a very complex micro-surgery operation. Indeed, it has a certain advantage: a member can indeed become much better at the expense of a subcutaneous fat cage. Thus, it can be assumed that the dream eventually comes true, but at what cost. ♪ ♪

In difficult cases, if vaseline penetrates corrosive bodies, prosthetic penis is the only way.

At least dramatic ends sometimes masturbation with different subjects. The youngsters have unthinkablely introduced their child-born organ in the openings of gaeks, pancakes, other solid objects. The strongest erection doesn't end even after the ejaculation, because the "love" object prevents the flow of blood from the carpet bodies. And if you don't release the penis from the iron tape in time, the case will end with the gangrene.

Olegrandm of sexual member

In recent years ' daily clinical practice, there has been a marked increase in the number of cases involving oleograrians. Inspired by oleums by an introduction under the skin of a sexual member of different oily weighings (vazelin, camphorus oil, paraffin, etc.) followed by the spraying of the connecting tissue in the form of tight subcutaneous individual or sliding incorrect shapes, calcinated granule or scleromatical.

The granulematotic infiltration is characterized by a pepper spike, sometimes affecting the whole subcutaneous penis and often spreading to the frontal area and the mosquito. At a certain stage, the disease of the oleum is fistly shaped when multiple fistulas with gene dispensed are formed on the surface of the penis. A half member acquires a bulavoid form, is severely deformed, food and suffers only. Attempting conservative therapy without success.

The treatment is only operational.

Experimental treatment is defined by the degree of leather damage and the spread of fibrosis.

  • Three forms of disease:
  • 1. The lung form (I degree) when the granulose infiltrate captures the distal portion of the penis, hitting the extreme flesh, the windscreen, spreading to the prep bag.
  • 2. Heavy form (II degree). Aseptic phybrosis affects the skin and subcutaneous cage of a sexual member throughout the course, spreading to the moshone and the pubic area.
  • 3. A fistful form where there are infected wounds, ulcers and fistula on a purified sex penis. The small form of oleum is usually not difficult to determine the amount of prompt treatment. Most often, the cycrumcium is re-established by an internal leaflet of the pre-popular bag.

In heavy form, the oleogran is recommended to carry leather transplant on Tyrshu, two-stage immersions of a scalped penis into a subcutaneous tunnel on Reich, a tunnel on the front abdominal wall, on the median surface of the femur or a plate of free scattered and perforated scape.

The patient of this group has been fully scalped by a member of the sex, with the distribution of the oleoms on the skin skin and the lobe, and the sections of the skin have been removed. It is essential not to leave the skin islands and subcutaneous fat cells of infected filbrosis, and to avoid further hematoma, under the skin loin, to carry out a thorough hemostasis of the wound throughout the surface.

Seven patients have a Reich operation with a scalped penetration into a subcutaneous tunnel on the front surface of the moshone. Of these, only two patients have completed the operation in two stages, the remaining five in one phase.

After loading a floor penis into a tunnel and fixing the skin of a moshound in a spring sorceration, we cut the moscular skin on a vaginal surface without reaching the root of a penis of 1.5 to 2 cm, so that it would close the skin defects of a sexual member freely and without pressure. The stitches shall be placed in a longitudinal direction. The mouse's wound is stunning. In the post-operative period, necrosis and scapegoat were triggered by one patient. The remaining four patients are released for 12 to 13 days with recovery.

The results are good.

Erection preserved, possible sexual life. A leather reich plate using the skin of a mosh, we're doing one stage. The benefits are indisputable.

Post-operative period without special complications. Sometimes, there's a necrosis of the salmon with subsequent epilepation. All the swallows sat well. The results are positive. A fairly satisfactory cosmetic effect, the continued erection and the possibility of sexuality usually meets the patient ' s requests. The plastics of the skin defects of the sexual member of the scattered leather slope is relatively simple in performance with satisfactory post-operative and remote results, and may be recommended as a method of choice.

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