Adolescent sex

  • Normally, sexual preview begins from 9 to 14. Secondary sexual signs emerge at this time:
  • Increased growth of hair cover on the face and on the sexual member;
  • The increase in the penetration of the penis in length and slightly thickness;
  • The extreme flesh is fully developed;
  • The skin of a sexual member and a mouse change;
  • seeds are increasing, and so on;

Before the sexual abuse begins, the size of the penis and the shape of the penis change very little. This period begins in different ways, some have a little later.

Adolescents, like adults, sometimes become a tragedy.

Половое созревание подростков
Adolescents ' sex

The man limits his contact with the opposite sex, refuses to visit the pool, shower, bath. Trying to enter into intimate relationships only in the light that has been extinguished, in other words, he does everything that his partner can't make a visual assessment of his penis. Others form the basis for plastic surgery, digging The money on the growing plastic, for years, wears cliffs, devices for extraction.

There have been cases in which men began their day to measure erection by means of a school transporter and to establish a doctor before the crisis, finding out why the erection angle was less than yesterday.

Such men turn into slaves of their sexy member, not their sexy member, and they serve him.

The table shows the size of the penis in a calm state depending on age and growth.

Growth (cm)142
Size of calm sex4


Sex penetration for adolescents according to age:

Sex penetration (see)10.413.015.215.516.517.016.516.5

The increase in the sex membership averages up to 17 years. In 17 years, the penis reaches the maximum length, which will then decrease slightly.

By the age of 18, when the sexual member is drowned Its length is on average reduced by 0.5 cm.

The table shows changes in the thickness of the sex member:

Field Member (cm)7.69.910.511.011.512.013.013.0

In adolescence, there are also beatings of a sexual member. Only a few boys have bruises before sex. The majority of teenagers have an emigrated sexual penis (56 per cent) and only 2.6 per cent have a severe drop (more than 2.6%). 20o)

Direct5.5 %
A slight bending to the right29.1 %
Little left bending12.8%
Strong curvature, over 2002.6 per cent
Cтадии развития половых органов у мальчиков
Boys ' sex development
  • Sex education for boys:
  • Stage I (age 9 to 12 years) - Yaicchi, Mouse and Sexual Member have the same size and proportions as in early childhood.
  • Stage II - There is an increase in mosh and eggs and a change in the structure of the mouse skin. Machine leather may also be slightly red, this sign is clearly on the black and white picture.
  • Stage III - There is a further increase in the penis, first in length, although the width is increasing. There is also an increase in eggs and mouses.
  • Stage IV - There is a significant increase in the length and width of the penis, as well as the further development of the head of the penis. The testicles and the urine continue to grow, the moscular skin is much darker. This stage is difficult to consider. Black and white picture.
  • Stage V - Adult Sex Size and Form.

Diagnostic value of sex composition

The ratio of sex, age and growth in sexology is used to diagnose neuro-ormonal development during ripeness. A major study was carried out by a Russian sexologist, Professor Vasilschenko (Moscow). In his research, There is a correlation between the many neuro-ormonial violations and the relationship between the growth and the size of the male sex.

Boys with less than usual sex members often have hyphodism - increases in breast iron, which is due to the increased blood content of female hormones.

Research on the interlinkages between the size of a sex member, its form, human growth and other factors is not only under way. Already, the peoples of the ancient east, by size and form of a sexual member, have been able to determine the state of human health, the nature of the And so on.


8 years, 9 months


Can I ask you a question? How many centimeters are you. Will it satisfy men?

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