Shamans and bells

The candidacy of the historical sciences of the archaeologist, Sergei Guseva, is difficult to stand in Moscow. Most of his life goes on expeditions in East Siberia and the Far North.

♪ Sergei, why do you, a serious scientist, the father of three children, have a sex problem?

♪ Fallos' culture is the oldest on earth, the first religion of a man. In the first tribe, the Fallos cult has helped to increase the number of warriors among chiefs, women and dics in hunters. The life of the savages was among the animals. Their imagination was shaken by the scenes of the gigantic mammonts, group acts on carrots and cats and masturbation of bears with mushrooms on trees. They thought life energy was in their genital organs and could move from them to human. The North Shamans still believe that they have received part of their power from wild animals, because they appreciate the beasts and use them in their rites.

♪ I heard that members of northern animals have magical powers.

♪ I've convinced myself of their magical influence on the powerless old people when I brought one with me to Moscow. The deputy director of our institute ran with him like a boy from the floor to the floor, from one office to another, showed women. He's with your hand and weighs two and a half kilos long, and there's a lot more. So that this thing doesn't interfere with swimming and freeze in the ice water, the morgue learns to pull its dick inside the body.

♪ That's what he's like, uh... carnival.

♪ Navy penises put a stick in the tombs to the shamans, and they can always determine where the sorcerer's grave is and where the death is. A whole bunch of fallic amulets are always wearing a belt. They were cut out of a tree, bone or a mammont bell by local masters, and then the chamanes were ritualized. Their shapes are a little shy, but their heads are detailed and even hair-wrapped.

It turns out the shaman doesn't have the biggest penises, but it's just a few things.

♪ A man who has so many strong falsaces and still possessed magical power is perfectly armed to fight enemies or other shamans. On the moon night during the rocks, the shaman denounces his genitals by showing them to the world, and still hangs a bunch of artificial penis. But if a sorcerer, in a state of trance, feels that the enemy ' s forces exceed its own, it begins with psychological restructuring. He's turning into himself, stops screaming, turns into a woman, wears dresses, stops growing beard and becomes a pussy voice. After all, he married another man, and none of the residents of the village was surprised or considered their relationship to be vicious. Such gay families even have children born to them by some local women. There's a woman who changes her sex. Then to have sex with her wife, she's using a bellowie from the tender skin from the leg of the reindeer. The skin removes the hair, thoroughly treats and beats the grass.

♪ Wow. Everything we consider to be perverts to civilization was born among wildlife. What are the marriage traditions in the North?

♪ The simplest. If the wife decides to go to another place, she's just telling her husband, taking her stuff, and that's it. The ex-wife is quite calm about her actions. Divorce initiators are usually women, and the causes are the same - the spouse earns little or worse than the neighbour. The bridesmaids come to their husband's house with their goodness and collects their reindeer in the event of divorce and their reindeer, and their benefits. But marrying your wife is a difficult task.

North ladies are strong and independent. For example, the grooms don't pay for their brides until they get to fuck her. The whole family follows him closely, and as soon as he moves to active action, the housewives get onto him, pull him out and stiffly scream. He can do that for years, wait for the right thing, and one year after the wedding, he'll be sick of his wife, and she'll leave him. In the north, women are much more sexually active than in the warm edges. 'Cause their lives are short and they need to live as bright as possible. There's no more than a myth about a passionate southern temper, a common misconception. The age of 12 to 13 is the age of puberty, and 11-year-old girls are ready for marriage. The whole life cycle in the North is very tight, the long polar night of the Eskimos even stops menstruation, so in summer they try to get off and catch up. And now there's no sign in the North. This freedom of temptation has led to the spread of sexually transmitted diseases - gonorrhea, syphilis, trichomoniasis, AIDS. Anthropologists and I found that life expectancy in the north-east 500 to 2,000 years ago was 25 to 30 years, and now rarely reaches 50. The water of the local pink that sells everywhere freezes on the streets, drowns or just hangs from boredom. By 30 years, men become impotents. Here, the shaman has great advantages. He doesn't drink, he observes ancient rituals aimed at healing the organism (posts, swimming in ice water). He is accessible to any woman, and if he wishes, he may overwhelm the entire village than he often does.

♪ Being a shaman isn't only dangerous, but it's a good job. How do they become?

