Anatomy of the size of the member with other parts of the body

It used to be thought, and some people still think that if a man had a big nose, he had a big dick.

Связь между половыми органами и носом
Sexual and nose connection

It's not really true. Research has not revealed a direct anatomical dependence of the length, the size of the penis on a person ' s characteristics (not all agree with this allegation, just below) and the characteristics of the figure.

I wonder if scientists have found a connection between the sexual organs and the nose, but... women. There are so-called Flick points on the bowl, which, when menstruated, are flooded and easily bleeding. Specialists note that physiotherapy effects on these points have a healing effect in some gynaecological diseases.

With regard to sexual activity, the view is that all small bald men with large noses are sex giants, no more than prejudice. However, scholars have been able to prove that the level of sexual activity can be determined by external human data. But the nose, the height and the bald have nothing to do with it.

The same sexual activity index is the ratio of thigh length to leg length. The longer the hip, the more sexually active the man.

Contrary to the widespread view, the size of the male sexual organ is almost in no way dependent on its growth and the size of the other parts of the body. The size of the member depends only on individual inheritance factors.

The curious way of determining the amount of a sexual member on one of the external grounds is to say in his article, "The Elements of "Porno" in the Russian culture in Carelia," K.K. Logins: "There is enough intermediation with regard to the people ' s pornoculture of the Russians has a modern way of determining the thickness of a male member, which is sometimes pushed by women mocks.

He's being asked to put a fourth rectangular piece of paper (although a candy fantic) into the corner where the flexes have come together, to the end of his finger on his big left finger, and finally to cut corners on the radius of that leg. Women then take the paper from the man, expose it and demonstrate all the post-cutting angle. The diameter of the opening is believed to correspond to the thickness of the uninvolved male member of the person who was caught in this sexy prank."

And the Russian residents of Zaonezya, according to Loginov, have another way of determining the sex penis. The penis is considered to be more and longer than the wider and longer foot.

Not long ago, the American doctor of medical sciences, Stephen T. Chung, briefed the public on its method of determining the sex penis. He believes that, according to the face of a man, a precise picture can still be drawn of the size and shape of his sexual member. Dr. Chang, who is not only a doctor, but also a specialist in eastern religions and, in particular, Daosism, argues that this is an exercise that allows for virtually everything to be found in the face. Here's some "keys" to determine the size and shape of a male member.

A man with a long nose and long fingers has a long penis. Men with short noses and short fingers have small members, respectively. Men with long noses and short fingers or long fingers, but short noses have medium-size members.

If a man has a big nose tip, he has a fat dick.

In the same case, when a man's nose tip is small, like a button, he has a thin penis;

The shape of the penis can be determined by the shape of the penis.

If a large thumb takes the shape of a mushroom, then a penis has the same shape, with a narrow barrel and a wide-ranging hat. When a man's thumb has a triangle shape, he's got the same penis.

The true sign of a man ' s large size is fat, meat lips.

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