Sex penetration

This is more about supporting therapy for men in various programmes related to the increase in penis than the technology itself.

A little history.

Compared to America and Australia, in our country and nearby, the question of " cut or not " is not, in principle, worthless (please for the kalambur). For only boys/mans are circumcised, only those who have an ancient tradition. This is primarily the rightful ideologies and a number of East nationalities represented in Latvia by a very small number.

The history of circumcision is described in detail in the Bible. Abraham, who led his people from Iraq to Palestine, heard the voice of God, which led him to cut a sharp stone with extreme flesh. Since then, it has to be done by all male judgings in a union with God. However, if we look at the subject from a different perspective, circumcision is certainly primarily the issue of personal hygiene. This is the result of its popularity among the desert peoples and nomadic nomads, for which water is still valued more than gold. Boys are circumcised on the eighth day after birth because of medical rather than spiritual reasons. It is on the 8th birthday that newborns have a normal blood cut.

The benefits are clear

Операция обрезание члена<
Operation cutting a member

So Zaviera itself is an unambiguous commitment to communicating with a circumcised member.

First of all, it's like an anecdote because it's just beautiful... Man's dignity (except when it's started and wandered into the fight), it's a bit of an aesthetic excitement that doesn't cause a sad elephant... Deprived by the extreme flesh, a member visually seems to be erected even in a calm state. Raising, understandable, the eyes of any normal statistical woman.

Secondly, with the "gold" penis, we're much safer in terms of hygiene. If you agree, it's so obvious that stopping in detail would be weird. The absence of extreme flesh not only facilitates the process of caring for the private parts of the body, but also prevents a number of diseases associated with it.

Important of contentious

What's the difference between sex with a cut man? Of course, it's much less sensitive. What is even good in ordinary sexuality: a woman is usually more time to achieve orgasm, the better. But the mine can easily be developed in an unprepared lady's inferiority complex: you're his "and soda" and a long-lived bandage doesn't kill at all! But a man may not even suspect your theories, especially if he is circumcised in the infant and has no idea what happens differently.

So counsel one: if you can move the fellatio to the sexual act smoothly, do it!

If your partner insists on full oral sex, don't be shy and ask him to help you by sending the right line. As for general councils, they are simple. Zaviera's offering to believe her the word: sex with a man circumcised (whether oral or intravaginal) is just a little tougher. But you shouldn't be terrified, even if it's not your type. Nowadays, the principle of multiplicity and the "singleness" of partners is increasingly losing popularity by giving up a place, if not marriage, at least monogamy. And it means carnal joys, well-involved in a patient study of each other's characteristics.

The challenge is important.

The widespread view that circumcision has a serious impact on sex technology is nevertheless controversial. A huge number of men just laugh in response to such statements!

Authoritatively, on your own experience, saying that it's about you with your own body. I mean, knowing his particularities and exercising iron self-control over seedlings, which is essentially the focus of any normal man. 'Cause premature ejaculation isn't much better than slow. And the entire course of the Zaviera lectures is designed to ensure that the partners enjoy the new orgasm as the highest degree of physical and spiritual pleasure!

As for the insensitiveness of the cut penis, it also gives rise to hot controversy. The stews, to tell the truth, are a little bit of a relativity. There's not enough beautiful ladies to say one voice: there's no difference and there's no difference. And even if there is, it's all relative to give the man who's not cut half a litre of whiskey, and then see how soon you can get him to the orgasm! A familiar picture, isn't it? And the presence/no presence of extreme flesh, consent, nothing at all. So Zavier's conclusion is offered by one and he's still a banner of the past: knowledge of power, and a good sexual partner is happiness. Personally, she's more pleasant to be circumcised. But the point is, it's plain for me to be. The rest of the technology business!

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