♪ Usually by the will of the gods. Sometimes after severe mental illness, such as epilepsy and schizophrenia. Or in a rock accident. For example, if a person stays alive when lightning strikes close, he can get a prophecy gift. Shaman's education takes place in the summer when the souls of the ancestors go down and live among people. Man doesn't know what's going on with him. Sees prophecy dreams, often faints or rages around. He stops drinking and eating, and sometimes he even breathes and lies in the yurt as dead. From his body, the blood flowing and the bed and the clothes flowing. It's a mistake to bury him. After a while, he leaves the village and lives alone in a secret or a tundre for weeks, feeding only small animals that break their teeth in pieces. And when he comes home, all in the dirt and blood, he can't talk cockly. I was told by a Japanese shaman that the spirits of 3 years kept his soul locked in hell. They cut his head off and put it next to him to watch his own eyes watch the torture of his body that dismembered and spread the spirits of disease. So he got the right to heal the sick. After his bones had grown new meat and spirits, he was able to get back to people.

♪ How's the shamans now? They used to be harassed, sent to camps and psychos.

♪ Shamanism is reviving actively in all northern territories. He has never disappeared, and neither Christianity nor Islam nor Judaism has been able to enter. There are a lot of Baptists, Evangelists, Jehovah's Witnesses in Chukotka, who go there with Alaska and America. In the North, the headline, up to 90 per cent, unemployment, and they pay good money to their active deaf villagers, take Czech children to summer camps abroad. But in the spirit of the local people, the most delicate language has long been adopted. The shamans have a perfectly normal relationship with the missionaries, which will not speak of the inhabitants themselves: a Baptist church in the Shadow of Providence has been burned for a while. Their champagne rituals are performed on forest fields, the sea bank or in the middle of the tuna, in special magical zones. The temple is built from bones and turtles - the center of the cult is a whale jaw, and four more whale skulls are ripped around the circle, nose into the ground. In the jaw, the shaman puts his sacrifice, a piece of blood meat, and dances against the bubble, singing and screaming spells. By the way, even the dwellings of local fishers are made in a carcass of whale ribs. Under any building in the North, whether it's the foundation of the house or the swai to dry the biker, put the bones of the "for happiness." After good hunting, the blood of the animals killed gathers into a ritual cup and leaves the Sea Master with the big bowl. Now, sorcery in fashion, and some of the young people are trying to infiltrate the secrets of shamanism, but they tend to use superficial rituals that will be found in the books. For example, a strong marble that shamanes drink only during the rocks and with great caution cost life to a young experimenter.

♪ I've heard that some of the mushrooms have sacred food, they are considered to be the falloss of the gods.

♪ Aborigins eat mushrooms with pleasure. The national kitchen is a special one, and you can get a stomach disorder. There's a lot of fat and meat in it. When they kill a silk, they sank it, and it just smells like a pig. The leather makes the roult, "cocalchen," by putting it in layers of wild edible grass. They value the food with blood. On hunting, killing a beast, hunters cut his throat and drink blood while it's warm. Delicateus is also considered his testicles, which eat semi-solid, slightly charcoal. Blood and beast testicles are believed to increase sexual opportunities on many occasions. Every family has a homemade pelican that helps all its members. His sculpture is placed at the entrance, and if there are accidents or illnesses in the house, it is cut. When I brought such a beard to the Chukot National Museum, he was refused to accept - there were other people's troubles and grief. In the Chilean families, things live and die with the master. Hunters put in their torbs (lower boots) for soft grass, and when a man loses hunting, the wife starts scratching her with a special garlic. If the grass is straightened, then the husband is alive. When there are no children in the family, a man ' s tendency is bad, some peoples have a fallic object on the roof, a big stone and a red tape. But researchers have seen the true meaning of rituals. I'm one of the few who went to study the phallos cult. Unfortunately, the Russian Humanitarian Science Foundation has not granted me a grant. There are old people sitting there, stunning in Soviet times. They're 80 years old now, and they look at me like crazy when I come to them with my members. And the aliens are very sensitive to my research. In Oslo, where I went to the conference, there's a giant white fallos in the airport building. During my visit to Egypt, I have constantly faced contemporary forms of worship. The Egyptians don't forget that all their misfortune started after the fish bit and swallowed Osiris' falloss. On the Hurgad market, I bought a piece of some god without one hand and a leg, but with a penis half of growth. And now I always take it with me when I read the lectures. She helps build the public with the right hand. The theory of sharing people on the race in the building of skulls is outdated. People have been intermingled with each other for a long time, and only the cult of the phallos has left its own people. I've seen lots of penises on the walls of tombs and temples around the world, and now in every ritual column, every tomato pole, I find a familiar pattern. After Egypt, I wrote two articles, working on a book. People forget what they owe to the fallows, that's all their troubles. I'm gonna help them.

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