Probably the myth that the size of the penis doesn't matter, came up with specialists to calm down the men who didn't get the size. The size is, however, not very important, but it does. But the size of the vagina is different, so it's much more important that their size fits each other.

It should also be noted that, as a result of the efforts of the sex industry, an increasing number of women, especially in the West, have a crucial role to play in partner penis (according to the Penthouse Journal), in 1994 the number of women in America was 34 per cent). The philosopher and psychologist Judy Kurianski says, "The questions indicate that almost half of all women believe that they are important to the large size of the penis, because they associate him with men's power, remove or pleasure."

Женщины о мужских членах
Female male members

Many men often wonder how to correctly measure their sexual penis, determine its length and thickness.

There is a special medical method: the line to the frontal bone should be firmly attached to the upper side of the member in the inflated state and measured to the peripheral edge of the head. Researchers such as William A. Seanfeld and Gilbert W. Bib stress that the right method of measuring a member is the definition of the " liner distance along the side of the penis in the inflated state from the vent (mons veneris) to the upper edge of the head. You can't measure your dick downstairs, it's wrong. You can also measure the size of your sexual penis without erection. How do you do that? We just need to pull your penis as far as possible in a calm, unconscious state.

The normal size of the penis (5-20 cm), reduced to less than 5 cm in erection (micropenis) and increased to more than 20 in erection, and for some classifications more than 23 cm in erection (megalopenis). However, the sizes outside the erection are not very visible.

The famous sexist Virginia Johnson-Master, in one interview, commented on women ' s attitude towards the size of a male member: "If a woman believes that a large sex member is much more arousing and stimulating her, that is what it is. In public, most women claim that they are much more important than the size of the penis. But in private, many of them say otherwise."

Customary consciousness often exaggerates the differences in membership between different races. Thus, black men tend to be more generously gifted to men than white people. But in reality, everything is not so clear. Although in a calm, unintentionally state of black race, there is indeed some advantage with regard to the size of sexual members, it disappears in a state of inspiration: if their organs compare in this state with those of white collectors, there will be no difference on average. Doctor of Medicine Dick Richard writes on this point: "It is fair enough that negroids actually have members of large size, it only applies to their calm, unbearable state. With strong erections, they often lose strength, have less tensile, and hence have less validation. So there's no reason for a malicious fear experienced by different races."

All that has been said about black men is true for the Caucasian people, whose male genitals are also very often exaggerated.

In summarizing the above remarks, we note that it might be better and more honest to say that membership is important for many women, but not for all. However, those women who care about it often think that because they were forced to do so. These women would be well aware that, as almost all sexologists say, it is much more important than the size of the sex penis, but the ability to use it.

Vladimir Shahijanan, in his book, "1001 questions about this" says, "However a sexual member, he's your one and only. That's how you treat him with no claims and no offense. Don't separate him from the whole body. So you were born, you can use what you have."

The more a man has a sexual penis, the slower the erection occurs, and it is often less quality than men with normal or small genitals.

In addition, in the erection, the difference between short-sex members and long-term members is significantly reduced.

Much more important than the size of a sexual member, knowingly controlling ejaculation (e.g. seeds of eruption) in order to deliver the greatest pleasure to a woman. One of Murphy's sex laws is very relevant here: "The power of magic depends not only on the length of the magical desire."

It should also be noted that women ' s nervous ends are located close to the entrance of the vagina, and thus the pleasure of sexual acts is not dependent on the sex membership.

The view that "the more cock, the better sex" is the same myth as saying "the size of the penis doesn't matter."

At times, it can be said that a man ' s intense sexuality increases his penis (kstati, which is what Hippocrates himself thought, he said that abstinence reduces the size of a member). In fact, the size of a sexual member is not dependent on the intensity of sexual life. No manipulation of this kind can either extend or shorten the penis of an adult man.

The prevailing perception that the size of a male sexual member is proportional to the size of other parts of the body, in particular the foot, was simply a disguise. The London urologists, which had examined lines in the hands of over 100 British men, had indeed found that there was no link between the size of man ' s dignity and the size of shoes.

The scholars of their University College of London, led by Dr. Giothy Shah (Jyoti Shah), together with colleagues from the London St. Mary Hospital, have taken over a long-standing assumption. Two urologists were directly measured, measuring a penis in a relaxed state with a light distance.

While the exact measurement can be performed only during the erection, scientists noted that such a method sufficiently accurately reflected the desired value. The study collected data on the length of a sex member and the amount of shoes for 104 men from teenage to retirement age, with an average age of 54. The size was rounded to the nearest 0.5 centimeter.

Scientists who noted that the average size of the penis was 13 centimetres (from 6 to 18 centimetres) and that the average shoe size corresponded to the ninth British size, or 43 European, found that there was no proportionality between the size of the shoes and the sexual member. "This study confirms that there is no scientific evidence of this connection," the author states the study.

"Increase the size of a member can only be achieved through plastic surgery." That's what it takes to think in a medical environment.

