Fat or long member

Толстый половой член
Fat penis

The fatal penis affects all reflex-genic areas, which gives rise to a strong erogenic impulse designed to give women higher pleasure.
The large size of the penis ensures deep penetration in any position and effects on the cervix of the uterus. If the owner of such a fallo has a fat, big head in the form of a mushroom, there's a possible additional feeling. by stimulating point G.

Most women think that fat dick is nice.

But it is also useful, because with a good vagina spread and sufficient pressure on reflexogenic areas, ideal conditions are created to achieve the vaginal orgasm needed for the purpose of achieving the Women's health!

At the same time, there are cases in which the holder of a large penis during sex traumatized an unprepared unborn girl by his sexual organ. Often, ladies complain about unpleasant feelings when they're having sex with such a gigantic.

But the thickness of the penis has nothing to do with the ability to satisfy a woman, more important is the length of friction (moving) and the place where the penis strikes. Too thick a penis can give a woman a sense of vagina and even pain in fiction. Of course, women born have more vagina than those born, but there are certain limits to the rule. The fatest penis had a diameter of 6.5 cm. The man said that his wife had repeated damage to the vagina at the beginning of her life together, but it's all right now because she's had six children and the "th" has spread. In fact, the average statistical diameter of the penis head is 3.5 cm.

Sex penis tends to be cylindrical, but some men are expanding to base, so the diameter of the root is sometimes not less than the diameter of the head and sometimes exceeds it.

Frequently, a sexual act with such a man is short due to pain and leads to a break in the vagina. And, of course, you won't be jealous of anal sex fans by being alone with a megapenis owner.

Men make implantation (introduction) under the skin of a member of different objects: stars, balls, rings, hard ribs, etc. This creates an unusual appearance of the sexual organ. It is the view of men that such a converted member will produce a woman a strong impression and more pleasure. But often partners may have unpleasant feelings during friction, especially with large implants.

There is no correlation between the size of the member and the force of sexual intercourse, the activism of a man ' s sexual life. Sexual activity is due to the complex interactions of many factors: inheritance, hormones, general health, physical and mental, as well as child impressions.

There are men with a huge sexual organ who are still unable to satisfy a woman. On the contrary, there are men with a small member whose partners are very blissful. There is no link between the size of the penis and the content, although many men who have been recruited believe in this connection.

Why does penis have such a form?

First, it turns out human penis is the longest and largest (at least relative) and complex in design, compared to other animals.

Second, no one has ever studied penis before, and certainly no one has done "revers-engineering" is when, with the result (in this case, the size and shape of the body), they try to build the process and purpose of the evolution of this body.

Thirdly, when we have a result (e.g. red blood), it doesn't necessarily mean that red blood is better than yellow. Red colour -- by-product of another process -- to transport oxygen into blood. Those things that are They do good, they give red.

With regard to penis, these researchers believe that its form and size are not a by-product but a direct result of evolution.

Their starting point is that a woman (partner, wife, rape victim, etc.) may have sexual contact not only with the penis bearer. And then there's a struggle between two or more sperms inside her body.

So a long and fat penis combined with a well-known form, on the one hand, injects the sperm deeper, and on the other, sperm of the rival.

It's a theory, but she was tested in experiments, not with people, but with penis models and vaginas. As it turns out, a penis that is as close as possible to the real one will outlive more than 90 per cent of other people's sperms.

Well, the most interesting thing is in the end. Turns out you can get pregnant with a man who never had sex with. His sperm sperm sparkler could be his own male partner if he had sex with another woman before. it had sex with another man. Sperm of this other man, your man can bring his penis home. The probability of such a scenario is higher for uncut men.


1 year, 9 months

Себастьян Перейра

That's all. The rest to the extent possible )

3 years, 2 months

Александр Ковалишин

Shorter than more penis, more partner gets pregnant from you.

3 years, 10 months

Маруся Климова

I wonder if research shows that men attach more value to their penis than their partners.
As a rule, more important to a woman partner, be soft and caring.
The idea that for women, the priority in sex is not so accurate. During the sexual act, the vagina is attached to the penis of its partner, the deepening, expansion and lubrication during sexual initiation, so in this sense the size is not so important. In addition, Less penis is often preferable to oral and anal sex.

5 years, 9 months


Nice, long and fat members love them.

6 years, 1 month


Better green with puppets. It means that when it grows less nitrates, it'll taste nicer. ♪ I don't know how you are, but I prefer the estimate. So it's more natural than sunflower oil. And if the chin comes up, the drops are more comfortable. When circumcised, it's not too much to cut off, but when cut, it's not too small to keep the dolls pretty big. ♪ ♪ What do you mean? I'm talking about salad from cucumbers... And what you might think, a very good friend of mine said... It shouldn't be short, long, fat, thin or something. ♪ ♪ He should be fun. ♪ ♪

6 years, 2 months


Who's in there to lock up on one!

7 years, 1 month


Hey, my good, long dick, I miss you.

7 years, 1 month


My sex with my skin. I've been married for about a year, family life has been fun and romantic, passionate and unscrupulous. My wife is 11 years old. I'm an artist, I work at home, and our erotic fantasies have been breathing clean air of freedom and blooming a booming good color.

The atmosphere of friendly warmth and mutual understanding prevailed in our house, and there were always many guests. Irene's wife was brought from a nearby town, two of her sisters and mother were often visiting us. Sisters were very young, tempted fun. Valentine Alexeievna's mother is a pretty young woman who's fabulous and easy, and has recently been doing bald dances. My relationship with her was flat and delicate.

7 years, 2 months


I'd love to be one of those.

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