Application of a sexual assault.

Should we increase the size of a sexual member? Maybe it's the size of that to give the partner the greatest pleasure!

The simplest thing is to measure a penis as described in the measurement section. Knowing the size of an erected sexual member, it may be determined whether it is large, medium or small, but it does not always provide an exhaustive answer to this question. There are situations in which pleasure is not given to a member of 17 cm long.

How can we make sure that a longer or fat member has more pleasure in making her orgasm stronger? It's so simple!

Using ad hoc landings, a 5 cm sexual penis can be elongated and its diameter substantially increased. By conducting such a simple experiment, it can be determined whether there is a need for any kind of correction.

The intimacy store offers special boards to increase the size of a sex member. Depending on the length of the chosen landing, the necessary elongation may be chosen. These screams are common, they're dressed as a condom. The front part of the board is 5 cm long, thus achieving a total elongation of the penis by 5 cm.

  • Implementation councils:
  • Before being used for convenience, it is possible to process the talc board and then roll it like a condom.
  • Put an erection blower on a penis like a condom.
  • Put a small amount of intimidated lubricants on the water basis on the outside of the product to eliminate discomfort when using the product.
  • After the application of the product, it is recommended to wash warm water with soap, then the surface of the sediment to process the talc.

In order to make it possible to increase the circumference of a member of the sex, specially designed for this purpose may be used, with the use of an erected penis, increasing its circumference by as many centimetres. Thus, the circumference of a sex member can be increased by a few centimeters.

Насадки на половой член
Sexual penis

Using an ambush is the only way to make a difference in the senses of the partner in the sexual act when the length or thickness of the penis is changed.

Those who do not want to change the size of a sexual member may use these devices at all times during sexual contact.

These ambushes can be used not only to determine the need to change the size of a sexual member, but also for all possible sex games, thus helping to diversify sex life.

How do we assess mechanical devices and devices designed to increase our erotic potential? A lot of useful things are being sold in sex shopping together with clearly useless and even potentially dangerous devices.

For example, some women in masturbation are hunting dildo, i.e. artificial members of different forms and sizes.

Dildo is known from deep wood.

In China XVI, artificial ivory members or laced wood were considered the best. For lesbian love, a two-year-old member of about 30 cm long was invented with two hinges attached to the middle of the silk cord: two women could use such a device at the same time. Modern dildo is very diverse in size (the largest, according to ads, accurately reproduce the size and shape of a member of the famous American porn star Jeff Stryker), forms, colours, etc. They are used not only for sexual acts but also for anal contacts. Some dildo have vibrators, which further increases pleasure.

Same old and other sexy toys. The famous Chinese amateur Shiman Zin from the Zin, Pin, May novel is always wearing a slack with a silver belt, a ring for a member, and a special chandelier like a condom - to induce a woman and reduce the sensitivity of a man's skin, which allowed him to elevate his penis

Modern sexual and emotional technology is as rich as ever. Electric and electronic toys play an important role. Masturbation and sexuality use a wide variety of vibrants, massage machines with a variety of ambushes, which are designed to irritate, tickle and stimulate any erogenous human body areas. Technicians are increasing our physical capacity on many occasions.

The wide choice of genetic decorations and erotic laundry to all tastes stimulates imagination and allows the diversity of sexual experiences. Of course, these things are expensive and many of them seem exotic at first. But sex exists for pleasure, but it must not be monotonic and uniform.

In erotic thefts, as in everything else, care must be taken. Preserations with whistles or cheeks at the end increase women ' s sexual pleasure, but how does she end up with a regular, unarmed member?

The ring, which is based on the penis, prevents the flow of blood, prolongs the state of erection, but the artificial disturbance of the bleed cannot be considered healthy. The same is true of the involvement of vibrators.

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