Size of sex member of the show business stars

Размеры полового члена звезд шоу-бизнеса
Size of a sex member of the show business stars

The discovery of a truly global significance has been achieved by scientists from the British National Institute of Medical Research. They've saved millions of girls from a painful thought: "I mean, what's in his pants."

From now on, any lady will be able, within minutes, to determine the length of all familiar members.

To that end, we just need to know the size of the shoe of the man she's interested in, and then look at the scientist's plate.

We rushed to take advantage of the English invention and measured the secrets of Russian sex symbols. The legality of the length of a penis from any other man's body has been trying to find from time immemorial. But since these studies were mostly carried out by women, the findings were often erroneous, and the method of self-reliance was virtually discredited. From the beginning, it was clear that luck here could only smile on men. A group of English scientists systematized many of the data accumulated over the centuries, conducted further research and concluded that a popular theory of the proportionality of the nose length with the length of the penis was indeed erroneous, and that an ancient assertion that the form of a sexual member repeated the middle finger was well-founded.

♪ Fastly proving that the diameter of the member is equal to the pointerous and unnamed fingers that we have put together, we have been unable to understand how to make the formula of its length, as compared to it, by Professor Bartholomew Sine, head of the group.

♪ Then they just put all the data on the computer, and he suddenly gave the formula of dependence on the length of the penis. Here it is: the penis is equal (spring + 5)/2. Scientists did not find it difficult to satisfy the practical loyalty of the mathematical formula. By proving that it works with precision to 89 per cent, the English formed a calibre of penis length to shoe size. It's very easy to use the table. In the first line, the length of the man ' s foot is indicated, in the second, the size of the shoe corresponding to it and in the third, the length of the penis.

Julian claims he's 22 centimeters of pure gold... Julián's honest penis naturally, having received such an invention, we immediately wanted to find out the true dimensions of the Russian macho, but, not very trusting the English, we decided not to rush to recognize the size of the star shoes, but to check the correctness of the formula. To that end, we called the owner of the 44th size boot, an old friend of Julian's. We were sure of his honesty and knew he wouldn't exaggerate anything, but in case he was safe.

♪ You know, Julian, if you have a 44th shoe size, English scholars say the length of your penis should be almost 27 centimeters, we hung over the singer and told us about the wonderful table.

♪ Yeah? And I've got a little bit less, I almost cried Julian. - Twenty-one or 22 centimeters. Well, 23 tops. On the table, we saw that the owners of the 44th size had an average penis size of 21.6 centimetres.

So Juliana's example is a good confirmation of the formula. By calming the artist, and by providing compensation for the table data, we took up the anthropometric data of his colleagues. Not every sexy symbol is fallic for starters, afraid of frustration, we've decided to go through the sex tapes. It's been a long time since the Brigade Actors, and they really didn't disappoint us. Except one. Phil and Cosmos, they've got about half a metre for two! Dmitri Dujeva and Vladimir Vdovic had 45-size boots, corresponding to the length of the penis of 24.4 centimetres. Vladimir Micov's 43-size shoes, so bee's penis is shorter than Cosmos and Phil's at exactly six centimeters.

But he shouldn't be upset. It turns out that the head of the White Brigade has only 15 centimetre dignity, as Sergei Berukov is 41st.

Such a non-conventional discrepancy in the size of the penis turned out to be a completely alien Brigade of "ment" from the "Smalls of Broken Fountains." Larin, Dukalis, Volkov, Solovac, and even Colonel Muhomore, wear a mid-statistic 42nd dimension. It turns out that the penises are approximately 17 to 18 centimetres, which is on average less than the Brigadiers, but more than Igor Nikolaev's singers, Oleg Gazmanov and Detsla, with their 41st leg size. Of course, we wanted to find a royal master. At least 25.

But for some reason, none of the actors or singers could have crossed that line. Nikita Mihalkov's Patriarch of the film wears 44th, Gosha Kuzenko, too. Nagiev, Pevtsov, Bondarchuk is smaller. We were desperate to find the best of the best, but our photographer, Larissa Cudravtsev, remembered how Philippe Kirkorov complained to her that it was very difficult for him to find a good shoe of 46. Right, we were happy. The Kirkorian fallos of more than 26 centimetres could really hit Pugachev in the first place. And now, with age, she's been drawn to such a society, and that's why she's in a star family.

But Maxim Galkin is another case.

Not much, but not enough. The parodist wears 44-size stamps. They must remind Alle Borisovna of her past love, Vladimir Kuzmin, who, despite his little growth, only 1,70, had the same impressive leg size. Only the fact among the G-8 heads is the largest leg size of French Jacques Chirac (45th).

And the smallest of the Prime Minister of Japan, Mr. Junjitiro Koizumi, is the 41st, which is the same as the Asian merchants as the sex giant. Yellow press

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