But not everyone agrees. In the sexual practices of different peoples, there are methods by which the length and thickness of a member can be substantially increased.

It is not difficult to conclude that nature does not create anything simply. With the same motto, modern sex industry approaches the manufacture of sex shops, in particular for the manufacture of fallotines. That's why you find members of different sizes and diameters at the sex shops. It is necessary to meet everyone ' s needs as much as possible.

Many men are known to be concerned about the size of their sexual member. More specifically, they're very concerned about the following question: "What's my dick compared to what others have?" Interest in the size of a sex member is derived from several different factors.

First,It's anxiety to be "normal," that is, it's not worse than all others.

Secondthe persistent desire to be sexually adequate.

It's supposed to be "more, the better."

There is a widespread belief that a large sexual member delivers more pleasure to a woman. Really. Sex membership There is no significant physiological value (although they may have a positive or negative psychological effect) because the vagina adjusts its dimensions equally well to a member with a large or small diameter. The length of the penis, which determines the depth of its infiltration into the vagina, is also relatively non-existent, as the inner part of the vagina and the cervical cervix of the nerve ends are small.

Thirdthe desire to have a large sex penis is often due solely to dishonour.

Finally, it seems to some men that a large sex member makes them more sexually attractive. This applies equally to both hetero and homosexual.

In the media (especially in erotic books, magazines for men and films), the image of male genital organs is much larger than their natural size. This distortion, first, reflects the victory of dreams over reality, and secondly, demonstrates the possibilities of photographs and films. Men ' s readers should also bear in mind that their own sexual penis seems shorter (from the angle of view) than sex members of other men who they see in locker rooms or on screen.

More recently, a group of Canadian researchers had studied the psychological impact of the increase in sex membership on sexual initiation. They found that the reading of erotic cassages, exposing the value of a sexual member, had no effect on the level of enrolment of both male and female students. Thus, it was concluded that the meaning of the size of a sexual member is as low at the psychological level as appears to be physiological.

There are rare cases in which a male sexual member has a normal structure, but miniature sizes that do not reach 2 cm length, so-called micropenis.

Sometimes this anomaly is caused by a lack of testing and treatment. In other cases, neither the pills, the masks, the pills or the hypnosis are effective, although advertisements that advertise such treatments are filled with newspapers and magazines.

Men who are deeply concerned about the size of their sexual member are more likely to have sexual difficulties than those who do not care. The degree of difficulty varies from complete abandonment of sexual intercourse because of fear of not meeting the expectations of the partner to constant fear of whether or not an erection can be achieved.

Contemporary perceptions and preference for sex

Men can easily underestimate the size of their own sexual members as compared to other members because of the approach taken downwards and the accumulation of fat at the base of a sexual member. A survey conducted by sexologists showed that many men believed that their sex workers had an inadequate size, in fact middle-aged sex workers. Another study found that sex education in the right health aspects of a sexual member may be useful and calming for patients.

Women actually prefer sex members of certain sizes. A 2005 survey conducted on the Internet, covering 52,031 heterosexual men and women, found that only 55 per cent of men were satisfied with their sexual membership, while 85 per cent of participating women said that they were " very satisfied " with the size of their partners, and only 6 per cent of women identified their partners below the average.

In the same survey, 70 per cent of women expressed dissatisfaction with their dairy irons, while most men (56 per cent) were satisfied with their partner ' s milk irons, only 20 per cent of men wanted to see larger breasts in their partner.

The study " Women ' s Health " , published by the Boston University Medical Centre, examined women ' s preferences regarding the size of a sexual member and concluded that the more important factor in sexual stimulus was the breadth rather than length. The same results are contained in the main article published in Psychology Today, when 1,500 readers (of whom 2/3 are women) were examined on the question of the outer type of man ' s body. Most of these women did not give special importance to the size of a sex member, and more than 71 per cent believed that men exaggerated the importance of the sex penetration and its form.

Women were more concerned about the breadth of the penis than men themselves. Women were less aware of its length. " ...the reason number one, why women preferred a fater sex penis was that it was more satisfactory during sexual intercourse. " It has been assumed that a wider sexual member provides more clitorital friction, while a longer sexual member reaches an area that is less sex sensitive.

The same article notes that there has been a strong correlation with the fact that " women who have assessed themselves as more attractive were particularly concerned about the large size of the penis. Among women who described themselves as " more attractive than on average " , 64 per cent were deeply or moderately concerned about the penetration and 54 per cent were concerned about its length. Women who assessed their appearance as medium were less than 20 per cent. " In another study conducted at Groningen University Hospital, 375 women who have been sexually active (which were recently born) have been interviewed about the importance of the sex membership.

The conclusion was that " While there was a clear minority, a significant percentage of women surveyed attached great importance to the size of male genital organs " . A study carried out by Utrecht University found that the majority of male homosexuals covered by the study considered a larger sexual member as perfect, and that the possession of such a self-respect.

The term " royal size " is a hot terminology for a person of any sex who prefers a larger sex penis than on average.

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