Factors affecting the downsizing of a member

    Substances are so widespread that their elimination is unreal. But we need to know our chemical non-buddies.:

  • bisphenol A (contained in a white film of the inner coating of a metal canned bank and a metal bottle sample, in some fillers of artificial materials used in dental science)
  • polycarbonates (in solid plastic contact lens, bulletproof glass)
  • epoxy resin
  • phthalates (in foil and cardboard food packages, various cells used in the packaging industry, emulsion paints, polyvinyl chloride floor coatings, printing paint)
  • Alkylphenols (in industrial moistures, antioxidant means that prevent the emergence of yellowish in artificial opaque material, in body-care facilities - champuns, shaving creams, spermacetic crems, petrol)
  • dioxins
  • chlor-containing compounds (in fat-containing products)
  • Pesticides and their disintegration products (in vegetables, fruits, dairy products)
  • Pentachlorophenol (in wood, leather products)
Вещества уменьшающие длину члена
Substances that reduce the length of the member

Nature has rewarded the human being, including the instruments of love. But people always miss something, so they look at it sometimes with envy towards the other mammals family: the ambassadors and the lotters. And rare men in dreams don't want to add a few centimeters.

About 75 per cent of men, i.e. the vast majority, have a sexual penis length between 13 and 18 cm. (measured on the surface of the body from the crown to the end of the head).

It's average size. And I have to say, a lot of men who think their dignity is a small one.

For 10 per cent of the strong sex, the member is erectioned more than 18 cm. But the real giants aren't that big: 25 centimeters, one for 10,000 people, 30 centimeters, not more than 5,000 around the world. Microphallus is rare, too. Ten per cent of men -10-12 cm and only 2-3 per cent - less than 10 cm. By the way, this is an inherited category and depends on race: Africans have a sex penetration of about 2 cm and Asians have a 2 cm lower.

The average diameter of the penis in the erection mode is 4 cm, the circumference of the penis is about 13 cm.


More recently, the Karo syndrome has become known as the reduction of the sexual member as a result of atherosclerosis affecting the juridical-muscular body, especially the white shell covering the carrotose bodies.

However, the most real problem is the accumulation of estrogenic substances in our surroundings, soils and food products, i.e. those with some characteristics of female genital hormones.

They have a particularly adverse impact on pregnant women and adolescent boys, causing a lack of sexuality.

In the '40s-50s of the twentieth century, American women, to protect themselves from miscarriage, used extensively the estrogenic drug of the DEA, and as a result, every four male child was born with microflos.

In some African countries, parents teach little boys special exercises (Jelk) that are said to increase "Male Dignity."

We can often see the exact opposite of the picture: parents rarely notice that the baby has a microball. And at an adolescence, when the process of sexual abuse is not over, they don't turn to a urologist. "Where have you been before?" - asks the doctor at the 18-year-old owner of the shorts. He didn't know. And my parents didn't know either.

If your kid's got a little pussy penis, there's one head, there's no body in sight, it's a danger signal. By 11-12, he didn't get more than 3 cm? Go to the doctor while you can do something about it.

  • Average length of male sex:
  • 10 years - 3.5 cm
  • 13 years - over 6 cm.
  • 16 years - 7.5 cm (referred to as calm)

Of course, the point is not the size of the penis, but the skill and the missing centimeters with the furthus are filled with virtois sexual techniques, but whatever you say, the size of the penis is important.

More importantly, the very fact of having a big body, for both the man and his woman, is even more important. That's how people invent new and new ways to improve the tactical and technical characteristics of love instruments.

I'll blow the lipstick.

We're not talking about prosthetic and other surgical methods. They are successfully applied in a wide range of clinics in the world if there is a real reason to do so.

It is a matter of concern that individual dissatisfied personalities will experience the methods of the Indian tribe or the Tibetan monks. All of them are mainly confined to regular extraction and weighting manipulations to a sexual member.

West enthusiasts have enriched the eastern practice of inventing their own methods. They use mechanical means retracting the base of the penis (Blake ring), massage, clamping of contact points, diet, physical and breathing exercises, hot compresses and even hypnosis. Fantastic progress has been reported, with an increase of several centimeters in 100 days.

However, professionals question the practical results and warn of the dangers of such methods.

The only noteworthy they recognize is the vacuum-discharge method. Its increase in temporary (not more than 24 hours) but it is useful to improve the efficiency of the body. Vacuum trainers of man ' s vegetation - Poms consist of glass bulb and pump that creates a vacuum. There's a blood flow to the sexual organs, and the penis increases in size.

To date, there are more than 20 congenital pathologies that are characterized by a violation of the sex hormones, which is why a clinical picture of a small sexual member and, in some cases, infertility. The reported morbidity is about one case per 500 newborn boys, but the true figures are slightly higher. Some boys do not diagnose the syndrome because polyclinic doctors do not have the necessary qualifications and are therefore able to identify only cases of a small sexual member that have clear clinical manifestations.

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