What's a sexual spark?

The screaming of a sexual member is an electile deformation that occurs only in a state of erection. The main problem of sexually abused patients is sex difficulties.

What are the reasons for the sexual abuse?

It has now been established that the main mechanism of this type of deformation is to break the elasticity or disproportion of the anatomic structures of the penis of an congenital or acquired nature. In the erection, the loss of elasticity or the undeveloped portion of the penis is stretched to a lesser extent, resulting in sparking. The direction and angle of erectile deformation are subject to significant fluctuations, but the spark is always directed towards defeat. The screening of a sexual member occurs mainly in cases where the damage occurs in a white shell:

- congenital foam - Peyroni disease - local fibrosis

Annulment of a sexual member

The congenital foam is found in 0.4-1/1000. This disease has been known since 1842, when J.Mettauer gave the first scientific description of the sexual penetration and its surgical correction.

Even then, and in subsequent studies, it has been found that the causes of congenital demation may be asymmetry, disproportion of carpet bodies or hypoplastics of urethra and fascicle of a sexual member. The congenital spark is developed as a result of low levels of sexual hormones in the intrauterine period or the period of sexual obscuration, and the sensitivity of tissues to them.

The congenital sparkling of a sexual member begins to be observed during the period of puberty, when the first erection occurs, sometimes 10-12 years.

The angle of sparking on any side can reach 90°. Most of the patients report a good erection. The vast majority of the patients suffer from sexual difficulties, and they vary depending on the angle of the patient ' s virginity and the nature of the patient. The presence of a congenital sex penis with a good erection prevents many patients from starting sexual life, creating mechanical and psychological obstacles at the outset.

The congenital sparkling of a sexual member, unlike Peyroni and local fibrosis, always leads to erectile deformation.

The only symptom of this development anomaly is the spraying of a sexual member in erection. Sometimes the sick feel pain even when they erection. The erectile deformation is always directed towards an underdeveloped corrosive body and the most typical is lateral sparkling. Ventral (former) deformation is due to a violation of the elasticity of the spongeotic body of the retrieval through the disembronal (destruction in the embryonic period) development of the fascic layers.

The skin, the fascia, the spongiotic body of the urethra is formed with the right, the outer opening of the urea can open symmetrically on the head.

The congenital sensibilities of the sexual member also include the congenital short nut.

Spark diagnoses occur when erection is caused by natural or injecting medicines into a sexual member.

Treatment of sexual abuse

Коррекция искривленного полового членаThe purpose of the treatment is to eliminate sparkling. For the purpose of correcting the erectile deformation of a sexual member, a white casing duplicative operation (Nosbita operation) is usually carried out.

The operation is carried out under duress and sometimes under local pain. Typically, patients are observed for 2-3 days in a hospital or in the first 24 hours. Could be an outpatient operation. After the operation, all patients are satisfied with results and privacy.

The only disadvantage of the operation is the installation of a sexual member by 1 to 1.5 cm. However, this is not tangible for the sick and, on the other hand, there are no other ways of treating the disease. If the sick wish to do so, it is possible at the same time or later to perform special sexual extension operations.

Lock fibrosis

The locomotive fibrosis of the white shell is a rare disease and is usually caused by the fracture of the penis (white fragmentation in erection) or by the prolonged use of intracorrosive injections.

The treatment of local fibrosis is not different from the treatment of congenital penis.

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