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laura dodsworth
Laura Dodsworth

Take a look at our penis gallery - obviously there are a lot of photos of penises here, so those who might be offended, please take a look because you're wrong. The event was dubbed the "Night of a Thousand Members" and while there may not have been many, the "Penis Gallery" remained an event that seemed groundbreaking in discussing the taboo of penis anxiety in such a forum.

The idea of the gallery, which took place at the Book Club in Shoreditch, was to show images of penises in their relaxed state, to show the variety of shape, size, color, all the individual quirks that make them unique and valid. . In a society mired in free online porn, ideas about what a penis should look like are dangerously wrong - sexual dysfunction is skyrocketing among young men, as this illusory world fuels concerns about performance and size. In the spirit of our Festival of New Masculinity, we wanted to support men by becoming real and accepting differences.

As part of the event, a photographer and a storyteller Laura Dodsworth presented some works from her series of books "Naked Reality", which includes "Masculinity", for which she photographed 100 penises and told men about their relationship with them.

She told us that many felt their penises where their essence was, so if they felt that they were too small down there, then they felt like smaller men. Even men with large penises were at odds, Laura read quotes from one man who said he used his penis "as a shield" for everything else, and he developed self-esteem problems. The message about learning to love ourselves for who we are and to feel that we are enough sounded loud and clear.

Then Laura was joined on stage by Anushka Tate, Ant Smith and Dr. Chloe Paidoussis-Mitchell for a panel discussion on this issue. During the wide-ranging discussion, during which questions were asked to the audience, the problems of childhood trauma, the role of partners in making people feel more comfortable, sex education in schools and sex education in the family and at home were discussed. communities.

Ant, the author of the "Little Penis Bible", felt the need to change the wording of penises, where size always matters, while Chloe felt that part of the danger in all this is that men often hide their trauma and never talk about their problems. Anushka, whose podcast Project Pleasure is one of the best, talked about the benefits of parenting in a positive family, about why unsolicited photos of members are never welcome and why

Not all porn is bad porn: "You have to pay for your porn!"

Here are some images from the event and the gallery itself:

Penis gallery. Form - 1
Penis 1
Penis gallery. Form - 2
Penis 2
Penis gallery. Form - 3
Penis 3
Penis gallery. Form - 4
Penis 4
Penis gallery. Form - 5
Penis 5
Penis gallery. Form - 6
Penis 6
Penis gallery. Form - 7
Penis 7
Penis gallery. Form - 8
Penis 8
Penis gallery. Form - 9
Penis 9
Penis gallery. Form - 10
Penis 10
Penis gallery. Form - 11
Penis 11
Penis gallery. Form - 12
Penis 12
Penis gallery. Form - 13
Penis 13
Penis gallery. Form - 14
Penis 14
Penis gallery. Form - 15
Penis 15
Penis gallery. Form - 16
Penis 16
Penis gallery. Form - 17
Penis 17

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