Field member equals the length of the foot

Despite a number of studies that deny the size of a member to the leg, the site ' s founders have adopted a minority side and created a formula that proves that dependency.

According to the Darwin theory of evolution towards which the resource is being exploited, with a small amount of leg and a large amount of homo sapiens penis, would never be able to reach the end, continue to suffocate and lean forward. Those who had big legs had the advantage of fighting for survival. So there's dependence, they think, and they're offering such a correlation of the size of the shoes.

To calculate the size of the sexual member, 5 cm should be added to the length of the foot and the amount divided by 2

The diagram below describes this formula for shoe measurement systems worldwide. Find a row that matches your country ' s measurement system, then the shoe size you wear, and in the lower column you will find the length of your penis inches and centimeters. Or linearly measure the length of your foot. For example, for the average European with a 41-digit foot and a 25.7 centimetre length, the length of the penis is 15.6 centimetres.

Shoe size363738394041424344454648
foot size (cm)23.523.824.525.125.425.72626,727.327.928.629.2
Member size (cm)14.214.414.715.015.215.315.515.816.116.416.817.1

The authors of the formula note that these figures are average and can be distinguished by changes in genetics, place of residence, nutrition, etc. So what's right for Americans can be wrong for Russians. At all, the feet of a human being are raised after the age of puberty, and the table does not discount the number of years of life.

The Federal Post Study has led to intense debates in foreign forums, which are particularly interested in whether shoes affect the diameter of man ' s dignity. Data are currently being collected to calculate the formula of " shoe width/snatch of penis " and it is recognized that it is much more difficult to do.

Remind also the opposite of the view previously expressed by the FederalPost: researchers from the University of London have shown that men ' s feet are not correlated with the size of their member.

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