Man's penis evolved into Darwin.

Эволюция по Дарвину
Darwin Evolution

Scientists believe that as a man evolved in a modern homo sapiens, Darwin's theory has evolved and a male penis is a sexual member. The current form of penis allows for the immediate removal of the sperm from the vagina of the previous male, identified researchers from the New York State University.

The tests were conducted by a group of scientists led by Professor Gordon Gallapom. The professor believes that, among other things, a sexual member has shown himself as such a device.

In order to verify this theory, a series of experiments were carried out in which various fans, artificial vaginas and cracked water sperm simulated. Gallup on New Scientist's pages reports that the head of a sex penis for only one friction of the fallotine has managed to remove up to 90 per cent of the solution from the vagina. The converters of another form - without the current foaming - only 35 per cent were outdated.

In addition, as experiments have shown, the depth of penis penis penis in the vagina also plays a major role, depending on the size of the penis: in the introduction of the fallotine in only 3/4, it was able to remove less than 40 per cent of the vagina fluid.

In addition, with reference to his students, Gallup claims that sex becomes much more intense if a man suspects a partner that she cheated on him, or if the lovers haven't seen each other for a long time. The Professor argues that this part of the conduct demonstrates the male ' s subconscious desire to rid himself of any, even suspected, sign of a competitor.

Another evidence is evidence from ancient sources, which, according to Gallap, confirmed that the penis form changed over time.

The Professor notes that the form of penis is unique to a man, and believes that his research sheds light on why and why. "In our theory, it's the result of competition for the right to procreate," he told Gallup the Air Force.

Well, Dr. Derek Machine's urologist thinks that theory is "contracted for ears." "Study can be very careful, but I'm not sure if this thing happens, the penis was specially created for this effect."

Dr. Colm O'Mahoni, Chairman of the English Genetic Medicine Association, agrees with a colleague. He points out that if a man keeps moving after ejaculation, he's just gonna squeeze his own seed penis. "The great thing is the reason that the relationship takes place. I believe gravity plays a role. In the end, maybe these missionaries knew something about the poses?


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Professionals assume that ancestors of people have lost their bones in the penis over time, as they have built more monogamous relationships. It is remarkable that one language man claims that God created Eva not from the rib, but from a penis bone that never happened in time. Bakulum (she's a dowry, or a bladder, bone) is described as "the most diverse bone of all known," which is very different in length, width and shape for different male mammals.

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But British scientists say: "The human penis is longer and thicker than that of other humanoid primates. Even the largest gorillas, which are twice as heavy as a human, have a penis length of only six and a little centimeters in a state of erection." So evolution was not a single mind :) And to this day, even the smartest men, x ... are measured :)

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