P.A. Shcheplev - penis enlargement - pros and cons

Professor. P.A. Szeplev, President of PAAR

The geometry of a sex member in the Andrology language means the proportion of the length and thickness of the penis. What size of a sexual member is considered normal?

  • Micropenis in the newborn is 2.5 standard deviations lower than norm or 2.5 cm in vegetated condition.
  • Adult pension outside of 7.5 to 10.5 cm at erection 12 to 18 cm.
  • Less than 10 cm in erection is considered a micropenis.
  • Average penis length at 6 inches (1 inch = 2.5 cm).
  • The problem is attracted by doctors for the following reasons:
  • New direction of genetic surgery;
  • Development of new surgical techniques;
  • Permanent flow of patients;
  • Commercial interests.
  • Why are patients trying to increase the size of a sexual member?
  • The phenomenon of " break-in " ;
  • Improve the quality of sex;
  • Media opinion;
  • Sexual revolution;
  • Depressive paranoid status.
П.А. Щеплев - увеличения члена
P.A. Increase in membership

" Men ' s exclusive heritage is the ability to absorb the impoverishment of their sexual organs, and it is completely uneven for women. " (W,D. Topolan, M.V. Strukowski. 1986). This condition can be described as penile dismorphobia.

However, women were the first to become a surgical way to increase the size of their breasts and were very successful. The increase in breasts for women and men is a classic comparison.

"Creek of souls" of a patient with fountain dismorphobia: "What man I am! My mind will be increasingly weak, and I'll be fat and meaty, I'll turn into a oyster, fat, nasty oyster! /Hammond W. 1889 g/

  • The increase in the sexual membership implies:
  • Extensive.
  • Remote.
  • One-way elongation and drowning.

The most frequent patients want to extend the penis.

Esthetic testimony to increase the size of a sex member:

  • Penel dismorphobia

Medical and functional testimony to increase is evident, but penile dismorphobia is the most controversial for penis surgery. But it does not contradict the principles of estetic surgery, which aims to improve the form of a normal body.

Surgery of a sexual member:

  • Shows to increase penis size:
  • Medical
  • Functional
  • Esthetic
  • Medical evidence to increase penis size:
  • Episcopia;
  • Hypospatia;
  • Peyroni disease;
  • corrosive fibrosis;
  • Injury;
  • micropenis.
  • Functional testimony to increase the size of a sex member:
  • A man of age;
  • buried, hidden penis;
  • I'm a half-ass penis.
  • What is the conflict between penile dismorphobia surgery and the widespread use of these operations?
  • The increase in penis never increases the low self-esteem of a man.
  • No standard surgical methods with projected high efficiency.
  • Impossible to increase my head, which causes disproportion when the carpet bodies are drowned.
  • Frequent inconsistency of expected results with actual increases.
  • Methods of increasing sex:
  • Message of the supporting link.
  • Full mobilization and movement of penis.
  • Extension of the apical part of the corrosive bodies of rib cartilage.
  • Micro-surgery autotransplant of tissues.
  • Fat leap.
  • Storage of kernel bodies of deepidermised skin, muscle.
  • Installation of prostheses with one-to-one cross-sections of the white casing.
  • Endoscopic techniques.
  • Should we develop this direction of genetic surgery? Of course. The need for this form of medical care will never disappear!
  • If standard and effective surgical treatment is not developed, charlatanism / intra-corrosive biogeli/ will flourish.
  • The sick will take care of themselves by introducing different creams and masks into penis / oleogranules/.
  • A little penis is much less comfortable for surgery than for sex.
  • The elongation of the penis is very risky, but it's a very good operation.

Professor. P.A. Schemeple. The Clinical Hospital of the Office of the President of the Russian Federation.

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