Sex penis length formula

Формула длины полового члена
Sex penis length formula

The prevailing perception that the size of a male sexual member is proportional to the size of other parts of the body, in particular the foot, was simply a disguise. The London urologists, which were examined with lines in the hands of over 100 British men, had in fact determined that there was no link between the size of a male sexual member and the size of the shoes.

The scholars of their University College of London, led by Dr. Giothy Shah (Jyoti Shah), together with colleagues from the London St. Mary Hospital, have taken over a long-standing assumption. Two urologists were directly measured, measuring a penis in a relaxed state with a light distance.

While the exact measurement can be performed only during the erection, scientists noted that such a method sufficiently accurately reflected the desired value. The study collected data on the length of a sex member and the amount of shoes for 104 men from teenage to retirement age, with an average age of 54. The penis was rounded to the nearest 0.5 centimeter.

Scientists who noted that the average size of the penis was 13 centimetres (from 6 to 18 centimetres) and that the average shoe size was the ninth British size, or 43 European, found that there was no proportionality between the shoes and penis. " This study confirms that there is no scientific evidence of such a connection " , the author submits the study.

Formulation of the length of the penis.

Scientists from the Tokyo Women ' s University of Feminology found a formula linking external, easily measured signs with a long sex member. The calculations need to know the size of the shoes, the length of the nose and the weight.

Formula length of penis : A=35(B+3C)/D where A is the required length of the penis, B is the size of the shoes, C is the length of the nose, D is the weight of the body.

So the length of the penis is directly proportional to the size of the shoes and the length of the nose and back to the body weight. For example, if a guy has a shoe size of 44, nose length 4 cm, body weight of 80 kg, this means that the penis length A=35(46+3*4)/80=25 cm.

Japanese sex penis rarely grows longer than 7 to 8 cm, while the prestige of large sticks is high. Because traditionally Japanese girls can't have sex before they get married, all Japanese girls are now measured by the parameters of their cavalries before they agree to marry. However, the convenience of knowing in advance the size of his wife ' s member in Japan has already resulted in a sharp decline in the number of weddings and, as a result, in fertility.

Japan ' s industry, as always mobile, responds to the problem and moves massly to the production of overheads and shoe with false sizes. So, the normal 38-size shoe size of the Japanese now stands as 47. In addition, it's back on the footwear. And the overheads give a winning +5 cm to the nose length. However, all this undermines confidence between the sexes in Japan.

Medical opinion

The interest in larger sex has led to the creation of a market for services to increase it.

However, in different ways and positions, the penis will look bigger or smaller. Normal and functional sex members of different sizes and shapes, with natural curvature or curvature. The widespread personal concern about the size of a sexual member has led to a number of popular expressions and expressions in the mass culture. This includes the view that the size of a male sexual member may be predicted by the size of other parts of his body, such as hand, feet, nose, height, and, in some cases, the so-called " semi-member " , a form of mass hysteria, including the alleged removal or sniffing of a sexual member known as the " sexual removal " . The size of the sexual member, sexual concern in general, resulted in products such as a pump for a sex member and other dubious means to increase the size of the most sold goods. The media had equals the sex of a man to his physical and sexual strength.

Moreover, the perception of the possession of a large sexual member is linked to a great sense of dignity. The alleged relationship between the size of the penis, the size of the foot and the body growth was investigated in relatively small groups.

Two of these studies suggested that there was a link between the size of the sexual member and the size of the foot, while the communication later denied such observations. One of the studies that suggested the existence of such a connection was based on individuals who themselves measured the size of their sexual member, which might be inaccurate. The second study found a statistically significant, albeit " sweet " correlation between the size of the vegetated sex member, the size of the foot and the height. The explanation is that the development of a sexual member at the embryo controls Hox genes (especially HOXA13 and HOXD13), the same as those that control limb development.

Mutations of some Hox genes, which control limb growth, have resulted in a violation of the development of the genital organs (brush shine, foot, sex). However, the most recent studies were unable to find evidence of the relationship between the size of the shoes and the size of the vegetated sex member. Given the large number of genes that control the development of the shape of the human body and the actions of hormones during childhood and adolescence, it is unlikely that the size of the sexual member can be accurately predicted by measuring the various parts of the human body.

Other studies linking male sex with other factors have yielded intriguing results. Especially in one study analysing the self-reported data of Kinsey, it was found that homosexual men had statistically larger sexual members than their heterosexual accomplices. One possible explanation can be found in the different effects of hormones in the developing embryo. The author ' s view is also that this points to the tendency of both sexes to perceive.

Women ' s anatomy

According to a number of sex workers and researchers, a number of misconceptions of sexual intercourse have emerged.

Many men exaggerate the importance of deep vagina penetration to stimulate women to orgasm. The most sensitive area of women ' s genital organs includes external sexual organs, clitoris and parts of the vagina closest to the outside of the woman ' s body, which is approximately 10 cm long.

The study found that parts of the clitoris extend to the outside sex and vagina. The median size of the penis exceeds this length, the majority of the sexual members are quite lengthy to meet their partners. While many women find cervical stimulation unpleasant or painful, others report that this is the basis for their orgasm.

The cervix may be misnamed instead of the front and rear of the vagina, the deepest points of the vagina, above and below the cervical cervical, respectively. The neck and body are close to each other, allowing indirect and/or simultaneous stimulation between them. It is known that the body may be another area launching an orgasm. Tests have shown that pressure in this area results in very rapid vagina depression. The area of the sexual response in the front row is referred to as an epicentre, point T, front row zone, or point G, while the rear folder, also referred to as an epicentre, direct-to-mat deepening, may be indirectly stimulated by pressure on the back. During sexual initiation, the vagina shall be rapidly extended to an average length of approximately 8.5 cm (4 inch), but may continue to be extended in response to the pressure. As a woman becomes fully aroused, the vagina extends (increase in length and width by 2/3), while the neck is stretched. The walls of the vagina include soft elastic leather stores which are stretched or squeezed (by the pelvis muscle) to the size of the penis. This means that, with appropriate sexual initiation, the vagina is stretched and squeezed to correspond to any size of a sexual member, whether small or large.

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