Dimension of penis in world history


- Men according to the size of the penis:

  • "Shucha" is a man who has a member in a state of erection of only 5 cm is considered flexible, elastic and strong. Besides, it's a beautiful ideal.
  • "Mrig" is a man with a middle-aged man called "fighting among warriors." He's graciozen and mobile, and he's got 10 to 15 centimetres in his interior state.
  • "Wrishubia" - "human-wool" - a man from 18 to 20 centimetres, characterised as "muscular and rude."
  • "Usva" is a man who's a kid. A rare person with a fat, like wrist, scattered like a bull, a dick, more than 29 centimeters. Indus sarcastically called this man "absolutely useless and weak."

ancient Greece

Large members were considered to be abnormal, inappropriate. Usually they've been scattered on the side of the art, caricature, satres and savages. "The smallest member is more fertile than the big, 'cause sperm has to overcome a much shorter distance and it's not so cold during the ejaculation." Aristotle

Arab peace

The Arabs were so committed to the idea of the superiority of large members that the Ottawa Turks had won them in part because of their perceptions of the fallic superiority of the Turks.


Размер пениса в мировой историиIn Europe, Renessance ' s ages were fashioned by man ' s gulphic overheads, several layers of stripes from a commonly dense matter that were attached to the lower part of the male suit. Some men who are not particularly gifted by nature have pushed their handkerchiefs, coins and keys into the gulphics to compensate for their lack of supervision.

Irrespective of culture or age, there is no doubt that almost every society has seen a great penis as a symbol of male superiority.

Steven Lowe about the size of a sex member in world history.

The author and one of America ' s leading authorities in a field called penisology, something like a science about the role of a child organ in the evolution of mankind.

The word " pinis " was, in fact, untrue until 1993. But at that fractured moment, a jealous wife cut off a penis to a John Bobby. He was sent back. The news was so sensational that even the New York Times newspaper, which used the word penis only three times in the previous 20 years, had placed it in the headline on the front page, and television leaders had learned how to speak it without shamefully compressed lips. Psychological barrier collapsed.

There are very interesting comparative studies of people and primates. We're on the Moon and we're building computers. But in sex, in fact, there's little difference between monkeys. However, men ' s sex penis in humans proportion to the size of the body is much higher than monkeys.

In Dominican Europe, people worshiped gods with open penis. Rome-Bahus. There were even a few in Greece - Priap, Dionis. And Hermes is Greek, one of the labels of the fallos. I'm not talking about Egyptian Osiris and Indian Shiva. During the religious halls, the people of that era, instead of the icon and the choirugway, were outdated by huge penis and betrayed by orgy.

It's just a bunch of ancient language rituals, at which women dig out of the house and actually sometimes went to unbridled damn. And the virgins lost their innocence by hugging the statues of the gods.

This remains in the present Buddhist Asia. To comfort and gain strength, ladies like to come to temples and hug huge fallic outlets. In Europe, almost all this culture went underground. And only the archaeologists remind us that our ancestors once prayed for penises, carried their images as an amulet from glazing, erected fallic monuments as symbols of love, fertility and even military victory.

The famous Karnak temple in the territory of the present Egypt, the largest column of peace. On one of the calibres of the inscription to mark the victory of Farao Menepta over the Libyans in the 1300 years before our age: the battle of Libyan generals 6, the penis of Libyan soldiers 6, the penis of 6,359, and the penises of the Greeks 542, 6111. ♪ ♪

What does the world story say about the size of the penis?

A very complicated question, full of contradictions and prejudices. Look at the statues of antique Greeks. Powerful torso, strong hips. And a little sexy. That's how they felt the ideal of beauty. And vice statues of the gods with fallos of shocking size. Humanity has never been unanimous in this regard. Today, 80 men in America have a sex penis of 14 to 17 centimetres. This is the average level where the Ministry of Health approves condom standards.

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