Extension of a member by Daosist method

Based on Daosist metaphysics, this eastern philosophy is a combination of spiritual concentration and manipulation of sexual organs.

In accordance with the requirements of Daosist sexuality, it is necessary to make sense of "ladon in the glove" to achieve true harmony in sexual relations. When a member is introduced into a long and narrow vagina, he feels uncomfortable there, which leads to excessive friction on the part of both partners. In this case, special therapy is recommended which results in the extension of a male member.

Форма мужского члена, напоминающая грибForm of member resembling a mushroomФорма мужского члена, напоминающая карандашForm of pencil

This method includes breathing exercises in conjunction with the methodical capture of the penis by the right hand and its extraction with the pressure exerted by three fingers of the left hand on the area.

Other exercises include the rotation of a sexual member in a condition of erection, both by clock and by clockwise, the excavation of an inspired member on the hip and the sinking of it into warm water. In this connection, it is indicated that in a month or two, a man who exercises all the exercises may notice the elongation of his member inches or so.

Doctor of Medicine Stephen T. Chan claims that this may even change the form of a sexual member. It is of the view that the penis of the right form can have an amazing influence on the partner and give her deep satisfaction:

"The best form of penis is the shape of "grib." The so-called "grib" penis has the most satisfying structure of a woman, in particular its broad head and narrow barrel. A wide-ranging head contributes to sexual desire because it gives the greatest stimulus great and effective masses of vagina and cervix.

The best pleasure is a pencil or triangle with a small, sharp head and a wide gun. With such a triangle member, it is very difficult to satisfy a woman. But don't give up if you've got a penis like a "carandasha" - you can always change his shape.

In order to achieve a gradual change in the form of a sexual member, according to Dr. Chia, there are three exercises:

  • About every 100,000 men account for one difollos, a man with two members!

"Doing" is a dick.

Pressure increases the blood flow to the head of a sexual member, which must be filled with blood during this exercise. It's gradually expanding, it's getting bigger and bigger, and finally, the whole cock takes the desired form of "grib." Squeeze the gun until it turns up like a rock. Then let me go. Such cross-referencing will ultimately lead to a stronger, more reliable erection. With the first two exercises that last a few minutes, sit on the chair, put your feet on the floor and spread your knees wide. When you take the penis for the base, you put your head on the lungs, one on the other hip. The impact must be relentless, but not inconvenience or pain. This exercise will gradually lead to the approval of the head of the penis, to an increase in its size, improve its shape and result in a slight decrease in sensitivity.

The easy absorption of nerve ends in the head will allow a man to make love much longer, to delay ejaculation and to achieve a more powerful, truly volcanic eruption in an orgasm. Mantek Chia is one of the great practitioners and followers of the Daosist philosophy.

In his book The Secrets of Love, he makes precise recommendations to increase and extend your penis.

"When you take a deep breath, put the air in your throat... then swallow it, strangle the muscles and send it to the stomach. The air must not stay in the chest. Then this air, which you must present in the form of ball energy, rolls below the body and reaches the ventral muscle. When he reaches the bottom of the abdomen, put him in the penis. After that, take a penis with three middle fingers of your left hand and press it to the point of Gu-En, between the right hand and the urine. It won't let the air return to your body again. Now all air power is concentrated in the penis itself.

Go to normal breath without taking three fingers off the specified point. At the same time, start demining. Flexible rhythm movements pull it forward and back, and repeat this exercise 36 times. Then a little thumb underneath your head. As a result, you'll get an erection. If that doesn't happen, don't give up, and continue your exercises until the cock gets tired.

Right hand tighten your penis on the ground, slowly moving your hand 2.5 cm forward. The air power is therefore locked in the body of the penis and moved to his head. Continuing to put pressure on the penis, keep rotting blood to your head, as long as it doesn't turn around. Then, when you put him on the right side, start spinning motions on the clockwise and against her. They need to be repeated thirty-six times. Then, when you put a member on the left side, you need to redo thirty-six rotations on the clock shooter and against her. At the same time, maintain the pressure of your locked air.

This massage has a positive effect on the whole urea system, including penis, portable iron, veins, arteries and their surrounding nerve fibers, and the urine bubble and even kidneys are equally useful. The energy of many internal bodies is transferred to the penis, thereby significantly increasing its functionality. At the end of the manipulations described, you'll be able to knock the extremity member 36 times on the right hip, without release of the locked air. Then on the left.

Finally, Chia advises to put the cock in warm water and hold it for one minute. He claims that this procedure will help your body absorb the power of yan, which will lead to its drowning. According to him, a man who performs such exercises on a daily basis may, in a month with a slight elongation of a member by 2.5 cm. Further elongation depends on the building of his body. He enquired about the view of one renowned drug herb and a follower of the Daosist philosophy about this technique. That's what he said to me:

"This method of elongation belongs to Mantack Chia, one of the best practices in the United States, Canada and Europe. All they say is I take it seriously. For my part, I would probably use his method by myself only using medicinal grass with the same effect.

When I expressed doubts about the possibilities of this method in fact to extend the size of a sexual member, he replied;

"I don't think your criticism of the method is justified. You can't forget it's not about Chinese, it's about Daosistic. The Daosists were an elitist group that was esotteric and various sciences. They didn't share their knowledge with a simple people. Daosis, thanks to their multilateral knowledge, maintained close ties with the imperial house, with the highest aristocracy and rule class representatives."

"Gymnos" "Gymnastical Hall" comes from the Greek word "Gymnos" meaning "gold, naked." Sports took part in a variety of athletic competitions.

Exclusion. This mysterious method, on the one hand, is very attractive and on the other, raises some doubts about its effectiveness.

In the East, various end-to-end methods, with disdain for rejected in the West, are in fact extremely widespread, but we are gradually approaching them, discovering that these secrets are in fact valuable to all of us. With regard to the method of elongation, I received letters from two men informing me of their success. This method allowed them to extend their membership by between 2.5 and 7.5 cm. But they didn't send me pictures of their penis before and after the experiment. Moreover, given that millions of Asians live in the world, in practice the next philosophical teaching of Daosism, it is not surprising that there are many men with well-developed sexual organs.

If this method is not effective, why do the masses of Daosism fans have such large members?


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